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bodytalk system for animals


Bodytalk System For Animals Practitioners work with the energetic connection between a pet owner or guardian and their animal. Whether it is a dog or cat this bond is a frequency which can be utilized by the BodyTalk for Animals Practitioner during a distance session with the pet’s owner or guardian. By the owner or guardian receiving a BodyTalk session with the intention of helping their animal, physical, mental, emotional, behavioral or energetic shifts can happen for the animal. Have a peek at this website for more information on Bodytalk System For Animals. follow us : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: bodytalk system for animals

Bodytalk For Animals
If you and/or your animal friends could use a
profound level of healing through the BodyTalk
system for animals, we can help you.
Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle, animal
communicator, empathic behaviorist, master
healer. Val specializes in healing chronic pain,
illness, trauma, training, behavior, performance,
Bodytalk System For Animals
What is BodyTalk for Animals? The BodyTalk
System, developed by IBA Global Healing, is an
astonishingly simple, safe and effective form of
holistic therapy that allows the bodys energy
systems to be re-synchronized so that they can
operate as nature intended. Each system, cell
and atom is supposed to be in constant
communication with each other at all times,
allowing us to be adaptable and flexible in life.
The benefits of a Heart Style BodyTalk session
are especially designed for animals and the
entire family too. As is the case with human
beings, exposure to stress can lead to disease
and malfunctioning within an animals body. The
understanding that animals deserve their own type
of BodyTalk inspired the evolution of BodyTalk
for Animals.
Bodytalk For Animals
Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day
life, these lines of communication become
compromised, leading to a decline in physical,
emotional and/or mental health. It is critical
that these systems be perfectly balanced for the
body to effectively coordinate the billions of
synchronized activities per second that are
necessary to maintain optimum health.
Reconnecting these lines of communication enables
the bodys mechanisms to function at optimal
levels, preventing disease and rapidly
accelerating the healing process.
Bodytalk System For Animals
The BodyTalk system for animals can be used as a
stand-alone therapy to help with many health
problems, or be seamlessly integrated into any
health care system to increase its effectiveness
and promote faster healing. It is non-invasive,
objective in application, and works quickly and
effectively on humans and animals
alike. BodyTalk for animals in combination with
animals communication and intuitive scanning has
proven to be extremely helpful in addressing many
behavior problems, as well as many common health
problems such as allergies, environmental
sensitivities, dyslexia, chronic viruses and
infections, depressed immune systems, brain
trauma and dysfunction, sugar metabolism
disorders, arthritis, musculo-skeletal pain,
emotional, behavioral and psychological problems,
among many other problems.
Bodytalk For Animals
In addition to Vals animal communication and
intuitive scanning services, as an advanced
PaRama level BodyTalk practitioner she also
specializes in Human Animal BodyMind Connection
and Assessment work. Her unique understanding
and application of the BodyTalk System of
healing therapies for both humans and their
animal companions is often an extraordinary
experience with amazing and fast results.
Because of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection
mirroring principle, Val often requests that the
human caregiver/owner receive treatment first,
then works with their animals to get the best
results as quickly as possible.
Bodytalk System For Animals
Vals Heart Style Healing Sessions are the
perfect place to begin if you are
  • Afraid your pet is suffering from pain,
    dementia/senility, or health problems and your
    vet hasnt been able to help them beyond a
    certain point
  • Worried they have something important to tell you
    about their health but you cant figure out what
    it is
  • Puzzled by your animals health issues and need
    help with getting to the root of the problems so
    they can heal
  • Losing sleep afraid your pet is getting ready to
    make their transition and you dont know how to
    help them feel better, what they want, or how
    much pain theyre in
  • Alarmed that your pet had a bad reaction to a
    vaccination and want to help them heal
  • Facing surgery or a veterinary procedure and want
    to prepare your pet properly so they get through
    it as quickly and easily as possible

Bodytalk For Animals
  • Heartbroken knowing your pet has suffered abuse
    or trauma that is affecting their health,
    happiness and well-being and want help restoring
    balance and rehabilitation
  • Working with imbalanced sheltered, rescued or
    fostered animals and want them to heal so they
    have the best possible chance at finding their
    perfect forever home
  • Afraid your pet is mirroring your stress, illness
    or old patterns and want help healing so you can
    both be healthier and happier
  • Wondering about past lives and its effect on
    current day health and well-being
  • Dreading your pets coming transition and need
    help determining whether an animal is ready to
    pass over and how so you can ease the pain and
  • Struggling with health challenges or stressful
    situations in your own life

Bodytalk System For Animals
Today, Val is a leading animal communication
expert, internationally recognized pet psychic
and master healer. Val can help you create a
magical bond between you and your animal and get
at the root of what is really going on in their
life. Not the typical animal communicator, her
specialty is solving problems with pets. If you
want better, faster results with your animals and
dont want to waste a lot of time, energy and
money chasing your tail on expensive guesswork,
then Val can help! There may be LOTS of reasons
why your pet needs help but you wont know what
they are thinking until you talk to them.
Bodytalk For Animals
Animals have been whispering their innermost
secrets, thoughts and feelings to Val all her
life. Her mare Maisie coached her for years
through a period of very difficult dark
depression when she was a teenager. Her German
Shepherd dog Fritz taught her how to experience
life from a dogs viewpoint. Her orange cat Josie
taught her to respect and understand the world
using feline sensibilities. Her parakeet Sparky
taught her about life from a birds amazing
perspective. Her white rat family taught her
about the intricacies of living in a tightly knit
family group. And her extraordinary whisperers
from the wildlife surrounding her growing up in
the rural area overlooking Lake Travis outside
Austin, Texas, USA taught her how to be a better
human being. Using a lifetime of listening to
animal whisperers, Val uses her vast experience
to specialize in saving lives, healing and the
power of true communication from heart to heart,
mind to mind. You can learn how to be an animal
whisperer too!
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