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Digital Marketing Course Details For Beginners


1. SEO:- 2. Social Media Marketing:- 3. E-mail Marketing:- 4. Content Marketing:- 5. Search Engine Marketing:- 6. Data Analytics:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Digital Marketing Course Details For Beginners

Digital Marketing Course Details For Beginners
  • Presented By- Abhinav Shashtri

Index Index Index
SR.No Title Slide No
1 Introduction- 3
2 1. SEO- 4
3 2. Social Media Marketing- 6
4 3. E-mail Marketing- 7
5 4. Content Marketing- 8
6 5. Search Engine Marketing- 9
7 6. Data Analytics- 10
  • Today for business promotions and advertising.
    Digital and conventional marketing are necessary
    to achieve business goals. The Digital Marketing
    Course information helps you to learn and adopt
    all the marketing practices which associated with
    the digital marketing industries.
  • This focuses on digital marketers and businesses
    to build marketing campaigns that can boost
    business-reach, and target more audiences,
    generate better traffics and that will offer more
  • Digital Marketing campaigns are powerful,
    cost-effective, and measurable and can optimize
    any business. A Digital Marketing Course offers
    participants to learn and master the complete
    landscape of digital marketing techniques and
    associated mediums.

1. SEO-
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization ensures that
    your website ranks higher in the search engine
    results and gets drives more traffic organically.
  • As increasing the visibility of your website so
    that means it reaches the right audience. When
    you end up ranking on top of search results, you
    have to work higher on SEO practices for your
  • SEO Marketing is an essential part of the Digital
    Marketing Course that will teach you SEO tactics
    and methods. With the knowledge SEO domain, SEO,
    link building, mobile SEO, off-page and on-page
    SEO you can easily make your brands online

2. Social Media Marketing-
  • Last Few Years ago social media platforms were
    only used to connect with friends and share our
    personal thoughts and feelings with the world.
  • Then after big brands recognized the potential of
    Social Media and quickly started using it into
    their promotional activities. This makes Social
    Media Marketing an important part of a Digital
    Marketing Course It is the latest form of digital
    marketing, which helps brands to build their
    image by providing their message in an effective
    way. It is one of the most impactful forms of
    marketing, making it a necessary part of every
    digital marketing campaign.
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3. E-mail Marketing-
  • Email marketing is an old way but still one of
    the most effective ways for a business to connect
    with its audience. A good relationship and
    effective targeting only possible through email
  • Email Marketing Course teaches students how to
    drive new sign-ups, generating new leads,
    targeting an audience in a way that achieves
    results and ultimately converting potential
    customers into consumers. Email marketing is
    something that every business can use. Some of
    the valuable components of email marketing are
    Announcements, Marketing offer, Newsletter, and
    Event invitation.

4. Content Marketing-
  • Content Marketing is what makes everything
    successful in digital marketing practices.
  • When you have great quality and relative content,
    it takes efforts to pay off the digital marketers
    to attract the audience. great content is another
    way to optimize your page for getting more
    visibility on the search engines.
  • Content can target the audience and convert them
    into customers. For achieving that, one has to
    create and publish high-quality content in the
    form of blogs, articles, images, videos, etc. For
    an effective content marketing campaign, one has
    to know what type of content should be published
    on various online platforms.

5. Search Engine Marketing-
  • Search Engine Marketing is the main form of
    Digital Marketing.
  • It is one of the most highly used digital
    marketing practices in todays competitive
    environment and one of the most effective ways of
    growing ones business and promote products.
  • Search Engine Marketing can include both paid and
    unpaid methods. It is mainly the practice of
    increasing the visibility of a website and its
    products in the search engine result pages
    (SERPs) through the implementation of paid
  • Here the advertisers have to bid against certain
    keywords that target their customers these
    advertisements that appear on the search engines
    like Google, Yahoo and Bing are called Pay per
    Click ads.

6. Data Analytics-
  • Data Analytics Course helps you to Track and
    Monitor digital marketing Campaigns.
  • Analytics Training gives you insights into the
    real-time performance of your Site, Data Flow,
    and Visitors behavioral preferences. You will
    get to learn different analytics tool that you
    can use to collect, track, and measure, analyze
    and report your overall website data.
  • Data Analytics will help you analyze the
    performance of your website that will guide you
    to optimize your web page in the most
    result-oriented manner respectively. Once you
    master in it, you can understand your traffic
    source, analyze their behavioral tendencies, and
    improve your campaign to make it more successful.
    With effective use of Data Analytics, you can
    track and measure the ROI of digital marketing
    and advertising campaigns that will convert into
    more leads, better sales conversion and improves
    online presence.
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