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You need to prepare medical records before meeting your hair specialist. If possible, ask your immediate family about sicknesses which may have caused them to lose hair at any point in their lives. If the problem is caused by kidney ailments or thyroid problems, your hair should grow back to normal after your medical treatments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair Transplant

Small But Important Things To Observe In Hair
  • The hair grows just about 1 centimeter per month
    and an estimate of 90 percent hair on your scalp
    is growing anytime. Moreover, about 10 percent of
    the hair is in its resting phase and after a span
    of 2 or 3 months, the resting hair will fall and
    another new hair will take its place. This
    process is normal, however if the condition
    worsens it can lead to abnormal hair loss which
    will end up to baldness. Male hair loss is
    another type of androgenetic alopecia would
    result to about 95 of hair loss in men. Once a
    male starts to reach the age of 35, two-thirds of
    them will begin to experience some degree of
    substantial hair loss and when they turns 50,
    more or less 85 of them will drastically
    experience thinning hair. However, there are
    about 25 of men who will undergo the whole
    painful process even before they reach 21.
  • The probability of getting bald is higher for
    male. Basically, alopecia is genetic in nature,
    therefore if you see some of your family members
    experiencing the problem, then you have a high
    chance of also having it. Contrary to what other
    people would think, male hair loss is not a scalp
    related problem rather it take place because of
    the chemical reaction that occurs among oil
    glands, Hair Transplant and testosterone. This is
    true since there are men who possess areas on the
    scalp which is extremely sensitive to the male
    sex hormones found in the blood.
  • Thanks to the advancement of science because
    these days, one can benefit from medical hair
    transplants that will tender astonishing results
    that will help the patient to directly solve the
    problem. Nevertheless, the method of hair
    transplant is the final solution to hair loss.
    Most doctors would not ask their patients to
    undergo the treatment only after the patient did
    not react to hair loss remedies that are all
    obtainable in the market.
  • There are various products specially designed for
    male hair loss that are available on the market.
    You just have to look for one that contains
    ingredients such as saw, pro-vitamin B5, and
    palmetto zinc. These chemicals are noted to keep
    hair growing on the head. Moreover, if you wish
    to stop the occurrence of hair loss, then you can
    make use of hair loss products that you can get
    hold of from drug stores, supermarkets, beauty
    stores, and even online stores.
  • On the other hand, if the condition worsens and
    merely using the above mentioned treatment is no
    longer necessary, than medical hair restoration
    will be the best alternative to use. In this
    process, you need to shell out a bigger amount of
    cash but the result is amazing. The whole
    treatment is not painful at all, although there
    are some patients who would complain about
    swelling and discomfort. Talk to your
    dermatologist so you can both decide the best
    product or hair transplant process that will
    solve your male hair loss problem.

I Wish Everyone Knew About Hair Transplant Turkey
  • There are a lot of tangible options for you when
    it comes to hair restoration. You don't have to
    worry about wearing an embarrassing wig for the
    rest of your life once you start to have thinning
    hair. Hair loss treatments range from natural
    topical solutions to surgical hair transplants,
    depending on the severity of your condition.
  • Essential oils
  • Studies show that daily applications of hair
    growth oils, which are made from lavender,
    rosemary, thyme, Cedarwood, jojoba oil and
    grapeseed oil can stimulate hair follicles that
    have stopped producing strands of hair. These
    oils retain the follicles lost nutrients which
    can be caused by poor diets, chemical hair
    processing, Hair Transplant Turkey and lack of
  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Sometimes, the key to restoring good, healthy
    hair is a good diet. When you get into crash
    diets that leave your body hungry for proper
    vitamins and nutrients, you naturally suffer from
    hair loss. Foods rich in calcium and silica are
    especially good for hair growth.
  • Laser Therapy
  • Laser therapy has a lot of benefits including
    healing wounds, aiding bone restoration, and
    lately, restoring hair. It stimulates the
    inactive hair follicles in your head, letting
    making them produce strong healthy hair strands.
    Most manufacturers offer laser combs especially
    for this purpose.
  • Hair Transplants
  • If none of these therapeutic or topical
    treatments seem to be working for you, you might
    want to consider undergoing a hair transplant.
    It's a surgical procedure which is used mainly
    for male balding. This includes the transfer of
    hair follicles from other parts of your body to
    your head. It's relatively affordable for a
    surgical procedure, although it requires close
    pre-surgical and post-surgical care.

