Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 7 of 14). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 7 of 14).


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Title: Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 7 of 14).

Cold Fusion, Tesla, Torsion Field,
Scalar Wave", Free Energy, Harvesting ZPE...
Really All Pseudoscience?
  • Analysis of New Energy Paradigm, Including
    Controversial Questionable Claims of Tech
    Efficiency, Non-Energy Applications, Lobby

PART 7 OF 14
  • ABSTRACT LENR-Cold Fusion is virtually accepted
    by mainstream(MS) While MS rejects "E-cat"
    claims on already selling 1MW electricity LENR
    generator, now energy can be produced with
    basically free fuel. Thermodynamic closed
    system based over-unity or Persistent
    Current/motion is officially observed in quantum
    nano circuit, beyond Shockley-Queisser limit
    solar cell, non-linear optic/laser/spintronics,
    time crystal, magnetocaloric effects. Academic
    taboo of vacuum photon extraction/electron
    fluctuation, Maxwell's demon, Quantum ratchet,
    Casimir force harvesting micro electronic device,
    2nd law violation are now on MS science
    journals. Low cost magnet /resonance based major
    emission reducers with 10 extra efficiency,
    Thermo Electric/Thermo Photo Voltaics
    heat-to-energy systems, high efficiency
    Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with, Catalystic,
    SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma are
    starting to be deployed. Above might foreshadow
    first FULL science review of hyper energy
    efficiency installation claims e.g. 1-Extracting
    nano oscillation/radiant energy as electricity,
    2-Harvesting DC reverse voltage power(Counter
    EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas,
    4-Cold plasma standing wave creation of
    light/water/inert gas in cavity, 5-Compressed air
    COPgt1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical
    power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond
    50 H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by
    photo-catalyzed O2 Nanobubble water fuel
    emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/
    pressure. 8-Combined air-in-water floating
    gravity force, 9-Propellantless drive, 10-Hydro
    cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess
    hydro/wind turbine, etc. They often seem to run
    on mechanics with common side effects official
    physics cannot explain are low cost,
    convertible to superior new techs that can foster
    mind/body based nonlocal human capabilities,
    also can replace majority of propulsion, weather,
    medical, remediation, time dilation, algorithm,
    key mining-industrial-farming processes-If
    officially full peer reviewed by MS science.
    Recent paradigm shift might allow investigations
    on increasing testimonials about such non-closed
    system pseudo science RDs by groups across
    Govt/Military /Aerospace /Intel agencies
    private contractors, often hidden under secrecy
    law, to which above organizations executives
    often have no access i.e "unacknowledged"
    projects(eg 1000 classified inventions in
    Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical exist amongst
    NATO allies). Yet there are efforts to partially
    disclose unlimited energy related tech as
    tiny-minority-controlled highly exclusive
    modality while same final effects can be created
    by wide range of unexclusive relatively simple
    tech or mind/emotion based methods if a fraction
    of budget is spent to develop. Such paradigm can
    totally liberate mass from "dead-end public
    consumption science" education restricted by
    centrally controlled science law. From current
    vantage point, there is some possibility of world
    dividing into roughly two different camps at both
    elites general population First group is
    already more focused on exclusive patent or
    machine/DNA controlled surveillance or physical
    effect creation to enable world influence by a
    fraction of population. Emerging second group
    will likely to be more focused on low cost simple
    unexclusive tech or holistic mind/emotion/biologic
    ally driven effect creation. Overall, MS
    commercialization by multiples of unlimited
    energy production methods is inevitable, yet not
    only its economic impact but also who is going to
    be in control of technological dominance
    individual life would likely become a(covert)
    central issue in the coming yrs.

Qualification of information
  • This presentation primarily focuses on less
    known but latest science consensus forming
    technologies on strict effect basis, while a bulk
    of highest efficiency low cost techs a majority
    of "outrageous" or controversial claims category
    contradict predominant view, especially of
    Wikipedia Western media/NGOs. Hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data individually.
  • Regarding Controversial But Future Critical
    Technologies Discussed

    Term Free energy or Over-unity in this
    presentation is defined as seeming as if

    -1 Drawing
    more energy than existing or continuous motion
    with no energy input. -2 Work is
    done by other than Thermodynamic Free Energy
    open system symptom.
    -3 Using free material generally not
    considered as fuel.

    their claims might involve higher likelihood of

    -4 Fabrication,
    reliability exaggeration, or statistical error
    chance of observed effect.

    -5 Significant quality gap between inventions,
    yet -

    -6 At least collective majority seems
    to consistently produces claimed effects.
  • Currently more detailed reference list is being
    produced will be published separately
    The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/product testimonies/complaints, publications
    public records of NGOs/media/research
    institutes/think tanks/military/space gov't
    agencies/industry associations. Most effects
    quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from
    unrelated era source, but mechanics
    categorization are hypothetical. Commercialized
    company/products are shown in Boldface Dark Blue.
    Due to space constraints, referenced
    individuals names are given only last name or
    part of first name unless web search
    identification becomes difficult(often
    non-Western names are given in full), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.

  • p06 Sscience accepted free Micro Energy
  • p45 Industrial Energy Harvesters Solid State
    Device, HRSG
  • p85 Solar/Wind/Hydro with beyond official
    limit, Biomass/WtE, Methane
  • p125 Biomass, Inventor Tech Ambient
    Electricity/ZPE extraction, HHO gas
  • p164 Inventor Tech Cold Plasma, Compressed Air,
    Aneutronic Fusion, Torsion
  • p209 Torsion field, Scalar energy, Standing wave
  • p242 BioTorsion Field? Remote View, Martial
    Art, Mentalists, Qigong, Hypnosis..
  • p278 "Copy Paste" by Torsion/Scalar,
    Terahertz, FIR waves, Photo Catalysis
  • p304 Highly anomalous ORMUS, another state of
    matter?, LENR-Cold Fusion
  • p342 Official Acceptance of LENR ZPE Resonance
    extraction Ramifications
  • p387 Outrageous Claims(OC) ZPE related effect
    witnesses, Tech influence lobby
  • p426 OC ZPE related Tech lobby, Engineering of
  • p447 OC ElectroMagnetic mind influence,
    MindRitual based technologies
  • p479 OC ZPE related Weapons, Summary
    Conclusions -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
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  • Thank you. Ben Rusuisiak.

