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Definitive Guide to Hiring the Best WordPress Developers


You can hire WordPress Developers to create any kind of website from a personal blog to full-fledged e-commerce websites. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Definitive Guide to Hiring the Best WordPress Developers

Definitive Guide to Hiring the Best WordPress
Do you know 35 of the internet is run
by WordPress? Its flexibility has allowed this
CMS to grow exponentially since the launch in
2003. Today, WordPress has become the most used
and celebrated Content Management Systems in the
world. You can hire WordPress Developers to
create any kind of website from a personal blog
to full-fledged e-commerce websites. Top-notch
brand names from The New York Times, The Obama
Foundation, The Disney Walt Company, BBC America
to popular games like Angry Birds
websites are made with the help of best WordPress
developers. When we compare WordPress to other
CMS, it is crystal clear that WordPress is way
ahead of its competitors. According to
the W3Techs findings, as of April 102020,
WordPress shared 63 of the total Content
Management Systems market share. You must be
wondering what makes WordPress beat other CMS
with such a large margin. The flexibility and
dynamic features of WordPress are the major
reasons behind this preference for WordPress over
other CMS. You must get detailed knowledge
on WordPress VS Joomla VS Drupal to know what
else makes WordPress the best CMS.
  • After every 152 days, a new major version of
    WordPress is released. Since its inception, 32
    versions have been released.
  • The official WordPress directory has 50,000
    plugins which make WordPress development
    interesting and customizable.
  • There are free and paid WordPress themes for
    different niches.
  • WordPress is highly secure. There is a plugin
    called Sucuri to manage security issues for
    WordPress websites.
These benefits have resulted in a constant
increase in popularity for WordPress. This, in
turn, has given rise to the number of developers
who have relevant experience and knowledge of
this CMS. Out of the millions of developers its
tough to make the selection for the top WordPress
developers for your website. Here is a
step-by-step guide to help entrepreneurs who are
planning to hire recommended WordPress developers
for their next website development. Step 1 Your
WordPress developer must have these
QUALITIES Step 2 The WordPress developers you
choose to hire must provide these SERVICES
Step 3 Hire WordPress developers who can provide
these PERKS. Step 4 Ask these FIVE Questions to
WordPres Developers. Step 5 Freelance VS
contract VS full-time WordPress developers. Step
6 Consider the complete package of Top WordPress
developers If you are looking for WordPress
developer then read the detailed description of
these steps below
Step 1 Your Top WordPress Developer Must Have
These Qualities A WordPress developer is often
regarded as a WordPress architect who uses this
dynamic CMS to build websites. Anyone can become
a WordPress developer as it is user-friendly but
if they possess these 5 qualities then they are
the recommended WordPress developer In-depth
Knowledge of WordPress Any developer who
consistently works on WordPress will possess
technical knowledge about the platforms themes,
plugins, tool building, command line, etc.
A naive will not be able to suggest the right
themes and plugins for the appropriate
situation. If the top WordPress developers you
are hiring cannot use their experience and
knowledge to create customized websites for your
business then their hiring is a complete waste of
time. WordPress is an open-source platform that
is easy to use, without technical knowledge a
WordPress developer cannot offer what you are
looking for. Technical knowledge makes them
experts to create dynamic, vibrant, and
customized websites for businesses in different
domains. Apart from this, make sure the developer
you are hiring has active participation in the
WordPress community.
Understands WordPress Security You, being an
entrepreneur, can work on WordPress as an
experiment. But WordPress developers should have
thorough knowledge about the security threats in
WordPress. This is one of the most important
qualities of these developers for which you need
to hire WordPress developers. If they suggest
you download plugins from well-known piracy sites
or choose the cheapest hosting then you should
beware of them. Knowledge about security is
essential to become a recommended WordPress
Aware of the latest WordPress trends Can you do
business successfully if you are not well-aware
of the strategies trending among your
competitors? You cannot work in a vacuum, right?
Similarly, the WordPress developers that you are
hiring must have the knowledge of all the latest
trends about WordPress. A proficient WordPress
developer will have knowledge about all the
latest versions, plugins, and themes launched in
the market. This helps them in debugging and
customizing the website. With these qualities,
they will be able to provide a flawlessly
functional website.
