Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 12 of 14). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 12 of 14). PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 89d548-MTEwY


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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 12 of 14).


Part 12 of 14 series: Entire part 1 to 14 can be viewed at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 12 of 14).

Cold Fusion, Tesla, Torsion Field,
Scalar Wave", Free Energy, Harvesting ZPE...
Really All Pseudoscience?
  • Analysis of New Energy Paradigm, Including
    Controversial Questionable Claims of Tech
    Efficiency, Non-Energy Applications, Lobby

PART 12 OF 14
  • ABSTRACT LENR-Cold Fusion is virtually accepted
    by mainstream(MS) While MS rejects "E-cat"
    claims on already selling 1MW electricity LENR
    generator, now energy can be produced with
    basically free fuel. Thermodynamic closed
    system based over-unity or Persistent
    Current/motion is officially observed in quantum
    nano circuit, beyond Shockley-Queisser limit
    solar cell, non-linear optic/laser/spintronics,
    time crystal, magnetocaloric effects. Academic
    taboo of vacuum photon extraction/electron
    fluctuation, Maxwell's demon, Quantum ratchet,
    Casimir force harvesting micro electronic device,
    2nd law violation are now on MS science
    journals. Low cost magnet /resonance based major
    emission reducers with 10 extra efficiency,
    Thermo Electric/Thermo Photo Voltaics
    heat-to-energy systems, high efficiency
    Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with, Catalystic,
    SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma are
    starting to be deployed. Above might foreshadow
    first FULL science review of hyper energy
    efficiency installation claims e.g. 1-Extracting
    nano oscillation/radiant energy as electricity,
    2-Harvesting DC reverse voltage power(Counter
    EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas,
    4-Cold plasma standing wave creation of
    light/water/inert gas in cavity, 5-Compressed air
    COPgt1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical
    power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond
    50 H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by
    photo-catalyzed O2 Nanobubble water fuel
    emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/
    pressure. 8-Combined air-in-water floating
    gravity force, 9-Propellantless drive, 10-Hydro
    cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess
    hydro/wind turbine, etc. They often seem to run
    on mechanics with common side effects official
    physics cannot explain are low cost,
    convertible to superior new techs that can foster
    mind/body based nonlocal human capabilities,
    also can replace majority of propulsion, weather,
    medical, remediation, time dilation, algorithm,
    key mining-industrial-farming processes-If
    officially full peer reviewed by MS science.
    Recent paradigm shift might allow investigations
    on increasing testimonials about such non-closed
    system pseudo science RDs by groups across
    Govt/Military /Aerospace /Intel agencies
    private contractors, often hidden under secrecy
    law, to which above organizations executives
    often have no access i.e "unacknowledged"
    projects(eg 1000 classified inventions in
    Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical exist amongst
    NATO allies). Yet there are efforts to partially
    disclose unlimited energy related tech as
    tiny-minority-controlled highly exclusive
    modality while same final effects can be created
    by wide range of unexclusive relatively simple
    tech or mind/emotion based methods if a fraction
    of budget is spent to develop. Such paradigm can
    totally liberate mass from "dead-end public
    consumption science" education restricted by
    centrally controlled science law. From current
    vantage point, there is some possibility of world
    dividing into roughly two different camps at both
    elites general population First group is
    already more focused on exclusive patent or
    machine/DNA controlled surveillance or physical
    effect creation to enable world influence by a
    fraction of population. Emerging second group
    will likely to be more focused on low cost simple
    unexclusive tech or holistic mind/emotion/biologic
    ally driven effect creation. Overall, MS
    commercialization by multiples of unlimited
    energy production methods is inevitable, yet not
    only its economic impact but also who is going to
    be in control of technological dominance
    individual life would likely become a(covert)
    central issue in the coming yrs.

Qualification of information
  • This presentation primarily focuses on less
    known but latest science consensus forming
    technologies on strict effect basis, while a bulk
    of highest efficiency low cost techs a majority
    of "outrageous" or controversial claims category
    contradict predominant view, especially of
    Wikipedia Western media/NGOs. Hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data individually.
  • Regarding Controversial But Future Critical
    Technologies Discussed

    Term Free energy or Over-unity in this
    presentation is defined as seeming as if

    -1 Drawing
    more energy than existing or continuous motion
    with no energy input. -2 Work is
    done by other than Thermodynamic Free Energy
    open system symptom.
    -3 Using free material generally not
    considered as fuel.

    their claims might involve higher likelihood of

    -4 Fabrication,
    reliability exaggeration, or statistical error
    chance of observed effect.

