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Glam Aesthetics: Redefining Beauty Expert Advice: Dr. Pawan Surisetty's Tips for Cosmetic Procedure Success DECCAN NEWS SERVICE g HYDERABAD Established in 2023, Glam Aesthetics represents the epitome of sophistication, offering a comprehensive range of advanced cosmetic procedures, opulent skin and hair treatments, and therapeutic wellness experiences, all meticulously curated to elevate your aesthetic journey. Interview with Dr. Pawan Surisetty, Clinical Director & Co-Founder of Glam Aesthetics – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Glam Aesthetics - Premium Skin- Hair- Wellness lounge in Hyderabad

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PAGE 7 Maharashtra CM visits Salman Khan's
PAGE 08 Delayed Film Uppena Beauty To Make
Solid Mileage
PAGE 2 Indian protesters pull from poetic
tradition to resist Modis Hindu nationalism
asks police to i y
ncrease securit
for actor and kin
Not letting them off hook
My home state's population is more than
Germany's SC judge on ballot vs EVM case In
response to petitioners citing examples of
foreign countries to argue in favour of ballot
voting system in- stead of EVMs, Supreme Court
judge Dipankar Datta said his home state West
Bengal's population is more than that of
Germany. "Don't try to bring down the system
like this. Don't cite such ex- amples. European
exam- ples don't work here," he
added. Doesnt seem like Congress govt in
Telangana will survive KCR Following KTR's
claims of CM Revanth Reddy's poten- tial switch
to BJP, BRS leader KCR predicts Con- gress
government's short tenure, suggesting defec-
tions to BJP. Addressing a BRS rally, he urges
support for BRS candidates to repre- sent
Telangana's interests. Criticizing the
government's performance, he highlights neglect
of welfare schemes and Ambedkar statue. I
refute it JMM leader on 'Will bury PM Modi
400-ft under earth' remark Reacting to a viral
video where he was heard saying, "I will bury
Prime Minister Narendra Modi 400 feet be- neath
the earth", JMM leader Nazrul Islam said, "I
refute the statement." "The state- ment is
being distorted by people. I had said, '400 sey
pehle gaanth baandh denge'. I had spoken about
ousting him from power," added Nazrul. Progress
to be 300 times faster under double-engine
govt Scindia Union Minister and BJP leader
Jyotiraditya Scindia said he is getting an
oppor- tunity to work in the regime of a
double-engine govern- ment for the first time in
his life. "There is double-engine government
now. There will be 300 times faster develop-
ment," he added. Dis- cussing his loss in the
2019 Lok Sabha elections, Scindia stated, "I
made mis- takes somewhere." 20 lakh per year
IIT alumnus as he breaks down family of 4's
cost of living in metro city An IIT-Kharagpur
alumnus shared detailed estimate of expenses
for a middle-class 4-member family living in
metropolitan city in India, stating that the
cost comes to 20 lakh per year for com-
fortable life. "No luxury ex- pense added," he
added. According to the estimate, annual rent
or EMI costs over 4 lakh and child's school
fee costs 4 lakh, among other
expenses. Knitting mills decides MP
here Tiruppur the knitting mill hub of India
faces the elections with much
expectations.Tiruppur has over 10,000 garment
manu- facturing hubs, employing over 600,000
workers. But in the recent years the busi- ness
graph is facing a downturn. With the Netaji
Apparel park special eco- nomic zone failed to
take off even after two decades now, Tiruppur
grapples with de- velopment.
SC asks Ramdev, Balkrishna to issue public
apology in Patanjali ads case 'You are doing good
work but you can't degrade allopathy,' the bench
told Balkrishna while interacting with him
New Delhi The Supreme Court Tuesday granted
one- week time to yoga guru Ramdev, his aide
Balkrishna and Patanjali Ayurved to issue a
public apology in the mis- leading
advertisements case, but said it was not letting
them "off the hook" now. Both Ramdev and Balkr-
ishna were present during the hearing and
personally ten- dered an unqualified apology to
the apex court. A bench of Justices Hima Kohli
and Ahsanuddin Aman- ullah took note of their
apolo- gies, but made it clear that at this
stage it has not decided to "let them off the
hook". "You are doing good work but you can't
degrade allopa- thy," the bench told Balkrishna
while interacting with him. Ramdev, who also
inter- acted with the bench, said he had no
intention to show dis- respect to the court in
any manner. However, the bench told Balkrishna
that they (Patan- jali) are not so innocent that
they didn't know what the top court had said in
its earlier or- ders in the case. "I am willing
to give a pub-
the medicinal efficacy of its products. In two
separate affidavits filed in the court, Ramdev
and Balkrishna have tendered an unqualified
apology for the "breach of the statement"
recorded in the November 21 last year order of
the apex court.In the November 21, 2023 order,
the top court had noted that counsel represent-
ing Patanjali Ayurved had as- sured it that
"henceforth there shall not be any violation of
any law(s), especially relating to advertising
or branding of products manufactured and
marketed by it and, further, that no casual
statements claiming medicinal efficacy or
against any system of medi- cine will be
released to the media in any form". The top
court had said Patanjali Ayurved Ltd is "bound
down to such assur- ance". The non-observance of
the specific assurance and the sub- sequent
media statements irked the apex court, which
later issued a notice to them to explain why
contempt pro- ceedings be not initiated
Yoga guru Ramdev arrives at the Supreme Court for
hearing on the Patanjali misleading
advertisements case, in New Delhi, Tuesday, April
16, 2024.
lic apology," senior advocate court, to come
forward for an hearing on April 23. Mukul
Rohatgi, appearing for interaction with the
bench. Ramdev and Balkrishna had Ramdev and
Balkrishna, told "They should feel they have
a last week tendered an "uncon-
the bench at the outset. connect with the court,"
the ditional and unqualified apol-
The apex court asked bench said. ogy" before
the top court over
Ramdev and Balkrishna, both The apex court has
now advertisements issued by the
of whom were present in the posted the matter
for further firm making tall claims
about against them.