Technical Knowledge An efficient WordPress
developer will not be dependent upon the themes
and plugins. They are experienced and smart
enough to create their own theme widgets so that
users like you with lesser technical knowledge
can use them without any issue. Moreover, apart
from being proficient in WordPress, they would
have already learned PHP codes. A good
professional does not limit their learning and
scope. By possessing technical knowledge, the
WordPress developers will have the potential to
follow competent web development processes.
Experience in various domains To gain
experience, you should perform challenging tasks.
By using WordPress, you can create websites
ranging from a personal blog to an eCommerce
website. Make sure the eCommerce development
company you hire has worked on as many domains as
possible. An efficient web developer has plenty
of experience in developing websites for a
different niche. You do not need to search for a
WordPress developer who has the experience,
particularly in your niche. But, they must have
created different types of websites.
Step 2 The WordPress developers you choose to
hire must provide these SERVICES After checking
their proficiency in WordPress development, it is
crucial to check whether they are providing the
services that you will need or not. Here are some
popular services that the best WordPress
developer should give Installation
Configuration WordPress is an open-source CMS
but its installation and configuration can be
complicated for a non-technical person. So, to be
on a safer side, make sure the website designing
company you are planning to hire will use their
industry experience to perform installation and
configuration processes seamlessly. Responsive
Design Do you know there are 5.19 billion mobile
users in the world? You will have to get a
website developed which caters to their needs
too. Hence, it is necessary to make your
WordPress website responsive with the help of the
proficient WordPress developers. Therefore, the
WordPress eCommerce development company must
ensure that your website will work seamlessly on
different devices and provide a smooth
 navigation experience to all the users.
Migration Migrating your website to WordPress
can be a lucrative choice for an entrepreneur.
But developers find it tough and risky to do.
Hence make sure to hire a website designing
company that has complete confidence in their
proficiency. They must ensure that their
WordPress developers will not let any kind of
data get lost during migration and perform this
process impeccably. Plugin Development As
explained in the previous step, a proficient
WordPress developer will think beyond the tools
they have in-hand in the WordPress directory..
Your WordPress eCommerce development company must
ensure to provide custom plugins according to
your needs. These plugins will play a great deal
in enhancing the functionality of your WordPress
website. eCommerce Solutions We all know,
WordPress CMS can create wonderful eCommerce
websites with seamless scrolling and loading
speed. The eCommerce development company you hire
must have experience in delivering such eCommerce
development services. Integration WooCommerce
with WordPress can create robust web stores.
Payment Solutions To integrate payment gateways
in a website is one of the most crucial tasks not
only for WordPress developers but also for the
cyber regulating authorities. It is a major
concern for entrepreneurs, developers as well as
customers. Hire web developers who can implement
payment options to your WordPress website
efficiently with complete security measures and
assurance. Support and Maintenance Constant
support is crucial for anything to work
seamlessly for a long time period. The same goes
for WordPress websites too.
You need to hire WordPress expert who is
proficient enough to handle the maintenance part
of your website diligently. They can work on this
by giving regular attention to your site as well
as the latest WordPress updates. Testing Do you
think anyone should launch a website without
ensuring it is bug-free? Its close to impossible
to create a software product flawless in one go.
You need testing experts to ensure it is bug-free
and robust enough to be launched. An eminent
WordPress development company will always have
rigorous testing before finalizing their
Step 3 Hire WordPress developers who can provide
these PERKS WordPress development
company providing the services mentioned in Step
2 is a great option to go for. Adding to these
services, choose to hire WordPress expert who is
ready to give the below-mentioned perks Quick
loading According to a survey, 47 of the users
want the website to load in just 2 seconds. This
stat clearly suggests that loading speed can be a
major reason that can drive your site to the
grave. How are you going to ensure quick loading?
There can be various reasons for the delay in
loading of a web page, it can range from heavy
images to coding. When you hire an efficient
website designing company then they can assure
faster-loading speed with optimum site
optimization. SEO-friendly websites Do you know
WordPress is highly SEO-friendly? It does not
take much effort to optimize your site for search
engines while availing WordPress eCommerce
development services. A reliable and experienced
website designing company takes essential care of
this aspect. They design and optimize your
WordPress site efficiently to make it search
engine friendly.
Strict NDA Safeguarding the crucial information
and ideas is the utmost priority for any
organization. Not all web developers are
professional enough to take a pledge for ensuring
complete confidentiality for their clients
information. Hence, always hire web developers
who are ready to sign a strict Non-disclosure
agreement to protect all your confidential data
under a contract. High quality Who does not
need premium quality website designing services?
