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7 Common Habits That Can Kill Your WordPress Website


Assets that bring dollars to your pocket need to be well taken care of, no matter if it’s virtual or physical. Nowadays, an online store makes the same amount of money or even more than a brick-and-mortar store. You might be running a WooCommerce store or some other WordPress website but little do you pay attention to its safety and maintenance. For your information, I would like to state that on an average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 7 Common Habits That Can Kill Your WordPress Website

7 Common Habits That Can Kill Your WordPress
Assets that bring dollars to your pocket need to
be well taken care of, no matter if its virtual
or physical. Nowadays, an online store makes the
same amount of money or even more than a
brick-and-mortar store. You might be running a
WooCommerce store or some other WordPress
website but little do you pay attention to its
safety and maintenance.
For your information, I would like to state that
on an average 30,000 new websites are hacked
every day (revealed on Apr 7, 2020). Have you
ever thought even yours might be on the list?
Not really, right? Whatever your web host
boasts, you are just ok with that. You are
assured thinking that they have the best systems
to safeguard your site and you need not worry
about that. After all, you are paying a huge sum
of money to them, what good they all are
for? Here, let me tell you one thing that you
cant rely solely on others for this
job. Letting hackers gain full control over your
site even for an hour can cost your business a
lot. Seeing the importance of the matter, in
this blog, we thought to explain to our readers
what mistakes they can avoid preventing hurting
their WordPress website. But prior to getting
down to business, we would like to share a small
piece of information today. Businesses and
startups operating in any corner of the world
usually need professional designers or
developers help at some point in time to keep
their site updated with new web design trends. In
that case, they can approach the
mission-oriented Los Angeles web design company
- SFWP Experts. They have the most talented
workforce consisting of website builders,
copywriters, SEO professionals, and
marketing executives who can collaboratively take
your business to the next level. A few services
that I would like to name, offered by them are
WordPress web design and development, logo/icon
design, search engine optimization, pay per
click advertising, digital marketing and many
more. Diverging our mind from there, now lets
jump to the most important topic in this blog
post - bad habits that can harm your WordPress
website. 7 Dangerous Habits That Can Break Your
WordPress Website 1. Not Removing Unused
Plugins Plugins add new features and
functionality to websites, everybody knows that.
But have you ever thought it could have drawbacks
as well? Yes, its a pretty common practice to
leave unused plugins installed without ever
keeping track of it and that unnecessarily takes
up space in your site. Most people have a habit
of searching through the W ordPress Plugin
Repository and picking one that tickles their
interest. The next step they reach is
installation and then they test its potential.
You might be doing the same if you are one in
the crowd. However, the plugin you choose might
not be the best fit for your site or probably
you never test it all. So, the point is it isnt
going to make any difference being there,
right? Moreover, if you see it from a security
perspective keeping unused plugins within your
site can cost you a lot. A vulnerable piece of
code could lead to malware installation on your
server. And no two ways about it that it could
cause severe damage to your site. Unfortunately,
not all plugins are well-developed or
maintained some are even left by their
developers. If
  • you emerge out to be the unlucky person who still
    has one of these plugins installed, there is a
    higher chance your site is on the hit list.
  • So what can you do to fix up this issue? Keep
    removing unwanted plugins and the one thats no
    longer in use. In addition to the connection,
    browse through your WordPress backend on fixed
    intervals to figure out the items you dont need
  • If you doubt the safety of your site and want to
    go for a security check, we are open to your
    requests. Having a technically-experienced team
    at your disposal, we can make your site fully
    secured and recover from hackers if lost control
    over. Of late, our Los Angeles web design company
    has received immensely positive feedback from
    clients addressing how we made a difference to
    their bottom line. Generally speaking, you can
    consult with us for an array of services such as
    responsive web design and development, UI/UX
    design, content writing, content marketing,
  • Engine Optimization, PPC, and the remaining.
  • Not Backing Up Your Site Routinely
  • Backing up your website once in a week or a month
    is one of the best ways to make sure you dont
    lose your information or content ever. Once
    things are gone, they are hard to retrieve.
  • An optimal way to keep your data wrapped in
    several protection layers is to backup your
    content regularly or schedule the task for daily,
    weekly or monthly backups.
  • Not Paying Sincere Attention To Your Site
  • Security is an area where a lot of us hardly pay
    attention to. Its not that we overlook its
    importance but focus barely enough on it. This
    can happen for

