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Top 5 Machine Learning Algorithms You Need to Know


Machine learning algorithms are programs that can learn from data and improve from experience, without human intervention. Learning tasks may include learning the function that maps the input to the output, learning the hidden structure in unlabeled data; or ‘instance-based learning’, where a class label is produced for a new instance by comparing the new instance (row) to instances from the training data, which were stored in memory. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 5 Machine Learning Algorithms You Need to Know

  • Session 1

  • Today we are living in a world where the tasks
    are getting digitized, and most of the work is
    getting automated. The primary objective of such
    a change is the changing lifestyle and
    development of technology. This has led to the
    development of new machines and tools that makes
    the task easy and simplified. Most of these
    machines perform the human-like task, and the
    technology which is driving this is machine
    learning. Not only has technology been
    revolutionary in terms of development, but at the
    same time, it has also paved the way for new job
    prospects. Today there is a growing demand for
    machine learning experts across different
    industries. Machine learning was one of the best
    jobs in 2019, and machine learning experts earn
    an average salary of 146,085 . So, tech-related
    jobs are in a win-win situation.

  • If you want to ensure complete insight and
    knowledge about machine learning, then you need
    to pick the right learning platform. There are
    various online portals offering machine learning
    certification online programs. These programs
    focus on covering all the concepts of machine
    learning, inclusive of the basic details to
    ensure a seamless learning path for machine
    learning engineers.
  • Every machine learning expert has to prepare a
    machine learning algorithm, which ensures that
    the final program helps in the seamless
    functioning of the machine. There is a different
    machine learning algorithm which one needs to
    work upon to derive the best results. In this
    blog, we will be highlighting 5 such skills that
    are a must for a machine learning engineer.

5 machine learning algorithm which is a must
during the learning path of a machine learning
  • 1. Linear Regression- Linear regression is a
    common algorithm that is used by a machine
    learning expert. It is about arranging a series
    in a linear order. In this, a relationship is
    established between a dependent and independent
    variation by fitting them to a line. The equation
    that represents this is
  • Y a X b
  • Here
  • Y Dependent Variable
  • a Slope
  • X Independent variable
  • b Intercept

  • 2. Logistic Regression- In this machine learning
    algorithm, the discrete value is estimated using
    a set of independent variables. This method is
    helpful in predicting the probability of an event
    by fitting data to a logit function.
  • The following methods are used to improve
    logistic regression
  • Eliminate features
  • Use of the non-linear model
  • Eliminate features
  • Include interaction terms
  • Regularize techniques
  • 3. Decision Tree- One of the common Machine
    learning algorithms in which machine learning
    experts use is a decision tree. In this method,
    the population is divided into two or more
    homogeneous sets based on certain attributes.

  • 4. SVM (Support Vector Machine)- In this method,
    raw data are plotted as points in n-dimensional
    space. The value of each feature is then tied to
    a particular coordinate, making the
    classification easy.
  • 5. Naive Bayes- This theory is a theory of Bayes
    theorem. In this the feature of a class or sample
    is considered independent. Even when you have the
    data which are related, Naïve Bayes considers
    them independent while calculating the
    probability of an event.
  • There are few of the many machine learning
    algorithms that you must learn to become a data
    learning expert. Many of this algorithm is a part
    of statistical analysis. Hence, you can conclude
    that knowledge about statistical tools is a must
    for those who are willing to become a machine
    learning expert.

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