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Are Products Claiming To Avoid Hair Loss Effective?


Hair loss affects thousands of people in Dubai, especially males. Many people look for different ways to regrow their hair. Some take medicines, while others apply hair products. However, only Hair Transplant in Dubai is a known treatment that can cure your baldness problem. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are Products Claiming To Avoid Hair Loss Effective?

Can Hair Products Avoid Hair Loss?

There are many myths and misconceptions about
hair loss problem that often lead people to buy
wrong products for hair growth. This makes it
really crucial for everyone to stay aware about
the real causes for hair loss problem. Any wrong
data or info could eventually result to severe or
permanent damage.   However, we still cant
determine the exact reason behind someones
baldness. There are different reason behind the
occurrence of hair loss among male and female.
Having information and knowledge about these
reasons can help you and your surgeon to follow
the best treatment method.
  • Things To Know About Hair Loss
  • Why hair loss is incurable? There have been many
    researches done in the past for this problem.
    Despite the fact that there are many known causes
    that severely affect hair development, some of
    these cause may not apply on everyone. It just
    implies that scientific world hasn't completely
    found the reason for balding.

  • Check out these reasons that may help you
    understand why hair loss occurs
  • Absence Of Protein Many individuals follow a
    vegan or vegetarian diet plan. This is something
    that may appear good for some time, however doing
    it for a longer periods might deliver some awful
    results. Protein in hair is in charge of
    fortifying and helping it to develop. When the
    body loses a lot of protein, the hair is the main
    asset it can get. Absence of protein in the foods
    you eat can lead to non-development of hairs. If
    protein is not provided on time, the resting
    stage might be the final result and goes on for
    many months. Eventually, all these developments
    will result in regular breakage, hair fall, and
    steady baldness.

Alopecia Areata This problem starts with a 1/4
patch size hair loss. This sort of hair fall can
affect people of all races, genders, or ages. The
regrowth of hair occurs in a half year. In some
cases, even if there's some regrowth, a few
sections will appear bald. Scientists have found
that this condition occurs due to an autoimmune
cause, where the hair follicles are destroyed by
the body.
Traction Alopecia this type of hair loss occurs
when theres continuous and severe pulling by
force on the hair roots. Hairstyles such as tight
braids and ponytails can lead to traction
Tinea Capitis Although this condition is often
seen only in African races, a few people in Gulf,
especially from Southern region, and people with
extremely curly hair develop this problem. In
this condition, hair loss occurs due to fungal
infection on the scalp.
However, almost every medicine or hair product
that claims to cure hair loss problem is
ineffective in achieving its aim and may even
have multiple side-effects. Currently, experts
recommend only hair transplant in Dubai as the
ideal solution for hair loss problem.   Never
take any medicine or apply any hair products
(claiming to regrow your hair) without consulting
your surgeon. Its better to stay safe by
listening and following recommendations of your
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