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Best IT Service Provider in India


Leading IT Service Provider in India with excellence in Internet, Networking, Web Technology and Software consultancy. Other services include Hosted Antispam, Mobile Apps Development, Internet Solutions, Payment Gateway, Testing and QA Services, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best IT Service Provider in India

  • it solutions internet service provider

  • Data Ingenious Global Limited is a leader in
    providing IT Services in India with excellence in
    Internet, Networking, Web Technology, Software
    consultancy with services significantly widened 
    to meet the ever-increasing sophisticated
    business and technology needs of todays global
    market and seeking to revolutionize the way
    people use the Internet to communicate, conduct
    business, gain information, and carry out
  • According to the latest TRAI (Telecom Regulatory
    Authority in India) report, this company has
    enjoyed the position of the 6th Largest Internet
    Service Provider in India. It also offers high
    tech services like Dialup, Broadband, ISDN, WLL
    and Leased Circuits. This company  also possess
    years of experience in developing and generating
    solutions for VPN, Extranet, Internet, Network
    Solutions, and e-commerce including payment
    gateway. It has VOIP (Voice Over Internet
    Protocol), WAP (Wireless Application Protocol),
    UMS (Unified Messaging Services), Call Centers
    and Transcriptions.
  • The most important factor contributing to the
    success of Data Ingenious Global Limited is the
    loyal trust between the client, team and the
    management of the Company.

  • As a renowned and famous service provider, Data
    Ingenious Global Limited is very clear about its
    mission and vision. It provides the best of best
    services to its clients which  mark its concerned
    vision. It is not just the service provider but
    it also serves as a partner to its clients. It
    operates and carry out tasks based on a set of
    business values and principles.
  • The Data family believes in unity and works as a
    team that not just simplifies communication but
    optimizes the work as well. It understands the
    complexity in businesses and help clients with
    flexible solutions. Its work ethos includes
    dignity and respect, which it shows towards its
    clients needs in equal measure. Besides, it
    tries to develop good customer-provider
    relationships, in order to deliver the result, as
    they want it to be. The value structure of the
    organization aids employees in their personal and
    professional development as well.

  • Data Ingenious Global Limited offers a large
    number of services to its users. These services
  • Email Solutions
  • Internet Solutions
  • E-Governance
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Call Center
  • IT Consultancy
  • Hosted Antispam

  • Hosting Solution
  • Net Telephony
  • ICT Education
  • Managed Services
  • Website Development
  • Payment Gateway
  • Testing and QA Services
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution

Email Solutions
  • Customizable end to end Email Hosting and hosted
    email services for businesses and mobile
    messaging needs.  Hosted Emails with Reliable
    XGENPLUS Email Server ensures the control you
    need without the hassles, costs, and headaches
    normally associated with in-house and outsourced
  • Switching to Hosted Email is easy from existing
    email service. Whether it is switching from an
    in-house solution or another email hosting
    provider, migration is smooth, efficient, and
    seamless. Zero interruptions, lost data, or
    sleepless nights.

Internet Solutions
  • Multiple Internet solutions are provided in the
    following ways-
  • Dialup Internet Access- Single dial connectivity
    and statewide and optional countrywide roaming
    provided. International roaming can be subscribed
    too on demand. A round the clock support is
    readily available to help.
  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)- These
    give a richer digital experience of the Internet.
    Ideal for corporate and bulk users, access up to
    128 kbps is available. Our ISDN services are
    extremely popular and have value for money.
  • Leased Lines- Leased Lines are dedicated lines,
    ideal for bulk data transfer and corporate users
    such as banks, and web hosting. Our leased line
    solutions can offer any bandwidth that is desired
    by the users. These lines are on for 24 hours.
    They can support any network solution.
  • Broadband Access- The Broadband services provided
    by DIL are of high-speed, high quality, low cost
    and easy to use Internet connection.
  • WIFI Access- Wireless Fidelity, is freedom.
    Freedom from cable chains. It allows you to
    connect to the Internet from just about

  • Data Ingenious Global Limited Limited (DIL) is
    committed to significant areas of research and
    innovation to understand how governments will
    evolve in the future. In the past, Its solutions
    have shown improved intra government efficiency
    and improved citizen services. It has  designed
    and delivered various IT solution to different
    Govt. verticals, few of them are listed below. 
  • Power
  • Online Billing, Spot Billing, Revenue Management
    System for Jaipur Vidhyut Vitran Nigam Limited.
  • Call Center for No Current Complaint for multiple
    power discoms.
  • Flow control and document management for PSEB.
  • Centeralised Customer Care for PSEB

