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Facts About Congestive Heart Failure


Today, the United States has experienced a veritable epidemic of congestive heart failure. Millions of people, many of them seniors, live with this progressive medical condition. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Facts About Congestive Heart Failure

Facts about Congestive Heart Failure
United States CHF
Today, the United States has experienced a
veritable epidemic of congestive heart failure.
Millions of people, many of them seniors, live
with this progressive medical condition. Some
important facts about Congestive Heart Failure
("CHF") deserve close attention since careful
management by health providers and caregivers
greatly assists people with this condition.
Caregivers at In Home Care Phoenix are fully
trained to meets the needs of people with CHF.
Startling Statistics
To fully appreciate the scope of this medical
issue, just consider some statistics compiled by
the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention CHF costs people in the United States
an estimated 32 billion dollars every year. Over
5 million people in the USA suffer from
CHF. Roughly half of the patients diagnosed with
this condition survive longer than five years
following diagnosis. Over 10 of deaths in the
USA in 2009 resulted from CHF.
Basically, congestive heart failure occurs when
the heart begins to fail in its role as a blood
pumping muscle. People afflicted with diabetes,
high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease
signaled by heart attacks or heart rhythm
problems run a significantly higher risk of
developing Congestive Heart Failure. Viral
diseases may contribute to this condition. CHF
sometimes occurs for unidentified reasons, also.
This condition may accompany other
authorities caution that people with certain
lifestyle issues may run a higher risk of
developing CHF. Heavy smoking, limited physical
activity, or obesity contribute to heart problems
in some people. Senior Home Care Phoenix provides
trusted caregivers who are trained to monitor the
diet and lifestyle of seniors who may be at risk
of developing CHF.
In the human body, oxygen-depleted blood flows
into the right upper chamber of the heart, the
right atrium. Blood passes through the right
ventricle to go to the lungs to receive oxygen.
Oxygenated blood then returns to the left side of
the heart and exits back into the arteries
through the-Aorta. Within the heart's four
chambers, some key valves assist the heart's
work. Sometimes patients with CHF suffer from
poorly functioning heart valves that contribute
to the problems experienced by the heart muscle.
CHF Symptoms
Congestive Heart Failure patients suffer a
decline in the heart's function. Consequently,
many experience great fatigue after even limited
physical activity. They may become very
sedentary. CHF patients sometimes experience
shortness of breath and weakness because
insufficient levels of blood receive oxygenation.
Patients with very poorly functioning hearts may
become irritable or suffer other side effects of
poor circulation, too, including swollen feet.
A patient with CHF may benefit from a heart
transplant. Sometimes, operations to correct
valve problems significantly improve heart
functioning. Many CHF patients require
medications administered on a schedule. At a
certain point, most will also need oxygen
Conclusion A Widespread Condition
Today, many seniors suffer from CHF. Caring
effectively for these patients requires an
understanding of their health condition. Homecare
Assistance ensures quality In Home Care Phoenix
for senior patients.
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