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Prisoners Support Organization- Uganda


Partnership between Bikes for the World and PSO – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Prisoners Support Organization- Uganda

Prisoners Support Organisation Bicycle
Rehabilitation ProjectPresentation to US
PartnersBikes for the World
Working Bikes CooperativeIrene
NadungaExecutive Director
Prisoners Support Organisation (PSO)1
  • PSO is a non profit organization founded in 2005
    (formerly Women Prisoners Support Organization)
  • Our mission is to support individuals who have
    been affected by crime and their families Our
    Goal is social change
  • PSO works to help prisoners and ex-prisoners to
    become positive contributing members within their

Prisoners Support Organisation (PSO)2
  • We follow a holistic one-stop model of service
    provision that includes
  • Education
  • Health services
  • Re-entry/transition services
  • Economic empowerment
  • Spiritual healing
  • Family services
  • PSO also ensures that human rights of inmates are
  • Approximately 1500 men and women are served

PSO Organisational Structure
  • A Board of Directors determines project
    objectives and ensures that proper financial
    controls are in place
  • The Advisory Committee constitutes of 19
  • The Secretariat has 4 full time 3 part time
  • A Team of between 20 and 30 dedicated and
    energetic volunteers and law students

Past Programs
  • Peer Tutors Prisoners Scheme
  • Justice in Uganda documentary
  • Prison Malaria Initiative
  • HIV/AIDS Education project
  • Juvenile Justice Program

On- going Programs1
  • Bicycle Rehabilitation Project PSO is receiving
    bicycles sewing machines from BFW WB
  • Prisoners Arts Project is a pilot project aimed
    at educating prison staff prisoners to stop
    torture or any other form of inhuman treatment
    prevalent in almost all prisons in Uganda by
    using performance theatre as a communication tool
    in promoting human rights
  • 30

On- going Programs2
  • Prisoners Mobile Clinic PSO is pioneering a
    prisoners mobile health service by equiping a van
    with medical supplies and an exam room to
    diagnose and treat patients

PSOs Partners
  • Irish Aid Uganda
  • Uganda Prisons Service
  • Uganda Aids Commission
  • Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund
  • Bikes for the World
  • Working Bikes Cooperative, Chicago

Partnership with Bikes for the World
  • In July 2007 BFW and PSO signed a Memorandum of
  • Under the MoU
  • BfW would deliver to PSO used bicycles and
  • PSO would recondition the bicycles and distribute
    them to disadvantaged groups in Uganda

Partnership with Bikes for the World
  • Major aim of the Project To facilitate
    ex-prisoners with the means to engage in
    economically productive activities
  • Other aims include
  • Enhance bicycle distribution to the most
    vulnerable/needy population to improve their
    income levels and standard of living

Partnership with Bikes for the World
  • Other aims include
  • Partner with exisiting NGOS and government based
    organizations in the distribution of bicycles
  • Train the target group in bicycle maintenance and
  • Improve transport for both rural and peri-urban
    populations in Uganda

Partnership with Bikes for the World
  • Since the signing of the MoU with BFW, PSO has
    received 7 shipments of bicycles, bicycle parts
    and tools and a few sewing machines from BFW and
    2 shipments from the Working Bikes Cooperative in
    Chicago totalling to 9 shipments

Deliveries from Bikes for the World
Deliveries from Working Bike Coop
Distribution of Bicycles from BFW
Distribution of Bicycles from WB Cp
Bikes Sold and Bikes Donated
Breakdown of the Buyers (88)
Use of Money from the Sales1
  • Transport from the Baltimore Port (USA) to
    Mombasa Port (East African coast) between US
    4200 to 5000. Includes
  • Ocean freight
  • B/L doc fee
  • Security fee
  • Courier Services
  • Inland freight
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Fowarding

Use of Money from the Sales2
  • Inland transport costs i.e. transporting a
    shipment from Mombasa into Uganda (Between US
    3800 to 4200 per 40ft shipment). Includes
  • Portal fees
  • Container handling
  • Administrative fees
  • Crainage services
  • Bond duration fees
  • Cross boarder fees
  • Courier services

Use of Money from the Sales3
  • Transport container from Shipers warehouse to
    final destination (75)
  • Rent (250 per month)
  • Security costs Uganda shillings US 100 per
  • Off-loading labour costs Uganda shillings 120,000
    or US 65

Use of Money from the Sales4
  • Salaries for 2 mechanics each US 150 per
  • Salary for Bike center manager US 250 monthly
  • Hire vehicle to transport bicycles to
    beneficiaries (Between US 150 and 400) depending
    on distance
  • Other administrative expenses for running the
    program e.g. air-time, meals, etc.