Biological Thought Generated Torsion Field? 1
Spin Direction Controllable Air Convection Egely
  • TORSION field effect seems to be also possible to
    generate primarily by Mind, Emotion, Body Organ,
    or Other Biologically Originated Cause. Emotion
    boosted clear thoughts, or even at any emotional
    state i.e. subjective in nature, with objective
    physical basis(?? ?????????, Thorns), Usually
    extremely weak field effects. Currently strong
    bioenergetic field effect is one of most debunked
    and even openly suppressed world wide including
    non West, equal to the extent of non allopathic
    medical suppression in US in the name of
    "preventing fraud", while genuine fraud exists,
    others operate with consistent long term results.
  • Usually this energy can only run specifically
    made small bioenergy generator type without
    contact or wind(R Pavlita, Zde Rejdák,
    EgelyEgely wheel, Ro Hruby, Bu Payne ), based
    on the subtle bioenergy of human body organs
    that would cause a slight temperature rise(less
    than 1C) inside of focused cone/cylindrical
    geometric made of certain metal? some type of
    air convection spin effect seems involved but
    something else also exists.(similar to orgone
    accumulator concept?)
  • Terms like Psychic field, Bioelectromagnetic
    field, Psychotronic field, Chi/Qi, Bioenergy,
    Information field etc sometimes seem to refer to
    this "biofield" originated by bioorganism/mind or
    its physical effects. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Biological Thought Generated Torsion Field? 2
Inseparable Connection With Conventional
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by emotion boosted
    thoughts body field
  • This category of Torsion field like effect
    seemingly causing human mental physical
    activities are usually presented in Western
    society as compartmentalized /separated into many
    categories of unrelated phenomena of placebo,
    mistake or non existent hallucinatory type
    academically invalid perception
  • But those disparately categorized events or
    causes are usually strongly interconnected and
    inseparable(?? ???????), including when strong
    physical effect are produced, or utilized eg
    Trivedi Effect(mainstream India accepted),
    Bronnikov Method(NP Bekhtereva extensive
    mainstream academic testing in Russia/Ukraine),
    BengstonResearch(on going successful controlled
    experiments application with taboo serious
    disease medical cure),
    -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 3 Inter-Connection Of Many
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by emotion boosted
    thoughts body field
  • In this biofield section, strong Torsion field
    like mind effect/body field effect affecting
    physicality or strong sense mechanism that is
    conventionally unobtainable is discussed.
    Following usually differently categorized people
    /descepline often appear to use very similar or
    exact same technique
  • ? "Spiritual discipline"(Qigong/Kikou etc),
    Shamans, ? Religious event effects -notably
    evangelical, ? Breathing arts, ? Part of some
    magician /mentalist performance, ? Hypnosis, ?
    Energy medicine, ? Healer practice, ? Psychic's
    ability, ? Seance medium, ? "Physical freaks" or
    "Superhuman", ?Various sects of specialized
    martial arts, ? Specialized military combat
    methods, ? Military/Intel surveillance
  • ? Also usually undisclosed area of high level
    professional bodyguard protocol (eg in Russia
    ???????? ???????????? ?????????? ??????????????
  • International top elite level body guards might
    usually consider nonlocal psi-attack by
    biological and electromagnetic (torsion/psychotron
    ic)means, surveying relevant people's mind, as
    well as probability prediction not just based on
    "remote viewing" but combining with astrological
    statistics of key elements(?? ???????, ??
    ???????). Other stronger bio field projection
    examples are also quoted in coming pages. -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 4 Field Reading by
Blindfolded Vision
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by emotion boosted
    thoughts body field
  • a "Field" reading only effect Local(direct face
    to face, up to 100m range away, or non-local long
    distance but via video screen face to face) "mind
    reading", blind vision. and Non Local(p249-252)
  • a i - Sense perception of near-field vision when
    blindfolded(Genius Mind Academy David Ting,
  • Sensing by using unconventional part of brain(eg
    mid brain, "third eye" etc), body as a whole,
    "imaginary sense", or biofield itself as field
    receptor. This type of method occasionally
    induces regeneration of surgically removed
    organ, lost 2nd teeth, or substantial healing(GP
    Grabovoi, ??????? ???????? ??????, ??????
    ???????? ????????, VM Bronnikov),
  • a ii-Same as above "i" type near-field vision
    reading blindfolded but by use of palm or skin
    sensitivity or partial "remote viewing"
    skill(KleshovaGodin, Yvo Duplesis) above
    category "i" is often unable to see object when
    original photon projection point is
    blocked(object is covered up at its source
    instead of blind folding receiver's eye), hence
    this is basically different mechanics though some
    seers can use both methods. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 5 Field Reading by Specific
Body Parts
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by emotion boosted
    thoughts body field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading only ii-"non eye reading"
  • Less frequent "seeing ability" by other specific
    body parts use like ears, arm pits, nose, sole of
    foot to "read"(?? -?????- Chen Shouliang,
    ?????? ?????????). Also sometimes there are
    elements of reaching into own subconscious, or
    even other people's conscious awareness who knows
    what is hidden for knowledge /information to
    "see"(?? ???????) highly skilled psychics
    /mentalists often do this by use of whatever
    sense they can use most easily at given
    time(including "cheating" by conventional tricks)
    without getting trapped by one particular
    method(each time is different) hence those skills
    are often inseparable.
  • a iii-X-ray vision Partially view under the
    surface like X-ray or Terahertz wave scanner
    sees(N Demkina, Va Kuzmenko, Ser Lysechko, ???
    ?????????, some capable in this category have
    other psychic abilities(healing, telekinesis,
    OBE, Martial art etc),
  • a iv-"Mind reading" from biofield seems to be
    used as advanced "reading" another person's
    thought by sensing field effect by unconventional
    part of brain, body as a whole, or biofield
    itself as field receptor. Also works via long
    distance live video camera. Commonly practiced by
    mentalists at mainstream level, in conjunction
    with closely inter-related biological based "mind
    influence". gtgtcont

