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Leading Management Consultants in Dubai, UAE | Ibex Systems


Ibex Systems: A leading management consultant in Dubai, we provide consulting services & facilitate API, IMS & ISO certifications across the Middle East. For more info - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Leading Management Consultants in Dubai, UAE | Ibex Systems

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API certifications (API Q1 API Q2) are widely
used in Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas
Industry across the world to demonstrate
process effectiveness enabling product or
service quality. These specifications promote
integration of a process approach into the
application of specific sections developing,
implementing and improving the effectiveness of
quality management systems.
HOW IT BENEFITS? ) API certifications improve
product Service quality ) Process
effectiveness ) Monogram License add
credibility Industry demands and competitive
business environment in the oil and gas
industry have created new measures by which
organizations must prove their capabilities.
) A well-documented quality management system to
API s requirements minimizes risk, and
subsequently, nonconforming product. The
customers can constantly rely on product
service quality. ) A well-structured and
formalized approach to quality management
systems to improve productivity. ) Well defined
change management process protect the
organization from the undesirable outcome of
unplanned changes ) Increased process control )
Risk Assessment Management ) Contingency Planning
) Develop Policies and Procedures in line with
API standard requirements ) Implementation
Support ) Conformity Matrix finalization )
Coordination with API ) Successful API
Certification / Monogram license approval
Information security is the protection of
information from a wide range of threats in
order to ensure business continuity, minimize
business risk, and maximize return on
investments and business opportunities.
) Independently verifies the organizational
security risks are properly identified, assessed
and managed ) Demonstrates the independent
assurance of your internal controls and meets
corporate governance and business continuity
requirements ) Implement a robust system to
manage information within an organization and
protect information ) Demonstrate applicable
laws and regulations are complied ) Higher
revenue and customer satisfaction through
increased trust. ) Proves your top management
commitment to the security of information held
by the organization
) Information risk and vulnerability
assessment ) Effective risk controls guidelines
and support ) Develop policies and procedures to
strengthen information security ) Employee(s)
awareness ) Establish Objectives to continually
improve information security practices ) Third
Party certification support
Information security is achieved by
implementing a suitable set of controls,
including policies, processes, procedures,
organizational structures and software and
hardware functions. These controls need to be
established, implemented, monitored, reviewed
and improved, where necessary, to ensure that
the specific security and business objectives of
the organization are met. This should be done in
conjunction with other business management
processes. (Ref ISO 27000)
Managing business risk is key for sustainable
growth in the current financial turmoil. It is
unlikely that your fat cash reserve support you
during a down turn for longer period. Cutting
short risks is important to stay afloat in the
market. Our expertise will support in finding
areas where your organization can arrest
potential business risks. We will categorize
risk mitigation objectives into Strategic,
Operational, Compliance and Financials Our
working guideline is ISO 31000 and its Risk
Management Framework. This includes Design of
Framework, Implementation, monitoring and
setting goals for continual improvement of the
Framework. The benefits include mitigating or
eliminating risks, increasing revenue, resources
and process optimization, stakeholder confidence
and compliance to legal and regulatory
) Risk identification and treatment reduces
financial loss brand recognition ) Cost
reduction by greater understanding and management
of risk ) Addresses uncertainty and ensure that
risks are managed proactively. ) Adapts to an
organizations needs, while improving stakeholder
confidence. ) Responds to change and facilitates
continual improvement ) Improved loss prevention
and incident management. ) Compliance with legal,
regulatory and contractual requirements ) Protecti
on of brand and reputation
) Design risk framework ) Establish risk
management process ) Implement comprehensive
review of potential risks and mitigation
plan ) Develop Risk Management policies,
procedures and accountability ) Risk Analysis,
Evaluation and Treatment ) Implementation of risk
treatment plans ) Employee(s) awareness and
internationally recognised business continuity
management systems (ISO 223012012) standard
helps you to understand and prioritise business
risks of your organisation with effective
control mechanisms and PLAN B. This standard
focuses on the continual improvement of your
business through the PDCA model. BCMS provides
a proficient way of maintaining security,
assuring business continuity, ensuring
corporate governance and compliance, protecting
organizations image and reputation, as well as
creating an ambiance of confidence with
employees, suppliers, outsourced service
providers, stakeholders and customers.