Who has benefited from the Bikes?1
  • The beneficiaries include
  • Ex-prisoners
  • Poor women e.g. Widows and peasant housewives
  • Small holder farmers
  • Low skilled men such as carpenters, plumbers,
    builders, night watchmen
  • School going children
  • These are very poor, normally the most affected
    by the socio-economic problems in the country
    such as
  • Inadequate health systems
  • Low quality universal primary education
  • Low calories intake- one unbalanced meal a day

How have they benefited?
  • The benefits include (in ranking order)
  • Economic empowerment e.g. hawking, and
    transporting farm produce to the markets
  • Building social capital -a valuable asset to the
    beneficiary households neighbours and other
    community members also borrow the bikes
  • Transition /re-entry into the community- bicycle
    is a start-up incentive to the just released
    prisoners to start a new productive life
  • Ease personal movements for household members-
    e.g. transport to health centres, to attend

Testimonies from the Beneficiaries1
  • Economic empowerment
  • for ex-prisoners
  • Mama Alex (Alexs mother) faced many
    uncertainties upon her release from prison.
  • On returning home, she found her husband had
    abandoned her and her four sons, and re-married.
  • She had no previous work experience and lacked
    marketable skills.
  • Mama Alex now uses the scwhin bike from BFW to
    supply bottled mineral water to small shops and
    mini supermarkets.

Testimonies from the Beneficiaries2
  • Economic empowerment
  • for ex-prisoners
  • Aisha Nakibuka purchased this blue bicycle at 30
    to expand her small honey and candles business.
  • Since she bought this bicycle, her income has
    increased from Shs. 250,000 to Shs. 380,000 .
  • The bicycle also helps her attend meetings
    between groups and visits to meetings of other
    bee keeping societies to encourage the exchange
    of ideas and to spread the word about womens new
    roles in bee keeping.

Testimonies from the Beneficiaries3
Muwonge Jalia is a widow with 5 children. She
is a member of the Nakyesa Widows and AIDS
patients farmers group in Kayunga district and
was identified as a beneficiary by the local
  • A case of building social capital most of the
    persons above belong to
  • the same farmers group as Jalia and they all
    borrow her bicycle for
  • travel to markets, health centres and for
    personal business

Testimonies from the Beneficiaries4
  • Recreation/
  • Physical
  • fitness
  • Parents of Hormisddallen Primary School usually
    purchase kids bikes for sports events from the
    PSO Bike center

Testimonies from the Beneficiaries5
  • Ease personal
  • movements
  • Kiwanuka Wilson aged about 78 years, grows
    bananas and coffee.
  • He belongs to the Nanywenge Farmers Group
    comprising of 25 farmers.
  • He uses the bike to tranport coffee seedlings and
    bananas to the market.

Bike Donations 1
  • 5 organisations have so far benefited from
  • bike donations
  • National Organization for Women living with
  • Ride for a Woman (Bundibugyo, district)
  • Mbarara Farmers Association (MFA)
  • National Agriculture Advisory Services, Kayunga
    district and Mukono district
  • Youth Against Crime Uganda

Bike Donations 2
  • Donations to
  • PSO donated 7 bikes to NACWOLA Staff to support
    their Home Based Care Program for AIDS affected
    homes in rural districts.
  • NACWOLA is National Organization for Women living
    with HIV/AIDS

Bike Repair Workshops1
  • 2 workshops held so far
  • Training conducted by center mechanics
  • Trainings are interactive and participatory
  • Overall aim is to train beneficiaries to know the
    small things of fixing their bikes at home to
    maintain their longeveity
  • The main topics covered include general outline
    of bicycle function, tyre pressure, changing
    gears, fixing pedals, etc.

  • Strong dollar against weak shilling
  • Small savings as compared to PSO future plans
    such as establishing an Ex-prisoners Empowerment
  • Irregular supply of bikes
  • Lack of spares for bikes with big axles which
    makes them unpopular with the Ugandan community
  • Lack of a vehicle to transport bikes to rural

  • Small axle like this one above is preffered
  • Big axle like this one above is not popular

  • Increase the number of shipments
  • PSO shifted to larger warehouse able to store
    more bikes- thus partners could include any
    surplus bikes during shipping
  • Each shipment could include considerable amount
    of spare parts such size 26 27/28, and thin
    tyre road bikes
  • BFW and WB could sponsor atleast one mechanic
    from PSO every year to attend training workshop

Future Plans
  • Increase bike sales and bike rentals to earn
    enough revenue to build a rehabilitation center
    for ex-prisoners
  • Foster partnerships with other community based
    organizations that promote the usage of bicycles
    in rural areas
  • Purchase a pick-up truck that will transport
    donated bicycles to beneficiairies

  • This is the end......
  • thank you.
  • Plot 110, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya
  • P.O.BOX 26622, Kampala, Uganda
  • Email
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