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How to become a better public speaker – with Alexia Vernon


How to become a better public speaker – with Alexia Vernon In this episode, Alexia goes over how you can become a more confident public speaker. She shares tons of actionable tips you can start implementing immediately to feel and present better on stage. She also goes over some of her very inspiring journey. Want More? If you liked this, there’s plenty more where it come from. Let’s stay in touch! We can connect in any of these places: Main website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to become a better public speaker – with Alexia Vernon

ALEXIA VERNON how to become a better public
  • ALEXIA VERNON. Branded a moxie maven by the White
    House for her unique approach to developing
    women's voices through her Step Into Your Moxie
    platform, Alexia has become the go - to expert
    for helping TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs,
    executives, online experts, business
    professionals, educators, and creatives deliver
    their signature speeches.

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  • A motivational speaker focused on heart-centered
    and high-impact communication, values-driven
    leadership, and women's empowerment, she not only
    cultivates the voices of thought leaders, she is
    one. She's scored face time with hundreds of
    corporate, conference and college audiences with
    her keynote speeches and interactive training's,
    and is founder of the Las Vegas based women's
    leadership program, Influencer Academy.

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  • As the co-organizer and co-host of Las Vegas
    TEDx Fremont East Women, she possess a unique
    understanding of the TED speaking style and what
    organizers are looking for in prospective
    speakers. She's also the creator of a first of
    its kind digital training program for aspiring
    TED-style speakers, Your Spotlight Talk, and you
    can dive deep and delicious into her teachings in
    her Go From Hot Mess to Hotshot speaker video
    training at

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  • Rachel met Alexia about a month ago through the
    amazing Jordana Jaffe, whom she also recorded a
    podcast with. They spent a few hours together and
    she felt an immediate deep connection with her.
    She's one of those people that you can feel
    really comfortable around. She's authentic, just
    speaks her truth with compassion. Just a really
    good-hearted person and someone that you know you
    can trust.

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  • To give an example of her character, when Rachel
    was advertising her event in New York City, she
    asked me how she could help. Rachel asked if she
    would be able to tell people about the event.
    Rachel would be happy to give her an affiliate
    link. She immediately was like "No. I'd love to
    help. No affiliate link needed." And then Alexia
    tells me that she prescheduled ten different
    posts around social media. That's just the type
    of person she is, so generous and cares so much.
    Just really an incredible person to know. I'm
    very excited about this podcast with her. Rachel
    knows she has so much to share and this is going
    to be awesome.

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  • Alexias site.

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  • Alexia is in the middle of a launch right now,
    and this is where you can find her spectacular
    video training.

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  • Alexia is most proud of the family she has built.

There are few examples of Millennial superstars
who are setting the bar for Americas next
generation of leaders. Alexia is one such
person. Alexandra Levit Bestselling Business
and Workplace Author, Speaker, and Consultant
Alexia is a powerful example to the next
generation of leaders. Gabrielle
Bernstein Bestselling Author of Spirit Junkie
and Add More -Ing to Your Life
Alexia knows her subject matter on generational
diversity. She is a Millennial leader who
understands how to bring staff together, what
each generation seeks from the workplace, and she
will help you achieve better communication
results. Donna Coulson, PCC CEO and Chief
Learning Officer
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