    -5 Significant quality gap between inventions,
    yet -

    -6 At least collective majority seems
    to consistently produces claimed effects.
  • Currently more detailed reference list is being
    produced will be published separately
    The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/product testimonies/complaints, publications
    public records of NGOs/media/research
    institutes/think tanks/military/space gov't
    agencies/industry associations. Most effects
    quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from
    unrelated era source, but mechanics
    categorization are hypothetical. Commercialized
    company/products are shown in Boldface Dark Blue.
    Due to space constraints, referenced
    individuals names are given only last name or
    part of first name unless web search
    identification becomes difficult(often
    non-Western names are given in full), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.

  • p06 Sscience accepted free Micro Energy
  • p45 Industrial Energy Harvesters Solid State
    Device, HRSG
  • p85 Solar/Wind/Hydro with beyond official
    limit, Biomass/WtE, Methane
  • p125 Biomass, Inventor Tech Ambient
    Electricity/ZPE extraction, HHO gas
  • p164 Inventor Tech Cold Plasma, Compressed Air,
    Aneutronic Fusion, Torsion
  • p209 Torsion field, Scalar energy, Standing wave
  • p242 BioTorsion Field? Remote View, Martial
    Art, Mentalists, Qigong, Hypnosis..
  • p278 "Copy Paste" by Torsion/Scalar,
    Terahertz, FIR waves, Photo Catalysis
  • p304 Highly anomalous ORMUS, another state of
    matter?, LENR-Cold Fusion
  • p342 Official Acceptance of LENR ZPE Resonance
    extraction Ramifications
  • p387 Outrageous Claims(OC) ZPE related effect
    witnesses, Tech influence lobby
  • p426 OC ZPE related Tech lobby, Engineering of
  • p447 OC ElectroMagnetic mind influence,
    MindRitual based technologies
  • p479 OC ZPE related Weapons, Summary
    Conclusions -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
  • This file is part 12 of 14 series Entire 14
    series can be viewed in one file at following
    presentation sites.
  • At ISSUU
  • https//
  • http//
  • http//
  • Thank you. Ben Rusuisiak.

Outrageous claims on Tech Influence Lobby 20
  • cont--gtgtMEDIA STRUCTURE "committee to combat

    Use of highly exclusive
    selectivity of scientific data unseen even in
    most regular western mainstream scientific
    committees and often declare targeted certain
    tech not presenting "a single evidence of it can
    work, hence fraud its recent selectivity level
    is close to western Quackwatch, CSICOP, famous
    1millon challenge, Cold Fusion debunker
    physicist group even more selective than Western
    mainstream media level.
  • Small of opponents call it pseudoscientific
    commission, disgrace to RAS etc(BF ??????, ??
    ????????, ?? ??????? ). But strangely 80 of
    mainstream Russian media automatically comply to
    its statement with no criticism or investigative
    validation, and bulk of RAS member scientists who
    are aware of this mostly stay quiet. Only a
    handful of even pro-Russia main media question
    them(??????, ?????????????, ????????? ? ?????).
  • Either way its 1 purpose seems to be blocking
    progress of non std science in Russia(??
    ?????????? ), to keep it as same level as wests
    public consumption science?, and they might
    benefit by monopolizing funding on western
    mainstream approved science only etc(VA Zhigalov,
    Shipov, ?? ?????????? ), but their difference in
    role compared to Western peers is not to sever
    mainstream groups connection to pseudoscience
    tech, but to criticize government, senior
    politician, military or major corporation for
    already using/promoting such technologies by
    literally ignoring all effectiveness evidence
    examples(continue to next page)

Outrageous claims on Tech Influence Lobby 21
  • cont--gtgtMEDIA STRUCTURE Russia Commission for
    Combating Pseudoscience activity example
  • Eg1-Retroactively debunking Eniology which was
    once practically declared as fundamental physics
    at USSR Academy of Science in 1980s energy
    information exchange of matter non matter
    Declaring Bulgaria is engaged in fraudulent free
    energy activity and have it's govn't withdrawn
    support for mass production to let it remain
    fringe sales unprofessionally looking
    generator(Potapov case ie engaged in
    international Bulgaria free energy tech
    blockingAleksandrov, not just Russia),
  • Eg3-Criticizing media/TV program promoting
    Eniology based phenomena as actual physical
    effect(??? ?? many others),or contact tell
    media to change the broadcasting content,
    Eg4-Active lobbying to ban patenting,
    publication, funding of non std science tech.
    Eg5- Recent denouncement (2018) of Russian
    government banning of GMO or allowing homeopathic
    medicine at state pharmacies Eg5 is first formal
    pseudoscientization declaration in Russia and
    significant victory for pro-western business
    group and western science backers.
  • Effectively it is functioning to block low cost,
    unexclusive effective tech, and to set a stage
    for expensive exclusive patent based official
    IMF/WB/Western science, hence prevent Russia's
    true independence from the west. --gtgtcont

