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What is Quality Management System?


Quality Management software helps organizations maintain uniformity and consistency in their products and services. It focuses on end-to-end processes, right from the quality of products and services to the activities and means to achieving it and... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Quality Management System?

Quality Management System
What Is It All About?
ContentsAn Overview
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Elements of Quality Management System
  • Objectives of Quality Management System
  • Importance of Quality Management System
  • What is the purpose of QMS Software?
  • BM QualityMaster
  • Why BM QualityMaster?
  • Features of BM QualityMaster
  • Benefits of BM QualityMaster
  • Takeaway

Quality Management System (QMS)
  • By definition,
  • A system that documents an organization's
    policies, business processes, and procedures in
    order to produce high-quality products while
    decreasing costs and waste and increasing
    customer satisfaction.
  • Improves business operations by meeting
    regulatory customer requirements. 
  • Delivers consistent and efficient quality
    procedures while adhering to good manufacturing
    practices and regulatory standards to ensure
  • ISO 9001 is an example of a Quality Management

Elements of Quality Management System
  • General elements of QMS include
  • Organizational policies and quality objectives
  • Quality manuals
  • Procedures, instructions and records
  • Data management methods
  • Internal processes workflow
  • Quality analysis
  • Improvement opportunities

Objectives of Quality Management System
  • To provide continuous improvement and innovation
  • To improve operational excellence and customer
  • To prevent reoccurring defects
  • To take preventive action in case of any
  • To reduce process, quality, defect, and
    scrap/re-work costs

Importance of Quality Management System
  • Understands all business requirements, including
    licenses, guidelines, client needs, and system
  • Ascertains that all of the required conditions
    are met.
  • Assures that employees are properly trained in
    accordance with the quality system's guidelines.
  • Determines processes, their interaction, inputs,
    and outputs.
  • Records or evidence of the all the test cases and
    changes made are stored in the policies.
  • Measures, monitors and reports the QMS
  • Takes steps to mitigate the risks and
    opportunities that arise as a result of the
    changes implemented.
  • Internally audits the QMS to identify and correct
  • Continually improves the functioning of

What is the purpose of QMS software?
  • Provides a single point of contact for all
    customer feedback, issues, policies, suppliers,
    documentation, risks, incidents, training
    records, equipment, audits, and inspections.
  • Automatically extracts data from ERP/Mobile
    applications and sends notifications regarding
    review requests, change updates, and alarms,
    among other things.
  • Organizes data such that each person has access
    to their own to-do list.
  • Ensures complete security by granting authorized
    control access.
  • Maintains quality consistency and complies with
    all regulatory criteria.

BM QualityMaster
  • A powerful easy-to-use Total Quality Management
    Software that helps improve quality, achieve
    compliance, lower risk, and reduce complaints by
    streamlining quality management.
  • Provides quality methods and advanced user
    workflows to help companies manage and track
    Quality Management Systems.
  • Majorly Focuses on
  • - Continual business process
  • - Reduction in overhead cost of maintaining
    quality at every stage, and
  • - Bringing superior quality products to the

BM QualityMaster
  • Allows swift movement of data from one module to
    another, launches corrective actions directly
    from complaints/adverse events, and tracks data
    from source to event and back.
  • This way, an audit trail of the complete event is
    created and stored for future reference.
  • BM QualityMaster ensures global compliance,
    mitigates risk, standardizes procedures, and
    keeps your employees safe, healthy, and

Why BM QualityMaster?
  • Transform your quality processes
  • Helps in achieving operational excellence by
    streamlining and integrating your processes.
  • Quick to implement easy to use
  • The professional team ensures that the software
    is implemented quickly and is simple to use for
    both quality experts and novice users.
  • Scalable to your business needs
  • Scales across teams and products to keep your
    company growing and ensures smooth business
  • Integrated platform
  • Provides a connected platform that incorporates
    quality data and supports improvement across the
    product life cycle.

