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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System & EMS Certification Experts


Expert ISO 14001 Environmental Management System & EMS certification. Protect your environment with a cost efficient ISO14001:2015 EMS from QMS. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ISO 14001 Environmental Management System & EMS Certification Experts

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)
Expert ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
EMS certification. Protect your environment
with a cost efficient ISO140012015 EMS from QMS.
Quality Management Systems is a leading UK
business process and ISO 14001 environmental
management system (EMS) specialist. We deliver a
comprehensive range of environmental management
solutions including the development,
implementation and certification of ISO 14001
based management frameworks auditing, training
and EMS software solutions to organisations of
different sizes and structures, throughout the
United Kingdom and internationally.
Our business process and environmental management
specialists help clients to develop practical,
environmentally sympathetic EMS frameworks that
can be deployed rapidly. Our individually
tailored environmental frameworks are designed to
integrate seamlessly with your core activities
and will help you achieve ISO 14001 certification
quickly and efficiently. By focusing on the
needs of your organisation our consultants work
quickly to develop a crystal clear appreciation
of what you do, how you do it, and your
environmental objectives. With this knowledge our
specialists can then work to ensure existing
environmental processes and procedures are
clearly identified, evaluated and then further
developed to reduce waste, improve regulatory
compliance, minimise environmental impact and
improve overall environmental performance. Our
cost efficient EMS frameworks are simple and easy
to use, can be deployed rapidly and are proven to
deliver a number of important benefits to
organisations whatever the size, structure or
market sector. If you would like to learn more
about our ISO14001 based EMS frameworks and how
we can help you develop world-class environmental
management systems please get in touch today.
Benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management
What is an Environmental Management System or EMS?
The Principles of Environmental Management
There are several key principles involved in any
effective environmental management system, and
these are typically built around the Plan Do
Check Act or PDCA cycle. This iterative
approach of review, evaluation and improvement is
common to most successful management systems and
is designed to help organisations achieve their
environmental goals and objectives and also
identify and act upon opportunities for future
Plan Do Check Act These key principles may
be applied to organisations of all sizes and
structures, across all industry sectors. There is
however ample room for individual organisations
to tailor any EMS they adopt to suit their own
environmental objectives and their specific
operational environment. The key principles of
any good environmental management system include
management team of any organisation needs to
commit fully to reducing its environmental impact
through improvements to its environmental
performance and the creation of its own
environmental policy. The environmental policy
should be seen as the foundation of the
environmental management system. PLAN
AHEAD Consider the environmental goals of the
organisation and how to achieve them in the most
effective way. This will also include meeting any
legal and regulatory standards that must be
achieved. Realistic objectives and targets should
be agreed upon and then incorporated in to an
action plan. This action plan should identify
roles and responsibilities, time scales and those
actions required to meet the environmental
objectives and targets that have been set. FOLLOW
PLAN Following through with each step of the
environmental action plan will help to ensure
every part of the plan is delivered and nothing
is left out. This implementation stage will
include the development of practical operating
procedures, establishing clear lines of
communication, staff training and environmental
RESULTS Performing regular audits to check and
evaluate an organisations environmental
performance against its stated aims and
objectives is very important. These vital stages
provide accountability to ensure every step in
the plan has been covered. It also provides an
opportunity to ensure the actions taken have
delivered the desired results.
Why Implement an ISO 14001 Environmental
Management System?
Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001
Any organisation wishing to use a specialist EMS
framework to help them focus on their
environmental responsibilities and so drive
improvements to their environmental performance
should consider adopting a recognised management
system already used by other organisations and
companies worldwide.
The first instance of such an environmental
system was published in June 1992 as BS 7750.
Four years later BS 7750 was followed by ISO
14001, a comprehensive environmental management
system developed by the International
Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). ISO
14001 is based around the Plan Do Check
Act or PDCA approach and is the now the most
popular environmental management standard having
been adopted by thousands of organisations around
the world. The standard was updated in September
2015 and ensures that strong leadership, improved
performance and an in-depth approach remain
essential building blocks of this environmental
management system.
Get Expert Environmental Management
Support Contact Quality Management Systems today
to discuss your environmental management and ISO
14001 standards requirements. Our experts can
provide practical, cost effective advice and
support on all aspects of ISO14001
implementation, certification, auditing and
training all tailored to meet the needs of your
organisation. With offices in London and
Manchester, supported by regional teams of
specially trained management and standards
implementation specialists we can deliver cost
efficient, straight-forward EMS frameworks
developed to support your organisation and what
you do. Contact QMS today for more information
about our EMS solutions or for your FREE, no
obligation quote.
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