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The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Insomnia/Sleep Disorders


If you are looking to fix your sleep complexity and are in need of insomnia hypnosis in Philadelphia, then Southampton Hypnotherapy Clinic is the most satisfactory place for you. Reach to us today! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Insomnia/Sleep Disorders

The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Insomnia/Sleep
For decades now, sleep hypnosis has been a
popular treatment for individuals with sleep
difficulties. And yet, there are still concerns
about trying some people who suffer from insomnia
because they fear they may not be successful.
Even if most of us don't think that we need to
sleep, we do understand that sleep is better for
us. We feel more healthy, alert, and much happier
after a good night's sleep. A good night's sleep
helps us to work better as individuals.
Deprivation of sleep happens when you are not
able to fall asleep, rather than feeling awake,
concentrated, or alert. However, it is very
difficult to pin down the issue of sleep
deprivation. Some people tend to be immune to its
consequences, while others seem to be more likely
to suffer from it. It's now normal in modern
society, and at a certain stage in their lives,
experts say it affects most people. But one
thing that makes people less conscious of the
quality of their lives is the most surprising
thing about sleep deprivation. Many who are
suffering from lack of sleep don't like life, so
they are more vulnerable to anxiety and
A brief duration of sleep is characterized as
acute insomnia. Most people at some stage in
their lives experience acute insomnia, typically
due to some conditions in life. People may have
difficulty sleeping prior to major tests,
significant life activities, or bad news. Acute
insomnia is painful, but generally, people tend
to conquer it. Chronic insomnia is characterized
as a sleep disorder occurring three or more days
a week, and lasting three months or more
consecutively. Chronic insomnia sadly has many
causes so a definitive solution is difficult to
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Waking up frequently at night
  • Waking up too early
  • Trouble sleeping again
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Mood disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Decreased performance
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Clumsiness
  • Memory problems
  • Reduced sex drive

Symptoms Of Insomnia
Causes Of Insomnia
  • Lifestyle Choices (irregular choices and hours of
  • Anxiety (stress, tension or pressure)

Hypnosis for Insomnia in Philadelphia Can Surely
Help With Sleep Deprivation
  • Hypnosis is a treatment that involves deep
    relaxation and focussed attention. You are awake
    during hypnosis, but less conscious of your
    world. One of the great things about
    hypnotization is that it will reduce anxiety.
  • Hypnosis Can Be A Complementary Method you will
    not require any sleeping pills to sleep.
  • Hypnosis Facilitates Deep Sleep - your brain will
    rest best during the deep sleep cycle, so you
    will feel awake and fresh upon waking.
  • When you begin to listen to a hypnosis routine
    before bed, it quiets your vulnerable mind, which
    often thinks of past or future events. This helps
    you to enjoy a good night's sleep and helps you
    wake up refreshed and healthy.

  • He does not apply his Insomnia hypnosis in
    Philadelphia alone, but extends his  Hypnosis for
    insomnia Huntingdon Valley, in Southampton, and
    in several other cities. Ultimately, however, the
    true goal of extending his services to different
    cities neighbouring Philadelphia is to help
    individuals develop a deeper understanding of
  • Dr. Tsan
  • ( A qualified medical doctor, well - certified
    hypnotherapist, homeopath, acupuncturist and
    reiki master) discovered that the key to treating
    the most problematic medical conditions was
    pinpointing the core of the disorder instead of
    hunting for the patients complaint. And when the
    problem is recognized and an inclusive healing
    strategy being established Hypnotherapist is
    ready to develop a way out to fight the disease.
  • He established the Philadelphia Hypnotherapy
    Clinic in 2000 to convey to the patients the
    state-of-the-art the newest and the hottest
    advanced techniques of Clinical Hypnosis in
    Philadelphia and Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    (NLP) for individual health care management.

Having Hypnosis for insomnia sessions may reduce
your need for sedatives and antidepressants. If
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