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Yoga improves health and wellbeing through the daily practice of different movements, postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation. It helps to develop physical, emotional and mental strength and its benefits are absolutely helpful for children also. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits to Offer Yoga at Your Preschool | Paper Pinecone

Benefit to Offer Yoga at Your Preschool Paper
  • Yoga (meaning union or yoke) is the practice of
    obtaining and integrating all aspects of our true
    nature -- body, mind, and spirit -- in the
    following of inner peace - says Alexandra De
    Collibus, a yoga teacher and founder of Sweet Pea
    Yoga, a yoga studio for infants, toddler.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety
Yogas growing ability to cease the mental
chatter and live in the significance reduces
stress and tension, showing great benefits in
every sphere of life. Students are very stressed
individuals, Yoga assists them to release their
anxiety and bring back some peace of mind. Those
who regularly practice yoga not only report lower
levels of stress and tension and also improved
academic performance.
Improves Memory And Concentration
Yoga helps to enhance the memory function in both
adults and children, a primary advantage of which
would be a good academic performance in kids. It
also helps to improve childrens concentration
span and focus. In fact, yoga helps children
suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder) as well by lowering its
core symptoms such as inattentiveness,
hyperactivity, and impulsivity.
Helps To Manage Weight
Kids consume long hours in sedentary poses and
serve to consume a lot of junk food as well, All
of these are a by-product of the new-age
lifestyle. Yoga benefits to counterbalance this
lifestyle. Through the daily practice of asanas,
children (especially those who do not love to
play sports) can manage a healthy weight. This
helps to control the problem of childhood obesity
at a young age in a healthy way.
Improves Physical Flexibility, Balance And Posture
Sitting down to study for continues hours at a
time and too much screen time can lead to
incorrect posture. This weak posture in childhood
can improve into major anatomy complications in
adult life. The practice of various asanas on a
daily basis leads to correction of posture,
flexibility and improves balance to the whole
body. This is one of the best advantages of yoga
in schools.
Develop Self - Esteem and Confidence
Yoga helps to inspire confidence and to cause
learning to children on an experiential level,
Annexing says. "It helps to give building blocks
for the future. It is our duty to improve our
children's sense of wonder and to deliver them a
strong sense of self so they know where they
belong in this world and can contribute to
developing their community a better place.
Reduces Absences And Violence In School
Because of good health and stable temperament,
children are less likely to remain absent from
school or pick fights with each other over small
issues. Instead, they manage to engage more
positively in school and improve healthy
relationships with their teachers and classmates.
Improve Immunity And Physical Appearance
Besides its multiple health advantages, yoga also
improves immunity and stops attacks from
different viruses and bacteria by increasing the
levels of antibodies. Yoga improves blood
circulation which can work better for the skin,
hair, and nails. A healthy body feels and looks
Improves The Quality Of Sleep
Children should sleep for up to 7-8 hours per
night. A better nights sleep enables the body to
be healthy, active, and energetic for the next
day. As yoga provides the body and the mind to
relax, practitioners see good quality sleep. With
better sleep, children can focus properly in
class, play more actively, and perform well at
As yoga becomes more popular in schools through
physical education classes and after-school
programs, that popularity comes with debate.
Although many adults admire the benefits of yoga,
some parents feel that the practice of yoga might
have a religious association and, like prayer,
shouldn't be permitted in a public space.
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