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How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Developing WordPress Themes


WordPress is quite a flexible platform to be on if you really want to build impressive websites. But that’s not all that defines WordPress because it offers a lot more than you expect. With WordPress you can develop themes, redesign themes, and more importantly, customize the whole look of your site. But sometimes developers are not able to carry out this task properly and make mistakes. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Developing WordPress Themes

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Developing
WordPress Themes
WordPress is quite a flexible platform to be on
if you really want to build impressive websites.
But thats not all that defines WordPress because
it offers a lot more than you expect. With
WordPress you can develop themes, redesign
themes, and more importantly, customize the whole
look of your site. But sometimes developers are
not able to carry out this task
properly and make mistakes. So, we have decided
to make you informed about common WordPress
mistakes that webmasters usually make while
developing WordPress themes. But before you look
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with SFWPExperts right away. With that out of
the way, now its time to sift through the main
matter of this content how to avoid common
WordPress theme development mistakes. Introductio
n WordPress is a highly popular software across
the world for building websites and managing
content. Whether you are a pro or novice, you can
easily find support for any problem you face
within WordPress. It has a large network of
users around the world who has formed various
communities to discuss everything about
WordPress. Not to mention that includes theme
development methods, bugs fixing processes, and
the right ways to use it. But lets not discuss
the other two things and focus on just theme
development. There are a sheer number of
developers around the world who have a great
expertise in theme development. Even if you ask
them to implement certain features on their
website, they will do it quickly. However the
methods they will use to do it may differ in one
or more ways. And accordingly, the results will
also show the differences. Some of the features
would be inefficient while the other could be
harder to maintain. The point
here to note is that if all the Wordpress
developers will do the same thing in the right
way, the results would be more user-friendly as
well as developer-friendly. Therefore, I have
presented before you collecting top 5 common
mistakes that a developer does while developing
themes and the ways to avoid it. So, lets check
out each of them one by one. The Easy Ways To
Avoid Mistakes During WordPress Theme
Development 1. Putting Exact URLs In The
Templates If you would have closely noticed the
HTML codes that a WordPress page or post
generates, you would have seen that the image
links as well as internal links comprises the
complete URLs. But let me tell you its not the
right method to do the job when you have to add
code to your theme templates. Let me explain
this to you with an example assume that you are
building a website locally that has a temporary
URL. Now if you want to shift that site to its
permanent domain, you will need to make changes
in the code manually considering it has a full
URL. Im not saying this is a quite tough job,
but chances are you will forget the places where
such codes would be existing. So, whats the
solution for it? To fetch the correct URL in
WordPress all you need to do is go to Settings gt
General in your WordPress dashboard. Remember
that when you repeat esc_url( home_url() ), it
will directly head to your homepage. So, the best
thing you can do is just add a link back to your
page instead of inserting the URL in your codes
lta href"lt?php echo esc_url( home_url() ) ?gt"
/gtHomelt/agt In case your website is still in the
initial development stage and you are not sure
about registering it in a particular domain,
consult with the experts of our Los Angeles web
design company to get a solution. We will let you
know where you should register your site for the
best service and performance. 2. Embedding
Third Party Scripts In A Template Its a
completely different experience of adding third
party scripts and styles in your WordPress. You
might feel amazing to put ltscriptgt or ltstylegt
tags directly in the header of your theme during
its development. And Im not saying thats the
wrong way of doing things if you are building a
static HTML site. But as you know, there is
always a way to do things in a better fashion and
the same is true here as well. Leaving aside
what you are used to, we recommend using
wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style() to add
scripts and styles to the right places in
WordPresss. The fact of the matter is when you
have a Theme Handbook provided by WordPress,
ensure to go through the guide to grab
information about how to add scripts and styles
to your theme correctly. Despite that if you
find it difficult to add scripts and styles to
your themes, you can always talk to seasoned
developers of our Los Angeles web design company
for help. We will make sure you get all the
guidance and assistance to develop the kind of
theme you want.
  • Installing jQuery For Implementing Different
  • You might not know one secret of WordPress that
    it already has a copy of the JavaScript library
    which is popularly called jQuery. The interesting
    fact is that it already contains a lot of
    popular UI features, so you dont have to
    install jQuery for further usage. Now the biggest
    advantage of having such a resource is that you
    can use the JavaScript library to implement
    elements like dialogs, datepickers, tabs, and
    many more.
  • The only thing you need to leverage them is
    enable the items that you want to use through
    functions.php file of your theme. While it needs
    you to learn the process, that will be
    advantageous for you in the long term.
  • To be absolutely frank, its not a tough job to
    implement a jQuery UI element that you want.
    Lets say you want to enable the use of jQuery UI
    Tabs, then all you need to make it happen is add
    the code underneath to your functions.php
  • function my_jquery_elements()
  • wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-ui-tabs',
    array('jquery')) add_action( 'template_redirect'
    , my_jquery_elements ', 10 )
  • The main purpose of doing this is that it tells
    WordPress to use the elements from the
    JavaScript library that it has.
  • In case you want to implement some additional
    elements but having trouble doing that, you can
    get in touch with the design and development team
    of our reputed Wordpress website design company.
    We will listen to your request and help you do
    what you want in the most effective way.
  • Going Overboard With Customization

