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An ultimate travel guide to Greece


Check out An ultimate travel guide to Greece. Where to go + What to do + Where to stay during your trip to Greece. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: An ultimate travel guide to Greece

An ultimate travel guide to Greece
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  • \Ge?a sa?! Hello! Welcome to Greece the
    south-eastern country in Europe.
  • Does the name Poseidon, Artemis, Zeus, or
    Aphrodite ring a bell? Do you remember the fight
    between Princess Diana and Ares, her half-brother
    in the American Super-hero film Wonder Woman?
    Yes, yes, yes! We are talking about the famous
    Greek mythological characters that have enticed
    readers over the years. So does it fascinate you
    to explore the place from where they belonged? Do
    you want to relive their marvelous history you
    have been reading through the pages of history?
    So here is your chance!

  • Greece is much more than the mythical legends of
    superhero gods. It has earned a place in the
    hearts of the wanderers with its pristine scenic
    beauty. Nestled in the south-eastern part of
    Europe, this sun-kissed Mediterranean country
    dazzles with glimmering nightlife, mouth-melting
    cuisine, and exuberant Mediterranean passion with
    lovely beaches and friendly locals. Did you know
    that the Acropolis of Athens was a runner in the
    new Seven Wonders of the World? Well, there are a
    lot more secrets that Greece has up its sleeves.
    So, lets unveil this tropical beauty to the

Here is a list of the few best places to visit in
Greece, without a miss!
Pristine Beaches of Greece
  • Are you ready for a secluded romantic getaway on
    the white sandy beaches? Or do you like basking
    in the tropical sunshine while gazing at the
    turquoise Aegean and the Ionian Sea? Earning the
    fame of having 11th longest coastline in the
    world, Greece is daunted by marvelous beaches. So
    in your Greece bucket list, dont forget to add
    an iconic volcanic tour at Santorini or take an
    exotic and romantic ferry rise to Mykonos! Swim
    in the blue waters under the open sky in
    Santorini or explore the enchanting maze of
    alleyways and narrow lanes at Mykonos, your
    experience in Greece will be memorable. From
    lively shorelines to secluded stretched of
    pristine white sandGreece has it all!

Pristine Beaches of Greece
Wander-lusting Island Hopping
  • Do you want some me-time on a secluded island
    or enjoy a vibrant and joyous nightlife at
    Mykonos? The choice is tough as Greece has 6000
    islands, each having an elusive characteristic.
    Voyage through the lush green landscape of Corfu,
    flop onto the sandy beach at Skiathos, surf and
    sail at Lefkada, voyage on Cycladic landscape at
    Ios, or enjoy the breathtaking beauty of
    Santorini, make your trip at Greece a lifetime
    experience. You can even make your Greece
    vacation itinerary by venturing on an eccentric
    trip to the sacred land of Delos, where the twin
    deities Apollo and Artemis were born!

Wander-lusting Island Hopping
The Culinary Culture of Greece
  • Lapped by the Mediterranean Sea and steeped in
    history and cultures, Greece is the home to some
    of the most exquisite cuisine in the world. Your
    Greece trip must include savoring some
    distinctive cuisines from exceptional restaurants
    or local specialty foods in a traditional Greek
    dish with a glass of Ouzo. Dont leave Greece
    before you satiate your appetite with fresh
    seafood, feta cheese, olives, gyros,
    taramasalata, moussaka, and some grilled meat and
    octopus! Add on a pinch of sweetness with honey
    baklava or taste the galaktoboureko, a
    custard-filled pastry. Foodies can also try out
    the local thyme honey drizzled over the fresh and
    thick Greek Yogurt!

The Culinary Culture of Greece
Mythical lands
  • While reading Iliad and Odyssey, did the town of
    Olympia entice you? Do you fascinate about a
    parallel world with the Greek Mythological
    characters? Then a visit to ancient Greece will
    bewilder you with its enigma. Amongst the best
    places to visit in ancient Greece, pay a visit to
    the ruins of the Temple of Zeus in Olympia. How
    about a trip to The Academy of Athens where
    Aristotle studied or a look back to the Age of
    Pericles when The Parthenon was built and
    dedicated to Goddess Athena? Did you feel an
    adrenaline rush through the veins? Wait till you
    unveil them in reality!

Mythical lands
A walk down the lane of history
  • From the prehistoric era of Neolithic Greece, the
    era of Romans, the Ottoman empire, to the
    artistic revival and modern-day Greece, there are
    decades of history to unearth in this
    Mediterranean land. Did you know Greece has 18
    UNESCO World Heritage sites? Take a trip to the
    worlds ancient capitalThe Athens, explore the
    2640-year-old Acropolis, check out the
    hand-carved statues lined at The Parthenon, and
    pay a visit to the National Library to excavate
    the more into the Grecian history. While you are
    still in Athens, walk down Syntagma Square, the
    most famous sot in Athens!

A walk down the lane of history
The Sparkling Nightlife
  • Flaunt your moves at Mykonos, also called the
    Ibiza of Greece! Vibrant nightlife with
    glittering light, loud music, and a glass of
    champagne, can your trip to Greece get any
    better? The nights and days on this islands
    beach thrive with lively young souls dancing at
    wee hours in the morning at some famous bars and
    pubs. While there is no dawn for partygoers in
    Chora, Mylopotas earns fame as the hub of most
    beach party destinations. From open-air
    nightclubs to beach parties and pubs, Greece will
    make your night memorable forever!

The Sparkling Nightlife
When is the best time to visit Greece?
  • Want a perfect sun-kissed tanned skin? There are
    more than 300 days of sunshine in Greece. With
    long summers and mild winters, the marvelous
    weather in Greece is ideal for traveling
  • If you wish to avoid the crowd, your best chance
    is to visit during April and September. So
    embrace the warmth of hospitality in Greece with
    super friendly locals all year round.
  • Besides, this tropical beauty fits a convenient
    budget without leaving you bankrupt!
  • From the books of mythology to modern art,
    culture, and heritage, Greece is a paradise for
    the adventurous minds racing through the remnants
    at Olympia and ending at the vibrant nightlife at

Adio Greece! Until we meet on another exciting
voyage planned by Bucketlist!
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