Bio Torsion Field? 6 Field Reading plus Mind
  • -gtgtcont Bio field a Field reading
    onlyiv-"Mind reading"
  • Mind Reading research seems to be constantly
    being tested in try error manner by combined
    use of electronic/acoustic /chemical
    /scalar/corporeal program "in-situ" or at
    confined situation by institutional back up
    unofficially. Probably very important element at
    certain thinktanks, large corporate groups,
    military, intel, its contractors eg Silent
    Subliminal Presentagton System(SSPS) p4534a,
  • Within this context PR firm media's role
    sometimes appears to be a debunker secrete
    disclosurer at same time(similar to "UFO" or
    non-terrestrial civilization validation as
    fictional setting), like sometimes high
    performing mentalists appearing to be openly
    showing teleportation or telekinesis effects as
    "mere trick".
  • Although difficult or irrelevant to distinguish,
    even sophisticated mentalist/hypnotist etc's
    biological based "mind reading" appears to be
    primarily using conventional sense mechanism of
    interactive dialogue, body gesture, voice(not
    biofield reading), which is so intertwined with
    non conventional sense mechanism.
  • Yet body gesture etc reading goes into to extent
    of pseudoscientized refined form of "somatic
    metaphor" mind/emotional state shows up as
    sign/symbol in various conduct, posture,
    expression, or body symptom This "reading" is
    actually common skill amongst main media accepted
    mentalists -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 7 Mentalist Tricks Mixture
Common Sense, "Somatic Metaphor", Psychic
  • -gtgtcont a BioEnergetic reading iv-"Mind
    reading" conventional trick vs psychics
    Somatic Metaphor(mind manifests in physicality as
    such) relates to severely debunked high
    performance version Homeopathy/Naturalpath,
    German New Medicine, with far beyond documented
    mainstream effect claim in serious chronic
    disease(also moderate claim Self BioFeedback(Elm
    Green) But some of such cures are entirely
    Placebo based this word can be misnomer.
    Placebo water seems to carry the "vibration
    resonance of drinker's belief"? - because effect
    disappears from the water when effect blocking
    chemical(eg naloxone) is added(Fabrizio
  • Hence mentalists use muscle kinetic
    response(Applied Kinesiology AK Incidentally
    strictly speaking, AK effects or others to read
    mind is labeled pseudoscience, yet mainstream
    conveniently stretches interpretation of this as
    valid effect temporarily to debunk mind reading
    effect. This phenomena is similar to
    temporary science at geopolitical event),
    Ideomotor skill, Eye movement signal reading
    feedback Additionally weak torsion/scalar field
    related biofield/aura sensing seems to be
    practiced by bulk of high performance mentalists
    as a minor element yet intricately mixed(Marc
    Salem, Wane Hoffman, David Blaine), while some
    seem to use higher of further more
    unconventional skill(Keith Barry).
  • Others are suspected to mix conventional magic
    trick actual high level unconventional field
    reading or psychokinesis type effects but
    difficult to identify which is which(?????,
    Lior Suchard, ?????? ????????, Cyril Takayama,
    Steven Frayne"skinny" super soldier types?, Dan
    White) -gtgtcont

Bio Torsion Field? 8 Mind Reading, Remote Viewing
  • -gtgtcont Bio Informational Energy field as
    Torsion Field a Field reading only iv-"Mind
    reading" conventional trick vs psychic effects
    Mentalists skill
  • Conventional Trick or Science unapproved
    effects? often mentalists appear to be using
    both at same time(eg Using sleight of hand with
    teleportation /thoughtgraphy, Dramatizing
    pyrokinesis by mixing flash powder, etc) How far
    would this type of Western "disclosure" of
    psychic/telekinetic ability go? Would healer cure
    someone call it "trick" on prime time TV in
    West leave it as placebo?(Shown on main TV in
    non West often, but not appearing to affect much
    conventional medical market share)
  • av-"Nonlocal reading as Remote Viewing(RV),
    Clairvoyance" generally much more difficult
    compared to near field interactive live mind
    reading or items reading by blindfold, or even
    use of Psychometry(reading "field" of token
    matter belonging to someone etc), yet RV is
    possibly able to extract more comprehensive data.
  • Different types 1 Many different proprietary
    based strict viewer /helper protocol based
    sequential set up (versions of RV)etc, 2 Loose
    protocol type, 3 No protocol intuitive random
    "psychic" approach eg In rare cases have flash
    image suddenly comes as listen/watch/read
    news(Sharon Neilblind, Debbie Malone, Karen
    Prisant ),
  • Often referred as Anomalous Mental
    Phenomena/Anomalous Cognition/Extra Sensory
    Perception(ESP) Psychics might do it
    naturally(Noreen Renier, A Dellafiora, Annette
    Martin, Marry Ann Morgan), or tool
    users(Jean-Louis CroziependulumYevs Rocard),
    with similar level of accuracy as top RV, but
    might be less consistent working mechanics seem
    to be often different. -gtgtcont

Bio Torsion Field? 9 RV is Dumbed Down Version?
  • -gtgtcont Biofield a Field reading only
    v-"Remote Viewing"(RV), Clairvoyance
  • More commonly found ability for savants(Di
    Powell), Rare case of police force member with
    disclosed significant psychic ability use(Pat
    Price, Keith Charles),
  • Assistants involved Military RV(there are several
    versions in this US protocol method) seems to
    develop high consistency/accuracy performers(Daz
    Smith, Co Brown, Major-General Thompson, J Utts,
    Moorhouse), Most people need training, but
    extremely rare previously untrained
    super-viewer("natural psychic") can scan exact
    numbers directly(Pat PriceUS intel confirmation,
    Ed May) of remotely filed location in highly
    classified area(much more difficult to scan than
    reading filer's mind face to face). Most common
    people can learn to RV effectively(Puthoff) but
    attitude makes major skill development
  • Resonance entrained methods is deemed to improve
    effectiveness(Karen Newell, R Monroe), i.e. only
    dumbed down version is declassified?(D Allgire, G
    Wheaton, McMoneagle, Wol Messing??
  • Some anomalous high sense appears to have
    developed after electrocution(Jo Whitton, Greta
    Alexander), or seeing many killed(Bill Ward).
    Only a fraction of Western police would "violate
    code of silence" to admit psychic use(Nancy Myer,
    Sally Headding, Phil Jordan, R Cracknell,
    Rosemary Kerr), also needs specific mind set to
    cope with "empathy experience of the
    victim"(Nancy Weber, Dorothy Allison), also
    Forensic specialists rely on them(Sally
    Headding), famous mediums are generally weak in
    this area with a few exceptions(Allison Dubois)

