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How Google Utilizes Machine Learning In Its Popular Services


Machine learning has great room for growth as it is still evolving. And, if you want to make the most of this technology, this is undoubtedly the right time to make a switch. A reputed machine learning bootcamp in California will help you learn about ML algorithms, advanced ML concepts, deep learning, NLP, and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Google Utilizes Machine Learning In Its Popular Services

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How Google Utilizes Machine Learning In Its
Popular Services
  • Most tech giants invest heavily in machine
    learning and AI technologies Google is no
    exception. In 2016, it declared to become an ML
    first company, and ever since, they have been
    steadily moving towards achieving that goal.
  • They have a mission to make information
    accessible to everyone and solve users problems.
    And, in this, ML has a more significant role to
    play. Machine learning helps develop intelligent
    systems that allow users to find the information
    they need and solve their problems.
  • Machine learning has great room for growth as it
    is still evolving. And, if you want to make the
    most of this technology, this is undoubtedly the
    right time to make a switch. A reputed machine
    learning bootcamp in California will help you
    learn about ML algorithms, advanced ML concepts,
    deep learning, NLP, and more.

ML has a great future, and learning it can secure
your future too. Its not surprising that Google
uses machine learning algorithms in almost all
its popular services like Gmail, Google search,
Google Maps, and more. So, if you want to work at
Google, consider learning it.
How Google Utilizes Machine Learning In Its
Popular Services?
Google Search
  • Google Search heavily uses machine learning to
    help people find relevant information. Whenever
    you type something in the Google Search engine
    box, machine learning automatically anticipates
    what you are searching for and displays the
    suggested search results for the same.

Machine learning is at play here as it looks at
past searches, search trends, and location to
give you the most appropriate suggestions. So,
whether you want information about your favorite
celebrity or know about the weather today, Google
Search can tell you anything. RankBrain is a
great example of Googles machine learning
algorithm that gives answers to unique and
unusual queries. For example, you type a green
bird with a red head. This is definitely not a
specific query. But even then, you will get
results for it. Google will display the images of
the probable results that match your query. So,
Google search can show results for your
hypothetical questions.
Google Maps
  • Google Maps is used by numerous people whenever
    they go out of their house. This could be for
    searching a location, getting directions, finding
    the best routes, etc. The same thing happens when
    you search traffic delays on Google Map.
  • Google gathers your location data, traffic
    trends, real-time government data, and user
    feedback to predict traffic and delays.
    Similarly, you can get real-time information on
    transport schedules and estimated time of arrival
    (ETA), using which you can plan your travel.

Google Translate
  • Google Translate is an excellent tool for
    converting text from one language to another.
    And, this is not only useful for text but images
    and real-time videos. Ever since it was
    introduced, it has removed all the language
    barriers as you can access information and easily
    translate it to the language of your choice. A
    training at machine learning bootcamp will
    familiarise how machine learning makes all this
  • Till a few years ago, SMT or Statistical machine
    translation (SMT) was behind Google translation.
    It went through millions of translated documents
    and looked for the common patterns and vocabulary
    to make a prediction. So, if you want to
    translate a text from English to Hindi, SMT will
    go through all the English to Hindi translations
    and suggest the most accurate translation based
    on the pattern.

  • In 2016, Google introduced Neural Machine
    Translation (GNMT), shifting its focus to deep
    neural network-based translation. With GNMT,
    there has been a drastic improvement in accuracy
    and fluency levels as it works equivalent to the
    human brain. RankBrain makes smart guesses to
    figure out which search results best fit the

Google Photos
  • Every Android user saves their photos on Google
    Photos. Its a perfect way to store all your
    images at one location and access them anytime.
    And, you dont even have to use one device for
    this you can shoot pictures on multiple devices
    and connect them through your Google Photos.
  • Machine learning offers many extraordinary
    features as it creates albums on its own based on
    the location, data, and even year. So, it does
    the sorting job for you without even asking.
    Similarly, it selects your best photos, moments
    and makes memories for you. It also sorts
    pictures based on names. So, if you are searching
    for a picture on Google Photos, you can quickly
    search up for it by typing the name.
  • This happens because of the image recognition and
    deep learning technology that sort millions of
    pictures online and then classifies your images
    based on trends and patterns. For example, type
    food, and youll get all the pictures related to
    food items in your Google Photos gallery. So,
    dont forget to use this feature next time.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant is the chatbot that can make
your life easier. Want to look for the best
restaurants near you? Book movie tickets? Set up
a reminder? Google Assistant can do the job for
you. It is a revolutionary feature that combines
Image Recognition, Google Knowledge Graph, and
Natural Language Processing (NLP) and can be
connected to your devices like phones, TV,
speakers. You can talk with your Google
Assistant, and it will formulate the answers
according to your query. NLP helps Google
Assistant interact with you, while Google
Knowledge Graph helps provide information sourced
from the Internet.
Reverse Image Search
  • Google Image Search was introduced in 2001 due to
    the overwhelming demand for the pictures of the
    green Versace dress that Jennifer Lopez had worn.
    The search results were so huge in volume that
    the Google Search platform could not handle it.
    Gradually, a few more features were added to it,
    and in 2011, the reverse search functionality
    came in place.
  • Google takes the image and gives back the most
    similar images in the search results. Image
    search helps you find visual results, making it
    easier to find an exact image from another
    similar image. Many Google algorithms are at work
    here, which you will learn at a coding bootcamp.

Google Advertising System
  • Machine Learning enables Google to keep track of
    users search history. And, this history helps
    target the consumer with relevant advertisements.
    The search history and machine learning make
    Google mindful of its audiences choice and give
    suggestions only about what they prefer. Many
    bloggers and website owners earn money with this.
  • AdSense displays ads on the site according to the
    content and how well it will perform there. It
    identifies the available ad space and helps you
    to boost revenue. Google Ads is another machine
    learning-powered service that helps advertisers
    bid on specific keywords and get their clickable
    ads on Googles search results. Machine learning
    improves AdWords campaigns and helps achieve
    better customer acquisition results.
  • You can see how machine learning has become an
    integral part of Google. And, this is just one
    case. Most top tech companies are reliant on
    machine learning. A machine learning bootcamp is
    the right way to break into this lucrative field.

  • SynergisticIT is a reputed coding bootcamp with a
    decade of experience guiding students towards
    making a successful tech career. Its curriculum
    is designed to teach fundamental and advanced ML
    concepts in a structured manner. Project-based
    learning helps you gain real-world exposure and
    prepare for the job market.
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