Great Hair Transplant Istanbul That You Can Share
With Your Friends
  • Non surgical hair replacement includes various
    means of battling hair loss without resorting to
    an actual hair transplant. Most of the time, they
    are safer than the hair transplant itself, and
    they're relatively more affordable by the average
  • Common causes
  • Gradually losing your hair is caused by a number
    of factors in our genes, Hair Transplant Istanbul
    and in our lifestyles. Only a visit to your
    trichologist can determine the real cause of your
    problem. The reasons can range from unhealthy
    sleeping habits, to poor diets, to heredity, and
    sometimes even sickness. This is why you need to
    be medically diagnosed first before going through
    any hair restoration therapy or surgery. They
    might not nip the problem in the bud if you're
    too hasty in availing of "wonder drugs" and
    "magic wands" found in the market.
  • Before visiting your hair loss specialist
  • You need to prepare medical records before
    meeting your hair specialist. If possible, ask
    your immediate family about sicknesses which may
    have caused them to lose hair at any point in
    their lives. If the problem is caused by kidney
    ailments or thyroid problems, your hair should
    grow back to normal after your medical
  • Also make a record of your diet. Your hair loss
    can be caused by malnutrition. The most common
    culprit for this is crash dieting that can
    seriously strip your body of nutrients, including
    protein, carbohydrates, calcium and silica. Your
    trichologist can prescribe medications which can
    stabilize your body again, but you will have to
    keep a healthier diet if you want to avoid hair
    loss in the future.
  • Other forms of nonsurgical hair replacement
    methods include essential oils solutions and
    laser therapy. Laser therapy can only go as far
    as simulating your hair follicles back to life.
    You need to get into a healthier lifestyle if you
    want to maintain a full, healthy head of hair.
  • When is surgery valid?
  • Surgical hair replacement methods are only
    justified when no other treatment seems to be
    working for you. Even so, hair transplant works
    more effectively with male candidates than female
    candidates. Females experiencing hair loss might
    benefit more from therapeutic means of hair

Things You Need To Know About FUE Hair Transplant
  • If you are dealing with thinning hair or
    baldness, then you may be considering hair
    regrowth treatment. Dealing with hair loss is
    definitely difficult, but today there are a
    variety of great options out there that you can
    try to help re-grow your hair. Wondering where to
    begin searching for treatment options? Well, here
    are several of the options that are available to
    you when you are searching for an effective hair
    regrowth treatment.
  • Over the Counter Treatments
  • First of all, when you are looking for helpful
    treatments that will help you to re-grow your
    hair, you'll find that there are some over the
    counter treatments out there. You can find
    various treatment products, FUE Hair Transplant
    and shampoos that are supposed to help you grow
    more hair in place of the hair that you have
    lost. If you have just noticed that you are
    having a problem with thinning hair or hair loss,
    then you may want to start out using one of these
  • Medications
  • Another option available for re-growing your hair
    when you're dealing with thinning or baldness is
    medication. There are a variety of different
    prescription medications that can be prescribed
    that may be the right answer to help you grow
    your hair back. There are medications that are
    injected into the scalp, medications taken on a
    systematic basis, and even medications that you
    apply right to the scalp.
  • Minigrafts and Micrografts
  • Minigrafts and micro grafts are also options for
    you as well when you are looking for a good hair
    regrowth treatment to start growing your hair
    back. You'll find that these are fairly new
    procedures. Basically, you'll find that just a
    few hairs, or even as little as one or two are
    transplanted when the graft is done. This means
    that you could have a variety of different grafts
    done before you totally fix the problem. Usually
    it helps to make sure that your hairline looks a
    lot more natural.
  • Hair Transplants
  • Hair transplants are also used to help with the
    regrowth of hair as well. In fact, this is the
    most common type of hair regrowth treatment out
    there for people losing their hair. Hair is taken
    from the back of your scalp where you are still
    growing, your hair and it is put into the areas
    where you are having a hard time growing your
    hair. They can be painful, but many times you'll
    find that they are successful.
  • These are just a few of the options that are
    available to you today when you're looking for
    hair regrowth treatment. Usually it's best to
    start out with the least drastic option and then
    work your way up to the more serious ones if the
    others don't work.

Things That Make You Love And Hate FUE Hair
Transplant Turkey
  • There are many types of hair loss treatment
    methods available in the market, but which one
    constitutes the best hair loss treatment? Answers
    from different experts differ, some because of
    self-interests in the products they are
    promoting, but they all agree on one thing -
    being able to identify the actual cause of the
    hair loss problem holds the master key to a
    successful treatment. So what works for one
    person may not work for another basically because
    the cause of their hair loss is different. Let us
    now take a look at some of the best hair loss
    treatment available in the marketplace.
  • Hormonal Tune-up
  • Hormonal changes in the body may also result in
    hair loss. One of the most well known one in this
    category is postpartum hair loss - which usually
    happens to women after they had given birth. Hair
    loss may also occur when one reaches the
    menopausal stage, suffering from acute stress,
    traumatic experiences or even anxieties because
    of hormonal upheaval within the body. Hormones
    secreted from the pituitary glands, FUE Hair
    Transplant Turkey and thyroid glands may also
    cause hair loss known as hypothyroidism. When the
    cause is hormonal imbalance, doctors would
    normally prescribe specific medicine to treat it.
  • Anti-androgenic therapy
  • This therapy is used to treat hair loss due to
    genetic causes. In most cases, there is an
    excessive secretion of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT),
    which is a biologically active metabolite of the
    hormone testosterone. DHT is found to be the main
    culprit for causing baldness in men. When doctors
    come across a hair loss problem which is due to
    an excess of DHT, more often than not they would
    prescribe their patient to undergo
    anti-androgenic therapy. The problem with this
    form of treatment is that it is time-consuming,
    and treatment may last even for a year or more.
  • Hair Transplant
  • When hair loss has reached a severe stage and no
    treatment seemed able to address the problem,
    hair transplantation is usually prescribed for
    both men and women. The newer systems available
    are now able to provide very good treatment by
    way of stimulating hair follicles in the affected
    areas to the extend that it is often difficult to
    determine the post-operative areas from the
    normal ones. But hair transplant is beyond the
    reach of the masses because it is relatively
    expensive. Similar to other surgical procedures,
    it does have its share of risks (such as getting
    an infection, bleeding, or pain during and after
    surgery), but such risks are now greatly
    minimized due to advancement in technology.
  • Alternative Treatment
  • For those who avoids chemical-based treatment
    like plague, there are alternative approaches
    available to achieve hair regrowth and
    regeneration, such as by using herbs or Ayurvedic
    treatment. Ayurvedic medicines are claimed to
    work by preventing excessive oiliness or dryness
    from happening on the scalp. It also helps to
    raise immunity levels, thus restoring normal hair
    growth. This type of treatment often uses a wide
    variety of herbs such as Toulouse, Basil, Aloe
    Vera and Neem. The Ayurvedic way also prescribes
    the intake of nutritious meals, and drinking
    plenty of water to keep the body clean.

