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Best Software Development Company


Sara Technologies is an US based IT company that has proved its brilliance in mobile app development, web development, software development, network and server management, IT consulting services, technical troubleshooting services etc. Clients from all across the globe are invited to contact us for extra effective and most proficient IT service outsourcing at very effective prices. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Best Software Development Company

Web http//
Services We Provide
Cloud Server Hosting (Windows/Linux Server)
Domain Registration
IT Consultancy Services
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Cloud Computing
  • A collection/group of integrated and networked
    hardware, software and Internet infrastructure
    (called a platform).
  • Using the Internet for communication and
    transport provides hardware, software and
    networking services to clients
  • These platforms hide the complexity and details
    of the underlying infrastructure from users and
    applications by providing very simple graphical
    interface or API (Applications Programming
  • the platform provides on demand services, that
    are always on, anywhere, anytime and any place.
  • Pay for use and as needed, elastic

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Cloud Computing
  • Classical Computing
  • Buy Own
  • Hardware
  • System Software
  • Applications often to meet peak needs.
  • Install, Configure, Test, Verify, Evaluate
  • Manage
  • ..
  • Finally, use it
  • ....(High CapEx)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Subscribe
  • Use
  • - pay for what you use, based on QoS

Web http//
Cloud Computing Services
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) A wide range of
application services delivered via various
business models normally available as public
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Application
development platforms provides authoring and
runtime environment
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Also known as
elastic compute clouds, enable virtual hardware
for various uses
Web http//
Cloud Computing
  • The Cloud 10X Improvements
  • Ease of Use
  • Scalability
  • Risk
  • Reliability
  • Cost

Web http//
Cloud Computing
  • Ease of Use
  • Deploy infrastructure with a mouse or API
  • No cabling, screwdrivers, racking, unboxing,
  • Middle of the night.
  • Do it yourself remotely from anywhere anytime.

Web http//
Cloud Computing
  • Scalability
  • Control your infrastructure with your app.
  • Nothing to purchase.
  • Take delivery on Instant.

Web http//
Cloud Computing
  • Risk
  • Nothing to buy
  • Cancel immediately
  • Change instantly, even operating systems
  • Throw it out
  • Rebuild it instantly after testing

  • Reliability
  • Automatically spin up replacements
  • Use Multiple Clouds

Web http//
Cloud Computing
  • Cost
  • Turn off the lights turn off servers you
    arent using
  • Ex Turn off development and test environments
  • Pay for only what you use.
  • No need to buy in advance
  • Zero Capital Outlay
  • No contracts

Web http//
We Provide
Cloud Server Hosting (Windows/Linux
Server) Sara Technologies offers fully managed
and fast hosting US service. What this means is
that we offer a personalised service that allows
you to telephone us for both pre-sales advice and
after sales support unlike many cheap hosting
providers that provide slow servers and no after
Our web servers are extremely fast compared to
many other hosting companies, crucial in a
commercial environment. Basically, the faster the
servers, the faster the web pages appear.
The host may also provide an interface or control
panel for managing the Web server and installing
scripts as well as other services like e-mail.
Some hosts specialize in certain software or
services. These are commonly used by larger
companies to outsource network infrastructure to
a hosting company.
Web http//
Domain Registration
  • We offer lots of free value-added features an
    unmatched price tag. Sara Technologies provides
    you a domain name with supersonic features which
    makes them easier to manage.
  • Along with every domain registration you get a
    host of features such as DNS Management, URL
    Forwarding Email Forwarding Facility at no
    extra Cost.

Parking Page
Domain Forwarding
Domain Name Control Panel
DNS Services
Privacy Protection
Web http//
Website Designing and Development
Web development is a broad term for the work
involved in developing a website for Internet www
or an internet (a private network). This can
include web design, web content department,
client liaison, client-side/server-side
scripting, web server and network security
configuration, and e-commerce development.
Web http//
The Web Site Design and Development Process
There are numerous steps in the web site design
and development process. From gathering initial
information, to the creation of your web site,
and finally maintenance to keep your web site up
to date and current.
We pass all through steps as follows
Web http//
Custom Application/Software Development
  • Sara Technologies offers complete cycle of
    development beginning with software vision
    formulating and requirements management,
    analysis, designing up to coding, implementation,
    rigorous testing, deployment and support
  • We can customize a solution specifically to suit
    your needs from basic Website Design to complex
    management system.

Web http//
Software Development Phase
Development Development using Technology
Testing Application Testing
Deployment Deploy Application After Completion
Maintenance Application maintenance
Web http//
CMS Websites-Joomla, Drupal, Dot Net Nuke,

Web http//
CMS Websites-Joomla, Drupal, Dot Net Nuke,
  • A web content management system is a system
    designed to simplify the publication of Web
    content to Web sites, in particular allowing
    content creators to submit content without
    requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the
    uploading of files.
  • Content management systems and CMS website
    software have become very popular and we know
    from experience that some websites need content
    updating on a more regular basis than others. Our
    web based content management solution will allow
    you to alter the content on your website at will,
    so you take complete control of your own site and
    design your own website pages.
  • You can add, edit and delete pages or content
    quickly and easily, even if you have no html
    skills, allowing you to keep your site fresh and
    up to date at all times.

