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Pros and Cons of Pandemic Learning Pods | Paper Pinecone


During COVID-19 pandemic outbreak the schooling service such as childcare center, preschools across the country switch to remote learning activity. Many students, families and tutors struggled with the new experience. Some parents choose school offered online learning curriculum and some parents turn to microschool or leaning pod while other are hire personal tutor for their children. But all of these students lost out of an important learning experience and socialization practice that have missing in Pandemic Learning Pods system. There are some pro as well as cons that come out by pod learning or online homeschool for children, parents and teachers during this crisis time. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pros and Cons of Pandemic Learning Pods | Paper Pinecone

Pros and Cons of Pandemic Learning Pods
During spring 2020 the whole academic system
moved to remote learning many students, parents
and teachers striving to find solutions. Schools
preparing to offer many types of online learning
or virtual learning classes. One of the prominent
learning classes sprout during this pandemic
situation is Pandemic Learning Pods or bubble
pods for kindergarten or childcare learning.
What is Learning Pods or Microschool?
The idea of Learning pod or microschool is not
new but due to COVID-19 pandemic the concept get
makeover during pandemic. The Pandemic pod or
microschool is a small group of students consist
of up to 10 who meet personally anywhere or near
their home from two to five day a week. Some pods
hire personal tutor by their owner and other
choose to work together like a traditional
homeschooling co-op with parents. Most of the pod
place are parent's homes or backyards, local
parks in the area.
Why Need Pods?
In the wake of COVID-19 government forced schools
switch to distance learning. Parents and teachers
have been struggling to figure out how to manage
the coming fall semester run normally. Many
families, agree to create or join a pandemic pod
to help them to filling the gaps of their local
school's remote learning service. The solution
come-out as pod learning or microschool to
provide academic syllabus to children with safety
Some Pros
Improve Socialization
Pandemic pods or microschool cater children
continues social interaction on a weekly basis.
During pandemic time children are away from their
peers and meet them once in a week they
understand the importance of social emotions.
Spending time, a week with others parents offers
much important socialization a well.
Manage Routine
Joining a pandemic pod or microschool ensure that
child have a daily routine. While this school
year is totally different than regular routine,
keeping a daily schedule to prepare children
transferring back to school.
Minimize Screen Time
In the case of remote learning a pandemic pod can
be a best choice for younger students who learn
with a hands-on approach and also can allow for
free or focused activities like yoga time with to
take benefit of break time.
A New Experience
This alternative learning environment provide
children chance of pursue their interests and
passions from academic system learning
environment. Besides, learning children other
mindfulness activity help them to away from the
anxiety and uncertainty form coronavirus pandemic.
Some Cons
Lack of Schooling Space
Some families or parents don't have enough space
to host multiple families in their homes for pod
or microschool. Some families use their backyard
or even public space or park for set up pod.
Not Affordable for Everyone
Microschool or Learning Pod can't afford by every
families specially during this tough time of
pandemic where many lost their jobs and face
economic crisis. Many families don't afford to
hire private tutor for their children's
schooling. Objective is parents work together and
take turns for teaching subjects they confident
or guiding students with their school's remote
curriculum or online learning organized by their
Different Style of Learning
Every child can't learn in the same way as
another sources. Pandemic pod who have different
learning process and styles should not provide
the most successful learning environment. The
whole environment is different from traditional
academic education.
There is some pros and cons of Pandemic pod
learning or microschool itself. Some children who
join pandemic pod may take more academic support
than their peers who don't have this option for
schooling. Families are familiar with this ins
and outs of a pandemic pod. There are many
different models for pandemic pod learning
according their requirement. Some families are
going to as far as hiring private tutors or
accepting the online curriculum provided by their
children's schools.
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