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Use Google Analytics To Track Traffic From Social Media Platforms


Want to generate higher ROI? Use Google analytics to track traffic from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Use Google Analytics To Track Traffic From Social Media Platforms

Social media is an ongoing conversation with your
customers. This platform brings free traffic,
scales well and there is no any up-front
investment requirement . Google Analytics is the
best way to track the traffic that this preferred
media platform sends to your site. Consequently,
tracking social media has become a lot easier.
Social media traffic comes from both paid and
unpaid sources. You can look for traffic from
media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
YouTube or other social media sources. As a
result, monitor website traffic and determine
which pages are doing better than others. Want to
know which social media platforms your traffic is
coming from? With the use of Google analytics,
you will find a detailed report on social media
traffic. Which social buttons are clicked the
most? Additionally, what websites are linking
back to your content? Get answers by using Google
  • Step By Step Guide To Use Google Analytics For A
    Social Media Traffic Analysis
  • Measure your social media marketing efforts to
    create S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable,
    Achievable, Relevant and Timely) objectives.
    Similarly, create strategies to achieve business
    goals in a timely fashion.
  • For quantitative and actionable data, set up an
    analytics tracking code on your website. You can
    use either Google tag manager to collect tracking
  • Add your social media goals like traffic,
    downloads, well, time and page view to Google
    analytics dashboards.
  • To monitor the impact of social media marketing
    efforts, interpret social media data in Google
  • Reach out the right set of audiences. Drive
    targeted and relevant traffic to your website.
  • The user explorer reports provide information on
    how visitors consume and interact with your
    branded content.
  • Finally, the benchmarking report filters data and
    allows seeing the benchmark in different
    industries and segments.

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Monitor Traffic Sources In Google Analytics With
  • You can also look for traffic on a more granular
    level. To track the source of social media, make
    sure you track all sharing in Google analytics.
    Use UTM tags to mark activities on social media.
    Adding more links provide detailed information
    about your website traffic in Google analytics.
    Tagging your links with UTM parameters provides
    complete information.
  • Which social media sources are bringing the most
    visitors to your website?
  • What pages the audiences are interested in.
  • How much they purchase your products?
  • What they do after purchasing as well?
  • Where they drop off the funnel and much more.

By using Google Analytics, you will trigger some
sorts of completion such as a lead, a purchase or
whatever you are trying to accomplish with that
traffic. Analyze the demographic and interest
information of incoming visitors to your
websites. Considering this, you will find which
strategies are effective enough to pull the right
audiences. Ultimately get to know how these
social media converts ultimately into your
completion goals. I hope the above information
might help you to get a full insight of social
media traffics. These strategies bring one step
closer to your business growth. Get a clearer
picture of how Social media impacts your business
growth. Google analytics reports offer all sorts
of information for social media buffs. Be
careful, if the referrer gets wrong, you all data
will be skewed. For good tactic, you can also
take help from experienced digital marketers.
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