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Invasion Of Privacy At Modern Workplaces: Pros & Cons Of Employee Monitoring (1)


Employee monitoring and invasion of privacy is an inescapable reality in the modern workplace. The American Management Association (AMA) reports that nearly 80% of all companies engage in some form of invasion of privacy via employee monitoring and surveillance at the workplace. Among them, 66% monitor internet use, 45% log keystrokes, 43% track employee emails, while others even keep an eye on instant message communications, trace employee locations via GPS, etc. To be clear, the need for employee monitoring isn't under the microscope here. Especially since some studies have found that if an average-paid employee spends even 75 minutes per day performing non-work related activities, which is rather more realistic than hypothetical, a company with 100 workers would lose $812,500 per year in lost productivity. Moreover, this figure is derived from salary costs alone, and does not account for missed deadlines, longer work cycles, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Invasion Of Privacy At Modern Workplaces: Pros & Cons Of Employee Monitoring (1)

Invasion Of Privacy At Modern Workplaces
Trend Of Employee Monitoring
  • American Management Association (AMA) reports
    that nearly 80 of all companies utilize some
    form of employee monitoring and surveillance at
    the workplace.

66 monitor internet use 45 log keystrokes 43
track employee emails.
Advantages Of Employee Monitoring
Employees who use company hours as their
personal time cause great losses to the firm.
In 2009, UPS fitted 200 sensors on delivery
trucks that tracked driving speeds, stop times,
etc. It allowed them to figure out that drivers
were sneaking breaks, reducing number of
deliveries per day.
Minimizes Policy Violations
2013 study of chain restaurants showed that
employee monitoring resulted in 22 drop in
theft, and 7 increase in revenue.
Every organization has employees who behave as if
rules and policies don't apply to them.
Employee monitoring allows tracking of common
errors, and helps create training programs which
address such issues at the start of employment.
Reduces Mistakes
Reinforces Strengths
Tracking data can be used to identify and reward
employees who perform above and beyond the call
of duty, thus reinforcing positive aspects of
monitoring as well in employees' collective
Increases Customer Satisfaction Constant
monitoring reinforces the utmost professional
behavior among employees when interacting with
customers, as exemplified within the Call Centre
Your HR. Simplified.
Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring
Harper's Magazine reports that UPS uses tracked
metrics like a mental whip to intimidate people
into working faster.
Breeds mentality that numbers (meeting key
indicators) are more important than quality work.
Breeds Mistrust
Office morale can plummet, and cause employees to
perform poorly or leave the company.
Right at the heart of all this is trust. What
sort of message does it send that they need to
monitor workers' desktops? Ken Oehler, Global
Engagement Practice Leader of Aon Hewitt, to The
Employee Monitoring Clashes With Employee Privacy
Sales Executive fired from her job after she
uninstalled a monitoring app from her
company-issued phone, because it continued to
track her movements outside work hours as well.
Currently suing Intermex for 500,000 on basis of
lost wages and charges of invasion of privacy,
wrongful termination, and unfair business
Making Monitoring Easier For Acceptance By
Studies show greater acceptance if employees are
explained the reasons behind monitoring as well
as the resultant advantages hoped to be gained
from it.
While employees don't need to be told the
specific indicators being measured during
monitoring, explicitly detailed policies
regarding usage of resources being tracked
email, GPS, cell phone must be laid down for
transparency and ease of compliance.
Specific and Explicit Policies
Protecting the firm from legal vulnerabilities
can only be achieved through employees signing
consent form allowing tracking of actions and
performance. However, informed consent requires
that you also educate them on specific markers
being monitored.
Have Employees Sign Consent Forms
Train, Remind and Train AgainMost employees
receive policies regarding use of office business
tools and privacy issues on the first day of
employment, but too often they don't read them.
Employers need to do more than hand over a
written policy... They should educate employees
on a company's expectations and offer training on
an annual basis. Manny Avramidis, AMA's Senior
Vice President of Global Human Resources.
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