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Get Women to Approach You


Spark an instant connection without using any fake lines, just learn some amazing tips provided by The Attractive Man. This is a well known, international dating company that helps guys learn how to get a woman by approaching her successfully. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Get Women to Approach You

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  • We get asked a lot of dating questions. One
    that has been coming up recently is
  • Is it possible to get women to approach you
  • Well, its time I show you how to make that
  • How to Get Women to Approach You

6. Become Popular
  • This is probably the best way to get
    approached, but I put this at 6 because it can
    take a lot of work.
  • Obviously, celebs get approached a lot but
    you dont have to become a famous actor or pop
    singer, you just need to become popular in your
    city. This is still going to take work but the
    payoff is fantastic.
  • The obvious way to do this is to start a
    popular business, like a restaurant or open up a
    club. Its great if you can use yourself, your
    name, face or both, as the brand.

  • My buddy Ike did this, his restaurant is
    called Ikes Place and the log is his face, and
    every time I hang out with him, he gets
    approached by hot girls that recognize him.
  • If starting a business doesnt sound
    appealing, you can become popular on social
    media. Start a YT prank channel, or give advice
    about something, or live a really interesting
    life and blog about it.
  • Example how I get approached by guys and how
    Im sure Matthew Hussey gets approached by a lot
    of girls.

5. Throw Events
  • If this still seems too hard you can
    just Build up your social circle
  • Throw parties. If your parties are awesome
    then the word will get out, especially if you are
    in a small town.
  • If you dont want to throw parties, just
  • Hang out with girls

  • Social circle going to club with big group
    of girls. Girls might not approach you directly,
    but they might approach one of the girls you are
    with because they like her dress or something and
    then you can easily start talking to her.  Or the
    girls in your group can be your wing girls and
    you can send them off to go meet girls for you.
    Which brings me to number 4.

4. Get others to bring you girls
  • Now I know this isnt the same as getting
    girls to approach you, but it can work really
    well, its easy to do and you dont have to
    approach her first.
  • When you have a social circle, make sure
    everyone knows you are single and knows the type
    of girls that you like. Girls love to hook up
    their friends. You can even look on your friends
    social media and tell you female friend, hey
    whos that girl in that pic you just posted?
    Shes cute. And tell her to introduce you.
  • Get bouncers to bring you girls, just tip

3.  Props
  • Dog/Puppy  Chicks love dogs!
  • Smoking  I dont recommend this one but it
    can work. Girls will approach you for a cigarette
    if you smoke. I definitely dont recommend
    picking up the habit just to meet girls, thats a
    huge cop out. But if you are a smoker, or just a
    social smoker then you might get girls
    approaching you to bum a sig. Now if you arent a
    smoker, when you go to the clubs just have a
    lighter in your pocket, because sometimes a girl
    will just ask for a lighter.
  • Bring a camera into the bar.

2 Having a Skill
  • The classic one is Magic, but you have to be
    careful with this if you go to a bar with a bunch
    of tricks to show off to everyone it may seem
    tryhard. But, if you are showing a trick to a
    friend, and a beautiful girl happens to see it,
    that would probably work better.

  • My personal favorite is Singing at a karaoke
    bar, Im not even a great singer, but all you
    have to do is master one song. And when you nail
    it, chances are people will start cheering for
    you which creates a lot of social proof and the
    fact that you had the balls to sing shows
    confidence. Women will probably compliment you
  • Riding a Mechanical Bull (Sounds hard but is
    actually very impressive)
  • This could even be public speaking at an
    event, if you gave an amazing inspiring speech
    then people will approach you afterward.

1. Interesting Fashion
  • Its number 1 because it is the easiest.
  • The idea of peacocking, but dont look like
    an idiot!
  • Even wearing a nice well-tailored suit can
    get girls to approach.
  • Women that are attracted to you will approach
    and make a comment about your style.
  • If all that doesnt work you could just point
    and signal her to come over, then say, if I can
    make you come with just one finger imagine what I
    could do with my entire body 

  • Now, dont rely on these things to solve your
    problems with women. They arent going to just
    magically fall into your lap. If you want a lot
    of options then you need to approach them.
  • Remember, like I said before, you are a man
    and you go after what you want in life. So dont
    rely only on these tips to get women to approach
    you, man up and go talk to the girls you see in
    your everyday life that you want to talk to.