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Successful Tips to Optimize Your Salesforce CRM


With the introduction of Salesforce Cloud-based CRM, has changed the traditional ways of data management and customer record-keeping. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Successful Tips to Optimize Your Salesforce CRM

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Introduction to Salesforce Cloud CRM
  • With the introduction of Salesforce Cloud-based
    CRM, has changed the traditional ways of data
    management and customer record-keeping. It has
    evolved smarter ways of dynamic resource
    allocation for assuring higher business growth.
    In some industries change is constant and
    sometimes it becomes hard to manage factors that
    can impact sales and demand directly.
  • Moving forward using Salesforce cloud CRM is no
    way longer a surprise for anyone. Now Salesforce
    is viewed as a market leader supporting
    organizations embrace digital transformation by
    pioneering new business models for 1-to-1
    customer experiences.

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Right here are some reasons as to why its miles
away from any CRM software program present in the
  1. Cloud-Based and Flexible Salesforce focuses on
    offering a software program to its customers
    which permits the software to be tremendously
    flexible and reachable from everywhere. With the
    help of Salesforce, groups can have benefits of
    its cloud computing, gaining access to a whole
    set of cloud-based CRM packages, a cloud
    platform, and a cloud infrastructure, making it
    cost-effective for your organization.
  2. Benefits of Appexchange Salesforce has also
    incorporated with the AppExchange, thats the
    primary destination and useful resource for
    predesigned customer applications.
  3. Vibrant Community The company has a huge
    community of customers and clientele who can
    interact anywhere, anytime. It is a platform
    where all the users come together with their
    queries to communicate their problems.

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Reasons to increase Sales and Revenue of an
Organization using Salesforce
  • Find the right customers- Using Salesforce helps
    in following the right track to find the right
    customers. According to statistics, 79 of the
    customer leads are never converted to sales.
    Having a complete view of leads, keeping a
    regular record and creating connections by
    targeting the prospecting leads further will
    result in increased sales.
  • Build more sustainable relationships- Building a
    relationship with your customers based on mutual
    trust and success is extremely crucial for long
    term benefits. It begins with exploring the
    challenges and finding out the customer goals.
  • Increase employee productivity- Adopting the
    right technology eases out your team from the
    heavy process of hunting the contact information
    and a lot of paperwork.

  • Team Collaboration- With the help of Salesforce
    Chatter feature, one can maintain continuous
    communication with their respective team members
    and talk about work-related information like
    clients, territory and other essential details.
    Chatter also allows you to add more members and
    schedule their tasks so that more leads can be
    finalized and sales can be increased.
  • Time management- With the right strategy towards
    work and planning towards resources, you
    naturally get the benefit of time management.
    Working according to the work calendar,
    prioritizing clients can help in delivering all
    the projects in the given time frame, hence
    increasing the trust of your customers and the
    performance of employees.
  • Cost Efficiency- With the help of Salesforce, you
    can track the highest selling products, purchase
    history of customers, and figure out how to make
    the best use of resources. This helps in reducing
    the overall production and marketing costs as

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The following ways will help you understand why
customer retention important for your
  • Centralized Customer Data - Data is the lifeline
    of any company. It is crucial to keep your data
    and records well organized. Salesforce can be a
    smart tool to centralize your data at one common
    platform that can be accessible to all the
    employees from anywhere.
  • Track Customer Interactions - With all the
    records well organized in front of your eyes, it
    becomes easier for you to track any information
    about your customer. The entire conversations,
    purchase history, social media interaction,
    emails, meetups, are recorded in one place. This
    makes it easier for anyone to know the entire
    background of any customer and your companys
    relationship with him. Thanks to Salesforce, the
    tracking process is now much easier.

  • Engage with Inactive Customers - Were all well
    aware of those long lists of all our customers
    who once or twice have been involved with our
    organization but faded out gradually due to
    multiple reasons. The status of each customer is
    available to you anytime, anywhere. So one can
    get in touch with those people again and build up
    a better relationship with them. This will
    increase customer retention automatically and
    increase the sales of your enterprise.
  • Personalized Communication - Since each and every
    activity of your customers involvement in your
    organization is kept in records, communicating
    with your clients at a personal level becomes
    easier. This makes them feel valuable and more
    connected to the organization.
  • Atoclouds Salesforce Consulting Services will
    guide you about customer retention services with
    Salesforce. As the customer acquisition process
    is made easy for you ultimately resulting in high
    revenue and better performances of the employees
    as well.

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