Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 8 of 14). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 8 of 14).


Part 8 of 14 series: Entire part 1 to 14 can be viewed at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science?(part 8 of 14).

Cold Fusion, Tesla, Torsion Field,
Scalar Wave", Free Energy, Harvesting ZPE...
Really All Pseudoscience?
  • Analysis of New Energy Paradigm, Including
    Controversial Questionable Claims of Tech
    Efficiency, Non-Energy Applications, Lobby

PART 8 OF 14
  • ABSTRACT LENR-Cold Fusion is virtually accepted
    by mainstream(MS) While MS rejects "E-cat"
    claims on already selling 1MW electricity LENR
    generator, now energy can be produced with
    basically free fuel. Thermodynamic closed
    system based over-unity or Persistent
    Current/motion is officially observed in quantum
    nano circuit, beyond Shockley-Queisser limit
    solar cell, non-linear optic/laser/spintronics,
    time crystal, magnetocaloric effects. Academic
    taboo of vacuum photon extraction/electron
    fluctuation, Maxwell's demon, Quantum ratchet,
    Casimir force harvesting micro electronic device,
    2nd law violation are now on MS science
    journals. Low cost magnet /resonance based major
    emission reducers with 10 extra efficiency,
    Thermo Electric/Thermo Photo Voltaics
    heat-to-energy systems, high efficiency
    Waste-To-Fuel/Energy systems with, Catalystic,
    SuperCritical water, Cold or Steam Plasma are
    starting to be deployed. Above might foreshadow
    first FULL science review of hyper energy
    efficiency installation claims e.g. 1-Extracting
    nano oscillation/radiant energy as electricity,
    2-Harvesting DC reverse voltage power(Counter
    EMF), 3-Resonance catalyzed HHO/Oxy-hydrogen gas,
    4-Cold plasma standing wave creation of
    light/water/inert gas in cavity, 5-Compressed air
    COPgt1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical
    power, 6-Catalyzed emulsion fuel with far beyond
    50 H2O, 7-Hydrocarbon increased by
    photo-catalyzed O2 Nanobubble water fuel
    emulsion, when infused with CO2 in room temp/
    pressure. 8-Combined air-in-water floating
    gravity force, 9-Propellantless drive, 10-Hydro
    cavitation heater, 11-Betz limit excess
    hydro/wind turbine, etc. They often seem to run
    on mechanics with common side effects official
    physics cannot explain are low cost,
    convertible to superior new techs that can foster
    mind/body based nonlocal human capabilities,
    also can replace majority of propulsion, weather,
    medical, remediation, time dilation, algorithm,
    key mining-industrial-farming processes-If
    officially full peer reviewed by MS science.
    Recent paradigm shift might allow investigations
    on increasing testimonials about such non-closed
    system pseudo science RDs by groups across
    Govt/Military /Aerospace /Intel agencies
    private contractors, often hidden under secrecy
    law, to which above organizations executives
    often have no access i.e "unacknowledged"
    projects(eg 1000 classified inventions in
    Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical exist amongst
    NATO allies). Yet there are efforts to partially
    disclose unlimited energy related tech as
    tiny-minority-controlled highly exclusive
    modality while same final effects can be created
    by wide range of unexclusive relatively simple
    tech or mind/emotion based methods if a fraction
    of budget is spent to develop. Such paradigm can
    totally liberate mass from "dead-end public
    consumption science" education restricted by
    centrally controlled science law. From current
    vantage point, there is some possibility of world
    dividing into roughly two different camps at both
    elites general population First group is
    already more focused on exclusive patent or
    machine/DNA controlled surveillance or physical
    effect creation to enable world influence by a
    fraction of population. Emerging second group
    will likely to be more focused on low cost simple
    unexclusive tech or holistic mind/emotion/biologic
    ally driven effect creation. Overall, MS
    commercialization by multiples of unlimited
    energy production methods is inevitable, yet not
    only its economic impact but also who is going to
    be in control of technological dominance
    individual life would likely become a(covert)
    central issue in the coming yrs.