  • Tourism
  • Tourism Portal for
    (Tourism Dept)
  • Ranthambore National Park online booking
  • RTDC Hotel Online booking
  • Information Technology
  • MOU signed with Govt. of Rajasthan for Jaipur
    wifi project.
  • Email setup management using Lotus Domino for
    entire Govt. of Rajasthan.
  • E- Mitra citizen service for payment collection
    on behalf of Govt.

  • Social Justice, Bank and Railway
  • Computerization of the entire operations and
    schemes with the modules likes online budget,
    institutions, SC sub plan, hostels, residential
    schools for SC/ST and OBC and scholarship
  • Xgenplus has been integrated with Spamjadoo
    (antispam ,antivirus and email privacy solution)
    with online disaster recovery system for Reserve
    Bank of India, Mysore
  • SBBJ website for customer service, domain
    registration, and email services.
  • Management and support for PRIME software for two
    years. The work includes software maintenance,
    support, upgrade and bug fixes and developing new
    modules for payroll and inventory system
  • Oracle Database maintenance and support services.

Software Development
  • Data Ingenious Global Limited offers a solid
    conceptual foundation for a specialized web
    solution through expertise, established process
    and thoughtful application of technology.
  • It offers many e-commerce solutions, including
  • Customized shopping carts
  • Merchant account set-up
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Electronic check processing
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Order status and tracking
  • Electronic newsletter and promotion

Mobile Apps Development
  • Data Ingenious Global Limited has skilled
    professionals who cater to all the mobile app
    needs. It is equipped with all the latest
    technologies and trends to provide your business
    customized apps. It develops mobile apps for all
    kinds of operating systems that is, from Android
    to Windows.
  • Services under mobile application development
    consist of
  • Development of top quality software for mobile
  • Various mobile app development solutions
  • We provide our services in porting various web
  • applications to mobile platforms
  • Development of mobile client software

Call Center
  • Data Ingenious Global Limited retains excellent
    in-house expertise in the areas of voice and soft
    skills training to impart quality training to
    both new hires as well as to people in
    operations, on an ongoing basis.
    Quality-of-service parameters such as average
    speed to answer, calls attended per hour, calls
    offered, and agent occupancy-developed in close
    conjunction with its clients-help in assessing
    performance and consequently in enhancing

IT Consultancy
  •  DILs consulting team comprised of senior
    networking and communication experts with vast
    experience in the fields of consulting and
    technology. DIL provides consulting in the fields
    of advanced IP, advanced routing, switching, and
    wireless/ wireline networks, VoIP, IP telephony,
    Video conferencing, and Datacenters. The
    companys consultancy scope usually includes
    network engineering, design, consolidation, as
    well as outsourcing. DIL solutions enable
    companies to create and successfully deploy IT
    practices and solutions that allow an immediate
    productivity boost and significantly reduce
    operational costs.

Hosted Antispam
  • Data Ingenious Global Limited provides a powerful
    and comprehensive email security service that
    accurately stops spam, viruses, fraud, and other
    email-borne nuisances before they reach corporate
    network. Its intuitive administrative and user
    interfaces allow organizations to easily achieve
    their email security goals, without the burden of
    customizing a complex solution. All it takes to
    secure the email through Data Ingenious Global
    Limited Managed Email Security Service is a
    simple change of DNS-MX records. Once changed,
    the email passes through its system where
    genuine messages are passed onto the client, spam
    dropped or quarantined before entering in the
  • Benefits-
  • Instant Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Bandwidth Conservation
  • Cost Reduction

Hosting Solution
  • To increase business potential and growth of its
    customers, Data Ingenious Global Limited provides
    best risk free hosting plans for its happy
    customers. DIL Hosting offers a unique range of
    web hosting solutions, which bundle advanced
    hosting appliances (servers) and hosting
    services, which allow the customers to own their
    servers, instead of choosing a shared server.
    This solution can be typically used by SMEs,
    website hosting providers and e-mail service

Net Telephony
  • What is Net Telephony?
  • Internet telephony is a type of communications
    technology that allows voice calls and
    other telephony services like fax, SMS and other
    voice-messaging applications to be transmitted
    using the Internet as a connection medium.
  • VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.
    This new technology allows phone calls to be made
    over the Internet by converting analog audio
    signals to digital data and switched as packet
    then several packets travel over internet
    protocol simultaneously.
  • Datafone Card is used with any ISPs connection to
    use Net Telephony.

