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Wedding Shoe Guide 101


The choice of footwear can make or break even the best suit, to make sure your feet are looking fly on the big day, the men’s wedding shoe ideas mentioned below will put your mind at ease. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Wedding Shoe Guide 101

Wedding Shoe Guide What Shoes Should The Groom
Go for Comfort
The Color Style of the
The Best Shoe Styles for Grooms
Styling Different Wedding Shoe Styles
Closing Thoughts
  • Getting married is one of the most important
    moments in anyone's life, a memorable event that
    requires careful planning so that everything is
    just perfect. No different from the choice of the
    brides wedding dress, the grooms attire can
    make all the difference on such a special day.
  • The choice of footwear can make or break even the
    best suit, to make sure your feet are looking fly
    on the big day, the mens wedding shoe ideas
    mentioned below will put your mind at ease.

The Color And Style Of The Suit
  • The color and material of the groom's suit are
    the primary aspects that need to be considered
    while choosing the perfect wedding shoes. The
    typical colors for men's wedding shoes tend to be
    brown leather tones or black, but you could add a
    hint of color by wearing bright colored socks or
    even blue wedding shoes. And even the style of
    watch, shirt or tie you'll be wearing should go
    with the leather shoes. This is why it's
    important to try on the complete look a few days
    before the wedding to make sure everything

  • For black or charcoal suits, only black shoes
    should be worn. These can be matt or glossy.
  • For brown-grey suits, light or dark brown shoes
    are a good choice, but if in doubt choose black.
  • For light grey suits with no brown undertones,
    black shoes are the standard choice. White
    sneakers can also be worn to a daytime wedding.
  • For cream or tan shoes, light or medium brown
    shoes are the best option. White shoes may be
    worn with a tan suit but would look wrong with a
    cream suit.


The most important things to consider is that the
shoes fit well, are comfortable and that you feel
good in them. This goes for the entire groom
look, from the suit you decide right down to the
shoes you will be walking in all day long.
Wedding isn't a short event, so pick a pair of
shoes you are comfortable with both style-wise
and comfort-wise.
The Best Shoe Styles For Grooms Are
Oxford Shoes Brogue Shoes Derby
Shoes Loafers Monk Strap Shoes Boots
  • Oxford Shoes
  • The Oxford shoe is a classic mens dress shoe
    that belongs in every grooms closet. It can be
    identified by its closed lacing system, which
    features the shoelace eyelets tabs attached under
    the vamp. Oxfords also tend to feature a low heel
    and short back, creating a neat and polished
    appearance. Perfect for pairing with a suit,
    Oxford shoes are a reliable choice for every
    occasion mainly a wedding. While black polished
    styles easily work as wedding shoes, other styles
    of Oxfords can suit any number of events.

  • Brogue Shoes
  • The name "brogue" actually comes from the process
    of broguing, which involves adorning leather
    shoes with heavy perforations. As such, shoes
    which are technically another style, like Oxford
    or Derby, are often referred to as Brogues
    because of these decorative perforations.
    Confusing or not, this unique look creates a shoe
    with personality and style. Best of all, brogue
    shoes can be worn with any suit and any color.

  • Loafers
  • Dress loafers are always a smart bet and they're
    also your wedding secret weapon. You can wear
    them sockless or with no-show socks if you'd
    likewhich will help keep your feet cool. They're
    also easy to slip in and out of depending on your
    post-reception plans. You can either wear them to
    the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, or at lunch
    the day after and no one will notice.

  • Derby Shoes
  • Like Oxfords, Derby shoes are another popular
    wedding shoes. Slightly less complex in design,
    however, Derby shoes feature an open lacing
    system, unlike oxfords that have the bottom of
    the lacing section sewn closed. This comfortable
    style is suitable for most formal occasions and
    can easily be paired with a wedding suit. While
    traditional leather varieties of Derby shoes are
    perfect for a classic, polished look, other
    types, in materials such as suede, are ideal for
    a rather more casual look.

  • Monk Strap Shoes
  • If you really want to avoid laces but want more
    texture on your shoes, go for monk strap shoes.
    Unlike loafers, monk shoes add more character to
    your look with its buckle and leather detailing.
    While there are single monk strap pairs
    available, double monk strap pairs are the classy
    and bolder choice. They're perfect for special
    occasions, i.e. your wedding.

  • Boots
  • Depending on the dress code, you might be able to
    wear mens boots to a wedding. Were not talking
    about work or hunting boots. Sleek Chelsea and
    chukka boots are more appropriate. Paired with
    expertly tailored slacks, boots are just the
    right amount of sprezzatura (that's Italian for
    casually cool). Just make sure it's dress code

Closing Thoughts
Closing Thoughts
  • Buying wedding shoes doesnt have to be
    overwhelming or complicated when you have an idea
    of the dress code. This guide should help you
    decide which types of mens wedding shoes to buy.
  • Ultimately, though, you should invest in a pair
    of footwear that makes you feel good. Dont skimp
    on quality, or you might find yourself with a
    stiff pair of shoes that you want to kick off
    after the vows. And feel free to show off your
    personality if the function calls for it.
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