Qualification of information
  • This presentation primarily focuses on less
    known but latest science consensus forming
    technologies on strict effect basis, while a bulk
    of highest efficiency low cost techs a majority
    of "outrageous" or controversial claims category
    contradict predominant view, especially of
    Wikipedia Western media/NGOs. Hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data individually.
  • Regarding Controversial But Future Critical
    Technologies Discussed

    Term Free energy or Over-unity in this
    presentation is defined as seeming as if

    -1 Drawing
    more energy than existing or continuous motion
    with no energy input. -2 Work is
    done by other than Thermodynamic Free Energy
    open system symptom.
    -3 Using free material generally not
    considered as fuel.

    their claims might involve higher likelihood of

    -4 Fabrication,
    reliability exaggeration, or statistical error
    chance of observed effect.

    -5 Significant quality gap between inventions,
    yet -

    -6 At least collective majority seems
    to consistently produces claimed effects.
  • Currently more detailed reference list is being
    produced will be published separately
    The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/product testimonies/complaints, publications
    public records of NGOs/media/research
    institutes/think tanks/military/space gov't
    agencies/industry associations. Most effects
    quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from
    unrelated era source, but mechanics
    categorization are hypothetical. Commercialized
    company/products are shown in Boldface Dark Blue.
    Due to space constraints, referenced
    individuals names are given only last name or
    part of first name unless web search
    identification becomes difficult(often
    non-Western names are given in full), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.

  • p06 Sscience accepted free Micro Energy
  • p45 Industrial Energy Harvesters Solid State
    Device, HRSG
  • p85 Solar/Wind/Hydro with beyond official
    limit, Biomass/WtE, Methane
  • p125 Biomass, Inventor Tech Ambient
    Electricity/ZPE extraction, HHO gas
  • p164 Inventor Tech Cold Plasma, Compressed Air,
    Aneutronic Fusion, Torsion
  • p209 Torsion field, Scalar energy, Standing wave
  • p242 BioTorsion Field? Remote View, Martial
    Art, Mentalists, Qigong, Hypnosis..
  • p278 "Copy Paste" by Torsion/Scalar,
    Terahertz, FIR waves, Photo Catalysis
  • p304 Highly anomalous ORMUS, another state of
    matter?, LENR-Cold Fusion
  • p342 Official Acceptance of LENR ZPE Resonance
    extraction Ramifications
  • p387 Outrageous Claims(OC) ZPE related effect
    witnesses, Tech influence lobby
  • p426 OC ZPE related Tech lobby, Engineering of
  • p447 OC ElectroMagnetic mind influence,
    MindRitual based technologies
  • p479 OC ZPE related Weapons, Summary
    Conclusions -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
  • This file is part 8 of 14 series Entire 14
    series can be viewed in one file at following
    presentation sites.
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  • https//
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  • Thank you. Ben Rusuisiak.

Bio Torsion Field? 37 Field Manipulation
Belief's Role
  • -gtgtcont BioEnergetic field ß Field affecting
    vi-Non local/local contactless Healing This high
    performance modern western fast shamanic healers
    link to serious disease healing extensively
    debunked( unallowed to operate in West) psychic
    surgery(appears to have high of fraudulent
    short term healer exists, but long term top
    performer seems to be highly effective)(see
    "outrageous claims" p4606a)
  • Religious or faith healers comment referring to
    some of failure as lack of faith on the part
    of those to be healed(RW Shambach) is
    considered as presumptuous or insane by western
    mainstream, but from Bio-Energo-Informatics/Torsio
    n physics type experimental perspective this is
    likely one of major causes for healing failure.
  • In strict sense, prementioned ß i-vi effects
    usually contain suggestion induced hypnotic or
    subliminal effect this can come other than from
    explicit words such as objects color of wall or
    surroundings, sound, smell that are based on
    societys root assumptions. But attempt to
    attribute effect causation into one sole cause in
    segregated manner often becomes impossible or
    irrelevant combination or constantly shifting
    sole(few) cause(s) of multiple elements seem to
    be at work directed by spontaneous feeling
  • ? Telekinesis As opposed to ß(psychokinesis
    excluding telekinesis), here primarily refers to
    moving/changing primarily inanimate objects
    without touching or other conventional means,
    possibly by affecting matter's or surrounding
    matter/air's field.
    ?i -Most common one is
    touch involved spoon bending By Average People
    Multiply witnessed entry level spoon bending
    parties show almost all people use some force
    when bend,

