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Benefits of distance education for housewives


Education is the most powerful instrument to enhance capabilities of an individual and to achieve the ideal goals for the social and financial development of a nation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of distance education for housewives

Benefits of distance education for housewives
  • Education is the most powerful instrument to
    enhance capabilities of an individual and to
    achieve the ideal goals for the social and
    financial development of a nation.
  • Provides opportunity for womens to pursue
    education along with household task.
  • Enabled women more educated and financially
  • Increased career opportunities.
  • Developed ability to think critically.
  • Unfortunately, womens remained marginal
    beneficiaries of the Education system. There are
    numerous ladies who cannot pursue and complete
    their education because of different reasons
    marriage being the primary reason.

  • In any case with the appearances of distance
    learning and online degree programs, women
    post-marriage can also continue with their
    education without hampering their family life.
    This is in reality a great step towards
    development of women. The idea of distance
    learning and online degree courses is also very
    helpful for working women, who need to go for
    higher studies and get better qualifications and
    certifications. Since these courses provide
    immense flexibility, it is indeed very useful for
    housewives as they can take care of the family,
    complete the household chores and then study as
    per her convenience.
  • Provided second chance to continue their
  • There are a plethora of women who are forced to
    drop-out of colleges and made to marry before
    they can complete their education. Distance
    education courses offer these women a chance to
    study again, complete their courses and
    contribute towards the growth of the nation.

  • Flexible and cost effective
  • A lot of women cannot pursue education due to
    financial or family obligations. Even
    professional women who take a maternal break from
    their careers find it hard to resume as they
    dont feel confident about their professional
  • Distance education courses can help such women in
    availing cost-effective education, at their own
    convenience allowing them to effectively manage
    their work-life balance. Those who want to
    resume their careers can take short term
    vocational courses in streams like digital
    marketing, programming, sales, and accounting and
    make a comeback to their professional careers
    with confidence.
  • Increased confidence in dealing with the
  • Open and Distance Learning method of Education
    has empowered the women to have access of
    functional training, made them self-reliant and
    set them up for the demand of the social system.

  • Notable Benefits
  • Improvement in womens social esteem by earning
  • Allowed women to study at their own place, time
    and pace.
  • Enhanced the means of empowering women.
  • Provided flexible system to complete their
  • Enabled women to earn income.
  • Gained more respect in the family and in the
  • Distance Education has great potential to
    equalize opportunities for women and it is a
    significant achievement in the development of
    Higher Education. Open and Distance Learning is a
    method of meeting womens educational goals to
    meet commitments of the career and the society.
    It is hence be viewed as an instrument that
    empowers women to access education and to
    overcome the various obstacles.

  •  In the coming times, up skilling and getting
    future ready will be the mantras for the success
    of women in India and distance education courses
    can help them achieve this dream.
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