ICT Education
  • Education to educate, In the middle of the
    year 1999, DIL movinducated more than Thirty
    Thousand students and teachers across India.
  • DIL got several partners around India with
    entities that have high credibility in their area
    of specialization for the fulfilment of its
    business objectives. DIL has given IT training to
    more than 15000 Govt. school teachers under SSA
    and REI for Govt. Of Rajasthan.

Managed Services
  • DIL IT Facility Management Services involve an
    effective combination of people, process and
    tools to ensure that the IT infrastructure is
    always up and running. Catering to the 247
    service demands on the IT infrastructure, it
    undertakes complete responsibility of ensuring
    availability and performance of the IT
    Infrastructure as per SLA. The skilled
    professionals, powered by best-in-class practices
    and state-of-the-art technology, deliver on-site
    customized solutions for facility and
    infrastructure need of its customers. It  helps
    to build and manage the operations, security and
    efficiency of the entire network, consisting of
    monitoring, troubleshooting, problem resolution,
    and system administration services for voice and
    data networks. DIL has been maintaining large
    facilities for its customers across the country
    for more than a decade now. DIL Managed Services
    cover the entire range of IT infrastructure
    services which include-
  • Network Management
  •  Database Management
  • Server Management
  • Managed Messaging Services
  • Help desk Services

Website Development
  • Web design service has gained popularity in the
    last few decades since the internet has become
    accessible to the common people. It plays an
    essential role in every business objectives and
    aims to reach a target audience worldwide for
    generating leads. A web design company providing
    web design services that not only concentrates in
    building a remarkable and inspiring user-friendly
    website but also undertakes the mission of
    endorsing it on the World Wide Web successfully.

  • Some of the chief services offered include
  • Online marketing
  • Web application development
  • Regular website maintenance
  • Customized programming
  • Graphic design
  • Website hosting
  • Flash design
  • Website development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Employee management system
  • Inventory management
  • Database design

Payment Gateway
  • A payment gateway is a merchant service provided
    by an e-commerce application service provider
    that authorizes credit card or direct payments pro
    cessing for e-businesses, online retailers,
    bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and
  • Dil provides Payment Gateway Services for its
    customers in the most convenient manner

Testing and QA Services
  • A good testing and QA services ensures to
    minimize the cost, mitigate risk, augment user
    experience levels by offering a creative
    solutions to improve product life cycle.

  • Testing services include
  • Usability Testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Specialized Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Testing-as-a-Service
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Localization testing
  • Creating a test script and data
  • Acceptance testing

Enterprise Mobility Solution
  • Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in
    which employees can do their jobs from anywhere
    using a variety of devices and applications.
  • Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive
    technology innovation faced by enterprises today.
    In the past few years, mobile devices have
    evolved from just providing enterprise email and
    data on the move, to introducing applications and
    services that have the potential to change the
    way companies do business. Mobility can help
    companies leverage contextual data to reach out
    to their customers more effectively.

  • Here is how Data Ingenious Global Limited
    delivers enterprise mobility solution tailored to
    suit the clients business needs
  • Business Transformation We help our clients
    attain customer centric mobility solution. Be it
    seamless access of content or development of
    mobile apps, we provide all to suit your business
  • Accelerating Innovation Be it services based on
    location or mobile wallets, we help to co-create
    a solution to suit our   clients needs. We
    believe in constant innovation and hastened
  • Proficient Operation We also help in boosting
    your entire operation system. Our enterprise
    mobility services can change the way your
    employees work, we can automate various internal
    processes of the company and boost your companys

  • Our Office-
  • (India)Dalda Factory Road,Durgapura
    Jaipur-302018Rajasthan IndiaEmail
  • HR Department hr_at_dil.inMarketing
    sales_at_data.inSupport support_at_dil.inFinance
    accounts_at_dil.inCompany Secretary
  • (USA) 111 Jared drive, North Brunswick,New
    Jersey, 08902, USA
  • Phone Fax
  • Phone 91 141 2554970 ,71Fax 91 141

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