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Why Need Behavior Management in Preschool? Paper Pinecone


Behavior is a medium of communication. When children show challenging behaviors they are trying to communicate something. Behavior management for preschool, not more than to do with discipline and all to do with how you make their environment, respond to their actions and behaviors, and most importantly how you attach with them. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Need Behavior Management in Preschool? Paper Pinecone

  • Why Need Behavior Management in Preschool? Paper

  • Children of 3 and 5 age pass through many
    developmental steps, and not all kids can grow
    from one stage to the next with ease. It is
    natural for children this age to misbehave at
  • Effective preschool behavior management
    strategies are the key to managing a friendly and
    productive classroom community. But when youre
    dealing with 20 or more children up to the age of
    5, this is easier said than done! This aged child
    can have obviously boundless energy and are all
    fast-growing and learning, all at varied paces.
    paperpinecone.com recommends some strategies for
    behavior management in the preschool.

Make Strick Preschool Routine
Preschool going kids thrive on routines. Make a
daily guideline or the time that you consume with
a preschool-age child. Then fallow to this
routine no matter what. Preschool children do
well with regularly, and once they are familiar
with their routine, Children will naturally try
to stick to it.
Take a Puppet Help for Teaching
If youre trying to control a classroom if you
dont have someone help to manage behavior,
create a puppet friend who can enter with kids
about their behavior in and interact with kids
when required. Make a puppet and give that a
name. Use the puppet to communicate nature.
Having a puppet helper provides you to be the
good teacher some of the time, rather than always
having to be the bad teacher with children.
Stay Calm and Positive
  • Even kids are lost it around you, make sure to
    always stay calm and positive around children.
    Being a calm presence and polite behavior
    encourages them to realize that acting out is
    useless. Often, preschool kids act out to get a
    response or receive special attention from the
    adults around them. By remaining your calm nature
    no matter what, you dont augment bad action.

Award with Praise for Good Behavior
  • One technique to encourage good behavior is to
    give genuine, oral praise on their good behavior.
    When you see a kids good behavior and notice it,
    you give them a compliment for a behavior you
    want to repeat. This is a good variation to only
    giving children attention for bad behavior. When
    you continually notice and call out for bad
    behavior, it can inspire them to repeat it
    because they enjoy the attention.

Changes Preschool Environment
Whenever there is a sudden change in a childrens
behavior, the first problem to examine is whether
or not there have been any current changes that
may create more stress in a kids life like a
move, a loss, a new baby, changes in the daily
schedule, or lack of sleep. A joyful environment
encourages children to accept good behavior.
Make Parenting Proactive Strategies
Children who are careless have a very hard time
to control and repressing their behaviors and
reaction. They respond without thinking
consequences. They also usually dont connect
their actions to the outcomes, especially at this
tender age. Thats why a proactive technique such
as redirecting, frequent warnings, preparing for
changes, keeping the day quite structured,
channeling more energy with physical movement,
giving choices to provide him a sense of control,
giving one-step controls, and teaching calming
strategies, can surely help.
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