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How to Write a Lit Review – Tips for Students


Writing a lit review can be tough thing, so we prepared this presentation, take a look and find out some useful tips on how to write a lit review. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Write a Lit Review – Tips for Students

How to Write a Lit Review Tips for Students 
  • What is a Lit Review?
  • Lit review is a critical overview of the main
    literature published on a particular topic in
    your area of study. In a lit review, youre
    expected to gather and analyze the plenty of
    opinions of different writers.

  • What you shouldnt do is to simply summarize what
    one writer says, then describe opinions of
    another, and so on. What you should do is to
    compare and contrast different authors thought
    on your topic.

  • The Purpose of a Lit Review
  • It is like a guide to a particular topic. If a
    time to perform a research is running out, lit
    reviews can give you a helpful overview. Also, it
    helps to find out what is new in the field,
    emphasize the credibility of a writer in some
    scientific area. Besides, you can get a firm
    background for a research papers exploration by
    reading lit reviews.

  • Lit reviews structure
  • An introduction It must contain the main theme
    or central idea of your lit review.
  • Body Its a discussion over sources you
  • Conclusions and recommendations What youve got
    from reviewing these sources? Where may the
    discussing go on?

  • Steps in writing a lit review process
  • 1. Define reviews subjects and its extent.
  • 2. Use online databases, library catalogs, and
    other tools to find relevant to your topic

  • 3. Thoroughly read and assess each publication
    in order to define whether they can bring
    something to the understanding of the topic.
  • 4. Do literature analysis interpret and talk
    over findings and essential information from
    sources you chose.

  • How to evaluate sources for your lit review?
  • Find out the authors expertise in a particular
    area of study.
  • 2. Note authors arguments and evidence which
    back them up (empirical findings, historical
    materials, statistics, case studies or other
    scientific studies).

  • 3. Look if the author includes viewpoints of
    others and their opposing studies or he/she
    acknowledge only own opinions on the topic.
  • 4. Evaluate whether chosen sources give the
    deeper understanding of a particular subject.
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    writing service.

  • In your Lit review you should include
  • Write a short description of your subject or
    theory and formulate the problem concisely
  • If there some complex issues, explain them to the

  • 3. If there are works which support and oppose
    some scientific position, divide them into
  • 4. Define to what conclusions these authors came

  • 5. Clarify any gaps in previous research. Look
    for some lit review sample it will help for
  • 6. Make sure you acknowledge opinions which are
    opposite your own. If you ignore thoughts which
    do not agree with your position, your ideas will
    be weaker for sure.

  • 7. Indicate those publications which bring the
    most important contribution to the understanding
    of your topic
  • 8. Outline the way for future research on your

  • Other helpful tips on how to write a lit review
  • The style of your lit review needs to be formal
    and academic.
  • Avoid personal language and colloquialisms.
  • Respect other opinions and dont be too

  • Literature review writers are always concise,
    clear and up to the point. Use words such as
    assumes, argues, maintains, considers,
    discovers and so on instead of the word says
    when you describe an authors ideas.
  • If you are referring to some research, use the
    past tense if youre presenting someones
    opinions and theories, write my lit review in the
    present tense.

  • Be selective. Write about the most significant
    ideas in every publication to emphasize in your
    lit review.
  • Use evidence. Show the reader that what youre
    writing is actually valid backing up your
    arguments with significant evidence.

  • There is no place for huge quotes. Use some short
    quotations only if you need to highlight the
    point or you can rewrite authors words.
  • Summarize your sources in each section and within
    the review. Use literature review help if youre
    feeling you need professional assistance.

  • Remember that your ideas must be central. The
    sources youre writing about should support your
  • Paraphrase wisely. Represent authors viewpoints
    accurately in your own words. There is no place
    for plagiarized content.

  • Revision is a must. Get rid of scientific terms
    which are unfamiliar to your audience. Also,
    delete jargon or slang from your writing. Find
    out whether the format of your review is done
    according to academic standards and if sources
    are documented properly.
  • Other helpful tips you will find in this Google

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