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Important Features of Social History and Political History


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Title: Important Features of Social History and Political History

Important Features of Social History and
Political History
Social History
  • The social history consists of development of
    patient, medical and family history. It includes
    associated data on life events, race, social
    class, occupation and religion.

Importance of Social History
  • Social history consists of clues for the disease,
    assistance in physical examination along with
    strategies of test-ordering, and helping
    evidence-based and cost-effective care.
  • Social history has been known as new social
    history. It has been a branch of history checking
    lived experience in past. In the "golden age",
    there was a primary growth area in 1970s and
    1960s among the writers. They have been
    represented in departments of history in Britain,
    France, Canada, United States and Germany. In
    last 20 years, starting from 1975 and ending in
    1995, there is a proportion of professors on
    history in the universities of America who had
    pointed out the social history which ranged from
    31 to 41. The percentage of the political
    historians have dropped from 40 to 30.

Report of Social History
  • The social history has been professional document
    which has been prepared by the social workers in
    different settings of direct practice.
  • The importance of report shows social aspect in
    past and present life experience of a particular
  • An example of social historian is Charles Tilly.
    The duties of social history have been
    identified. The first issue is the documentation
    of structural changes.
  • The second issue is the reconstruction of
    experiences for ordinary people in changes.

Important Facts about Social History
  • The social history prior to 1960 consists of
    different topics and they do not come under
    mainstream historiography in political history,
    military history, diplomatic history and
    constitutional history. The central theme was not
    found and it was a mixture. The political
    movements were found. An example is the populism
    which have been "social" in being beyond elite
    system. There has been a contrast of social
    history and political history. We need to
    understand the intellectual history along with
    great mens history.

New Social History Movement
  • "New social history" movement have been found in
    scene of 1960s and it has been found in UK. This
    has been important style of historiography in
    Canada and US. They were drawn over developments
    under French Annales School. It has been
    organized, and the French historiography
    dominated it. Most of the Europe and Latin
    America have been influenced. The social history
    has two meanings. In simple level, this has been
    a part of historiography concentrated on the
    processes and social structures. There is a broad
    second meaning where the Germans named it as
    Gesellschaftsgeschichte. It represents the
    history of total society from social-historical

Political History
  • The political institutions and elites have been
    studied. There has been scholarship along with
    the influence after 1960 among the social
    historians. They have given priority to politics
    of general people. It included the voters along
    with collective movements. The political
    historians have given response to the new
    political history. The attention has been shifted
    to the political culture. The cultural approach
    have been applied to the political history. The
    political historians often show their grievance
    that the social historians are laying emphasis on
    dimensions of the race, class and gender. We
    observe the leftist political agenda which takes
    the assumption that outsiders in the field of
    politics have been interested rather than true
    decision makers.

Political History
  • Political history represents the survey of
    political events and narrative of different
    situations in politics. It also involves
    movements and ideas. There are divisions of
    government, parties and voters. It is associated
    with the leaders. We find relation with different
    areas of history along with diplomatic history.
    We also study the public history and
    constitutional history.

Important Features of Political History
  • Political history involves the study of operation
    of power and organization in big societies. The
    expert concentrate on elites who are in power
    along with the influence on the society, along
    with the relationships with different elites in
    the social history. It concentrates on lifestyle
    and actions of ordinary people.

First Scientific Political History
  • First scientific political history has been
    presented by Leopold Von Ranke in Germany around
    19th century. The methodologies influenced the
    style historians check the sources. The vital
    area of the political history consist of
    understanding ideology in the form of force for
    the historical change. The political history is
    not present in the absence of the difference in
    ideology along with implications. The political
    history has been associated with a particular
    nation along with the political change.

Influence of Political History in USA
  • The political history concentrated on primary
    leaders and it had a crucial role for academic
    historians in USA. There was studies which
    comprised 25 of scholarly articles and books
    shared by the historians of America prior to 1950
    and approximately 33 in 1960s. The diplomacy
    followed it. There has been arrival in 1970s and
    1960s of new enthusiasm in the social history
    which allowed the growth of "new political
    history" and we observed scholar giving priority
    to behavior of voters' along with motivation. It
    depended on the quantitative methods to combine
    the social themes. It included religion and

Development of Political History
  • There has been an eclipse in the traditional
    political approaches in 1970s. It has been
    primary shock but the history had fallen more.
    The social history had upstaged it. It was the
    model of race/class/gender. There was political
    article shared in Journal of American History and
    we observe a decline from 33 to 15. Patterson
    made an argument that the present events like the
    Watergate and Vietnam War The young scholars have
    been alienated from politicians and deeds. There
    has been disappearance of Political history did
    not appear. The situation of political historians
    in a profession had declined between the
    chiropractor and faith healer.

Examination of Present Problems in Political
  • Political history offers certain tools to follow
    and examine different problems at present along
    with the changes. The political history include
    the social scientific and historical discipline.
    The politics has been viewed in the state-centred

Political History of The World
  • Political history of the world involves different
    political entities developed by human race across
    the existence along with the way states talk
    about the borders. Across history, there is an
    expansion of political entities from fundamental
    system of monarchy and self-governance for
    complicated systems and democratic systems
    present today. The political systems have been
    stated as frontier-type boundaries for national
    boundaries present today.

Factors Behind Political Power
  • The distribution of political power has been
    settled through fresh water availability,
    presence of fertile soil, and the temperate
    climate in various areas. It is important for
    organized society development. Initial empires
    include Mesopotamia and ancient egypt. The
    kingdoms were small in Central Asia, North China
    Plain, Eastern Mediterranean along with Central
    America. The humanity began to inhabit in small
    tribes. The irrigation systems were practised in
    Mesopotamia and Egypt.

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