Outrageous claims on Tech Influence Lobby 22
  • cont--gtgtMEDIA STRUCTURE Russia Commission for
    Combating Pseudoscience
  • Their actions are well supported by western media
    Cold Fusion debunking type scientists group in
  • On the other hand even in Russia it is little
    known some members of the commission are
    attempting to set up a system to officially state
    certify "psychic" by stringent protocol(????
    ??????coined the word "?????????" mentalist,
    his anomalous ability was acknowledged by even
  • Yet generally in Russia there is significantly
    less debunking of unconventional tech at media
    level and often robust psychic or telekinetic
    effect is openly broadcasted without debunking
    final words like in West(eg. ????? ???????
    ????????- ???, ????? ???????????? ???????????
    ????? ????????????? - ??????????-?????, ??
    ?????????? - ??? ??(politically pro-west ),
  • If anything, most well known Russian media in
    west( etc) is generally more new tech
    debunking prone even subtly prowest more than
    other state media there(eg portrait "Radio
    Liberty" positively, Accusing Apple Computer as
    one of most evil corporation while no mentioning
    of western military contractors, GMO type, or
    medical companies) --gtgtcont

Outrageous claims on Tech Influence Lobby 23
  • cont --gtgtMEDIA STRUCTURE Russia Committee to
    Combat Pseudoscience

  • When some top mentalists go to Russia or out of
    west, they suddenly change the tone and start
    commenting majority of magic trick is based on
    psychic effect challenge to debunk at their
    national prime channel. Also political parties
    particularly Liberal Democratic(???? -
    ??????????-??????????????? ?????? ??????)
    overall, or even ruling party United Russia's
    some faction(?????? ??????B Gryzlov) fights
    the commission accusing them for potential
  • But there are good indications current ruling
    sect within United Russia party as well as
    ministry of internal affairs are supporting(or
    even possibly co-directing with west collusion?)
    the commissions conduct or "weighing in"
    options(eg same Russian president one time says
    create Russias own scienceie Eniology, but
    other time says need to guard against
    pseudoscience Eniology).
  • Exception of psychic treatment by exclusive
    debunking or even suppression is when target is
    charismatic psychic types. Similar in
    China(debunks robust qigong masters with high
    popularity or strong political connection), also
    notable China-US duel nationality types engage in
    disruptive tech in US academia

Outrageous claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 1 Climate Engineering

    1-New Geo

    a-Non nuclear
    bomb, Tectonic large quake triggering
    test(????????, ?????? at Kyrgyztan
    Uzbekistan) by Scalar/MHD(????? ???????), ELF
    resonance (Agnew), Bomb quake/tsunami
    test(Project Seal NZ). Ionosphere-Atmosphere-Litho
    sphere coupling(below iii use)(Ma Hayakawa),
    Coupling pulse of ground EM wave projections is
    much more effective than single large one like
    HAARP as solo(Bill Hayes), Increase energy
    efficiency of Geo engineering amplified by
    resonance effect(Tesla).

  • ß-Weather control

    i-Micro size by subtle power
    scalar/"orgone" device(Hellmann, Madjid
    Abdellaziz, McCullough), to trigger something
    similar to ElectroScavenging(ES) or Reverse
    Workman-Reynolds(WR)(p64,65 )type effects?
    ii-Mid size by EM charging ion from
    ground(Pokhmelnykh, Fuhrer, Protopopov,
    Chizhevsky, Wi Haight), or Satellite relay(D
  • iii-High powered Infrared, plasma, microwave
    freq/laser EM wave, can trigger storm effect,
    with ion stimulation standing wave plasma,
    ionospheres electric field management even
    admitted by Western mainstream scientists at
    various occasions(M Kaku). Exaggerated ESWR.
    Might combine conductive aerosol spray that turns
    into heating plasma(M Mill, Slo Tepic, Milikh, J
    Kasparian, M Janitch, Da Walker), also see
    p391,392,399. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 2 Climate E. 2, Hutchison

