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What are the best reasons you should know to redesign your website in 2019?


There is no better as well as the economical way to promote your business than on the World Wide Web. We have some important reasons that will influence you to think about redesigning your website to benefit your company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What are the best reasons you should know to redesign your website in 2019?

What are the best reasons you should know to
redesign your website in 2019?
Reasons you should redesign your website in 2019
  • There is no better as well as the economical way
    to promote your business than on the World Wide
    Web. The strategy, however, isnt just having a
    website its evolving the right website.
  • Website redesigning doesnt have to be restored
    entirely in one shot as well. Essential updates
    once shortly can be stress-free, cost-effective
    and faster than you consider.

  • Also, if you have a concern about finding the
    right responsive website design services to build
    a webpage for you, there are a lot of available
    sites for you to compare among the top 10 website
    design companies.
  • Before we start discussing our title, its the
    time to pause and look over some statistics.
  • A study brought forward stating 94 of negative
    website feedback was related to its design and
    that the slow-loading websites cost businesses
    over 2.6 billion in sales loss each year. Well,
    I feel you would not like to be the one of these.
  • If you are still thinking whether or not to
    capitalize your money into revamping your
    website, here are some important reasons that
    will influence you to think about redesigning
    your website to benefit your company.
  • 1. Visual Appeal
  • When people enter your site, they get it as a
    consideration of your organization. If your site
    seems more professional and packs valuable
    information, readers will see you as an expert
    and professional.
  • Similarly, if the site appeared off-color
    designed and organized and outdated, theyll make
    the similar molds about your company.

  • The website should focus on your product and
    service, and the design must look pleasant and
  • Has your content obtained days on it blog
    posts, events and alike? It makes logic to
    eliminate or update out of date content.
  • As websites ripe and cultivate, it every so often
    becomes evident that several parts just arent
    functioning well to any further extent and are
    growing out-of-date. A clear instance of this is
    the use of flash.
  • 2. Exposure To Responsiveness
  • As per the scenario nowadays, it is visible that
    people comparatively spend double the time on
    smartphones than on laptops or desktops daily.
  • Reading the study stated earlier, I found that
    85 of adults think that the mobile version of a
    companys website should be as good as or better
    than its desktop version.
  • It is now measured as an unavoidable exercise to
    build a website mobile responsive (user-friendly
  • Responsive Web design comprises of the techniques
    which enable the website to adjust to the size of
    the screen for which we activate it.

  • Here, one person is visiting your website on the
    desktop and there, another is launching it on the
  • We can say that it is quite logical, instead, say
    inescapable, for the businesses to have a mobile
    first website built.
  • To sum up, if you havent updated your website
    afterward, the probabilities are that you might
    be driving mobile users and prospective consumers
  • To avoid this, you can always hire a responsive
    web design agency to stand by your side assisting
    you to redesign to a mobile responsive website.
  • 3. Technique Coding
  • Is your website meeting up the current browser
    suitabilitys? Is your source code usable (HTML
    and CSS)? Does your website come across the basic
    web standards? Is the method and version of
    programming language out-of-date?
  • These are some questions you should keep asking
    yourself regarding your business website and find
    and apply the better answers and solutions
    suitable to your websites design.
  • With an update now and then in the technology, it
    is vital for a business to take a detailed look
    at its technological functioning which may go
    outdated if not taken care.

  • If you got your website developed half a decade
    ago, it might have piled up with a lot of useless
    HTML code and may be decelerating your websites
    speed which in return can impact on your Google
    Search Rankings.
  • Comprising advanced methods such as CSS coding
    will allow your web pages to adjust to all
    smartphone devices.
  • 4. Stock Photos
  • When creating your website, it is imperative to
    choose only the elements that will undoubtedly
    influence the ideas of the site. One such
    element, where it is especially obligatory, is
  • Lots of out-of-date website designs have an
    over-trust on stock pictures.
  • So, here from my team of developers
    for responsive web design services in India, we
    have a piece of advice on why not to use stock
    images enclosed in the blog by Grant Epstein,
    containing points such as
  • Your idea vs. the idea of someone else
  • Temporary rate versus long-standing charge
  • Instant connection
  • Do the procedures of images on your website
    precisely consider the business message you are
    attempting to present?

  • 5. Effective use of calls to actions
  • Many old websites lack active calls to
    actions that help transform visitors into
  • A CTA is a button or a connection that you place
    on your website to drive potential consumers to
    become leads by ending an action on your landing
  • Are your USP and Call-to-Actions stressed clearly
    on each landing page? As vital, are they
    thought-provoking enough to encourage your
    visitor to perform the preferred action?
  • 6. Determining Effectiveness
  • Youll be able to assess the efficiency of your
    website. An outdated website might not contain
    the essential tools that will assist you to
    consider how effective your online existence is.
  • Instances of this comprise heat plotting,
    conversion tracking user recordings.
  • We have a long list of online tools you can
    capitalize in to assist you to measure what tasks
    and what doesnt on your website, right down to
    the smallest detail.
  • However, to use those, you need an up-to-date
    website or a web design agency to help you with
    increasing the effectiveness of your web design.

  • 7. Content
  • The first impression of your website would
    perceptibly be the entire design, but a reader is
    going to your website because they are seeking
    out all the valuable information.
  • A site redesign can also provide you the
    excellent opportunity to re-address how you
    connect with your visitors and pen it down, to
    pay attention and more effectively keep in
    mind, in the contemporary speed up and faster
    world you only have 2-4 seconds to grab new
  • The content of a website must be well-thought-out
    to be the most important thing, as it assists in
    defining how useful a website is.
  • New and exceptional website content is a most
    crucial factor in boosting people to return to
    your site every so often.
  • 8. SEO Website Update
  • Like the website, your digital marketing and SEO
    might also be in need of a restore.
  • If you dont update your website, it is definite
    to collapse in the Search Engine Rankings. Search
    Engines concern websites with the latest content
    as the most pertinent to web users.
  • Your content may be gold but if it is the similar
    content as it was five years before, then search
    engines flatterers might not consider it is as
    pertinent any longer, and the gold is about to
    face the depreciation.