various reasons - if your website hasnt been
hacked for a long time or your web host boasts
that your site is in safe hands or, you have
already taken a few measures to tackle the
problem. Whatever the reason you might have,
people mostly tend to be more reactive than
proactive. This means learning our lessons in the
best possible way after poor results have
already come out. Any solution in mind? First of
all, never assume that your website is
completely safe and secure. Just think that even
the most reliable systems in the world can also
be hacked and your website is the easiest one to
be attacked by malicious-intended
actors. Therefore, you must start taking even
minor security issues into consideration rather
seriously. Additionally, you should make it a
point to use strong passwords, a security
plugin, and make sure the software installation
is up to date. By doing this, it isnt guaranteed
your website will be free from every potential
attack but it can stop the basic ones. As far as
website security goes, you can also trust our Los
Angeles web design company for your service.
When building websites for our clients we choose
to collaborate with trusted hosting providers who
earned themselves a top rank in the industry.
This is the reason just fewer clients run into
security issues and that too in extremely rare
cases. If you want to know how good are, our
Wordpress developer professionals in IT and
security skills, test our services like custom
web design and development, mobile app and
software development, online marketing, email
marketing, search engine optimization, and so on
from the comfort of your chair. 4. Not Performing
Research About Plugins Before Downloading
Talking plugins, there are hundreds to choose
from different types of categories. However, you
need to keep in mind that it is important to
research the plugin you are considering before
you finally take it in use essential from the
success viewpoint. Just so you know some plugins
are not compatible with other plugins or themes
when deployed on the job. Besides, many plugins
are also not regularly updated that could result
in multiple issues with installation, or other
plugins. An obvious way to find out how well a
plugin will work for you is to check out how
recently it was updated and what kind of ratings
or reviews it has got. 5. Not Renewing
Commercial Licenses On Time I know, I know you
will say whats the need to buy commercial
licenses when tons of free WordPress plugins and
themes are already available. To that Ill
respond - there are times when WordPress themes
and plugins fail to live up to expectations and
commercial software emerges as a more effective
tool. Maybe it might offer more powerful
functionality or facilitate certain tasks. On
top of that, you get first-class support for your
organization when you opt for commercial
tools. Although they are good picks from many
angles, these items often compel you to make
financial commitments while purchasing since
one-time purchases are now hardly offered. If
you look for useful commercial plugins for your
Wordpress website, you will come to know that
many of them require yearly license renewals.
This recurring cost allows authors to provide
uninterrupted support, add new features, and
resolve bugs and errors. That means the software
will continue to be developed throughout the
time that will benefit everybody.
Still, there are a great number of people who use
software with long-expired licenses. This could
affect the security and functionality of your
site both. So, the question is what can be done
to keep such issues from emerging? Research
about themes or plugins before you finally pay
its price. Estimate what future expenses will be
and if that can be easily managed. Inform your
clients about these licenses as much as required
for them since many licenses simply expire just
because a client forgets to renew. Even if
commercial plugins are not able to meet your
website needs, make contact with us and we will
create custom plugins for you. With 10 years of
experience in the design and development
industry, we are tremendously capable of
well-executed technical and non-technical tasks.
Having the presence of our web design company in
Los Angeles is opening opportunities for small
and medium-sized businesses to grow and expand.
If you are considering working with us, you can
send your request for eCommerce web design and
development, website support and maintenance,
social media management, online marketing and
promotion, and website optimization. 6. Not
Sharing Files Carefully File sharing is a vital
activity for all WordPress websites. However,
files may also carry unwanted viruses wherever
they go. No wonder, this can negatively affect
operations of your websites or compel you to take
it off the web completely. This is especially
true for eCommerce websites where mostly online
payments are processed. Such sites need to be
entirely secure because viruses can be
transferred unintentionally, being attached to
any of the files or documents.
The best thing you can do to prevent such a
situation is to use The Secure Client Download
Zone Plugin. Its role is to create a restricted
area for site managers to share and manage files
within WordPress. What else you can do is to
share files in groups keeping it password
protected and send notifications to users about
downloads. 7. Not Working On Your SEO Since we
have already entered a new digital era, it has
become necessary to make your site search engine
optimized so it can kill it on the web. However,
you are not given any SEO tool with your
WordPress website to make it successful. On
requirement, you will have to install plugins in
your WordPress website to improve your content,
links, and optimize images. When it comes to SEO
plugin, the SEO Keyword Hound Tool is considered
as a great choice for website administrators
since it allows you to add keywords, and track
and compare them with your competitors keywords
easily and quickly. With such functions, it
enables you to know the current position of your
site and make necessary changes to capture top
positions in the search results. Running out of
time for Google-friendly website development? No
need to worry anymore since we are here to pull
you out of problems. Being deployed seasoned
designers and developers for your help, our Los
Angeles web design company is committed to
providing excellent business-development
services around the world. Be it best in class
web design or online marketing, we can aid you
in both ways. In a nutshell, we are the apt
agency to partner with if you need services like
SEO-friendly web design and development,
homepage design and development, email
marketing, conversion rate optimization, PPC,
SEO, and a whole lot more.
Conclusion Every WordPress Website Requires
Proper Care And Attention After you have
launched your site, be mindful that still, it
needs to be focussed. You cant predict that
your website wont be hacked since you are
hosting your site on the most secure platform on
the earth. The good news is that, even though
there are a handful of threats to your site, it
doesnt take a lot of time and energy to keep
things running smoothly. By being aware of what
you have installed and taken your site to
agencies for routine maintenance, you can often
avoid several major problems even before they
come to your notice. Not sure if your site is up
to the mark? When will we be of help? Reach out
to us today and we will perform a thorough
checkup over your site. If any issues found we
will fix it up and hand it off to you. We are a
leading Wordpress website design company that
has hands-on experience with everything
WordPress. Besides that you can get in touch with
us for other professional services as well as
mobile-friendly web design and development,
website hosting and recreation, social media
promotion, search engine optimization, pay per
click advertising, internet marketing, and so
forth. Remember, if you have chosen SFWP
Experts, you have chosen a cooperative
associate. Contact Details 213-277-9177
la_at_sfwpexperts.com Visit Reference Profile
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