  • iv-Up to global size by Van Allen belt(double
    toroid plasma around earth)/ionosphere adjusting
    stronger effect by tech used in last page's iii?
    Also high power Scalar wave(David Wells,Tesla),
    strange quasi classified yet semi declared open
    research(?? ????????Ukranian Gov't funded
    research), Russian defense contractors(??????????
    ??????? ???????), US Govt dpt concerned over
    weather terrorism, but not necessarily by tech
    sophisticated group low tech confirmation?(Wil
    Cohen US Defense secretary), For details on
    rain causing weather modification/climate
    intervention see report Four levels of.. look
    up "Precipitation related Weather Modification
  • 2-Hutchison Effect EM/scalar wave coupling for
    metal/non-metal melting(yet this is apparent
    nonthermal effect) Quantum melting?
    -burning-fusing-pulverizing-rusting, transmuting,
    bending-lifting, transparent disappearing
    effect, water freeze-boil, minor matter
    conjuring effect", Wave bombardment is at much
    higher frequency than matter's lowest Natural
    Frequency range all at room temperature(JK
    Hutchison, Hathaway, K Shoulders, Sargoytchev,
    Hull, JB Alexander), "Hutchison File"(P Calante
    And Michrowski) inventor his associates
    claim the tech was confiscated and given to
    "Lockheed Martin"(Bushman) --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 3 Anomalous Ceramic, Metal

    3-Wireless energy/sound long distance transfer
    through ground(Tesla, Dollard, Eldon Byrd), or
    electricity based polarized electrodes(scalar
    wave) can communicate from deep water(Ser
    Kernbach)(still official pseudoscience), Also
    frog leg muscle twitch wirelessly by static
    generator well before 1900(Galvani)
  • 4-Physics illegal anomalous ceramic, magnetic
    monopole(S Seike -????, Shakhparonov), Self
    Seebeck Effect generating ceramic production by
    torsion/scalar field use(Krasnobryzheva, Bobyr,
    Bearden, Avramenko, Tarakhtiy, Kanchzhen,
  • 5-Creation of metal slurry, white powder(Ormus?),
    or floating ball lightning from distilled water
    by plasma torch with resonance/mobius-figure8
    strip(Vachaev, Egorov, Pavlova), same but
    without water(Shakhparonov ), Similar powder by
    AC electrolyser(Hid Hayakawa) see p304-317 for
    ORMUS. 5th dimension partial manifestation in
    physical world(spirit)?,(Krenev, Stepanov, B
    Smirnov) -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 4 Time Warp

    1a-Warp Drive/Gravity/Time
    dilation effect/Faster than light travelling -
    many elements here are completely science legal
    by use of Special Relativity/General Relativity
    but some of interpretations are disputed, while
    media pseudoscientizes/underexaggerates others

    ?Theory only without enough experimental data
    presented Electro-gravitational force generated
    wormhole use time travel?(Kip Thorne, Ste
    Hawking), similar idea(Ser Krasnikov, Ser

    ?Partial to
    full physical effect success claims For Time
    Dilation, some of next pages ?a-e are much
    larger effect than A-C "conventional method"

  • A-Doppler effect use time dilation(Ives
    Stilwell), or more accurate Li? Ion used fast
    optical atomic clock(G Gwinner et al),
  • ?-Expensive flight involved Hafele-Keating
    experiment for time lag (incidentally, why didn't
    they use or even suggest Apollos for Relativity
    testing with supposedly numerous straighter
    travelling to moon with far less gravity
    influence duration instead of using rotating
    motion of earth surface flights? "Law" violated?
    Classified? Did they really go as announced?),
    --gtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 5 Warp Drive
  • gtgtcont 1B PROPULSION, 1a-Warp Drive/Time
    effect ?physical claims C a-e

  • C-Recent simple measurement of gravitational time
    dilation by high altitude vs sea level surface(J
    Chin-wen Chou et al), or time dilation based
    earth elevation calculated up to 5cm accuracy(Hid
    Katori et al). Some others are focused on
    mainstream unapproved low energy large effects,
    i.e. can be called teleportation/time
    reactor/time machine? There seems to be many way
    to cause time warp effects a-e
  • a-Warp Drive skips space(uneven compression of
    "spacetime fabric") - ie also time, it seems to
    occur by various ways to cause "waves", specific
    rate of resonance like state, or
    differentials-coupling of certain specifically
    timed differing electric fields. White-Juday
    warp-field interferometer seems to pick up time
    dilation on laser in resonant cavity more than
    temperature induced error range(Har White) gets
    support(Van Den Broeck, Tolchyn, Alcubierre),
    but still mainstream debunked. Further
    "ridiculous claims" exist for house electricity
    power being sufficient to demonstrate weak
    effects(Dav Pares Space Warp Dynamics LLC),
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 6 Warp Drive 2
  • gtgtcont 1B PROPULSION, 1a-Warp Drive/Time
    effect ?claims a

