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Title: Lit Review


  • Literature review is one of the primary
    requirement of every student no matter what sort
    of degree they are doing from any university in
    any subject of studies no matter it is
    psychology, science, banking or any other
  • provides complete assistance and
    easy access to the experts of review writing.
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Science Literature Review
  • What should we know about importance of our solar
  • Why do we sleep? How much sleep do we really
  • Which of the current science fiction movies is
    the most plausible?
  • Science demands facts not theories only, agree or
  • Why do birds have such beautifully colored
  • Use of insects as models for miniature robots?
  • How did human speech develop?
  • Why do some animals hibernate and others don't?
  • What developments in nanotechnology are currently
    being made for medical applications?
  • How do sunspots affect us on earth?
  • Science Literature Review

Psychology Literature Review
  • Traditional Neuroscience Research Methods
  • Imaging Techniques for the Localization of Brain
  • Nature Versus Nurture, A literature review
  • Affect of personality disorders leads to criminal
  • Impact of Biological Rhythms
  • Does Childhood Exposure to Technology Increase IQ
  • Video games are cause of violence in kids. Do you
  • Questions are the way to the generation of new
  • Reasons of excellent ideas but weak execution
  • Insightful misunderstandings
  • Psychology Literature Review

Nursing Literature Review
  • How does patient safety affect nursing ethics?
  • What are some strategies for handling critical
    and emergency care patients?
  • How does one deal with multigenerational teams in
    the workplace?
  • What are the main differences between primary
    care providers and nurses?
  • Ideal nurse to patient ration is not being
    followed any where. A review
  • Nurse as Patient's advocate.
  • Effective communication leads to ideal
    environment in hospital.
  • Discuss how Societys perception of nurses is
    that of quiet, caring women and is this positive
    or negative.
  • Nursing leadership an exemplary for the young
    professionals in hospitals
  • Do's and Don'ts for Nursing professionals
  • Nursing Literature Review

Social Media Literature Review
  • Effective of social media on relationships
  • How has social media helped solve our problems
  • Negative impact of social medias
  • Things to avoid pasting on social medias
  • How to limit the excessive use of social media
  • Safe way of using social medias
  • How do social media, and the Internet make the
    world bigger?
  • How do social media, and the Internet make the
    world Smaller?
  • Social integration leads us to differentiate
    between Human and machine interaction. Agree?
  • Have social media damaged this generation's
    ability to communicate in person? Agree?
  • Social Media Literature Review

Social Networking Literature Review
  • Disadvantages of rapid growth of social
    networking sites
  • Harmful impact of social networking sites on
    young generation
  • Tips and tricks of using social networking
  • Dangers of using social networks
  • Privacy mean to be how much privacy in case of
    social networking website
  • Social Networking Sites Beneficial to Society
  • Leading social networking site of today's era
  • Does social network really helping us to grow our
    social network?
  • Social Networking A Modern Day Freak Show
  • Social Networking Do's and Don'ts
  • Social Networking Literature Review

Youth Unemployment Literature Review
  • Does inflation affect youth unemployment
  • Youth unemployment and its impact for the growth
    of country
  • Tips to reduce youth unemployment
  • What government should do to control youth
  • Illiteracy leads to youth unemployment, Do you
  • Controlling youth unemployment can become strong
    backbone in nation's development
  • Role of universities and job fairs in minimizing
    youth unemployment
  • Role of online jobs in reducing youth
  • Youth unemployment, cause of decrease in per
    capita income
  • Increase in energy resources will decrease youth
    unemployment, Agree?
  • Youth Unemployment Literature Review

Water Quality Literature Review
  • Water pollution causes rise in health issues
  • Aquatic pollution and its causes
  • Does clean water laws exist?
  • How to check taste and health of drinking water?
  • Easy tips to purify water at home
  • What is "current test" for water purification?
  • Definition of toxic water. Can we purify it?
  • Health Of Nation's Water Supply, a review
  • Does filter actually filters whatever it should
  • Do's and Don'ts about drinking water
  • Water Quality Literature Review

Internet Banking Literature Review
  • Tips and tricks for using internet banking
  • Safety measures while accessing your internet
    banking account
  • Internet banking, the hidden facts
  • Beware of the internet banking thieves
  • Internet banking and its global impact on other
    online businesses
  • Internet banking. A bridge between interstate
  • Internet banking is not safe as much as it should
    be. Do you agree?
  • Suggestions for improvement in internet banking
  • Information sharing even with your own laptop is
    now not safe. A review
  • Internet banking, use it but don't rely on it
  • Internet Banking Literature Review

Stress Management Literature Review
  • Effectiveness of massage therapy as Stress
  • Use of reflexology to relieve Stress
  • Activities for Reducing Stress
  • Exercise is a best solution for stress management
  • Strategies for Relieving Stress quickly
  • Children and Teenager Stress Management
  • Tips to reduce stress in the Workplace
  • Overcome Stress with Creativity
  • The Science Behind the use of stress power
  • Coping with work stress, A technique
  • Stress Management Literature Review

Gender Discrimination Literature Review
  • Gender Discrimination and its impact on the
  • Tips to reduce Gender Discrimination
  • What our government should do to minimize Gender
  • Discrimination at Work, A basic reason poor
    efficiency of staff
  • How a man at work can overcome gender
    discrimination affect?
  • How a woman at work can overcome gender
    discrimination affect?
  • Why it is hard to implement race and gender laws
    at workplace?
  • Gender discrimination and its root cause
  • Role of team leader in reducing gender
    discrimination in organization
  • Tips to reduce gender discrimination and its
  • Gender Discrimination Literature Review

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