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Learn The Top 10 Paying Skills With A Machine Learning Course


It has already been declared as the hottest job, data science brings in skill sets and knowledge from various backgrounds such as mathematics, statistics, analytics, modeling, and business acumen. These practical skills help them to identify patterns that can help the organization to recognize new market opportunities. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Learn The Top 10 Paying Skills With A Machine Learning Course

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  • Are you interested in making a career in Machine
    Learning? Have you given a thought about applying
    for a machine learning certification program?
    Well, if not, then you must think about AI ML
    certification. In the times to come, the role of
    Machine Learning is going to be an inevitable
    part of most of the business segments. Machine
    Learning extracts useful information from the
    data and assists the devices to perform

  • AI, ML and data science work in sync and any
    individual who wishes to make a career in this
    field needs to upskill oneself the best way to
    achieve the same is by going for AI, ML
    certification. There are various platforms
    providing machine learning certificates online.
    The objective of such programs is to impart
    comprehensive information about this technology,
    in addition, this curriculum also focuses on
    training individuals on various other skills
    which can not only help them grow in their career
    as machine learning experts but at the same time,
    it also lets them explore avenues of getting
    better income. So, if you, too, are willing to
    make a career as a machine learning expert, then
    this blog is going to be helpful. We have brought
    together 10 paying skills that you must hone
    while pursuing your machine learning

10 Must Learn Skills To Become A Highly Paid
Machine Learning
  • Big Data- We all know that the future is going to
    be all about data. So, honing your skills in Big
    Data is going to be an added advantage. Most of
    the machine learning certification programs will
    help you learn this connection, but being
    conversant in this is going to be helpful.
    Coming to the monetary part of Big Data, then one
    can earn an average salary of 59,000 as a Big
    Data analyst and 92,000 as Big Data Scientist.
    You must learn about Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, SQL
  • Data Science- As mentioned above, that ML, AI and
    data science work in sync with each other, hence
    gaining expertise in Data Science and its
    techniques like SAS, R programming, creating a
    statistical model is going to help you become a
    more proficient machine learning expert.

  • SAP- There are various uses of SAP across
    different industries. If we talk about the
    different SAP products, then it includes a wide
    range of them like CRAP, CRM, Strategic
    Enterprise Management, Supplier relationship
    management etc. The annual salary of SAP
    professionals can earn an annual salary of an
    average annual salary of 149,139.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Another field that one
    needs to excel in AI in fact, there are
    platforms like AI ML certification that will help
    you become a trained and proficient professional.
    AI takes business motivation to the next level
    and being proficient in this field will help you
    become a better professional.

  • NLP- Natural Language Processing is required if
    you want to excel in the field of Machine
    Learning. If you are looking forward to becoming
    a machine learning expert. This language helps
    the system to understand the data, interpret it
    and perform the function.
  • Programming language- Yes, it is important that
    you must excel in different programming languages
    if you want to become a machine learning expert.
    Python, C, JavaScript, C, Julia, Shell,
    TypeScript, and Scala.

  • Cloud computing- Along with the machine learning
    certification program, you must learn about cloud
    computing. Did you know that by the end of 2020,
    around 1/3rd of data will pass through a cloud,
    and it will create a huge positive impact on
    Cloud computing companies, and thus opening new
    avenues of growth for those who excel in skills
    on cloud computing? The average salary of a
    cloud computing professional is around 124,000
  • Blockchain Yes, when we are talking about skill
    development, then you cannot miss Blockchain. It
    is a leading technology that helps in making the
    system more transparent. It finds a number of
    applications across different sectors and data
    exchange on this platform are going to be safe
    and secured. Thus developing Blockchain skills is
    going to make you earn more.

  • Business Intelligence- BI professionals,
    understand the nuance of setting a system and
    running it, converts business queries into
    analytical know-hoe for rapid realization of
    business solutions.
  • Software Design ML works in integration with
    different technologies to make use of full
    potential. As a machine learning expert, one is
    required to develop algorithms and systems which
    can easily integrate with other technologies.
    Thus one is required to have excellent API or
    Application User Interface for web APIs, static
    libraries etc. Learning about software designing
    along with machine learning certification is
    going to be helpful.

Concluding Thoughts
  • Machine learning technology is evolving every day
    and hence, it's important that one must pursue
    machine learning certifications along with
    developing other skills that are going to get
    better pay. Global Tech Council is a leading
    platform for learning machine learning
    certificates online. As part of this curriculum,
    you will learn about machine learning and its

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