Akbaruddin speculates about
meeting fate of Ansari with
brother Asaduddin
Speaking at an Eid Milap programme in Hyderabad,
floor leader in the Telangana Assembly sounded
prophetic when he asked his supporters to
imagine a situation where there is no AIMIM and
the Owaisi brothers. Hyderabad Recalling the
custodial death of gangsters- turned-politicians
Mukhtar Ansari and Atiq Ahmed in Uttar Pradesh
under mysteri- ous circumstances, AIMIM MLA
Akbaruddin speculated about a similar fate for
him and Lok Sabha MP Asadud- din, popularly
known as the Owaisi brothers. Speaking at an Eid
Milap programme in the Yakutpura
area of Hyderabad, from where his elder brother
is con- testing the Lok Sabha elec- tions, the
AIMIM floor leader in the Telangana Assembly
sounded prophetic when he asked the gathering to
imagine a situation where there is no AIMIM and
the Owaisi broth- ers. He said, The situation
is such that we dont know how we would die. We
dont know if Akbaruddin Owaisi would be
poisoned to death in jail. We dont know if
Akbaruddin Owaisi and Asaduddin Owaisi would be
shot dead while tak- ing them to the hospital
from jail, said Akbaruddin Owaisi. He,
however, clarified that
would happen to them. Mukhtar Ansari had
com- plained of being poisoned in jail before
his eventual death and Atiq Ahmed and his
brother warned against their custodial death
before being gunned down while being taken to
the hospital from jail. Assaduddin received
death threats following his visit to the family
of Mukhtar Ansari after his death. The AIMIM
barely scraped through in some of the Assem-
bly constituencies under the Hyderabad Lok Sabha
seat during the Assembly polls held in November
last year. While appealing to the people to
support his party, Akbarud-
gangsters-turned-politicians of Uttar Pradesh.
He also urged the gathering to close their eyes
and think about what could happen without AIMIM
and Owaisi brothers. He appealed to Muslims to
support the AIMIM and so- licited their
suggestions to ar- rest the lapses in the
party. Meanwhile, BJP candidate from Hyderabad K
Madhavi Latha said the Congress was
apprehensive about fielding a candidate from the
Lok Sabha constituency. The ruling party in the
state is yet to announce a candidate in this key
con- stituency while the BRS has already named
one belonging to a BC community to eat into
he hoped nothing of the kind din Owaisi
referred to the BJPs vote bank.
KTR asks Congress leaders to identify Revanth
Reddys political leanings
Hyderabad BRS work- ing president KT Rama Rao
has urged Congress leaders to clarify the party
affiliation of Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy,
who is expected to join the BJP after the
Parliament elections. He questioned whether
Reddy is a confidante of Rahul Gandhi or
Narendra Modi and urged the people to consider
whether the Chief Minister is a god for
privatiz- ing public sector undertakings. Rama
Rao also criticized the Congress-led State
govern- ment for claiming to have ful- filled
jobs without giving
notifications, and for collect- velopmental
programs and ing a fee of Rs.200 from aspi-
welfare schemes. He also crit- rants of the TET.
He criticized icized the Congress for not the
Congress for not apologiz- apologizing to the
tribals, who ing to tribals and stating that
were responsible for the infa- the BRS had
achieved the mous Indervelli firing inci- ideals
of tribal legend Kum- dent. ram Bheem by
introducing de-
Indian protesters pull from poetic tradition to
resist Modis Hindu nationalism In memoriam
The moment the middle class feels it has no
access to a public good,
The death of
it does everything it can to devalue it. The
systematic destruction of
Delhi University is a case study in elite
Delhi University has gone unremarked. It isnt
formally dead it still educates tens of thou-
sands of students but it is not, as it once was,
choose to do the less desirable BA (Pass) de-
gree, where they studied a mix of subjects.
Also, it created an artificial and insuperable
barrier between the Arts and the Sciences. But
its strengths outweighed these weak- nesses. It
worked within the limitations of Delhi
Universitys affiliated colleges. Individ- ual
colleges didnt have the faculty or re- sources
to teach a directory of courses in the way that
vastly better funded American col- leges and
universities could. By offering a tightly
defined Honours programme, the uni- versity
created a degree that could be taught and
examined in a reasonably standardised way across
its affiliated colleges. So if a stu- dent
earned a first class degree in Economics or
History or Sociology from Delhi University,
thatdistinction mattered more than the prestige
of the college she had attended. Delhi Univer-
sitys Honours degree democratised under-
graduate education without undermining academic
distinction. Kapil Sibal, who graduated from
Delhi Uni- versity and should have known better,
chose to ram through a half-baked four-year pro-
gramme that managed to dissolve the discipli-
nary focus of the Honours degree without adding
anything that justified the additional year. The
only justification for a four-year undergraduate
degree was that in some obscure way it
dovetailed with American universities. Given
that 99.99 of desi undergraduates would never
see the inside of an American college, this was
a fine example of policy-making for the top
.01. The UPA had set a precedent that would
allow the National Democratic Alliance to do its
worst. Narendra Modis government first scrapped
Sibals innovation, then reintroduced it. Now
Delhi University has an American four-year
programme with Indian characteris- tics.
Students can exit the programme at the end of
every year with a paper qualification
certificate, diploma, pass degree, honours de-
gree linked to the exit year. The trouble is
that course design isnt modular so the student
exits with the arm or leg or torso of a degree
that wasnt designed to be dismembered. Admission
to these degrees in Central uni- versities has
been centralised. Aspirants take the Common
University Entrance Test and their rank in it
determines the course and uni- versity that they
will be assigned. The IIT/JEE test has become
the grand-daddy of all forms of university
entrance even though the nature and needs of
residential engineering schools are radically
different from those of traditional universities
that teach a generality of courses. Cretinous
tests based solely on multiple- choice questions
now determine the merit of both students and
teachers. The sangh parivar is uninvested in
univer- sities that arent technological or
professional schools. Its only interest in
universities like Delhi University is
ideological faculty recruit- ment consists of
packing departments with committed bhakts or
pliable opportunists. The Communist Party of
India (Marxist) destroyed public universities in
Bengal by swamping them with its clients and
cadres the Bharatiya Janata Party is doing the
same on a pan-Indian scale. The difference is
that the comrades, thanks to Marxs enormous
influence on mod- ern thought, paid lip service
to a bastard intel- lectualism. Hindutva has no
intellectual substance beyond an existential
hatred of the Other. Reading Deen Dayal Upadhyay
is like space-walking you float through a
vacuum at zero gravity. Public universities
remade by his disciples will be malignant voids.
a place where students and teachers desper-
ately want to be. Some institutions within it,
like the Delhi School of Economics, are in bet-
ter health than others and some of its affiliated
colleges are more desirable than others, but
hard-working students and ambitious academ- ics
increasingly look elsewhere. This is part of a
broader tendency the se- cession of Indias
comfortable professional classes from public
institutions of every sort, from hospitals to
school boards. Upper-mid- dle-class parents in
India have always sent their children to private
schools but these schools were generally signed
up to public bodies like the Central Board of
Secondary Education and, its lineal ancestor,
the All India Higher Secondary Board, for their
school- leaving examinations. The new, upscale,
very expensive private schools that have mush-
roomed in Indias metropolitan cities prefer to
work towards school-leaving qualifications
designed by Western regulatory bodies like the
A-Level and International Baccalaureate
diplomas. The devaluation of the public
university is directly related to this tendency.