  • Space Warp Dynamics' method seems fundamentally
    same mechanics as house power used but more
    robust Hutchison effect(p431 1A-2) Concerted
    ridiculing pseudoscientization here by western
  • No technical details of step by step debunking
    provided, but rather just repeating "only super
    high powered expensive system can demonstrate
    such effects", while mainstream academics
    specifically avoid(or classified) researching
    this relatively basic mechanics. Similar taboo as
    closely linked antigravity tech since 1959.
  • Also this mechanics indicate can explain
    certain natural existence of weak field
    distortion type location, strong "portal" type
    temporal or even fixed time warping physical
    location(all debunked by usual info selectivity
    eg Oregon Vortexweak fixed field?, Bermuda
    Triangle incidentstemporal strong portal, would
    hexagonal cloud overhead is anomaly evidence?
    Ran Cerveny, etc). Also magnetic portal in
    space is mainstream approved(Jac Scudder, NASA)
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 7 Warp Drive 3
  • --gtgt cont 1B PROPULSION, 1a- ?physical effect
    claims aWarp Drive
  • And how would Western military-intel-private
    security-banking-occult elite etc alliance
    respond IF they find huge permanent portal or
    weak "vortex" conducive to massive augmentation
    by relatively low EM field in some nation? -
    similar to Bagdad museum looting military
    whistleblown events?(Ma Bogdanos), (Jo Farrell,
    Wal Bosley, P Levenda), Skinwalker Ranch?(JB
    Alexander, G Knapp, Ro Bigelow, T Sherman)
  • ß-Quantum Tunnelling use of Quantum effect
    specific resonance wave coupling tunnelling
    barriers eg cesium vapor and pulsed
    light-magnetic field(Lijun Wang),
  • ? -? Warped field use of General Relativity(GR)
    effect(Stronger gravity field flows time slower
    to cause large enough warp between faster time
    flowing weak gravity field in spacetime hence
    local antigravity/gravity tech can cause time
    travel effect science-legally) coupling of two
    rotating spacetime regions to create time
    controllable field or.. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 8 Time Warp 4
  • --gtgt cont 1B - 1a-Time dilation etc ?physical
    effect claims ?
  • ? ?? Tipler Cylinder use Rotating cylinder to
    create subtle but significant geodetic/rotational
    frame-dragging GR effect(object itself distorts
    spacetime - more for larger mass, additionally
    rotation creates twist in it measured by Gravity
    Probe B, LAGEOS, LARES)(in a way similar to
    torsion field) where no spacetime exists" to
    enable moving around spacetime

  • This dragging also is claimed to generate "free
    energy" at expense of barely measurable rotation
    speed difference if applied to earth/planet
    scale(D Lewis Anderson), Solar Drag Sail(Ro
    Kezerashvili / JAXA IKAROS, NASA E-sail).

  • Note there are military-space type informal
    claims that overall dilation effect is much
    bigger than std Western mainstream idea of less
    than microsecond/yr. Example at GPS likely
    combo of frame dragging, sagnac effect etc(some
    time accelerating, others slowing, relative to
    stationary) but fudged under "clock adjustment",
    more than 1sec/day(Oluwadare), Also certain
    rotating frequency should trigger resonance state
    in cylinder medium itself for far less energy
    needed or self perpetuating amplified effect.
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 9 Time Warp 5
  • --gtgt cont 1B, 1a-Warp Drive/Time
    dilation/Superluminal ?physical effects
  • d-Circulating lights/photon use of Special
    Relativity(SR) effect Twisting/vortex of light
    i.e. twisting of space(hence time also), hence
    moving within this "time striped space" means
    "time travelling(R Mallet). Should this
    involve opportunities for significant amount of
    ZPE extraction? Related to ET Whittaker's
    longitudinal light-photon anomalies? How does it
    fit with Wheeler-Feynman absorber theory? Also
    close to light speed travel generates strong time
    dilation by SR effect. This mechanics link to
    high efficiency solar cell or circulating
    frequency resonance triggering overunity type
    effect(p80 vi-h)
  • e-Superluminal Speed links to backward time
    travel(RJ Nemiroff, RW Boyd), while superluminal
    propagation itself by fine-tuned pulsed light
    frequency EM wave is demonstrated regularly from
    pre yr2000 at core mainstream groups(Ray Chao,
    Ste Chu, MS Bigelow, C Yelleswarapu, Kai Qian
    (??), Qiguang Yang) eg pulse passing through a
    resonant/coherent oscillation system can be
    slower or faster than light - i.e. speed is
    controllable. Note also mainstream SR theory
    postulates Length Contraction effect(matter
    shortens its own length for travelling direction) -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE-Resonance Type
Electrical-Scalar 10 Time Warp 6
  • --gtgt cont 1B PROPULSION, 1a ? effects e
    -Superluminal backward travel