Why BM QualityMaster?
  • Supports Cloud technology
  • Facilitates complete digitization of
    organizational quality data and makes it
    accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Empowers workforce
  • Drives improvements without compromising the
    effective management of regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminates paper work trials
  • Enhances accuracy, efficiency, and continuous
    improvement efforts across the enterprise.

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • Non Conformance (NC)
  • Capture, manage, and track non-conformances from
    internal/external sources
  • Perform in-depth root cause analysis
  • Maintain records of all the activities undertaken
    to resolve the nonconformity
  • Maintain and track nonconformity records
  • II. Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Track the impact of Corrective and Preventative
    Actions, and measure reduction over time
  • Identify quality-related issues, execute
    containment actions, mitigate recurrence, and
    verify the effectiveness of root cause
  • Actively review and suggest actions for
  • Easily associate the appropriate reason for CAPA

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • III. QMS Cockpit
  • Streamlines quality processes and offers
    reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Allows viewing, cancelling, approving
    rejecting approvals, releasing documents, etc.
  • Select multiple documents, or even all the
    documents, and release them altogether
  • View and verify change requests
  • IV. Complaint Management
  • Manage, and track quality-related customer
    interaction complaint
  • Categorize complaints in logical groups. E.g.
    documentation issue, product issue, and service
    issue, etc.
  • Associate degree of severity of a customer
  • Maintain the source of complaints

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • V. Training Management
  • Manage training process, its requirements, and
    track training records
  • Helps to plan, schedule batches, and associate
    trainers/guest trainers
  • Create, manage, conduct, track, and monitor all
    training batches
  • Helps to generate certifications based on the
  • VI. Change Management
  • Establish a proper workflow for documenting
  • Automate and manage each and every step of
    change control process
  • Maintain, track, and approve the changes
  • Prevent redundant data entry by including
    number of default change types
  • Offers the ability to define priority, nature,
    CAPA, and source

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • VII. Document Management
  • Store, create, track, retrieve, and manage
    organizational documents
  • Maintain the audit trail of viewed document,
    and keep a record of its modified form also
  • Secure the document through a selective
    restriction of access via passwords,
    e-signatures, etc.
  • Generate alert for the specified electronic
    distribution list of the document released
  • VIII. Compliance Management
  • Automate alerts on any potential issue
  • Track and control compliance-related activities
    such as documentation, planning, reporting,
    audit, etc.
  • Measure, demonstrate, and comply with the
  • Offers regulatory reporting options and control
    risks related to non-compliance across processes

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • IX. Advanced SOPs and Policy Configuration
  • Store, track, and provide access to
    SOPs/Policies at a single click
  • Associate related guidelines and formats
  • Restrict access to organizational,
    departmental, personal, and other levels
  • Increase audit-preparedness
  • X. Audit Management
  • Automate and streamline the audit process
  • Easy planning of audits, with simplified flow
    for execution of audits
  • Define different audit categories such as
    Departmental Audit, Documents Audit, Financial
  • and Organizational Audit, etc., and
    specify whether or not the audit requires
  • Specify the different requirements that
    constitute an audit checklist
  • Generate automatic audit reports to meet
    relevant compliance requirements

Features of BM QualityMaster
  • XI. Risk Management
  • Identify, assess, categorize, and document
    future risks and their impact
  • Visualize and better manage risks by gaining
    insight into the operations
  • Get a proactive approach to control the risks,
    and deal with challenges
  • Better maintain compliance with standards set
    by different relevant regulatory bodies
  • Drive continuous process improvement through
    risk control and mitigation

Benefits of using BM QualityMaster
  • Streamlines operational processes to improve
  • Optimizes improvements to products and service
  • Measures real-time results and implements CAPA
  • Reduces expensive mistakes in production
  • Assigns accountability to increase employee
  • Meets compliance and reduces product recalls, and
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Key Takeaways
  • BM QualityMaster is a cutting-edge enterprise
    cloud platform that provides flexibility, ease of
    use, risk mitigation and compliance.
  • A one stop quality management hub, where
    manufacturers can gain actionable insight into
    performance, cost and risk-related metrics,
    production, and customer satisfaction. 

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