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Keto Protein Waffles


This Keto Protein Waffles Recipe is the perfect after dinner, guilt free snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Keto Protein Waffles

Keto Protein Waffles
Keto Protein Waffles Recipe
This Protein Waffles Recipe is a nightly staple
in our household. If we aren't making protein
waffles, we are making mug cakes with protein
powder. It's the perfect guilt-free, quick and
easy, post dinner snack or dessert! Check out the
video below to see how easy it is to make. Are
protein waffles good for you? Just two Eggo
Toaster Waffles contain almost 30g of carbs and
only 5g of protein, making them a poor choice for
the keto diet. Protein waffles swap out
traditional refined wheat flour for protein
powder which cuts the carbs almost completely and
helps you feel fuller for longer. Yes, getting
most of your protein from natural sources like
fatty cuts of beef or pasture range eggs is
better than a processed protein powder, but that
doesn't mean protein powder is harmful or
unhealthy. We think it's a great flour
replacement, especially in these golden
waffles. The Best Protein Powder We are big fans
of using protein powder in our household! It adds
flavor and texture to an array of things, such as
smoothies, desserts and waffles, of course! We
always have a nice selection in our pantry
depending on what we are looking to make and what
flavor we are shooting for. Here are a few of our
favorites and why 1. Isopure Cookies And
Cream - this is our favorite flavor and for
making protein cakes and that best part is its
zero carb! 2. Nutrabio Peanut Butter Cup -
this is our favorite flavor to add to smoothies
and keto overnight oats and it has a really
strong chocolate flavor! It's also the best
quality protein in our opinion!
3. Quest Cinnamon Crunch - this is our all time
favorite for mug cakes and waffles! It is
slightly higher in carbs using erythritol, but
that's flavor and texture make it a worth it!
Protein Waffles Nutrition The best part about
making protein waffles at home is the ingredients
can easily be adjusted to fit your macros to the
very last gram! If you want something heavier on
calories you can add in some heavy whipping cream
or nuts to the batter, or even top it with
additional butter. If you want it lighter on the
calories, you can leave out the butter from the
batter and swap in water for almond milk for the
How Many Calories in a Protein Waffle? There are
282 calories in this recipe for protein waffles,
but remember this is for the waffles on their
own. To make this an even more satisfying keto
meal, we recommend adding a fat of your choice
like some butter, ghee, or whipped cream topping.
Adding fatty toppings will provide you with
lasting energy, but will also increase the
Keto-Friendly Protein Waffles Recipe If you are
anything like us, you always have a post-dinner
sweet tooth, but you don't want to ruin it by
downing an entire pint of Halo Top or eating two
bars of Lilys chocolate bars. So, what do you do?
You make this keto friendly protein waffles, that
will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but fill
you up so you won't give in to the very common
late-night snacking!
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