    Space-Time cloak(space-time skip) by use of
    splitting subluminal superluminal speed lights
    by magneto-electric effects(Pau Kinsler)
    relevant EM field bends light and causes actual
    time dilation around the object. Is this related
    to dematerialization-materialization effect by
    non light freq EM wave coupling/scalar wave?(JK
    Hutchison p431 1A-2), or rumoured
    Philadelphia-Montalk project etc?. As happens
    customary for disruptive tech this is still often
    western media level pseudoscience
  • ?- Others some examples

    ? -? Torsion field mechanics
    generation of twist curve(wormhole) in space in
    front of vehicle to "fall in"(Shipov 4D Warp
    Engine, V Chernobrov, Kozyrev), While space-time
    wormhole(ie antigravity tech) is still
    pseudoscientized, magnetic wormhole(ie monopole
    magnet - still links to free energy) is finally
    mainstream approved(Alv Sanchez) step by step
  • ? -?? Closed Timelike Curve(CTC) by wormhole
    apparently demonstrated with photon passing thru
    a wormhole and then interact with "its older
    self"(M Ringbauer) but this breaks most
    fundamental mainstream belief of linear/singular
    Causality(cause and effect) Retrocausality.
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
ZPE-Resonance Type Scalar 11 Closed TimeLike Curve
  • --gtgt cont 1B PROPULSION, 1a ? effects ? -??
  • But if hypothesizes existence of
    splitting-cloning of quantum states it solves
    contradiction(Mile Gu) probability(approximately
    same) reality?, Possibly even ok to violate
    mainstream's fundamental no-cloning theorem of
    quantum mechanics? (D Deutsch, D Bouwmeester)
    it prohibits exact clone but similar one is ok.
  • Then quantum entanglement would mean instant
    communication of not just across space but also
    across time?(past-now-future, but of many
    probabilities?)(Huw Price), or same thing with
    Inhibited/Frustrated Spontaneous Emission of
    photons?(atom starts emitting photon when certain
    trapping cavity is replaced by photon detector in
    a distance, but it arrives at detector instantly
    i.e. before supposed arrival time by adding light
    travelling duration between detector atom)(TJ
    Herzog, D Branning, M Kauranen) Is atom
    predicting future? or probability photon suddenly
    popping up? This is media ignored but mainstream
    science approved effect. Also note Spontaneous
    Emission itself is basically overunity like
    quantum fluctuation effect(ZPE)
  • These seem to be basically same idea as how even
    "partial function" "niche" commercialized Quantum
    Computers(QC, run by quantum bits instead of
    conventional binary bits) simulate obtain
    info("closed system informational overunity?")
    from cloned or already existing almost identical
    but minutely different realities(Geo Rose, E
    Ladizinsky D-Wave), --gtgtcont -Ben
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Vancouver, Canada
ZPE-Resonance Type Scalar 12 Closed TimeLike Curve
  • --gtgtcont 1B, 1a ?physical claims ?- -??
    "part function" Quantum Computer

  • Optical Computer with "analog" superpositioning
    capability(Nic New Optalysis), or Quantum
    Sequencing specific purpose device for lt1/50 cost
    of conventional DNA sequencing(Tos Honkura
    Quantum Biosystems) etc
  • Commercialized D-Wave product validity was
    unapproved by mainstream until(note similar
    situation as current LENR Ecat) around 2013ish,
    official reason was their use of Quantum
    Annealing(suitable only for "good enough" or full
    local range solution but also excels in "minimum"
    solution) rather than full blown "universal gate"
    QC type (NSA?, IBM, Microsoft, Rigetti), with
    own software or provided by others(1qbit,
  • Hence QC product as of Sep 2016 is a
    non-disruptive version(cannot run Shor's
    algorithmie cannot break advanced encryption-
    bitcoin, SSL etc, nor Grover's super fast
    search, even best classic computer performs
    better at Selby's, - this will change as qubits
  • Note quantum cryptosystem is available since
    1990s for short distance use(MagiQ
    Technologies), even used for satellite
    communication from 2016, also it is good testing
    device for constant quantum entanglement
    /information teleportation(China National Space
    AdministrationCNSA Quantum Experiments at
    Space ScaleQUESS), or Quantum Radar for cloak
    detection(China Electronics Technology
    GroupCETC) --gtgtcont -Ben
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Vancouver, Canada
ZPE-Resonance Type Scalar 13 Closed TimeLike
Curve 2
  • --gtgtcont 1B, 1a ?physical claims ?- -??
    "part function" Quantum Computer