Web http//
Data processing
Data processing is any computer process that
converts data into information or knowledge. The
processing is usually assumed to be automated and
running on a computer. Because data are most
useful when well-presented and actually
informative, data-processing systems are often
referred to as information systems to emphasize
their practicality. Nevertheless, both terms are
roughly synonymous, performing similar
conversions data-processing systems typically
manipulate raw data into information, and
likewise information systems typically take raw
data as input to produce information as output.
Web http//
Multimedia and Smartphone Solutions
  • Sara Technologies have been at the forefront of
    mobile application development and have some of
    the most experienced developers in the business.
  • As smart phone technology has expanded, so have
    the range of apps available. We have been proud
    to have been part of this revolution building
    apps for many major brands to support their
    customers and social apps for you to share with
    your friends.

We develop custom applications to suit your
precise business needs. Our solutions are cost
effective and optimised to your requirements. At
Sara Technologies, we will allocate a dedicated
project manager to take care of the project right
from conception to completion and post
development support.
Web http//
Multimedia and Smartphone Solutions
Our Strategy
Web http//
IT Consultancy Services
Our custom made business consultancy services are
equipped to offer best of the solutions that help
you in exploring resourceful benefits from
different industrial vertices and market
We offer you consulting on different value
mechanisms that help you dynamically integrate
your resources and methods to make the best
profits from business process management,
business change management, project management
and more.
Web http//
Our business consultancy services include
Data Consultancy For any business data and the
quality of data is an important asset. If it is
not maintained and treated properly it can take
you to a situation where you have to bear high
costs for your operations and big losses in terms
of reputation. Data needs to be dealt with
precision during implementation and handling as
well as timely corrective measures to maintain
its efficacy, quality and usefulness.
We offer you flawless data consulting by
implementing a full-proof process to check the
quality and consistency of data which includes a
streamlined system of defining, measuring,
analyzing, improving and controlling. Our
approach is highly focused on providing you with
highly competent system framework powered by
comprehensible, concise, up to date, accurate and
fit-for-purpose data for reduced risk of bad
quality and redundant data and better efficiency
and best results.
Web http//
Our business consultancy services include
Web Consultancy We have registered immense
possibilities for businesses with our insightful
web consultancy services. Our standardized web
consultancy solutions have proved thrusting
launch pad for beginners and boon for those who
think they are not able to keep up with the pace
of new age web dynamics and technology crafts.
Web solutions are all about offering a set of
compliant framework of web concepts that jell
with the business logic and understands what
people look for in a website of a specific nature
and how to stimulate them most effectively.
We also provide you with most scalable and
affordable web promotions, web designs,
e-commerce solutions hosting and support and CMS
tools for your niche web development needs. We
help you attain online success most assertively
with our web consultancy services which are well
directed, sternly standardized and strategically
aligned with your business needs.
Web http//
Our business consultancy services include
Communication Consultancy At Sara Technologies
we provide Communication Consultancy in a 360
perspective of business communication. A business
is always surrounded by different communication
challenges like inefficient practices and line of
communication, misinterpretation of information
and problem in choosing the right mode of
communication for varying needs. Our efficient
techniques and approaches of communication play
an instrumental role in framing ardent solutions
for your business communications.
We provide you with competent design and
leveraging system of communication within and
beyond the organizational scope. Our effective
communication programs help you determining the
best ways to hold your business communication in
the most rewarding manner.
Web http//
Web http//
Our Market
Who We Are?
Sara Technologies, is a IT Service Provider
Company engaged in the profession of Information
Technology. During the past 5 years, the Company
has catered to a broad spectrum of Industries and
Organization and the services sector. The range
of professional services rendered by the Company
has been of diverse nature. The Company has a
highly skilled, dedicated, motivated and
experienced work force who have zeal for work and
are committed to client satisfaction by providing
quality services in time bound manner and ensure
that the services rendered by the firm meet
standards of professional excellence.
Web http//
We Provide a Solution to manage your business and
track the work.
  • May be you are tired to track your staff
  • May be you are tried to track your business
  • Maybe there is a piece missing in your life due
    to work load?
  • Work is not completing on time.

Web http//
Our objective is to introduce you to a system
thats proven, tested and can change your lives.
As you view this presentation, you will see there
is a solution However if you have the drive and
the determination to make a change, we are
convinced enough to say, you will not find a
better opportunity available to you right now
than Sara Analytics . You will be able to track
your work and can track your staff. This will
provide result on time.
Contact Us
Abhi Harshwal CEO 500 Marquette Ave, Suite
280-B Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
Cell/Text 619.507.0884 Office
505.814.7682 eFax 505.214.5733 Website
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