Things Nobody Told You About Hair Transplant Price
  • For many women the idea of losing their hair is a
    scary thought. We all know the saying "beauty is
    skin deep" and "you can't judge a book by its
    cover". Obviously the people who came up with
    these sayings were not women. Over the years a
    woman's hair has been a distinct part of her
    beauty, Hair Transplant Price and charm.
  • So what causes baldness in women? There can be
    many contributing factors. There can there can be
    natural reasons, or genetic. Many times the hair
    loss can be caused by circumstances like stress,
    an infection, diabetes or medication. The
    treatment for other diseases like cancer can be
    the reason. Chemotherapy is one of the biggest
    reasons for female hair loss. What many people
    don't know is that their hair styles can even be
    hard on the hair. For example, any hairstyle that
    pulls on the hair, like pig tails or braids, can
    loosen hair along the scalp.
  • So what can be done to replace the hair that is
    lost? Many times it's as simple as just avoiding
    what's causing your hair to fall out in the first
    place. This could mean anything from changing
    your hair style to cutting stress out of your
    life. In the cases of chemotherapy, the hair
    should start to re-grow after treatment in
  • If the hair loss appears to be permanent, a hair
    transplant may be the only solution. While these
    may seem scary, they're doing every day. In most
    cases healthy hair is taken from another part of
    the body and transplanted the balding region.

Awesome Things You Can Learn From Hair Transplant
  • In this article I'm going to talk about treating
    hair loss men products. One of the first things I
    did when I saw that I was starting to lose my
    hair was to buy every product under the sun to
    try it out for myself. I can't say it was the
    most rational thing I've done, and I did go
    through a ton of bogus products that wasted my
    money, but I did find a few gems in my journey.
    Listed below are some of my experiences with most
    popular hair loss treatments.
  • Saw Palmetto - This is an oil that is primarily
    used for prostate hyperplasia in men. One of the
    positive side effects, researchers found out
    about Saw Palmetto when testing it was that it
    interacts with your sex hormones, which include
    androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT binds to
    your genetically predisposed hair follicles which
    results in the suppression and shrinkage of your
    hair. DHT is created from the type II 5-alpha
    reductase enzyme. Why Saw Palmetto is so popular
    is because it can effectively inhibit this enzyme
    which would stop DHT and treat your hair loss.
    You can find Saw Palmetto at your local pharmacy
  • Hair Transplant Surgery - If you are one of the
    few that can afford this type of surgery, this
    may be your best option you can take. This
    surgery involves transplanting the hair from the
    back of your head and moving it to the areas of
    your head where you are balding. The hair in the
    back of your head is important because it is
    unaffected by the DHT chemical. This is why
    you'll see most bald people who only have hair
    growth on the sides and back of their head. This
    option creates a natural look and solves your
    hair loss problems for good. Competent physicians
    are hard to find and there may be a chance of
    failure when doing the surgery. Again, it is an
    extremely costly procedure starting around 4000
    for the first session alone.
  • Best Option - Herbal DHT Blockers - If you are
    like most people and cannot afford hair
    transplant surgery, don't worry, there are other
    viable options. There are herbal pills that block
    DHT very effectively in your scalp. They
    accomplish this with herbal supplements contained
    in a single capsule, which have been known to
    stop hair loss after a few months use. Most also
    contain the important Saw Palmetto ingredient
    which helps to further block DHT. The reason why
    herbal DHT blockers have been getting so much
    attention is because they treat your hair loss
    without giving any negative side effects like
    most hair loss drugs. From the blogs and forums
    I've read where you can find unbiased reviews of
    Provillus, I really only read positive things
    being said. Most were raving about how well
    Provillus helped them to stop their hair loss and
    re-grow their hair. For more information to visit
    my website.
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