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Best Helpful Features to Know About Dot Net Framework


ExlTech promises you to deliver best Dot Net Training with dot net framework knowledge all the interview preparation and placement guarantee and soft skills training. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Helpful Features to Know About Dot Net Framework

Best Helpful Features to Know About Dot Net
  • Presented By- Abhinav Shashtri

  1. Introduction
  2. .NET framework
  3. Design Features of DOT NET Framework
  4. 1. Earlier .Net was not an open source
  5. 2. .Net is not limited to Windows
  6. 3. The Main Programming Languages of .Net
  7. 4. Dot Net more secure than Java
  8. 5. Dot Net is a Big Umbrella
  9. Career Opportunities
  10. Dot Net Training _at_ Exltech

  • .NET may be a code development framework and
    scheme designed and supported by Microsoft to
    permit for simple desktop and web application
    engineering. Its a popular free platform
    currently used for a lot of different types of
    applications as it provides the programming
    environment for most software development phases.
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    soft skills training.
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.NET framework
  • The .NET Framework, free back in 2002, is the
    first and oldest implementation of the platform.
    It includes three main application models WPF,
    Windows Forms, ASP.NET Forms and Base Class
    Library. The DOT net Frameworks Base category
    Library offers interface, info property, data
    access, cryptography, web application
    development, numeric algorithms, network
    communications etc.
  • Programmers produce software by combining their
    own source code with the DOT NET Framework and
    other libraries. The DOT NET Training Framework
    is projected to be used by most new applications
    created for the Windows platform. Microsoft
    additionally produces AN integrated mostly for
    DOT net code known as Visual Studio.

Design Features of DOT NET Framework
  • Interoperability
  • Common Language Runtime engine (CLR)
  • Language independence
  • Base Class Library
  • Simplified deployment
  • Security
  • Portability
  • https//

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1. Earlier .Net was not an open source
  • .Net was announced by Microsoft in the late
    1990s with the initial name, Next Generation
    Windows Services (NGWS). It was not an open
    supply framework till 2014. Being open source is
    itself is an advantage. Dot net is absolve to use
    and distribute among users. In addition, any user
    will mold the framework as per desires.
  • Being open source, it became a collaborative
    platform which further created the foundation for
    cross platform applications. In essence, open
    source is an agile development style, which
    decreases the project completion time in .NET
  • In a closed source, even being a project vendor
    and partner, you dont have the access to the
    code. However, an open supply system permits
    access to the comes fully.
  • This diagram shows however an open supply code
    scheme works.
  • The open source projects are accessible directly
    to project vendors, partners, and associates.
    Being a seller partner, you can only download the
    projects. However, the project vendors will each
    transfer and modify the comes.

2. .Net is not limited to Windows
  • Being an exclusive product of Microsoft, .Net was
    only used for Windows. Microsoft free the primary
    version of Dot net Core in 2016. Unlike Dot web,
    it runs on multiple computer platforms. Being
    both open-source as well as cross-platform is a
  • It opens up more opportunities by adding new
    platforms for your applications. You can produce
    applications for mack OS X and UNIX operating
    system with Dot Net Core. In addition, you can
    use .Net Core for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    and cloud.

3. The Main Programming Languages of .Net
  • Dot net may be a vast code framework, which
    contains 32 programming languages. Some of the
    prominent languages are C, F, and Visual Basic.
  • Dot Net Training comprises both frontend and
    backend languages. As for example, ASP.NET is
    used as backend and C VB.NET are used for
    frontend development.

4. Dot Net more secure than Java
  • Security is an important feature of any software
    framework and a study shows that Dot Net is more
    secure than Java.
  • The vulnerability density of Java is 30.0. and
    .Net is 27.2.Here, the term Vulnerable Density
    is way of quantifying the number of defects in
    sample code (average defects per MB of code
  • In a nutshell, this survey says that Dot Net is a
    more secure platform than Java.
  • Therefore, .Net is growing as a popular software
    framework to develop applications for the banks
    and other financial institutions.

5. Dot Net is a Big Umbrella
  • .Net is a big umbrella that embraces many
    languages, tools, and technologies. Being a
    popular worldwide service provider, Microsoft has
    created a systematic development eco-system for
    application creation, quality assurance,
    reengineering, and migration.
  • Thus, being compatible with a wider network of
    languages and skills, Dot is interoperable too!
    The term interoperable refers to the virtual
    working ability of any hardware or software with
    different hardware/software including those,
    which are not invented yet.
  • When we access (with .Net runtime) dot net
    components from COM components, it is called
    forward compatibility. And the .Net runtime also
    allows us to access old COM code from .Net
    components and its called backward compatibility.

Career Opportunities
  • Development sector is experiencing a quick growth
    and in step with market analysts, this trend will
    last for many years.
  • Dot Net Training, is going to be one of the most
    popular option for career building, deploying and
    running applications, there will be a huge demand
    for the experts in Dot Net in the future.
    Certainly, there's an enormous demand even
    nowadays, however it'll multiplicate in

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