Bio Torsion Field? 38 Field Manipulation-gtTelekin
  • -gtgtcont Thoughts body field ? Telekinesis
    i-Spoon Bending
  • But in rare cases metal visibly continues to bend
    or spiral on flat surface after it leaves hand or
    use of light force bends 20mm dimeter iron
    bars)(Ja Houck, GellerJB Alexander, Victor
  • This type of event was actually participated by
    numerous mainstream Western academics on
    unofficial basis, also held at INSCOM(USA) to the
    degree Russia/China does but western main media
    is structured to deliver uniform debunking all of
    psychic tech(Stubblebine) compared to
    diversified media reporting content at non west.
    Also collective emotion seems to help to amplify
    ability as synergy effect,
  • Average mass of people also demonstrate by
    affecting random number generators?(Roger
    Nelson). Existence of psychokinetic Chicken(D
  • For high performer effects Psychokinetically
    moving inanimate objects (VinogradovaV
    Adamenko, Ronny Marcus), Scatter laser beam
    (KulaginaKhokholov, Yan Xin??? - Li
    Shengping), Deflect ultrasonic beam(JP
    Girard), have an object stay up in the air for a
    few seconds-minutes before dropping(Ermolaev, ??
    ???????? ??????????), Measurable electric
    field generated by still body(Dean KraftHS
    Dakin) or Detected electrically charge around
    moved object, Change composition of
    liquids(includes charged water idea), Works in
    Faraday Cage i.e. at least some telekinesis is
    not based on Electro Magnetic nature(?? ???????,
    ?? ??????). Psychokinesis ability training
    certification is offered (????????? ????????????
    ??????????). --gtgtcont

Bio Torsion Field? 39 Electrical Effects, Red
Sand Palm
  • -gtgtcont Thoughts body field ? Telekinesis
    Cause some practisers to get tired easily
    or heart beat rapid increase(Kulagina) or become
    sensitive to electrical effects while others
    dont(?? ??????). Light up bulb by mind only
    with no plug-in (J Gallenberger), Some hand
    brick breaking appears to work anomalously with
    "Qi" effect (eg hand breaks multiple bricks
    successively without "conventional martial art"
    very hard fast blow hand remains soft bruise
    free. Or break only bottom two bricks of 3 by
    choice) Cinnabar Palm, Cosmos Palm, Red Sand
    Palm/??? etc,
  • Teleportation(possibly materialization)(??? -
    Zhang Baosheng??? - Song Kongzhi, ??? - Lin
    Shuhuang, SaibabaHaraldsson, GellerJ
    Hasted but controlled success rate is very
    low- highest is about 50 range, various super
    slow video shots indicate some kind of soliton
    effect causes object to penetrate through barrier
    matter) some kind of "hole" is made temporarily
    to pass thru. Compared to experimental claims,
    some top mentalists' tricks of apparent
    telekinetic/teleport effect is often identical(S
    Frayne, C Takayama), Materialization/Conjuring
    of Paramagnetic matter(Ste Braude), Edibles(Da
    ThompsonZammit, W SchneiderSchrenck-Notzing),
    People, Animals under daylight seance(Car
    MirabellBrazilian President senior
    politicians, military, police and socially high
    ranking group of 100), (M Béraud - E
    CarriereCharles Richet), but ectoplasm based
    materialization seems all temporary, also unclear
    whether/both dead consciousness"or "pretend
    entity" projecting OR mediums imagination, or
    even 3rd party viewer's expectation or all
    combined, are creating the apparition(eg
    sometimes cartoon like or monster-lizard
    looking thing shows up),(Mi Tymn, Haraldsson),

