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SEO Optimization Ideas To Improve Search Rank


Looking for SEO Optimization tips? Here is the best seo tips that will help you to improve search rank. Here we described about strategies, content, SERP features, Backlinks etc. Go to the presentation and explore the ideas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SEO Optimization Ideas To Improve Search Rank

Advanced SEO TIPS to
Boost website Traffic
  • After the creation of website, webmaster wishes
    to get lots of relevant traffic to its website
    which in turn can become a prospective customer
    and finally a buyer.
  • SEO plays an important role in digital
    marketing, for getting relevant views to your
    website and hence people search for SEO tools
    or SEO tips are high in search engines.

Keyword cannibalization is one of the major
issues that have a detrimental effect on search
engine rankings. When multiple pages on your
website are targeting exactly the same keyword,
they may eventually start competing against each
other. If you are already suffering from
cannibalization issues, you can use a 301
redirect. If you need help to overcome this
situation, we recommend that you to get help
from SEO experts . It is better to keep
optimizing pages that already have higher
rankings for your selected keywords instead of
trying to take a low ranking page to the top.
SERP Features
  • Featured Snippet is designed to satisfy user's
  • It is a block of text located at the top of a
    standard Google organic search results page.
  • Featured Snippet increases your click-through
    rates and traffic, and by get higher conversion

SERP Features
  • True rating for your content by inserting the
    relevant markup code on your page, may reward you
  • with a rich snippet with row of golden stars.
  • Getting star rating is an amazing opportunity to
    make your site stand out among other search
  • Star rating convince users that you are
    trustworthy, more importantly, increase your
    click-through rate and conversions.
  • Aggregate rating should be calculated based on
    the ratings provided by your page visitors.

  • Use target keywords in ltbodygt tag that may
    increase your chances of ranking higher in search
  • results.
  • Focus on creating more informative content
    content length correlates with quality.
  • Provide a more relevant meta description.
  • Search engines use meta descriptions to
    understand what your page is about.
  • Keep your target keyword in the lth1gt tag of your
  • Repeating target keywords on your page too many
    times will result in a negative user experience.
  • Landing pages with video content tend to gain
    more user engagement.

Search engines have begun placing additional
weight on related words used in page content in
order to provide users with the most relevant
results for a particular search term.
Enriching your pages content with terms related
to your target keyword, can help increase your
pages relevance to search engines and
positively affect its rankings.
Backlinks are still considered to be one of the
most important ranking factors. To improve your
position in search results, you should consider
acquiring more links from other domains. Quality
backlinks will give higher ranking. A good
strategy is to acquire backlinks from good
websites that rank your page in the Google top
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