) BCMA (ISO 22301) will bring your business a
bunch of benefits, including ) Understanding and
minimizing the risks of challenges unexpected
disruptions. ) Planning for disasters and
business continuity events. ) Raise awareness of
business continuity requirements. ) Identifying
leadership and responsibilities. ) Demonstrating
your commitment to excellence ) Protecting your
employee safety and moral, corporate and brand
image ) Open your business to new global market
) Provide Business Continuity Management program
support through internal audit. ) Develop an
understanding of your organisation, using
formalised system when appropriate. ) Assess the
efficiency of existing Business Risks
Continuity Management programs. ) Support your
organisation in implementing business continuity
options that are aligned to your business
strategy. ) Prepare policies and procedures
related to business continuity processes in the
organization. ) Assisting you in better
understanding your current risk environment from
a business continuity viewpoint. ) Reviewing
critical businesses processes and computes the
impact that loss of these can have on your
Sustainability Reporting is an approach by
organizations to publish information of their
economical, environmental, social and governance
performance. Commitment to sustainability
reporting helps organizations integrate these
positive practices into their ongoing operations.
The reporting helps organizations a wide
spectrum of intangible benefits such as employee
loyalty and consumer reputation HOW IT
BENEFITS? ) Better reputation by building public
trust in business ) Improved systems and
processes ) Improve operational
efficiency ) Employee engagement ) Competitive
advantage HOW WE CAN COLLABORATE? ) Develop
corporate Social responsibility policies and
Procedures ) Effective Implementation
guidelines ) Development of Sustainability
Reporting ) Consulting for industry
International recognition on CSR
initiatives ) Identification and compliance
establishment to legal and regulatory
The BPR will act as an organization make over
and enhance business results by radically
redesigning the processes. This will improve
productivity, reduced costs and quality. Process
Engineering will be adopted by organizations to
maintain customer expectations and adding value
to products and services organizations
offer. Business Process Reengineering will
solely change the processes, not functions,
departments, geographies and tasks. BPR
initiatives will add value on top of the
existing processes meeting needs of customers
and accelerating business growth.
) Improve business processes, cost effective and
efficient ) Reduce wastes, unwanted management
overheads ) Improve data dissemination,
reporting and accurate decision making
processes ) Mitigate risks by improving
compliance to legal standards ) Improve Quality
and empower employees ) Improve operational
efficiency and customer service
) Review current business practice and process
efficiency ) Propose alternative processes that
need to reengineer influencing business
results. ) Redesigning business processes to
achieve operational efficiency ) Align
technology with organizations overall
goals ) Training to employees to execute changes
effectively ) Implement Work flow management,
Information technology relevant to BPR
HOW IT BENEFITS? ) Minimizing costs without
impacting performance ) Meet legislative or self
imposed carbon targets ) Enhance reputation as a
socially responsible organization ) Increase
awareness towards energy efficiency across all
stakeholders ) Helps to evaluate new
energy-efficient technology ) Improve market
credibility and acceptability HOW WE CAN
) Establish cost saving mechanism by improving
energy efficiency programs ) Develop policies
and procedures to implement best energy
management system ) System integration with
environmental management systems ) Legal and
other requirements compliance identification and
adherence program ) Energy management awareness
program ) Energy efficiency programs for
continual improvement (Objectives
KPIs) ) Third party certification support
Best way to reduce energy consumption and helps
organization to realize untapped energy ef?ciency
potential. This will bene?t from cost savings
and contribute to environmental and climate
change protection. Implementing effective Energy
Management System enhances market credibility
and acceptability.
The Second Party audits will evaluate an
organizations suppliers are capable to deliver
products and services as offered. Our Qualified
Auditors shall assesse the level of
preparedness, competency and systems the
vendor(s) demonstrate. The Second Party audits
will help the organization to determine the
Vendor capabilities. THIS NEW OFFERING FROM
) Vendor Commitment ) Facilities and Quality of
products and services ) Resources
competency ) Legal Compliance System at Vendor
facility /Business ) Operational efficiency and
Processes effectiveness ) Technologies and its
influence ) Product / Process recall
mechanism ) Processes and Quality Assurance
methods ) Improve operational efficiency and
customer service
HOW WE CAN COLLABORATE? Our team of competent
personnel having experience on second party and
third party audits for past 12 years will be able
to evaluate Vendor capabilities to deliver
products and services to our clients efficiently
accomplishing business goals. We will be
submitting an assessment report based on the
focus area suggested by the Organization
(client). The Auditors will recommend , measures
for Vendor Performance Improvement Readiness.
