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Religious Meditation


Meditation has played a vital role in many spiritual and religious practices over the centuries. Some of these religious practices according to different religions are discussed in this Presentation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Religious Meditation

Religious Meditation
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  • I grew up catholic, attending church every
    Sunday along with 12 years of polyester ties in
    the catholic school system. Other than the
    standard prayers I was forced to recite, I never
    gave much thought to prayer. That was until a few
    years before starting this site. I really needed
    a change in my life, so I decided to pray for it
    daily. Through the power of prayer, my intention
    was granted. It made me a believer that, with
    pray, all things are possible.One day on my
    drive to work I was thinking about a new website
    that I could start. I knew from past experience
    that business partnerships that offer a win-win
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The Role of Religion in Meditation All
Religions Practices Of Meditation
  • Prayer is powerful, as it changes our perception
    towards ourselves and towards the whole world.
    Church is a place that makes prayers even more
    powerful to reach God, Jesus Christ. Prayers make
    a huge difference to ones life. As the soul
    needs spiritual comfort, prayers and meditation
    helps an individual to achieve self-realization.
    Prayers also bring power to our churches. There
    is a spiritual atmosphere in churches so when we
    pray together, our prayers become even more
    powerful. We can develop a clear connection with
    God if we say prayers at churches.

  • In Christianity, meditation plays a vital role as
    a form of prayer, in order to connect with and
    reflect upon the word of God, Jesus Christ. By
    meditating, it is important to focus on a million
    of thoughts, such as a passage from the Bible,
    and it is also necessary to understand the
    meaning of the passage with the help of prayers.
    Christians basically use mediation as a means to
    deepen their personal relationship with God.

  • Most of the mediation practices commonly
    originated from ancient Buddhist meditation
    texts, and the followers of Buddhism are now
    continuing to follow such practices. Meditation
    is essential to nirvana in Buddhism. Meditation
    in Buddhism includes several techniques such as
    breath meditation and recollections, also there
    are some distinct methods too that differ between
    different regions. So Buddhist meditation is a
    variable practice which contains many different
    pathways that may lead to enlightenment. In
    recent times, the practice is becoming more

  • Islamic meditation, or we can say Sufism
    basically focuses on the thinking that leads to
    sustainable knowledge and utilization of
    different methods of breathing control and the
    repetition of some Islamic holy words or mantras.
    Islamic meditation contains several similarities
    with Buddhist meditation, such as the focused
    introspection and the concentration technique.
    Meditation is a process to enhance the healing
    ability and creativity, and it also helps in
    awakening the heart and mind by allowing inner
    growth and submission to God, Allah.

  • In Hindu schools Meditation is taught in various
    styles. Through meditation it has been observed
    that one can get Moksha, as Moksha is the desired
    state of Hinduism, which is as similar as nirvana
    of Buddhism, which means being calm and
    concentrated with yourself. Yoga is a form which
    is commonly practiced initially to prepare
    oneself for meditation and self-realization.
    According to a yoga practice there are eight
    limbs of aloneness discipline, rules,
    one-pointedness of mind, postures, breath
    control, senses withdrawal, meditation and
    self-realization (Samadhi).

  • In Sikhism meditation is known as Simran.
    Alongside good deeds in Sikhism, Meditation is
    needed to achieve spirituality among oneself. The
    meditational practice in Sikhism is used to feel
    the presence of Waheguru. According to Sikhism,
    there are ten gateways to the body, among which
    nine are physical holes such as eyes, ears,
    mouth, nostrils, urethra, anus and the tenth is
    the DasamDuar, which is an invisible hole for
    spiritual uses that is needed for enlightenment
    and self-realization.

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