Bio Torsion Field? 10 How Much RV is Really
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading v-"Remote Viewing"
  • A few have official records of international
    police cooperation including Interpol with good
    results or on live tv programs while targeted by
    intensely focused selective debunking by
    "credible media"(G CroisetWil Tenhaeff,
    Hurkos), or regularly showed up on Japanese tv
    for accurate viewing for lost persons
  • Generally effective to have limited
    information(front load) to lessen prejudices. Use
    for long distance communication(? ????????? ?
  • In Russia, numerous official ex-military
    psychics(??????? ??????????)(?? ?????? ), or
    intel(????? ???????, ?? ??????????),
    specifically state the "extrasense" program is
    not only continuing but critical part of
    operation, and some would frequently show up on
    national prime time media for commenting after
    retirement(?? ??????????) and their companies
    openly talk about specific case cooperation with
    police which issues numerous official
    acknowledgement stating their high ratio of
    effectiveness(????? ??????? ??????????? ). Yet
    services also exist in West by similar
    system(practically 0 media exposure)with a few
    dozen psychics stand-by with claimed found
    missing person rate close to 50 range(from
    missing pool of police couldn't find)(FIND ME
    groupbut this service is basically free Kelly
    Snyder) -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 11 Dowsing Commercialization
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading v-"Remote Viewing"
  • US's CIA RV Program officially terminated because
    they feared ridicule as mainstream claimed, or
    just a way to taking it to "underground"?(LR
    Bremseth), RV is also explainable by subtle type
    of Non-aquatic version of Electrocommunication
    Effect as charge is always involved at molecule
  • After '95 RV/ESP research cancellation, other US
    gov't organizations, prv contractors are still
    officially engaged/transferred to(SAIC),(DoD,
    Navy - ONR Bre Olde, Pet Squire etc) under
    various obscure names.
  • avi-"Nonlocal reading as Dowsing" also
    biolocation/radiasthesia mind factor heavy
    radionics. Stick use to discover water was
    described in practically all world wide ancient
    civilizations. Can be categorized as same as
    Remote Viewing. Unofficially fairly widely used
    for commercial exploration(Bill Cox, Hen Gross,
    ???? ??????????, Mar Mondavi, Emmy
    KittemannH-Dieter Betz ). Generally any
    targeted item search ranging from mineral
    resources, archaeological discovery(GellerMoshe
    Dayan, John Baker Deviner, Peter Golding
    Archaeological ), water, military(weapon/security
    search)(???????? ?????????? ????????? ), to any
    specific hidden objects, "psychic detective" etc
    but many dowsers have high success rate only for
    their expertise target items, and most dowsers
    /remote viewers are effective only when they
    deployed accustomed methods. -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 12 "Viewing" NonTime
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading vi-"Nonlocal-local Doswing"
  • Some non-Western nations actively/tacitly endorse
    effectiveness(Les Matela), Existence of Western
    ignored various academic studies(??????????)(??
    ?????, ?? ?????????, ?? ???????????, ?? ????????
  • Some water drilling companies in
    "pseudoscientific nations" have own full time
    dowsers as official part of water supply
    service(???? ?????? ???????????????,
    ??????????? "????" ??????????????, ???????
    ??????? ????????????? ), (there are many that
    don't advertise, but often intentionally have
    pages talking about effectiveness of dowsing in
    brochure/web page). Some work closely with
    drilling companies(??? ??????? ?????????? ),
    Also "pseudoscientific" UNESCO is partially
    endorsing(Solco Tromp, ??????? ??????????
    ????????? ).
  • In Western ally nation French Academy of Science
    in '70s more or less declared several biofield
    type effects(telekinesis, dowsing, scalar wave
    cancer cure 90plus etc) valid, Also more such
    "violation of scientific ethics" by many UK high
    profile companies and media by admitting use or
    endorsing. Austria is often pseudoscientific
    prone with exploration companies use dowsing
    combined with conventional tech(Stuck Exploration
    GmbH). In North America last official
    Governmental use appears to be pre WWII(Evelyn
    Penrose) even radionics were officially used
    after. As western mainstream std process,
    prominent scientists positive comments on
    unapproved effects are conveniently ignored(A
    Einstein). -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 13 Dowsing Tests With No
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading vi-"Nonlocal-local Doswing"
  • One of most extensive major large sample
    mainstream control test Munich/Scheunen
    Experiments(without apparent distortion factor
    skewed to debunkers) usually interpreted as
    conclusive null collective results(only one of 40
    or so dowsers did far beyond statistical
    performanceHans Schroter, only one of several
    tests produced significant collective results).
    But test content is not same as actual field
    condition at all and dower's notable
    ineffectiveness when conditions change is well
    known(walking on second floor to detect unburied
    air exposed metal pipe on first floor house, not
    water flowing underground by walking on ground
    sensing all ambience - air sound etc). Another
    similar scale Deutsche Gesellschaft fur.
    Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) field
    experiment(condition is unchanged from way they
    conduct business) produced satisfactory
    results(similar level as generally claimed by top
    rate dowsers).
  • Although there is no such evidence for failed
    test, it is known amongst specialists this
    failure as well as magnetic water/magnetic fuel
    treatment effectiveness generation failure can be
    induced by specific geomagnetic area activity or
    artificially generating specific entrainment
    acoustic or electromagnetic frequency that are
  • In West, large majority of commercialization is
    unadvertised word-of-mouth types, without web
    sites, and often depends on association based
    referral(Sourciers et Géobiologues d'Europe,
    American Society of Dowsers, British Society of
    Dowsers), -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 14 Dowsing User Major
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading vi-"Nonlocal-local Doswing" Few openly
    advertise their service in West(Kuebelbeck
    Underground Water Locating,,, Mervyn Milner - Dowsing ), Some
    uses pendulum(Sourcier Toillier ). Some work on
    high cost mining exploration(GellerVal
    DuncanRio Tinto, Jose Lopez Portillo Mexican
    Pres/Pemex, Stanislav Hruda, Paul Clement Brown, Taylor), DACH
    nations are more focused on water residential
    geopathic/EMF toxin effect location(Geobiologist
    Hans Janisch, Richard Helfer Wünschelrutengänger,
    Reiner Padligur ), some go far as construction
    site based building material diagnosis in
    addition to water(Baubiologe Baldermann UG,
    Gottfried Kurtz - Baubiologie)
  • Western military used to officially deployed mine
    or any risk locating even after debunking started
    in 1950s(Gen Patton, Maj-Gen James Scott-Elliot
    ), reports on extensive use at least till
    Vietnam War, then to Remote Viewing "closing
    time" in 1995(including dowsing on map, not on
    site). Major corporations in Europe still
    admitting(Hoffmann-La RocheP Treadwell, United
    Utilities, Severn Trent, Thames Water). Yet
    there is a rare major public suppression of
    pseodoscientized dowsing
  • High profile application Military Dowsing Rod
    based bomb detector makers in West(it is true
    dowsing is basically never 100 workable for all
    people) were forcefully shut down(ADE651, Alpha6,
    GT200) after large 3rd world sales (Typical sign
    of effectiveness. Unless coerced, Police/military
    never buys uses pseudoscientific device without
    additional extensive field test, strong
    reference, extra caution), and customers'
    satisfactory continuous use is criticized