The latest edition of ISO 9001 is a superb tool
for Management to refine processes. This new
revision recommends Business Risk Analysis and
emphasis on Leadership roles. ISO 90012015 is
more of a Business Management System, which
encourages organizations to adopt the best
Business Strategy by focusing Customer
? Consistently meet customer requirements ?
Effective resource management ? Product /service
realization ? Measurement, analysis and continual
improvement ? Provide Customer satisfaction ?
Provide quality assured cost effective
products/ services ? Improve the effectiveness
and efficiency of your business performance ?
Ensure compliance with pertinent legal and
regulatory requirements
? Develop and implement QMS related policies,
procedures and manual. ? Support and guide your
business towards ISO 90012015 certification. ?
Our experienced consultants will assist you with
effective internal audit. ? Improve
organizations quality management systems with
proper assistance. ? Offer QMS training and
support where necessary. ? Our consultants are
there to help you to identify what business
requirements are relevant for your organization.
This new revision enhances organizations
commitment and a proactive approach towards
Environment. Standard sets out effective
environmental management system helping
organizations improve their environmental
performance by efficiently using resources,
compliance to legal, regulatory and other
requirements, gaining competitive advantage in
the market and winning stakeholder confidence.
? Driven by Leadership team focusing on life
cycle thinking to ensure consideration of
environmental aspects from development to
end-of-life ? Achieve Strategic business goals by
incorporating environmental issues into
business management. ? Competitive and Financial
advantage through improved efficiencies and
reduced costs. ? Determine environmental risk
controls ? Ensure compliance with relevant
environmental legislation ? Proactive initiatives
to protect the environment from harm and
? Develop and implement Environmental related
policies, procedures and manual ? Provide
effectual training and awareness ensuring all
stakeholders commitment ? Conduct Internal Audit
to verify Organizations readiness for
Certification and compliance to all legal and
other requirements ? Our experienced consultants
will support and guide your business towards
successful 140012015 certification.
ISO 22000 is developed based on the theory that
an effective food safety process is designed,
operated and continually improved within the
framework of a structured management .system, and
incorporated into the overall management
activities of the organization ISO 22000 approach
is not limited to food processing sector , the
standard can also be implemented in other
sectors such as packaging and ingredient
suppliers, caterers, storage . distribution
facilities, chemical and machinery manufacturers
) Ensuring safe food manufacturing/ process )
reducing foodborne diseases ) better utilization
of resources ) Reduced risk by complying with
local international rules and regulations )
Improved commitment towards society ) increased
potential for economic growth and development
) Understanding the requirements of
organization ) Conducting Gap Analysis )
Conducting HACCP Study ) Development of FSMS
Manual, Policies, Procedures and SOPs ) Creating
awareness throughout the organization on FSMS
OHSAS 18002007 is an internationally accepted
standard which endows with a framework to
identify, control and reduce the risks coupled
with health and safety within your organization.
OHSAS 18001 was built along the same lines as
ISO management systems that accentuate
effectiveness, efficiency and continual
improvement. Implementing the standard will send
a clear signal to your stakeholders that you view
employees health and safety as a principal
priority within your company. Effective Health
and Safety Management system is a significant
measure on organizations commitment to fulfil
safe working practices. Being in a high risk
working environment, OHSAS will enable all
stakeholders to be confident.
Y Endorse a safe and healthy working
environment Y Tie down the potential for
accidents Y Improves business performance Y
Superior pool of clients that accept competent
and perspective businesses. Y Increased business
acceptance by regulators, the public and
interested parties. Y Accepted as being
proactive about Health and Safety and continual
Y Develop Health Safety Systems policies and
procedures Y Training Y Risk Assessment and
Mitigation plans Y Emergency preparedness Y
Development of Legal Compliance Evaluation
Systems Y Incident Management Systems Y
Performance evaluation Y Third Party
Certification Support
Suite 712, The Fairmont Hotel, P.B.No.65886,
Dubai, U.A.E. Tel. 04 304 23 58, Fax.04 304 23 59
Rakia Amenity Center, 6th Floor Tower 2, Al
Hamra Al Jazeera, P.O. Box 31291, Ras al
Khaimah, U.A.E. Tel. 07 243 37 71
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