The students who earn these diplomas no longer
aspire to an Honours degree in Economics from
Delhi University, once the Everest of a
school-leav- ing students ambition. These
schools, which often style themselves as
international schools, prepare their students
for American universities. Those students who
cant afford to pay their way through an
undergraduate de- gree in the United States of
America find a halfway house in the better class
of private universities like Ashoka, Krea or
Ahmedabad University, which teach courses
modeled on American liberal arts colleges. We
are speaking of a super-elite sliver of Indias
population, but small though this class is, its
choices exert a disproportionate influ- ence on
how the Indian middle class views the world.
Time was when powerful politicians and civil
servants pulled strings to get their children
into elite colleges affiliated to public
universities like Loyola, St. Xaviers, Hindu,
St. Stephens, Lady Shri Ram, Miranda House,
Fergusson, Presidency and so on. Their mod- ern
counterparts now try to shoehorn their children
into East Coast colleges lapped by the Atlantic
Ocean, not the Bay of Bengal. One of the lessons
we learnt from the col- lapse of the public
distribution system was that the moment the
middle class feels it has no ac- cess to a
public good, it does everything it can to
subvert or devalue it. We can see this hap-
pening in real time to Indias public universi-
ties. The systematic destruction of Delhi
University is a case study in elite
secession. The pioneering work of destruction in
this case was begun by the ministers of the last
United Progressive Alliance government. The
special achievement of Kapil Sibal, the then
human resource development minister, was to
wreck Delhi Universitys most substantial
achievement, the Honours degree. The Hon- ours
degree used to be a three-year programme that
encouraged disciplinary specialisation. So if
you did an Honours degree in History, you might
do minor or subsidiary courses in an In- dian
language or another subject like philoso- phy
but all your main courses taught you different
aspects of history. There were drawbacks to this
system it made young students commit themselves
to subjects before they knew their minds, with
no real access to other disciplines that might
also interest them. For that, ironically, they
had to
Indias government, led by
A secularist ethos squelched The CAA was passed
in 1955, a few years after Indias freedom from
colonial rule in 1947. It was intended to
formalize citizen- ship for everyone living in
India since 1949, as well as those born in India
since or before that date. But in 2019, the
right-wing govern- ment changed this law to
allow mi- grants of religious groups from
neighboring Muslim majority coun- tries to apply
for citizenship. There was one exception Muslim
migrants. In one fell swoop, this new law erased
Indias constitutional guarantee to grant
citizenship to people of all re- ligions. Most
of Indias poor do not have formal citizenship
papers, even if their families have lived in the
country for generations. If they hap- pen to be
Muslim, they can no longer apply. This law in
tandem with plans to create a National Register
of Citizens, which would require all Indians to
show proof of citizenship would ef- fectively
render millions of Indias Muslims, lower castes
and the poor ineligible for government benefits.
They would be unable to vote and would face a
constant threat of dis- placement from the
country of their birth. Delhi-based lawyer
Gautam Bhatia has argued that dividing alleged
mi- grants into Muslims and non-Muslims
explicitly and blatantly seeks to en- shrine
religious discrimination into law, contrary to
our long-standing, secular constitutional
ethos. In 2019, the passing of these laws by
the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Indias
Parliament, was met with na- tionwide protests.
The most promi- nent was the Muslim women-led
101-day sit-in at Shaheen Bagh. Due to protests
and widespread outcry, the implementation of the
law was put on hold. We will toss your
crowns Perhaps the most recited poem at Shaheen
Bagh and other sites during the 2019 protests
was Faiz Ahmed Faizs Urdu poem Hum Dekhenge
or We Will See. Faiz, who was born in
pre-parti- tioned India in a region of the
country that is now part of Pakistan, had writ-
ten the poem in 1979 to protest the regime of
Muhammad Zia ul Haq,
Pakistans sixth president. Upon as- suming
power, Zia put the country under martial law and
ruled as a mili- tary dictator while furthering
the Is- lamization of Pakistans political and
cultural life. It might seem strange that a poem
written to protest a Pakistani ruler sev- eral
decades earlier was being used to protest Indian
laws. But in South Asia, theres a long
tradition of reciting po- etry as a form of
protest, and poems from the past often evolve to
become freshly relevant. While many of these
poems appear in print, the tradition is
primarily an oral one they are recited as
poems and sung as songs at marches, protests
and on university campuses. As a re- sult, they
can reside in the popular imagination decades
after their publi- cation. In 2019, Faizs 1979
poem became a stirring riposte to the Modi
govern- ments attempts to marginalize Indias
Muslims. Just as Pakistani protesters chanted
the line Sab taj uchale jayenge, sab takht
giraye jayenge We will toss your crowns, we
will topple your thrones to decry Zias
authoritarian regime, Indian protesters recited
those same lines to denounce Modis rule. I was
there and so were you Haidry was at Shaheen
Bagh during the 2019 protests. Inspired by the
womens activism, he wrote Tum Dekhogey as a
riff on Hum Dekhenge. While Faizs poem speaks
of the power of the people to overthrow
tyranny, Haidrys poem is written from the
perspective of the women of Shaheen Bagh. It
lam- bastes the silent bystanders who do nothing
as hardcore Hindu na- tionalists who believe
in Hindu supremacy terrorize religious
minorities. The poem begins by setting the stage.
will one day meet the same fate as these
women. The next two lines speak to the var- ious
injustices endured by peaceful protesters the
attacks and batter- ing at the hands of the
state. Next the text suggests that Hindu
nationalists trap regular citizens in saffron
cages. Saffron is a reference to the color used
by Modis Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP. The
cage can be thought of as a metaphorical one
of an India without fundamental rights. But it
can also refer to the actual jail sentences
being meted out to protesters. The poem goes on
to suggest that once the CAA becomes law, these
silent bystanders will finally wake up and come
to see that India has become a living hell and
a slaughterhouse. When they lament their
inaction, the tyrant will mock them laugh and
say / I was there and so were you. Haidrys
lyrical indictment of the government has enraged
supporters of Modi and the BJP. Because Haidry
is also a Bolly- wood scriptwriter, there have
been calls to boycott Takht, a film he worked
on. And when singer and ac- tivist Kiran
Ahluwalia, who lives in New York, posted a
rendition of Tum Dekhogey on Instagram on
March 18, 2024, she had the renewal of her
Overseas Citizen of India card, a type of second
passport, denied a tactic often employed by
the Modi govern- ment to punish
dissenters. Despite these attempts to suppress
protest, the words of poets like Haidry continue
to resonate. Such is the beauty of poetry, which
can slip through the bars of saffron cages with
ease, speaking truth to power and oppression.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, im-
plemented the controversial Citizen-
ship Amendment Act, or CAA, in
March 2024. Opponents of the law which fast-
tracks citizenship for undocumented, non-Muslim
migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and
Afghanistan decry the ways in which it
discriminates against Muslims. As they did when
the law was passed in 2019, many Indians took to
the streets. The demonstrations were more muted
this time, though some protest- ers were
detained by the police. The government, perhaps
fearing a reprise, had increased police patrols
and de- ployed paramilitary troops in places
that had been hotbeds of protest. Four years ago,
university cam- puses and Muslim neighborhoods
such as Delhis Shaheen Bagh were packed with
people who, day after day, chanted slogans,
belted out songs and recited poetry. Poetry
seemed to unsettle the gov- ernment the most.