Bio Torsion Field? 15 Military Dowsing
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a BioEnergetic Field
    reading vi-"Nonlocal-local Doswing" High
    profile Military/Police dowsing device
  • Others are intensively debunked extensively
    harassed /sued in West (SNIFFEX PLUS ), This
    type of massive coordinated suppression campaign
    under the name of "justice" is still possible to
    deploy for official Cold Fusion or other free
    energy commercialization when it is launched at
    high profile level, by involving dramatic
    coordination of majority of even "alternative
    media" or non western private media to call the
    new tech outright fraud. Same "morality" based
    intense suppression is almost guaranteed to
    happen if Radionics mainstreamization on medical
    and agricultural application is attempted against
    current narrative.
  • General dowsing working mechanics Hand twitches
    unconsciously as a body response to Quasi
    magnetic like field on target item(ZV Harvalik,
    Gor MaClean), "Information field"(?? ?????????,
    ?? ????????), or At least underground water flow
    generates weak magnetic field(mainstream
    accepted) this might get amplified by some
    geological force?(Yves Rocard). Another way of
    explanation can be subtle Scalar frequency
    broadcasted by target object is picked up by
    "human body antenna" hand twitches(Bovis, G
    Lakhovsky), based on mind focus to tune into the
    frequency. -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 16 Use of NonTimeNonLocal
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energetic field as Torsion Field a
    BioEnergetic Field reading
  • avii-"NonTime, NonLocal Scan" Prediction/precogni
    tion purpose "Dowsing/Remote Viewing". Idea of
    future probability prediction makes it unreliable
    compared to regular dowsing or remote viewing(Cha
    Tart), yet commercialized/military/intel future
    remote viewing or strategizing often combines
    cosmic/astronomical level cyclic or geomagnetic
    oscillation based statistical factor(i.e.
    astrology) to increase accuracy of such
    statistical probability forecast for major
  • CIS Intel/military commonly claim NonLocal Scan
    Astrology is a std process not just in Russia(?
    ??????, ?? ??????, ?? ???????, ?? ????????? ),
    but top Western intel/military etc is utilizing
    this method while debunking publicly.
  • At least some Western elites openly take it
    seriously(Ed DweyStudy of Cycles). Also major
    corporate/NGO use it at least in Russia(??
  • Short term probability prediction for successful
    stock market high investment returns(Targ, Pau
    Smith), Is there some evidence of psi factor for
    business success?(Douglas Dean). While official
    million lottery lab prediction trials all
    fail, thousand range lottery continuously won
    using experimental protocol(Mil RyzlP Stepanek
    etc stronger effect came from hypnosis use)
    -gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 17 Field Influence -gt Mind
  • -gtgtcont Bio Energy field a Field reading
    vii-"NonTime, NonLocal Scan"
  • Number market direction prediction is usually
    done by remote viewing of "up" or "down" or
    number as specific pictures/images pre-associated
    to them.
  • Some speculate about differences between future
    prediction vs future influence(Hel Schmidt).
    Tested far above even-ratio future
    prediction(time probability reading) readers'
    brain wave show accuracy might involve brain's
    magnetic anomaly(Che Alexander, Ric Broughton,
    PersingerHarribance effect, Venkatasubramanian)
  • ß "Field" manipulation effect Type of
    psychokinesis. Yet Field Affecting vs Reading
    might be very close effect and sometimes
    indistinguishable. ßi- Mind
    Influence to other humans animals/plants a-
    High performance mentalists/hypnotists' basic
    skill of significant thought influence/or
    idea/belief implant to people is widely
    demonstrated on mainstream TV even in west.
  • Top practitioners can commonly program new
    beliefs personalities to a certain type of
    person by language during subconscious hypnotic
    state, so when come out of hypnosis, still can
    cause that person to alter regular personality
    /cognition/discernment on key trigger command
    words, to take actions they wouldn't at regular
    conscious state including giving up precious
    possessions to strangers(eg Gendam hypnosis),
    conduct ALL types of acts, then later has no
    memory at all Words generate informational field
    via receptor's brain? -gtgtcont