  • So how advanced could QC tech's classified
    version be? - eg can they already break bitcoin
    encryption? Is it why Russia and China stayed
    away, but now entering in?
  • Incidentally many types of QC architecture are
    basically run by varied scalar/torsion like or
    solar cell related effects to lengthen quantum
    duration to enable prolonged quantum function eg
    IBM NMR(nuclear magnetic resonance), Univ
    NSW(spin of a electron to co-resonate with
    electromagnetic pulse), Univ Sussex (apply
    specific voltage/EM field to QC chips),
    "Conventional QC type"(project laser - amplified
    EM wave on light frequency - on individual ions
    to create their trapped state)
  • A few pages prior "split-cloning" of QC's quantum
    states would be macro scale equivalent example of
    emergence of(or accessing to) new probability
    universe/reality(or "half or part reality") when
    one "kills own grandfather", similar to
    Shrödinger's Cat(physically demonstrated by SQUID
    Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
    Ja Lukens, C van der Wal) i.e. Far larger
    Macroscopic Superpositioning (linear combo of
    Wave Function, unlimited ways to get to a
    destination or existence of different
    destinations at the same time) effect than
    semi-confirmed by mainstream(Mar Kasevich),
    --gtgtcont -Ben
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ZPE-Resonance Type Electrical Scalar 14 Time WarpB
  • gtgtcont 1B PROPULSION, 1a-Warp Drive/Time
    dilation ?physical effects claims ? ?- Others
    -?? Closed Timelike Curve(CTC)

  • Now even mainstream quantum physics accepts "no
    fixed order" of causality type non lineal
    physical manifestation effect result can happen
    before the "cause"(Og Oreshkov, G Chiribella, Y
    Aharonov, Luc Hardy) eg Aharonov-Bohm effect.
    Then can cause results be "interactive"?
  • Time reversal symmetry violation(LHC-Bell-BaBar)
    "proves" probability existence (reverse Arrow of
    Time is still disputed since it links to energy
    overunity/negative entropy effect)?, Also
    psychic CTC experiment confirmation by
    academics(Dar Bem)
  • ? -??? Quantum Teleportation by use of Quantum
    Entanglement effects(laser pulse use etc)(CR
    Monroe, Takesue, Rui-Bo Jin) Mainstream
    approved largest macroscopic effect is range of
    millions of electron or sand grain size(Nic
    Gisin, Ale Lvovsk ), but this is completely
    ignored while pseudoscientized commercialized
    super low cost radionics itself relies on this
    fractal/holographic effect for resource
  • Yet there are more important differentiated
    effects now information transfer is semi
    mainstream approved even without entanglement
    itself Counterfactual quantum info transfer(Qi
    Guo) Info received without calculation or info
    transferred? - beyond algorithm "encryption"?
    --gtgtcont -Ben
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Vancouver, Canada
ZPE-Resonance Type Electrical Scalar 15 Time
WarpB 2
  • gtgtcont 1B PROPULSION, 1a-Warp Drive/Time
    dilation ?physical effects claims ? -???
    Quantum Teleportation