Dissenters reciting protest poems were accused
of spreading hate against India, beaten and
arrested by the police. Poet Hussain Haidry rose
to fame in the 2019-2020 protests. Haidry,
whos also a Bollywood lyricist and
scriptwriter, penned anti-CAA poems that became
a rallying cry against the government,
particularly Tum Dekhogey, or You will see
in Eng- lish. I first heard Tum Dekhogey in
2020 when Haidry recited it at a lec- ture at
Columbia University on the anti-CAA protests. As
a scholar and translator of Urdu poetry, I was
moved by the ways in which the poem described
the states violence against peaceful
protesters. I went on to translate the poem, and
Im currently writing about it for my forth-
coming book, Urdu Poetry and Poli- tics in
Contemporary India. For me, the poem
crystallizes the disturbing turn of events in a
country that once prized secularism, democ-
racy and free expression. Because poems like
Haidrys directly challenge state power, the
government and its supporters seek to portray
them as seditious and anti-Indian.
This night on the street, this ice in our
breath is a reference to the frigid winter
nights that the women of Shaheen Bagh en- dured
during their sit-in, when they had no access to
heat or electricity. Those who watched and did
nothing, Haidry warns,
The ongoing Israel-Iran conflict
A widely-
The US, China, Russia and other major powers as
also nations like India must immediately push
for a region-wide ceasefire. The world can only
afford to pick one side in this crisis that of
space. Yet, Tehrans attack, which fol- lowed
the Israeli bombing of an Iranian consulate in
Damascus, Syria, on April 1, in which eight
people were killed, includ- ing two Iranian
generals, has raised the risks of a military
escalation that could suck in multiple other
nations. Israel has said it is weighing its
options for retalia- tion. Iran has already
warned that any fresh strike from Israel will
invite more attacks from Tehran. Washington has
re- portedly told Tel Aviv that it will not sup-
port any Israeli attack on Iran, even as the US
Congress is likely to discuss fresh aid
and his team will be well aware of the
Iran when it seized an Israel-linked ship last
week near the Strait of Hormuz to the multiple
flight disruptions resulting from countries
closing their air space near Iran and Israel.
The oil market and the ship- ping industry,
already on edge because of the Gaza war, will
take deep hits from any military confrontation.
The US, China, Russia and other major powers
as also nations like India must imme- diately
push for a region-wide ceasefire. The world can
only afford to pick one side in this crisis
that of peace.
risks of a war that spins out of control. Iran,
which had attacked Israel through proxy militant
groups but not directly be- fore, also knows
well that any further es- calation is not in its
interests Israels powerful military could
embarrass Iran in ways that could shake up the
credibility of the Islamic republic. But in the
current, surcharged atmosphere, all it needs is
one miscalculation to nudge countries off
script. Already, the wider consequences of the
tensions are becoming clear from the 17 Indian
sailors captured by
anticipated attack by Iran on Israel, using
more than 300 missiles and drones, has
significantly raised fears of a broad re-
gional conflict emerging from Israels war on
Gaza with implications that ex-
tend well beyond the Middle East. Israel, for Tel
with help from the United States of While many
critics of the Israeli prime America and the
United Kingdom, man- minister, Benjamin
Netanyahu, have ac- aged to shoot down almost
all of the Iran- cused him of trying to provoke a
wider ian projectiles. Jordan also shot down
conflict to hold on to power amid mount- some
missiles that passed through its air- ing
domestic opposition, Mr Netanyahu
Hyderabad Startup Juiy Launches Positive Response
to the Electoral
Campaign in Balanagar Hoped That Congress
Guarantees Will Ensure Its Victory -A-Block
Vice-President Madireddy Yugandhar Reddy DECCAN
NEWS SERVICE ? MEDCHAL Kukatpally Congress A-
App - Simplifying EV Purchases
step to- wards sustainable mobility,
Hyderabad-based startup Juiy introduced its
Electric Vehicle Buying Assistant App today.
The launch event witnessed the presence of
Telangana's IT Minister, Shri. D. Sridhar Babu
garu, highlighting the state's commitment to
emerg- ing technologies. Juiy aims to combat the
en- vironmental impact of tradi- tional
automobiles by promoting Electric Vehicles
(EVs). The app seeks to dispel misconceptions
surrounding EV adoption and facilitate the
transition for buyers. Initially focusing on the
two-wheeler segment, which boasts over 150
million units nationwide, Juiy offers end-to-
end assistance from vehicle discovery to
delivery. While accessible across the country,
the service is currently opera- tional only in
Hyderabad, with expansion plans in the
pipeline. Collaborating with promi- nent
electric two-wheeler brands, Juiy has secured
part- nerships with Axis Bank and LoanTap for
financing, and Reliance General Insurance,
Chola MS, and Kotak General Insurance for
insurance solu- tions. Driven by a goal to shift
one million buyers from Internal Combustion
Engines (ICE) to electric two-wheelers within
Block Vice-President
Madireddy Yugandhar Reddy
proclaimed that the election campaign program
undertaken in Balanagar division on Tues- day,
wishing the success of Malkajgiri Congress
Parlia- mentary candidate Patnam Sunitha
Mahender Reddy has got a massive response from
the people. Yugandhar Reddy men- tioned that
thorough door-to- door campaigning has been
carried out in Raju Colony, Sai Nagar, and
Vinayaka Nagar colonies as part of the upcom-
ing Lok Sabha elections. It is noted that
residents are satis- fied with the fulfilment of
pre- election promises by the Congress
government since coming into power. He stated
that the residents in these colonies were
showing ap- proval of the Congress cam- paign.
He pointed out that
dates were elected as Mem- bers of Parliament.
