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10 Tips for Approaching Women in Public Places


Matt Artisan is a professional dating and relationship coach at The Attractive Man, helping men become more confident and teaching them how to approach women in public places. Learn some effective tips that will help you come across as confident and desirable. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 10 Tips for Approaching Women in Public Places

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  • When you see a gorgeous woman, you have about 5
    seconds to come across as either creepy and
    intimidating or attractive and mysterious.
  • And the difference between the two is all in the
  • Im Renee Slansky with The Attractive Man, and
    today I will give you 10 tips for approaching
    women in public so that you know if and when to
    approach her and how to come across as confident
    and desirable at the same time.

  • Im a professional dating and relationship
    coach, and Im here to help men like yourself
    understand women and become a more confident man.
  • So, lets talk about approaching women in public
    places. There is always a fine line between
    looking like a stalker and causing her to want to
    run away and looking like an alpha male who knows
    what he wants and isnt afraid to get it.

  • The truth is, majority of the time we as women
    do want men to approach us, because it made us
    feel more attractive and singled out, however,
    there are also sometimes when we are sending off
    apparent signals not to come near, and to be
    frank it really turns us off when you ignore them
    and push your agenda on us.

  • But its not to say that you cant change our
    mind, so what I will do is break down the whole
    process for you and give you my top 10 tips to
    know when and if to approach us , how to turn the
    situation around so that we feel comfortable in
    your presence and of course how to set the right
    impression so that we feel safe and interested in
    who you are.

Lets jump in!
  • 1 Assess the environment is she busy or with
    a bunch of girlfriends? Is she wearing a wedding
    ring? Does she look intoxicated or is she focused
    on something else important?
  • 2 What is her body language saying Does she
    have her arms or legs crossed? Is she looking
    around, does she look anxious or guarded?

  • 3 Make your presence known without approaching
    her- Let her see you in her peripheral vision and
    get her subconscious associated that you are in
    her presence. Then move in and out of her line of
    sight without actually speaking or looking at
  • 4 Catch her eye and smile Test to see if she
    notices you with a smile or eye contact. Dont
    hold eye contact for longer than a few seconds.
    See what her response is after you have caught
    her eye. What do her reaction and body language

  • 5 Pick a feature or detail to focus on and
    compliment us If you are going to approach her,
    have something in mind to talk about in a way to
    compliment her, but do not make it anything
    sexual. The smaller the detail the better as it
    shows you pay attention to the little things.
  • 6 Never approach from behind Its creepy and
    doesnt make us feel safe, plus it feels
    deceptive. Approach from the front or side so she
    can see you and your confidence.

  • 7 Approach with a smile- A small genuine smile,
    not a huge cheesy or sleazy one. Stay natural and
    look like you are happy to see us, almost like we
    are an old friend.
  • 8 Have relaxed body language and keep a distance
    between you both Coming on too intense or too
    close will make us want to back off and put up
    walls. Keep at least a meter apart from her and
    try to keep your body relaxed. (Not crossing arms
    in front of chest or hands on hips.) You can come
    across as a confident alpha male without coming
    across as overbearing.

  • 9 Dont be so serious make her laugh- If you
    want to impress a woman and make her feel at
    ease, then the key is to get her to laugh. It
    doesnt mean you have to have jokes up your
    sleeve, but rather just dont take the
    conversation so seriously and look for an opening
    where you can make a comment that makes you both
    relate and laugh about it. Again compliments
    should be on the details, not sexual zones, ie,
    bum, boobs or lips.

  • 10 Ask questions but listen more than you speak
    Giving her your undivided attention (meaning
    not looking at your phone, around the room or
    other women) makes her feel special. Show her
    your interest by asking about her and then
    actively listening (portray this through your
    body language) affirm what she is saying, dont
    agree with everything and leave some mystery
    about yourself

  • Your approach is the beginning of initiating
    anything with a woman, hence why it can either
    seal your fate or open up limitless
    opportunities. Master the approach and give a
    great first impression, while minimizing
  • But of course you have to have a conversation
    with her, so if you havent already downloaded
    our free conversation cheat sheet then click on
    the image below, right now!
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