  • Also enable firm selection or prediction of
    future probability realities? (CounterFactual
    Definiteness CFD) Can it mean actually "time is
    frozen while someone takes actionwatching" like
    in movies?(Quantum Zeno Effect/Turing
    Paradox)(Yog Patil, Yuan Cao)?
  • Time experimental groups seem to apply
    pre-mentioned 8 types and other mechanics Many
    might be affecting only a very small field(but
    beyond nano, rather micro effect), while others
    are allegedly creating larger 2m area time field
    since 1990s(D Lewis Anderson - various unique
    link UN World Genesis Foundation, Atlantykron
    Romania) . Also various indications of
    seeming "semi official" similar significant
    experimental level success at Some Europe, China,
    Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Russia
  • ?1 Possibly even easily doable facilities for
    alleged Time Dilation manifestation(no specific
    testimony evidence) are various Particle
    Colliders including mega Large Hadron
    Collider(LHC) scale, Fusion or non-neural plasma
    facilities upto Lawrence Livermore size, High
    voltage research centres, Electronic-photonic
    research labs, Military power facilities etc,
    ?2 --gtgtcont -Ben
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Vancouver, Canada
ZPE-Resonance Type Electrical Scalar 16 Time
WarpB 3
  • gtgtcont 1B 1a-Time Dilation etc ?Physical
    claims Time experimental group
  • ?2 Unsuitable as an easily controllable effect,
    but different electro potential aerosol in
    certain bordering troposphere(sky) with targeted
    projection from ground of high voltage RF/Laser
    should be able to generate differing large scale
    electric field gap or twist i.e. replication of
    alleged Bermuda triangle effect(p435), or
    possible to create wormhole like vortex(Norway
    spiral?)(eg High power radio transmitters, Radar
    stations, SURA, HAARP etc), doing so at certain
    specific location or time should be much easier
    than others Weapon relation(also p479-485)
  • But released experimental info on this literally
    very disruptive/dangerous potential tech is
    difficult to access its validity. This magnitude
    or much more advanced version of tech can be
    developed plausibly exist but likely completely
  • 1b-Some inter-referenced "Stargate or Wormhole
    travelling experience claims exist(Bielek,
    Bashiago, WB Stillings, Ra Cramer, Ar Neumann, M
    Relfe, Ton Rodrigues) involves both time and
    space teleportation, and all obtained info come
    from US about US program(Philadelphia-Montauk
    project, "Secrete Space Program" etc Pr Nichols
    ). But this claim(unlike previous "1a") has no
    official physical evidence. Additionally,
    portions of details have reduced inter-validation
    with others, seem to be mixture of actual some
    physical effects, the rest is dis-info,
    hologram like illusion mind control?- with some
    witnesses describing experience with higher
    accuracy than others. -- gtgtcont -Ben
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Vancouver, Canada
Outrageous Claims ZPE Scalar 17 Time Travel
  • gtgtcont 1B PROPULSION 1b- "Stargate/Wormhole
    travelling claims
  • As for such anomalous claims likely effectiveness
    of classified memory implant tech including
    advanced hypnosis memory insertion should also be
    able to program?(JC Charbot)(p258-261 Bi) at
    least certain form of EM resonance is known to
    have similar experiential effect audibly
    visually both- eg p467,468 2A). Also little
    technical explanation is made on how technology
    works by claimants.

  • Some of above people additionally make even less
    collaborated claims(eg several famous public
    figures were in same program, predators on Mars,
    chronovisor), or no collaboration(can regrow
    limbs, met past historical figure or reviously
    almost never claimed "alien" types), and some of
    this type of "witnesses" receive seemingly
    unnaturally well funded significant coordinated
    support from alternative media owned(or
    influenced) by large corporate group
    associates, while equally attracts high profile
    attacks by many alternative researchers(Cory
    Goode) Info-disclosing backers' factional
    fight, Creating "fight" to confuse researchers
    mass public, while both parties are partially
    describing physical effects etc.? Yet some of
    above phenomena related to time effects are
    generally plausible from strictly technical
    vantage point if include "psudoscientized"
  • 1c-Mainstream de-facto approved(or undenied),
    molecular teleportation applies to mental
    spontaneous teleportation with multiple groups of
    witnesses(Car Mirabelli), -Ben
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  • p06 Sscience accepted free Micro Energy
  • p45 Industrial Energy Harvesters Solid State
    Device, HRSG
  • p85 Solar/Wind/Hydro with beyond official
    limit, Biomass/WtE, Methane
  • p125 Biomass, Inventor Tech Ambient
    Electricity/ZPE extraction, HHO gas
  • p164 Inventor Tech Cold Plasma, Compressed Air,
    Aneutronic Fusion, Torsion
  • p209 Torsion field, Scalar energy, Standing wave
  • p242 BioTorsion Field? Remote View, Martial
    Art, Mentalists, Qigong, Hypnosis..
  • p278 "Copy Paste" by Torsion/Scalar,
    Terahertz, FIR waves, Photo Catalysis
  • p304 Highly anomalous ORMUS, another state of
    matter?, LENR-Cold Fusion
  • p342 Official Acceptance of LENR ZPE Resonance
    extraction Ramifications
  • p387 Outrageous Claims(OC) ZPE related effect
    witnesses, Tech influence lobby
  • p426 OC ZPE related Tech lobby, Engineering of
  • p447 OC ElectroMagnetic mind influence,
    MindRitual based technologies
  • p479 OC ZPE related Weapons, Summary
    Conclusions -Ben
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