He urged his constituents not to heed the
accusations made by the oppo- sition and instead
support the Congress candidates for vic-
tory. In this A-Block President Nagi Reddy, TPCC
Mahila Secretary Pushpa Reddy, Bal- anagar
Division President R. Madhu Goud, General Secre-
tary Hemanth, Senior Con- gress Leader Yedla
Mohan Reddy, Fisherman Congress Vice-Chairman
Akula Naren- der, Mahila Leaders Sai Bharathi,
Indrani, Kousalya, Tara, Seema Latha and several
the next year, Juiy emphasizes renowned IT firm,
and holding not only environmental bene- a
position on the Forbes Coun- fits but also
economic advan- cil, Juiy benefits from their ex-
are expressing their content- ment with the
execution of six assurances. He attributed the
credit for the government's ini- tiative of
offering free RTC bus travel to women under the
Mahalakshmi scheme to the Congress party. Reddy
also mentioned that they are providing a gas
cylin- der to deserving poor for Rs 500 and
offering two hundred units of free electricity
to eli- gible families through the Gruhajyothi
scheme. Due to the Election Code, some pro-
grams have been put on hold temporarily, but six
liament elections. As part of this, homeless
individuals will receive Indiramma houses and
those with a house will receive Rs. 5 lakhs. He
also pointed out that Chief Minister Revanth
Reddy had previously declared that a loan
waiver would be granted to farmers after the
elections. He urged the BJP and BRS parties to
act wisely and allow the Congress candidates to
se- cure a substantial victory in this
election. Yugandhar Reddy noted that with a Con-
gress government in power, greater progress
could be
tages. pertise and dedication. The
Co-founded by EV enthusi- team is committed to
asts Pranay Kommu and Ma- tionizing local
transportation hanth Mallikarjuna, the latter in
India, fostering sustainabil- also leading
Mergen IT, a ity and eco-friendliness.
Harvest of Hope Farmers' Resilience Shines at
Gandhi Bhavan Summit DECCAN NEWS SERVICE ?
MEDCHAL At a pivotal gathering held at Gandhi
Bhavan, the re- sounding cries of farmers re-
verberated through the halls as Telangana
Farmers' Chairman Anvesh Reddy took charge with
unwavering determina- tion. In attendance were
distin- guished figures including Na- tional
Farmers' Congress Vice Chairman Akhilesh Shukla,
Telangana Farmers' Congress
people from all walks of life will be enforced
after the Par- achieved if Congress candi- others
were present.
Telangana's Medical Crackdown Fake Allopathic
Practitioners Brought to Light in
in-charge, and the dedicated district president
Kodanda Reddy, alongside esteemed members of
the state commit- tee. Their united presence un-
derscored a shared commitment to addressing the
pressing issues facing farmers today. With the
parliamentary elections looming on the hori-
zon, the farmers' urgent plea for support and
recognition has reached a crescendo. The BJP's
deafening silence on anti-farmer policies has
cast a shadow over the agricultural
community, with farmers grappling with
substantial losses amounting to Rs. 15,818 per
acre, juxtaposed against the stark reality of
Rs. 664 per quintal difference in paddy
prices. The glaring absence of ef- fective
measures and support mechanisms has exacerbated
the farmers' plight, leaving them stranded in a
sea of un- certainty and unmet promises. The
BJP's inability to deliver on its commitments
has not only deepened the farmers' fi- nancial
woes but has also ex-
posed the gaping chasm be- tween rhetoric and
reality. Amidst this backdrop of ad- versity,
the stark disparity in relief measures becomes
all too apparent. While industrial- ists bask
in the glow of sub- stantial waivers, the
farmers' cries for equitable treatment fall on
deaf ears, painting a stark picture of neglect
and ap- athy. In response to these press- ing
challenges, the Farmers Congress
Parliamentarians have vowed to stand in soli-
darity with the farming com-
munity. Their pledge to mobi- lize grassroots
efforts, reach- ing out to every corner of the
land, serves as a beacon of hope and resilience
in the face of adversity. The echoes of urgency
and resolve emanating from the Gandhi Bhavan
meeting serve as a rallying cry for action and
accountability. As we stand at a critical
juncture, the plight of the farmers demands our
un- wavering support and collec- tive action to
pave the way for a brighter and more equitable
future for all.
Medchal-Malkajgiri district. They were ordered
to stop per- forming medical procedures that
require the qualifications "Close / Seize" and
to stop in- dicating allopathic medicines
without proper qualifications, as this promotes
quackery. Taking public health into
consideration, on April 16, 2024, Dr. T.
Raghunatha Swamy along with his team visited to
the "Seize" medical
center. Dr. Narayana Rao, Deputy District
Medical Health Officer, Keesara Divi- sion,
Dr. Lavanya, Medical Officer, PHC
Shrirangavaram, Dr. Srihas, Medical Officer,
Basti Davakhana, Gundlapoc- hampally, and
Revenue Po- lice Department officials
conducted an inspection and sealed the first aid
center as seize.
directives of the Chairman of the Telan- gana
State Medical Council, fake doctors who are
prescrib- ing medicines practicing al-
vant police station SHO to take necessary
actions as per the regulations of the National
Medical Commission and the TSMC Act. The
concerned SHO filed FIRs against individuals who
were practicing allopathy without the necessary
qualifi- cations at the Meghavath
lopathy in the
Medchal-Malkajgiri district
have been ordered by the rele- Clinic in
Renewed Hope and Unwavering Faith BJP's
Door-to-Door Campaign Rekindles Belief in Modi's
Vemulawada's Rajarajeswara Swamy Devasthanam
Hosts Sita-Rama Kalyanam
Vaddepalli Rajeshwar Rao asserts Saffron wave
certain in ensuing elections DECCAN NEWS SERVICE
resonated in every corner. The narrative of
Eatala Rajender, the BJP's aspiring MP candi-
date from Malkajgiri, unfolded with a blend of
passion and conviction. The supporters ar-
ticulated their profound belief in Rajenders
leadership, im- ploring the people to entrust
him with their hopes and aspi- rations. The air
was thick with promises and assurances, as
voices rang out in unison Narendra Modi's
guarantee, Eatalas security. These were not
mere words but a testa- ment to the unshakable
resolve and commitment of the BJP members to
serve the nation with integrity and
dedication. In the aftermath of the cam- paign,
as the dust settled and the fervor subsided, the
legacy of the day lingered in the hearts of all
who bore witness. The organizers, led by the in-
defatigable convener Mad- havaram Kantha Rao and
Dis- trict Convener Mallareddy, Co-Convenor
Padmaiah, As- sembly Convener Srikar Rao, GHMC
Moosapet Division Corporator Mahender, District
Secretary Shailesh, Baji Nagar Division
President Vinod, Pan- tala Lakshmi, Renuka,
Sudha Ravi, Jagadish, Suribabu a co- hort of
dedicated leaders, stood as pillars of strength
and unity, embodying the spirit of service and
community. The door-to-door campaign was more
than a political en- deavour it was a testament
to the enduring power of faith, unity, and
hope. As the stars twinkled overhead, a sense of
optimism and purpose en- veloped the streets,
reminding all that in the face of chal- lenges,
it is unity and belief that will illuminate the
path forward.
