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How to Choose a Best e-Commerce Merchant Account Provider


It is important to know how to choose the best e-commerce merchant account provider for your online business. we provide you clear details about that. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose a Best e-Commerce Merchant Account Provider

How to Choose a Best e-Commerce Merchant Account
What is an eCommerce merchant account?
  • Today most of the businesses require an eCommerce
    facility as day by day online purchasing was
    booming out. To acquire this type of merchant
    account you need to select the Best E-Commerce
    Merchant Account Provider. With this assistance,
    you can get a merchant account from New Yorks
    major banks or by online payment processors.

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How does an e-commerce merchant account help your
  • E-commerce merchant account fees vary by the
    supplier. Generally, you will pay an ample amount
    of transaction fees for your sale. Some merchant
    accounts also come with a monthly cost, and
    sometimes a setup or installation fee.

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  • Best E-commerce Merchant Accounts
  • We compared a vastly experienced merchant account
    for U.S businesses. Now let us see about those
    top e-commerce Merchant Account Provider
  • Worldpay
  • Merchant Industry
  • PayPal

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Worldpay offers an e-commerce merchant account
with a flexible solution. Its payment processing
services work for all sizes of businesses.
Worldpay also brings specific expertise in the
industries such as retail, travel, gaming and
more. Also, it got a simple pricing plan with
this it got excellent customer support,
compatible across multiple platforms.
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Merchant Industry
  • With more than a decade of experience and a
    massive mission, the US-based Merchant Industry
    offers a scalable, reliable merchant account for
    an ambitious e-commerce business. It offers you
    an affordable pricing rate. Its security features
    and fraud management tools are some of the best
    solutions. Our industrys leading e-commerce
    solution will take your business with positive
    customer feedback experience.

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  • It is one of the traditional e-commerce merchant
    account providers, still, PayPal is recognized as
    an easy, secure way to accept card payments
    online. Its pricing fee will be quite cheaper
    while compared to other companies. PayPal will be
    a big benefit for small businesses. Sometimes it
    will be called as a giant of the e-commerce
    payment industry.

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A merchant account is a service that enables
merchants to accept credit and debit cards for
payment. It is offered by a processing bank that
is a member of Visa and MasterCard, either
directly or through a third party. Starting an
e-commerce business is a challenging task, but
its far low challenging today than it was just a
few years ago. Whether you opt for an e-commerce
Merchant Account provider, choosing the right
provider is a critically important step in
getting your business off the ground.
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