Its a universal need of every entrepreneur but a
not-so-universal feature of every service.
You have to hire a WordPress expert to create a
site with optimum performance and superb
features. Check the quality of WordPress websites
developed by them in the past before taking a
final call. Advanced features The world is
evolving, so are the trends in WordPress website
development. There are a plethora of technologies
being launched every now and then. Integrating
the latest tech to provide advanced features to a
website is what only experts have the potential
to do. Therefore, make sure to hire WordPress
expert who knows about all the latest plugins,
themes, and trends of
WordPress. This allows them to adhere to the
latest standards and create exceptional websites
with advanced features. Step 4 Ask these FIVE
Questions to top WordPress Developer  It is
always better to ask your WordPress development
company whatever you want to. Here are five
questions that you should ask for sure Will you
develop custom plugins? Ideal Answer Yes, our
expert WordPress developers will use the
appropriate plugins for WordPress development
Services. Apart from that, they also develop
plugin widgets to provide an easy-to-use website
to you. The custom plugins are developed
according to the needs of the clients. Will you
be able to change the theme? Ideal Answer Yes,
we can change the look of your website with a
suitable theme. A new theme will change the
color, font, and other aspects like menus of your
site. How will I communicate? Ideal Answer Our
clients can communicate anytime with the
WordPress development team. You can use any
medium like skype, messenger, etc. to
Will you handle marketing? Ideal Answer Our
WordPress developers will create websites
according to the search engine perspective. The
site will be SEO friendly which helps in
marketing. Will you take care of the content on
the website? Ideal Answer Yes, we can take care
of your content. There are both the options, you
can either provide us with your own content or
avail of our content services. Step 5 Freelance
VS contract VS full-time WordPress developers
We all know that web developers can be hired from
various sources and contracts. Lets check the
pros and cons of hiring WordPress developers from
three different sources Freelance
Developers If you choose to hire web developers
who deliver their services as a freelancer, you
can get cost and quality benefits. Their
experience is much more in numbers and quality as
compared to a full-time developer. Although, it
can be tough to trust their eCommerce development
services. With the lack of proper background
records, it can be a wrong decision to trust them
with your confidential information.
Full-time WordPress Developers 100 reliable
web developers. When you will hire web developers
full-time, they will be there for you always.
This can be a pro as well as a con. It can lead
to excessive expenditure as you will be liable to
pay them even during the times when there will be
no work. Apart from this, you might have to face
quality issues as they have not worked with as
many different clients as a developer who takes
freelance projects or work on a contract basis.
Hire WordPress expert from this source only when
you are sure to get the maximum out of your
expenditure on them.
WordPress development company (Contract
basis) There are web development companies that
are offering services of WordPress developers on
a contract basis. These can be an hourly basis,
monthly basis, or yearly basis contracts. This
resolves both qualities as well as cost issues.
You will be paying for the time the developers
devoted to your site development. Unnecessary
expenditure will go down to zero. Moreover,
website development companies have clients from
various industrial domains. This ensures optimum
exposure to their web developers. To check the
reliability of the website designing company,
follow these tips
  • Check their reviews and ratings on various sites
    and search engines.
  • Scrutinize their website to know about their
  • Go through the portfolio, case studies and client
  • Step 6 Consider the complete package of
    WordPress developers
  • It is always recommended to hire WordPress expert
    who is offering end-to-end WordPress development
    services. This means that they must have the
    following stages in their services
  • It is always recommended to hire WordPress expert
    who is offering end-to-end WordPress development
    services. This means that they must have the
    following stages in their services
  • Consultation  Listen to your ideas and suggest
    the best solutions before starting with the
    further process.
  • Development  Provide impeccable WordPress
    development services which include standard
    coding, latest feature integration, adhering to
    latest trends, etc.
  • Quality analysis  This stage involves a regular
    and thorough quality check before launching the
    final site.
  • Deployment  The work of a proficient web
    developer will not end in development, they will
    deploy your site with a proper marketing plan to
    help you reach the target audience.
  • These stages of WordPress development services
    should be executed by following an agile
    approach. Always hire WordPress experts who are
    ready to follow agility which allows you to give
    feedback on every stage of development.
  • This ensures quick delivery of WordPress
    development services along with supreme
    efficiency. The collaborative efforts among
    cross-functional teams and clients will ensure
    optimum outcomes.
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