Bio Torsion Field? 18 BioField Touch or Physical
  • -gtgtcont Bio Informational Field as Torsion Field
    ß BioField manipulation
    ßi- Mind Influence to other humans animals a
    High performance mentalist
  • This people-control aspect of hypnosis has been
    documented, witnessed commonly even by mainstream
    military/intel type people eg Long term spy for
    several months continuously(Estabrooks) Project
  • Hypnosis triggered instant personality change
    could involve sudden illness or cure(B Lipton).
    Or change in Physical ability allergic
    response(Be Braun)(Zdenko Domancic Method), Eye
    color(Fr Putnam) - accompanying sudden brain
    electroencephalograms (EEGs) gap as if brain is
    connected to another person Same gap occurs at
    during vs after mediumship at seance(Cha
  • Yet some high level performers are known to be
    able to do the same thing to people they never
    met before(not programmed prior) - at least for a
    short term(Tom Silver, Dodie Magis ). Rare
    official mental energy healer license granted in
    West Hallandale Beach FL USA(Dean Kraft)
  • Also imitation of human operated hypnosis is
    partially done by computer /TV screen generate
    pre-mentioned field(by associated wave if exact
    frequency is emanated) that causes hand based
    nonconact hypnotic state in human by EM field
    generated from monitor screen(H Loos, E
    Rauscher), and additionally some sort of cosmic
    or astronomical phenomena seems to influence this
    bioenergetic type field(?? ??????). -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 19 "Opening Up" Biofield
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by thoughts body ß
    BioField manipulation
    ßi- Mind Influence to other humans animals a
    mentalist etc's psychokinesis
  • Hence sometimes separating even biologically
    induced or mechanically induced control(also at
    controversial segment p452,4534a-d,
    p467,4682a) of biofield becomes
  • Insistence of mainstream science/NGO/gov't, or
    media's scientific comment on ineffectiveness of
    hypnosis as deception/mind control contradicts
    same media's endorsement of identical effect for
    entertainment use to the degree rarely seen in
    normally uniform reality creating mainstream
  • Post 1980s MKUltra officialization(mind control
    project by use of chemical, bodily conditional
    response electronic effects(see controversial
    segment p467) media level science mainstream
    North America/Germany is lobbying very hard, that
    no person can be controlled to feel differently,
    or planted beliefs(even temporarily) unwillingly
    or take any actions they don't like by a trigger
    command and forget afterwards - without
    exception. And evidence obtained by hypnosis is
    invalid(but actually used by mainstream military,
    police, intel in many western nations).
  • UK media is differing by their major media
    affirming assassin examples(D Brown). Note this
    external mind influence effect locally as well as
    non locally by electronic mind both has been a
    part of full mainstream science media in
    Soviet-Russia-CIS. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 20 Human Plant Communication
  • -gtgtcont Bio Informational Field as Torsion
    Field ß BioField manipulation
    ßi- Mind Influence to other humans
  • b- Implantation of complicated new action
    instruction from human to dog(?? ????????, ??
    ????? ), Animal brain reaction measured when its
    offsprings are killed non locally(?? ?????, ??
    ?????), or when the animals siblings are
    shocked electrically(AA Berezin).
  • c-Plant interaction-communication with human
    thoughts, what appears to be plant field reading
    capability is "confirmed" mainly by use of
    galvanic skin response(lie detector) instant
    biofeedback or Kirlian Photo(Backster, LG
    Lawrence, Maslobrod, Vogel, PP Sauvin, A Mikami,
    Ot Rahn, Eldon Byrd, Puthoff, B Swanson, Ken
    Washu Hashimoto - ???- ????
    This is part of mainstream Russia/Soviet idea(??
    ?????? ??????????????? ???????? ??. ?? ???????,
    ?? ???????"hypnosis of plant" improves
    communication?, Korotkov).