? MEDCHAL In a stirring display of un-
wavering dedication and re- newed hope, members
of the Telangana state working com- mittee of
the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) recently con-
ducted a door-to-door cam- paign in the Balaji
Nagar division, reaffirming their faith in the
leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and
the transformative potential of his
government. Amidst the bustling streets and
humble homes, Vaddepalli Rajeshwar Rao, a
prominent member of the Telangana BJP,
passionately expressed the re- sounding belief
that once again, it is Modi's government that
will steer the nation to- wards progress and
prosperity. With fervor in his voice, he
highlighted the remarkable strides that India
has taken
auspicious celebration of Sita and Ra-
ma'sKalyanam at Vemu- lawada Sri Rajarajeswara
Swamy Devasthanam,
renowned as Dakshina Kashi.
Following Bhadrachalam in Telangana, this sacred
union is honored annually in Vemu- lawada,
drawing devotees from across Telangana, esti-
mated to be in the lakhs. The temple is adorned
with radiant lamps, and the temple admin-
istration assures devotees of seamless
arrangements to en- sure their comfort and
safety during this significant event. Local
Talent Shines Nandala Sai Kiran's Impressive
SIRCILLA Nandala Sai Kiran, hailing from
Welichala village in Ra- madugu Mandal of Chop-
padandi Constituency, has made his mark in the
UPSC results with an impressive
under Modi's leadership, posi- tioning the
country as a global frontrunner and beacon of
de- velopment. The campaign was not merely
about political out- reach it was a poignant
ode to
faith and community spirit. At streets as the
BJP members, the revered Venkateshwara led by
their convictions, em- Swamy temple, prayers
were barked on the door-to-door offered,
beseeching the divine program, weaving a
tapestry for blessings upon the land and of
unity and purpose. its people. The echoes of
devo- As the sun set on the event- tion
reverberated through the ful day, emotional
Zero Tolerance Councilor Arrested in Land
Possession Case
Community Contact Program Crackdown on
Unregistered Two-Wheelers DECCAN NEWS SERVICE ?
SIRCILLA Vemulawada DSP Nagen- dra Chari leads
a "Community Contact Programme" aimed at crime
prevention in Bollaram village under
Vemulawada Rural Police Station, Rajanna the
village, resulting in the ilance, DSP Chari urges
vil- Sirisilla District. DSP Chari seizure of 40
two-wheelers lagers to report any suspicious
oversees the inspection of lacking proper
documentation. activity and notify the police
every household and vehicle in Emphasizing
community vig- about newcomers.
Addition- Educator Excels Kandala Ramaiah
Awarded Psychology Doctorate
ally, he advocates for the in- stallation of
CCTV cameras for enhanced security and warns
against substance abuse, urging youth to stay
away from drugs like ganja. Aware- ness about
cybercrimes is also highlighted, with citizens
en- couraged to report incidents promptly to
the toll-free num- ber 1930. The program sees
participation from Ruler CI Srinivas, SSI
Maruti, and other police personnel, reinforcing
the collaborative effort to maintain law and
27th rank. His achievement signifies a potential
path to be- coming an IAS officer. Welichala
villagers and local
public representatives extend heartfelt
congratulations to him, recognizing his
outstand- ing accomplishment.
Boy drowns in a swimming pool at Sanathnagar
2022 by President Draupadi Murmu.Acknowledging
his achievements, Valluri Ra- machandram, along
with fac- ulty members from Osmania
University's Department of Psychology and local
educa- tion authorities, extend their
congratulations. Ramaiah ex- presses gratitude
to his men- tors, colleagues, and family,
pledging to continue his re- search endeavors in
educa- tional psychology to further enhance the
field of educa- tion.
Khare of Jayashankar Bhupalapalli Dis- trict
issues a stern warning against land grabbing,
empha- sizing that stringent measures will be
taken against offend- ers. Khare stresses the
impor- tance of justice for all, urging victims
to report incidents of land grabs to the police.
In a recent case, Bhupalapalli po-
lice apprehended Councilor Kota Haribabu for his
involve- ment in an attempted land grab. The
arrest follows an in- cident where a man from
Kasimpalli allegedly de- stroyed property and
illegally encroached upon land. Bhu- palapalli
police acted swiftly, registering a case and
detain- ing the accused councilor,
demonstrating their commit- ment to upholding
the law and protecting citizens' rights.
Hyderabad A 12-year-old boy drowned in a
swimming pool at a Sanathnagar on Mon- day
evening. The boy Karthikeya, studying in stan-
dard sixth lived along with his family at
Subashnagar in Sanathnagar. On Monday evening,
the child was playing cricket along with his
friends and dur- ing the game the ball landed in
an indoor stadium located near
the local open
University con- fers a doctorate in psychology
upon Kandala Ramaiah, a dedicated mathematics
teacher at Zilla Parishad High School in Abbapur
village, Mulugu Mandal, Telangana.
Under the guidance of Acharya Valluri Ramachan-
dram from Kakatiya Univer- sity's Department of
Psychology, Ramaiah delves into the topic of
'copying styles among high school teachers,'
exploring emotional intelligence, occupational
stress, and personality factors.
With 25 years of teaching experience, Ramaiah
has au- thored textbooks, served as a national
and state-level re- source person, and con-
tributed to research and school development.