There is no taking away from the fact that
customization makes our website look different
in the crowd of many. Its good for both
developers and site content editors to be able
to add custom fields and custom post types to
their website. Doing this helps them to organize
the content in a better way and also offer a
simplified user interface to visitors. But to be
perfectly frank, sometimes we do it just too
much thats not good at all. Custom fields are
quite useful to add various types of information
to your posts and pages - its spot on. It comes
in handy when we plan where to put what type of
content. But the layout could get out of hand
when the type of content you want to add is not
consistent. It will make your layout look absurd
and that will deliver a poor viewing
experience. See the thing is there is no
specific rule for carrying out customization on a
website. So, you will have to use your intellect
to reach a decision about what should be
customized and what to be left. Keep in mind that
its easy to add custom fields or post types
right now the way you want but your opinion or
standpoint may change in the future, so what will
you do then. Therefore, ensure whatever you do,
it is done with full accountability and
flexibility in mind. 5. Ignoring To Comment
Code The importance of commenting code is huge
and you dont realize this until you are stuck.
A comment is nothing but a readable description
for the developers in the source code of
computer programs. The main goal of adding this
is to make it easy for them to understand the
source codes and the purpose for which it has
been inserted there. But the thing is many
programmers overlook it and so they are caught in
helpless situations sometimes. However this is
also true that some people dont use it just
because the comments arent expressed clearly.
But the most powerful point is, it turns out to
be very useful when you have to look through PHP
or JS files having multiple things. You can
easily find a particular item among a bunch of
files. And even if you are thinking that you
dont need to consider it because you are the
only who will edit the codes down the road, let
me tell you it is not going to be as easy as you
are thinking. Because just in case if you will
want to edit that code in the future, it would
be hard for you to remember where you placed a
particular snippet of the code. So, the whole
discussion boils down to a point that comments
are highly recommended in a computer program.
This little effort now will make future
maintenance of your WordPress website a lot
easy. Theme Development Skills Gets Better With
A Lot of Practice The whole discussion
concludes at a point that building WordPress
themes can be a great experience if you do it
nicely. The term nicely here means avoiding
all the mistakes explained above. No doubt, it
will take time to perfect your skills to develop
a well-coded theme but rest assured your efforts
will pay off in the long term. Make sure that you
develop the theme in such a way that it is easy
to maintain, no matter if it is done by you or
your colleague. Do you have any questions about
WordPress theme development? Let the comments
section display that! Beyond that if you need any
kind of help related to website development,
theme design, or homepage design, get into
conversation with our Los Angeles web design
company. Being a dedicated team of SFWPExperts,
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