    Sometimes works well like fast remote viewing by
    "tapping into plant wisdom", but only for certain
    limited of people consistently. Not about
    inter-human communication, but at least plants
    have some sort of "feelings" can
    perceive/process/store information(J Chandra
    Bose, ?????? ?????????).
  • d-Plant memory of human(V Adamenko, Ra Fontes,
    Soloukhin), --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 21 Mesmer Magnetic
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by thoughts body ß
    BioField manipulation
  • ßii-Trained high performers can cause strong
    enough field effect or non local contact to
    affect people physically(move, fall, feel as if
    touched etc)whom they met for the first time with
    non-contact method subject's eyes closed
  • a- Cause subject to clearly sense someone is
    touching, or pushed or pulled like on puppet
    strings by advanced hypnotist(Marco Paret, Tom
    Silver), or when someone is touched, then
    different "hypnotized" paired up person(s) to
    feel the same sensation of touched or have
    voluntarily synchronized movement of body
    unknowingly(FA Mesmer) "Magnetic Transference".
    This effect is western mainstream science
    debunked as impossible, while at Western media
    accepted mainstream magicians/illusionist
    practice as basic skill rare situation of
    science denying the effect but usually
    debunking-obsessed Western main media fully
    accepts without criticism.
  • b- Same technique is used as part of elite
    military application(eg ?????????????
    ???/contactless fight"/touchless knockout)(?
    ??????, ?? ???????OlegMaltsev.c
    om), same effect of moving people or falling
    them on ground contactlessly by using some
    pointed tool(?? ?????Systema Ryabko), Some
    even teaches mainly for civilian market(?????
    ??????? ), Others teach only as extra curricular
    due to its difficulty(?? ???????? ?????????
    ????), --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 22 Contactless Body
  • -gtgtcont Field by thoughtsbody ß ii
    Affecting people without touch
  • "Contactless combat" is more accurate to say
    PsychoPhysics ???????????(?? ??????, ????
    ??????) because there is always contact but on
    different levels including non-physical aligning
    bioenergy, nervous system, breathing, emotions,
    shared ambience ground etc
  • Martial artists healers also deploy this
    skill(eg Karate Kyusho ryu)(J Hogan, G
    Dillman), common amongst qi going/chi kung/Ki
    Kou masters(Kaku Ryou - ?? ??????? ), others
    (Nyoman SerengenYellow Bamboo, J Lampila)
    Significant portion of martial art/qigong masters
    healers who can demonstrate this skill seems to
    stay away from public video demonstration to
    "show off" due to the teachings' philosophical
  • But basically none of above noncontact technique
    has universal hand combat effect on all people
    100 of time,(some kind of connection and
    agreement at least on subconscious level needs to
    take place between "affecter and affectee"
    "connection with matter" is also claimed to be
    important to move objects without touching by
    telekinesis capable various masters) and usually
    1-40 range of people first exposed to top
    performer of non-contact technique would not be
    affected(and this failure demonstration is
    public major TV broadcasted repeatedly in some
    nations debunkers /nonbelievers are usually more
    often able to withstand unaffected). Top users
    usually know if noncontact technique works on a
    specific person beforehand. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 23 Contactless Body
  • -gtgtcont ß Field affecting ii Contactless
    fight applicability in real combat
  • Frequently even top contactless fight skill is
    effective only to cause opponent to
    disorient/lose balance, or lose thought
    concentration/motivation temporarily, or deflect
    of opponents bunch/charge direction aim
    involving users own body movement(element of
    Aikido), or combining auditory effects.
  • Usually contactless passing out/immobilizing of
    enemy is possible only when prolonged static
    target exists that can make some type of
    "connection"(hence it doesn't work like standing
    still and instantly throwing 100s of people left
    and right successively without contact against
    somebody they never met before.
  • Also to have maximum effectiveness this often
    includes actual light touch (continued touch up
    to 0.5sec) to reduce opponent muscle power or
    speed, sense orientation.
  • ßiii-Make people/animal fully immobilized/passing
    out- goes into altered state, or partially
    paralyze by specific muscle immobilization
    without touching or speaking by focusing biofield
    on specific meridian point, still a major part of
    contactless fight skill inseparable from
    "ii"(???????? ????????, ?? ??????). Even most
    of top hypnotists/mentalists who can cause this
    effect needs words or actual touching combining
    with suggestive hypnotic/triggering phrases(Ron
    Welzel, Peter Blythe), but there are non-contact
    capable exceptions(Kashpirovsky, Dodie Magis)
    Gendam Hypnosis etc. --gtgtcont

Bio Info Torsion Field? 24 Contactless Animal
  • -gtgtcont Bio field ß Manipulation iii-Make
    people pass out contactlessly Also
    some can induce conventional appearance hypnotic
    trance but subjects are actually cognizant of the
    gap between its ego desire and hypnotized state
    of own action taking simultaneously(???????
    ???????????? ?????????) these skills appear to
    be using other than regular hypnotic skills.
  • Similarly, although most masters who is capable,
    can do only with contact, a few qigong and
    martial artist masters can sedate/pass out even
    larger animals contactless- Example Public
    demonstration on pray animals(20-30) herd during
    day time, tiger, rhino, small grizzly bear,
    hippo, adult elephant, 100 bisons/buffalos, etc,
    also can select one specific target to sedate out
    of 100s in a herd, but failed on giraff
    fighting bull conduct qi sending from 10-100m
    range distance, through glass barrier ok, takes
    at 3-5mins to cause effect, needs 30mins for 100
    of animalsTadashi Kanzawa - ???? ??
  • Many practicers some scientists claim
    "connection" as key to cause effect use of eyes,
    touching, exchange conversation, breathing
    synchronizing, or other "imagined" way, and this
    connection can be described as quasi nonlocal
    quantum event working like a carrier wave, before
    visually noticeable "hand waving" effect takes
    place(effect wave)
  • Prevention of other's qi influence When other
    people's non-local "qi based body manipulation"
    is successfully negated, there seems to be much
    less "connection" between sender and target.
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 25 Why Some Human is Not
  • -gtgtcont thoughtsbody field ß Field
    affecting iii-Contactless immobilizing
    Also martial artists group demonstration of
    contactless manipulation effect would fail when
    receivers are feeling defensive or emotionally
    tense(also sometimes "acting" element exists to
    make up "failing"). When connection fails,
    brainwave or thermal pattern of body
    synchronization between sender and receiver is
    low or non existent(Ohta Mitsunobu - ????, K
    Nishino??????), yet generally human brain
    affected area by hypnosis(concentrated area) VS
    qigong(whole brain) is significantly different in
    brainwave pattern.
  • Soft touch/light hitting of meridian point based
    critical biofield/field source manipulation
    Although this requires touching/fondling and
    often not well deployed by contactless fight
    mercenaries or bodyguards, certain martial
    artists deploy effective combat or covert skill
    in use of sabotaging/destroying precise
    acupuncture nerve points/system(or biofield
    source)(???? - ?? Dim Mak/Dan Xue), to induce
    various biological difficulties upto immediate to
    a few month delayed injury, disability, or
    death(paralyse limbs/breathing mechanism, damage
    arteries, organ injuries, or simply cause
    prolonged blocking of life energy)(Xie Qi Ping,
    Cai Yujian). There also seems to be idea of
    "contactless Dim Mak".
  • ßiv-Partial or Complete removal of pain ie
    medical surgery without anesthetics
    (Hypnosurgery) (J Elliotson, J Esdaile), dental
    application(Mike Gow, Michael Woodruff) this is
    still being debunked by mainstream west more than
    100yrs but usually allowed to practise even in
    west(not raided or medical licence cancelled).