Recog- nized for his commitment, he was honored
with the Na- tional Best Teacher Award in
ground.Karthikeya, scaled the wall of the indoor
stadium and went inside. We suspect he tried to
col- lect the ball that fell in the pool and
drowned. The body was
retrieved later in the night, said an official
of Sanathnagar police station. A case is regis-
How to Eggs
Food for Thought place. The question here is
how are they going
Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed
concern over wastage of food in his radio
programme, Mann Ki Baat. Two weeks later, his
government has devised a plan to counter it. The
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public
distribution is planning to regulate food
portions served at restaurants and is said to be
drafting a questionnaire for hotels and
restaurants to explain what dish sizes they
should serve to a customer. Some say that the
mandate for eateries would just be to clearly
mention the portion size on the menu so that
customers know how much to order. In any case,
this has added to the confusion among the
restaurant owners, who are already working hard
to get around the liquor ban. Calling it a cheap
publicity tactic, Riyaaz Amlani, President of
National Restaurant Association of India told
The Indian Express, Keeping a check on food
wastage is a very good idea but maybe they
should start with government-run godowns and
sabzi mandis where several metric tonnes of food
is wasted. As far as the restaurants are
concerned, food never goes waste because
customers get the food packed if they cant
finish it or it is distributed among the
poor. Adds Amit Burman, promoter of Lite Bite
Foods, who has seven restaurant chains across
India including Punjab Grill, Zambar, Asia 7 and
the Subway outlets, I dont understand who is
advising the government to come up with such
ideas. They have bigger things to do. Burman
adds that it is absolutely impractical to put
such a regulation in
size. Portions are decided on the basis of
research and customer feedback. This is a
service industry and has to be run by our guests
and not the government. Some of our raw
materials come pre-portioned while others that
have a shelf-life are closely monitored, says
Rahul Singh, Owner, Beer Cafe, which has many
outlets across Delhi. Even the chefs are quite
unsure how such a regulation can be implemented.
Also, while everyone agrees in principle that
food wastage needs to be curbed, people in the
industry are of the view that restaurants are
the last place w h e r e wastage of food
actu ally
to do it? For instance, if we are serving grilled
chicken, how can the government decide the size
of chicken? he says. There are many factors, he
says, that go into a restaurant arriving at a
suitable portion size such as pricing, raw
material and the number of ingredients used in a
particular dish. We dont need to be t o l d
t hat f ood should not be wasted. This is
common sense. This is no way to figure out a
If you love eggs, then this one's for you! Chhavi
Sachdev, communications consultant and radio
journalist, shares her version of healthy poached
eggs with HealthMeUp. She mentions two methods
of preparing poached eggs - in a microwave or
over the stove. Let's check them out. Over to
Chhavi's healthy poached egg recipes... Shortcut
"poached" eggs - microwave version You need A
microwave, a microwave safe small bowl/ramekin,
an egg. -Break the egg into the ramekin and
puncture the surface with a fork, swirl it around
without breaking the yolk. You need the membrane
to be porous or you will have an egg explosion
inside your oven, which will stink and is a
pain to clean up. -Nuke for 30 seconds on 50
power. If you can't figure this out, just nuke
on full power for 20 seconds. -Wait 3
seconds. Repeat nuking for 30/20 seconds. - W a
i t 3 m o r e seconds. Ignore any noises
inside the microwave. Repeat nuking. -If you
like your egg yolk hard, do it one more
time. -Use a wet knife to get the perfectly
rounded 'poached' egg out of the ramekin on to
your waiting English muffin. Shortcut "poached"
eggs - stovetop version You need A metal bowl,
a saucepan with 200 ml of water heating in it
(lid preferable), egg. -Set saucepan with water
on stove, on full heat till boils.
-Break egg into the metal bowl. I dab one drop of
oil in it to make the egg removal easier -Put
the metal bowl into the saucepan with the
water, reduce heat to simmer -Cover, let the
steam do it's job. -Peek in about 3 minutes in.
switch off when yolk is at the colour/hardness
you require. -Use a "pakkad" or tongs to get the
metal bowl out, and a wet knife to slide the egg
out on to your toast. And there you have it - a
simple, no-fuss, healthy method of poaching eggs
with what you have in the kitchen. Try it out
and tell us how it went!
happe ns. Chef Ravitej Nath, w h o h a
s worked with Oberoi group for 18 years, says
Food wastage is a huge problem but restaurants
are only a part of the problem. What we need is
to create awareness and devise a system where
food is collected and redistributed. I dont
think curbing portion sizes will help.
Top natural sweeteners What is clean eating? that
can replace sugar
and sucrose. You can notice an increase in
energy within an hour of eating dates. Date
sugar also helps to increase good bacteria.
Dates are known for preventing constipation. Cocon
ut sugar The boiled and dehydrated sap of the
coconut palm is called as coconut sugar. Coconut
sugar offers some trace of nutrients and also
has less impact on your blood sugar
level. Coconut sugar is not a
nutritional superfood, but it offers more
vitamins and minerals than refined sugar does.
It contains nutrients like vitamin C, potassium,
phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper
and zinc. Coconut sugar has less fructose which
is good because fructose is a type of sugar that
your body converts into fat. Your liver can
break down fructose, and one of the results of
this breakdown is triglyceride, a form of fat
which is definitely not good for our
body. Blackstrap molasses Blackstrap molasses is
a thick, dark syrup produced when the sugar cane
plant is processed to make refined sugar. This
type of molasses contain all the vitamins and
minerals which were absorbed by the plant from
the soil, but which didn't quite make it to the
end product of nutritionally devoid white
sugar. Dark treacle contains
Carbohydrates, Sugar, Protein, Iron, Manganese,
Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium , Vitamin B6 and
Copper. In addition, it's free of fat and
cholesterol and contains negligible amounts of
sodium. Although blackstrap molasses contains a
somewhat high level of sugar but its vitamin
Not only empty calories, the adverse effects of
sugar are way beyond it. A lot of health experts
believe it to be the worst ingredient in your
diet. But if you can't survive without your dose
of sweetness, we bring you some natural
sweeteners that are way better than your white
sugar. Maple syrup As compared to refined sugar
that offers no nutrients at all, maple syrup
contains important antioxidants and minerals
like manganese and zinc. Though refined sugar
and maple syrup have few things in common but
there are definitely more favourable reasons to
choose maple syrup between the two. Although
both are made up of two-third sucrose, maple
syrup provides less sugar and more nutrients to
your diet. One benefit of maple syrup is that it
impacts your blood sugar level less than what
refined sugar does. Another factor that makes
maple syrup better than refined sugar is how it
is made. Maple syrup is derived from the sap of
maple trees. Unlike refined sugar which
undergoes a long, complex process in order to be
condensed in crystalized sugar, maple syrup is
much more natural. Refined sugar contains
minimal antioxidant activity, but maple syrup has
a higher antioxidant capacity. Some antioxidants
found in maple syrup include benzoic acid,
cinnamic acid, gallic acid and various flavanols
like quercetin, epicatechin, rutin and
catechin. Honey
which may provide some health benefits. Unlike
honey, table sugar lacks minerals and vitamins
they draw upon the body's nutrients to be
metabolised into the system. Honey has more
calories than sugar, but it's also sweeter. You
may find you need less honey than sugar to get
the desired sweetness. Honey is carbohydrates,
composed primarily of glucose and fructose. It is
used as an ingredient in many prepackaged foods
and recipes. It can result in weight gain if
overused. No matter which type you prefer, any
kind of honey can spike blood sugar levels. Date
sugar One of the main reasons people avoid
eating dates is the belief that they will raise
their blood sugar levels, but a study shows that
while dates contain high amounts of natural
sugars, they are actually a low- glycemic index
food and do not significantly raise blood sugar
levels. If you are diabetic, speak to your
doctor before adding dates to your diet so that
you can monitor your blood sugar levels and
determine how dates affect you personally. Date
sugar is packed with vitamins and minerals like
calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iron,
copper, zinc, selenium and manganese where as
white sugar does not. Date sugar is packed with
protein, fibre and carbs which make you feel
full for much longer. And this can help curb
hunger and prevent weight gain. Date sugar has
more potassium per serving than a banana. Date
sugar has fewer calories than white sugar. It is
full of energy due to presence of
In the language of nutrition, it's very easy to
get your wires crossed. Master cleanses, detox
diets, low-carb diets, high- protein diets and
the like usually lead to more questions than
answers. So how do you sift through them all?