  • The redesign also provides you with an excellent
    opportunity to reconsider your keyword pointing
    and the full conversion rate of your website.
  • For example, if you are a web design and
    development company, you can use keywords such as
    Website Development Company or a web design
    company or responsive web design services India
    if you are a service provider in India.
  • The tactics people search and how they explore
    has transformed radically over the past few
    years, even righter with the burst of smartphone
    devices now in usage.
  • 9. Provide Easy Navigation
  • Pointing out User Experience, we mention to all
    the visitors experience on your site.
  • More than just how it seems, UX comprises of how
    easy your site is to utilize, how quick is it,
    how simple is it to get information and how small
    resistance there is when visitors try to do
    whatever action it is theyre trying to do.
  • Your website navigation must emphasize pushing
    the right visitor toward the must-have

  • 10. Is Your Bounce Rate Positive?
  • The meaning of bounce rate is the fraction of
    people who reach on your site and quit without
    visiting a second page. A high bounce rate is a
    clear symbol of an out-of-date or worst
    performing site.
  • Web-users typically leave a website quickly
    without visiting other pages just because they
    dont find what they are looking for immediately
    or do not like the appearance of it!
  • Are your visitors who are leaving as shortly as
    they visit your website? How does your website
    compare to assessed industry standards?

  • You can track the bounce rate on your website
    through Google Analytics. Either as a website
    entire or on a page by page basis. Explore the
    bounce rate in the below-mentioned aspects
  • Location  If yours is a local business
    providing consumers in the UK, you must
    anticipate a high bounce rate outside of the UK. 
    Being a local business, you certainly have to
    section your traffic to know how traffic is
    carrying out within your local area and avoid its
    twisting by extraneous visits.
  • Device  A desktop, tablet, and a mobile user
    frequently have different intentions.  For
    instance, we expect more individuals to bounce on
    a mobile device than a desktop/tablet user
    because mobile users are always searching for
    exact information such as a response to a
    question vs. unconcernedly shopping or browsing.
  • New vs. Returning  A repeated visitor has a
    different intention than a new visitor.  It is
    very common for new visitors to have a maximum
    bounce rate than returning visitors as they are
    less acquainted with your brand or your website. 
    It would help if you parted your traffic to
    optimize separately for new visitors and
    returning visitors.
  • Medium  People entering to your site with
    various means like website recommendation, email,
    social, direct, organic, paid, display, offline,
    press releases, and many more will every so often
    have different prospects and might well have
    considerably different bounce rates.
  • If a startling amount of users bounce, you might
    need to reconsider your website, SEO or digital
    marketing strategy.

  • TIME
  • 11.Website Speed
  • Your websites loading time is a critical aspect
    in people either remaining or leaving the site
    and never recurring. Kissmetrics published a
    fantastic infographic on the subject.
  • We suggest you use a tool such as YSlow, Google
    Page Speed Insights or Pingdom and discover how
    long your site takes time to load.
  • If your mark is not up to average, then you need
    to reconsider those components of your website
    reducing it down. Pictures and the size of
    pictures can often be a significant issue.
  • 12. Easier to update the site
  • You must have the ability to update your website
    yourself. An upgraded website based on a content
    management system such as WordPress makes it easy
    to manage, evades any untidy code, you write in
    what you exactly want in an organized fashion
    (WYSIWYG editor).
  • Thus, you can individually add to or change your
    content based on your specific objectives, while
    frequently optimizing your website.
  • The Web design industry is continually working to
    boost itself. This comprises keeping blueprint
    designs fresh, updating blogs, revitalizing
    images and driving out well-timed promotions and

  • 13. Youll Lessen Your Risk Of Getting Hacked
  • Many websites and social media feed, now getting
    hacked, are becoming ever more common.
  • Safety errors can end their unpleasant heads on
    any website, new or old, but the possibility of
    security errors upsetting an older website is
    much more significant as it depends on older less
    protected coding and technology.
  • 14. Website Integration
  • For the vast popularity of businesses, integrated
    sites are indispensable for providing the
    necessary service levels. Weve figured out our
    advantages for website integration here.
  • Your consumers will anticipate access to a blog,
    contact form, support form and if appropriate,
    shopping features, all on one tranquil to browse
    the website. They will need a distinct login and
    fast access to precise and timely information
    every time.
  • Integrating your site with your back-office order
    success, tracking, billing and CRM systems such
    as Sage, MS Dynamics or Salesforce lessen the
    possibility of errors and confusion.
  • Most of the small businesses start off making use
    of a collection of open source tools for various
    activities, only to be mandatory to utilize a
    complex, flaw-prone and laborious strategy
    including manually doubling information from one
    system to another.
  • A website restore is a right time to find
    techniques to save admin time and enhance
    customer service.

  • Conclusion
  • Finally, the above information focuses the most
    important and most common indications to watch
    out when you want to check if the site is
    becoming an Old Hat.
  • Even though there might be other signs that you
    need a website update, there must be enough here
    to guide you on the correct path.
  • Another vital point is to hire a Top Mobile and
    Website Design Development Company, who always
    helps you differently as well as offer
    comprehensive packages of website redesigning
    services at affordable prices.
  • That is why it is most vital to hire the best web
    application development companies in the USA to
    be the best website design companies for small
    business and even for large business they can
    offer user-centric website redesigning services
    to meet the clients goals every time.
  • This article is originally published on 21Twelve
    Interactives Blog Page.

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