Bio Torsion Field? 26 Anesthetics By BioField
  • -gtgtcont Informational thought body Field
    ßiv- Pain removal anesthetics
    Qigong anesthesia is less known but success
    with various major surgeries including cancer
    without any other painkiller(Lin Housheng -
    ???). Various nerve system or brainwave altering
    occurs without touching. A small range of
    people might be induced into uncontrolable
    laughing and become unsuitable for anesthetic
    operation(Shan Hui Xu)

  • ßv- Local(face to face) non contact
    Healing(often contact types are co-used)
    In official West, data is
    steadily building up on consistent healing
    results on marginal symptoms for local
    non-contact healing(Byeong Oh, Anderson Taylor,
    AL Baldwin) for pain, anxiety etc. Paralleling
    with accumulating such data(qigoing and other
    methods like
    also includes contact type, Healing Touch/
    "Laying on of Hands Healing"/Therapeutic
    Touchsome are non contact effect(Quantum
    Touch) etc), Their effect is now occasionally
    admitted as marginal healing supportive care of
    conventional medical by western mainstream
    progressive medical groups(see 2 pages later more
    on this subject).
  • Yet Hand Action portion of Energy Medicine/Energy
    Healing/Bio Energy Healing (also p360) focusing
    on meridian points can frequently have stronger
    effect than conventional intervention method in
    serious disease even compared as stand alone
    therapy(Barbara Brennan, Donna Eden), even
    without considering no side effect. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 27 Energy Medicine,
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by thoughts body
    ßv- Local BioField manipulation Hand
    use only Energy Medicine has a link to
    Electromedicine with shared idea to enhance
    bioresonance field(eg Heart emits 3-4m range
    diameter EM Field from body) by removing blocked
    body resonance especially from body energy points
    like chakra, meridian etc it lowers electrical
    impedance points which increases speed of
    electricity flow for faster recovery(AC Ahn).
  • At least low electricity or no electricity use
    therapy might be operating on information
    field(eg psychic healers operate on bare hand
    only but specific frequency electricity
    measuredValery Hunt, Hiroshi Motoyama, Can be
    called Telekinetic or Psychic healing(Ric
  • Mainstream debunked high performance
    Hypnotherapy(Rick Collingwood, Nongard) vs
    approved weak effect hypnotherapy difference is
    simple different belief insertion of "curing
    cancer easily" vs "caner is incurable but
    chemotherapy pain might be reduced"? "entirely
    placebo" should not cure? With less
    restrictions, nonlicensed hypnotherapist tend to
    have stronger medical industry disruptive
    capability on serious disease(Gil Boyne), High
    performance types to remain more unadvertized or
    scientific protocol research is avoided with a
    few exceptions(Dav Spiegel). Disruptive effect
    focused main drive hypnotherapy sometimes has
    even almost immediate drastic behavioural
    medical effect on selected of patients when
    conducted by top Hypnotists(Tom Silver, Ste
    Parkhill, GF Kein), this therapy existed since
    early times but increasingly blocked by medical
    groups(MIl Erickson, Da Elman),

Bio Torsion Field? 28 BioEnergetic Field Medical
  • ßvi- Long distance non-local, and local(face to
    face) non contact Healing(Often Dual Capable)
    including some contact and own body movement.
    Progressive western
    mainstream organizations that accept
    Qigong/Psychic healing effect as marginal usually
    ignore or fully debunk possibility of being main
    drive for cure of serious diseases(eg Charlie
    Goldsmith "partial psychic healing disclosure"
    case) with reasons of lacking western std
    protocol data, and practically treat it as taboo
    subject(also note Qigong therapy has
    self-implement types vs third party psychic
    healing types). As of 2017, significant (50
    range) of western patients use various types of
    non mainstream medical including non contact
    healing as a supplemental minor means(even this
    is media under-reported), but very small takes
    it seriously as, or very small of non
    mainstream medical practitioners consider or are
    allowed to offer as main driver of medical cure
    in west.
  • Above progressive mainstream groups often appear
    to be functioning as if some kind of secondary
    stop-gap measure or "controlled opposition" of
    mainstream medical in west(similar to "most
    disruptive tech debunking" specialist within
    "free energy" research community) also
    effectively preventing nonlocal healing's social
    acceptance into conventional medical monopolized
    profitable disease healing effect
  • Yet there are controlled protocol researches
    showing strong results(compared to conventional
    medical, but usually not as direct control sample
    comparison) of specific high performer(not
    blanket therapist average performance) in
    "fringe" peer reviewed journals or non western
    publications(see 2 pages later). --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 29 Measuring BioEnergetic
Field Effect
  • -gtgtcont BioEnergetic field ß Field affecting
    vi-Non contact Healing
  • Because of alleged significant performance gap by
    practitioner(this factor is conveniently ignored
    by mainstream sometimes used to debunk entire
    healers claims), large control sample research of
    high performer for serious chronic disease is
    very difficult with current funding/profit
    structure(some exception in China), while
    mainstream will call such test "Immoral"(they
    declare nonlocality cannot have any physical
    effect etc), can easily obfuscate experiments
    by pressuring to set conditions that are design
    to have weaker effect(speculating from other
    medical tampering numerous consistent examples
    of disruptive energy tech experiment tampering by
    mainstream or its supporting parasitic groups).
  • This issue can be equated to exaggerated example
    of marathon running in which not all runners(e.g.
    equating as healer) necessarily runs marathon
    under 2h20mins (e.g. equivalent of meaning as
    strong healing effect), and some run at 3hrs(eg
    barely marginal effect), and large majority runs
    marathon at 3.5hrs and more (eg zero effect or
    worse). So if randomly select 10 marathon
    runners(eg healers) to test "in order to get fair
    controlled results" as average, there might be no
    effect at all, or one or two strong effect would
    become "statistical error" - hence still no
    effect at all. Furthermore, gathering of high
    performance healers itself would become
    "selective data" and becomes void as qualified
    research by "trusted scientific protocol".
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 30 Robust NonLocal Field
  • -gtgtcont BioEnergetic field ß Field
    manipulation causing physical effect without
    contact vi-Non local/local contactless Healing
  • Successful experiments Non local healing
    effect validations were broadcasted nation wide
    at mainstream Western ally nations several
    leading TV including public broadcasting service
    as separate demonstrations with mainstream
    academic present(?????????????. ?????, ??? -
    ??????????), and quasi government
    acknowledgement for validity is made with
    academic/medical experimental protocol(????????,
    ????, ?????, ??? - Y Machi). This is co
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