This piece is the first in a series of articles
where I attempt to translate the prevalent
beliefs or attitudes towards particular foods or
diets. Today, I get up close and personal with
a hot new fad - clean eating. In a nutshell,
clean eating is less of a diet and more of a
movement. The idea is to eat 'farm to table' or
to make sure your ingredients are as fresh as
they can get. In other words, processed foods
are off the table. You opt for fresh vegetables,
fresh meat, fresh dairy, and consequently, a
fresh problem how do you access fresh food all
the time? For nutritionists, clean eating is the
ultimate 'happily ever after' where the freshest
foods meet t h e h e a l t h i e s t c o o k
i n g techniques. To start off, eliminate
processed meats, store-bought sugary treats,
refined and polished grains, ready-to-eat meals
and precooked foods. A more pragmatic way to
eat clean food is to try cleaner eating...
cleaner than what store for long. Wilting
leaves you are used to right now. It will benefit
your body sitting forlornly in your fridge for
days will not have
Honey is a sweet natural produced by bees from
the nectar of flowers. Each bee makes about half
a tea spoon of honey in their lifetime. Honey
bee collects the nectar from
g l u c o s e , and mineral profile makes it a
better option
than processed sugar. It prevents and cures
iron-deficiency. The most common cause of anemia
is iron deficiency and blackstrap molasses is a
fantastic source of iron. Many doctors recommend
a tablespoon a day stirred into hot water for
those with anemia or related disorders. It has
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In
tests comparing the antioxidant content of
several sweeteners including refined sugar, raw
cane sugar, agave nectar, corn syrup,
brown sugar, maple syrup, honey and molasses, it
was found that dark and blackstrap molasses had
the highest markers for antioxidant activity.
fructo s e
flowers, which then gets converted into honey
due to enzymes in honey bee saliva. The flavour
and texture of honey depend on the flowers honey
bee chooses. Honey is composed of water
and sugar components fructose and glucose. It
also contains little amounts of amino acids,
enzymes, vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals and
antioxidants. Honey can help kill germs and
promote healing of minor cuts and burns. Many of
the antioxidants found in honey are classified
as flavonoids. Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory
beyond your imagination. any nutritional value.
Another way is to cook the food as fresh as
possible. So Third, keep in mind that the focus
is not on perfection cook food you've bought
today, especially, meats and but on relative
success. In the process of eliminating
fish. Stock smaller quantities of the same foods
and processed foods, you are cooking with fresh
make sure you use them as fast as possible. Do
not and it's an important step.
KCR Rallies for BRS Victory Amidst
Warangal's UPSC Success Congrats to Three
Critiques and Political Maneuvers DECCAN NEWS
SERVICE ? SANGAREDDY Telangana's inaugural
Chief Minister, KCR, casti- gates the current
state of af- fairs, condemning what he
perceives as a lack of progress and respect for
the hard-won Telangana. Speak- ing at the Praja
Ashirwada public meeting, he laments the slow
pace of transforma- tion promised by his succes-
sors and rallies support for BRS, emphasizing
the need for votes and seats to secure
Telangana's future. Highlighting concerns over
Warangal residents have reason to celebrate as
three candidates from the district se- cure
notable ranks in the UPSC exams. Raoula
Jayasimha Reddy from Hanu- makonda clinches the
104th rank, Saimpu Kiran from Geesukonda
village secures 568th place, and Kota Anil
Kumar from Shivnagar achieves the 764th rank.
There's buzz about Jayasimha Reddy potentially
aiming for the prestigious IAS position, adding
to the district's pride. His dedication is
evident as he pursues this dream alongside
his ongoing IPS training, showcasing resilience
and am- bition. Congratulations pour in from
residents of Vidyut Nagar Colony and the city,
recognizing Jayasimha
Reddy's remarkable achieve- ment.
the government's stability, KCR questions the
allegiance of political figures like Re- vanth
Reddy, accusing him of forging alliances with
ideo- logical adversaries like Modi,
potentially jeopardizing the administration's
tenure. Amidst these uncertainties, KCR
stresses the significance of honoring
Telangana's ori- gins, invoking the memory of
Ambedkar and emphasizing the need to respect the
Consti- tution's architects.
Drawing sharp contrasts with the opposition, KCR
criticizes the Congress for un- fulfilled
promises and ne- glecting crucial agricultural
initiatives. He accuses the Congress of
betraying the farmers by failing to deliver on
assurances such as loan waivers and bonuses,
con- trasting their tenure with his
administration's efforts to pri- oritize
agricultural welfare. Amidst political jostling,
KCR asserts the BJP's ineffi-
cacy and calls for support for candidates like
Venkataram Reddy, emphasizing their dedication
to public service. Additionally, he highlights
Gali Anil Kumar's contribu- tions to the
Telangana move- ment, urging voters to
acknowledge his sacrifices. Echoing KCR's
sentiments, former ministers like Tanniru
Harish Rao and Pocharam Srinivas Reddy decry the
Congress's failures and pledge support for BRS,
phasizing KCR's leadership and the tangible
benefits his government has delivered to the
people of Telangana. In a cultural appeal, Desha-
pati Srinivas underscores the religious
importance of polit- ical choices, framing
support for BRS as an intrinsic part of
Telangana's identity, while denouncing
opposition ide- ologies. As Telangana braces for
political upheaval, KCR and his allies seek to
Patancheru BRS Rally to KCR's Praja Ashirwada
and the upcoming parliamen- tary elections. GMR
expressed confidence in KCR's victory,
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