Bio Torsion Field? 40 Telekinesis as Emotional
  • -gtgtcont Thoughts body field manipulation ?
    -Telekinesis i
  • Control growth enhancement/retardation/mutation
    of bacteria(CB Nash, Bev Rubik, Dennis
    AdamsAmbrose Worrall, Rauscher), Some strong
    effects are not willfully controlled or
    repeatable(eg poltergeist effectsee
    p447,460,461, some apparent relation to
    emotions), Same phenomena is generated by
    heterodyne mixing of electromagnetic or scalar
    waves(Hutchison effect p431).
  • Failed Telekinesis has what mainstream would call
    fraudulent excuse like complaining about
    feeling ambience or noise of the room, "photo of
    a person framed on the wall is blocking the
    effect(Kulagina), or "negative" persons
    presence is reducing the success ratio(K
    Batcheldor, W Roll),
  • Even many repeatable effect demonstrators need
    some prior emotional preparation and
    concentration to create robust effect(?? ??????
    ?? ?????? ).
  • Also majority of commonly claimed Telekinesis
    effect is limited to spinning of light foil in
    closed in glass container type(?????? ??????????
    ?? ) but similar motion making psychotronic
    devices would react human subtle energy for
    almost all people(Egely Wheel). It is usually
    not claimed but specific acoustic entrainment
    frequency or psychotronic device should easily
    compromise or enhance performance without
    subjects' knowing. --gtgt cont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 41 Effect on Plans, Germs,
  • -gtgtcont Thoughts body field ? -Telekinesis

    ?ii-Reduce pests, Seed rapid
    growth/reversing ripening in 5-10mins, Revitalize
    roasted seeds, or Prolong seed's faster growth
    effects etc time progress and reversal both?(??
    - Yan Xin??? - Lu Zuyin, M ManningARG Owen, MR
    Barrington, GellerSR Sirag, Trivedi).
  • Some can generate strong electrical or intense
    heating sensation with lasting skin mark or
    medical healing effect (????? ???????????L
    Brezhnev, ??????? ????????Stalin, John
    ChangJim McMillan, Gregory V Simpson, M
    ManningKarol Sikora, Brian Roet, David
    Frost), and some bioelectrical generation is
    potent enough to boil water with own body
    produced electricity by holding two metal bars
    going into water(??????? ?????? - ???? ??????).
    Killing cancer cells by qigong master was
    frequently measured, but some healers also show
    effectiveness(Dean KraftRS Hawke - Lawrence
    Livermore, and many other minor lab successes
    ), Pyrokinesis by martial art masters
    others(Zhou Ting Jue, Jiang Feng, Chulin Sun, ??
    ?????, Mi Raduga, Kulagina ) but untrained
    people with similar ability(Nguy?n M?nh Hùng cô
    gái h?a ho?n, AW UnderwoodLC Woodman)
  • ?iii- Apparent chemical transmutation molecular
    change, Alter DNA etc(??? - Chulin Sun??? - Shen
    Jichuan, Dean Craft, Yan Xin, GellerWilbur
    Franklin, Eldon Byrd). But regular people's
    mind state also seems to alter their DNA(Pjo
    Garjajev, Dea Ornish, LE Carlson) --gtgt cont

Bio Torsion Field? 42 Telekinesis Measurement
  • -gtgtcont Thoughts body field ? -Telekinesis

    ?iv- Turning off/mulfunction/breaking
    electronic equipment(Pauli Effect), Change pH of
    water by 1 to 2 nonlocally with focused
    thought(pH by 1 W Tillerpsycho energetic
    science, by 2 ?? ?????Kulagina) this can
    easily kill some one if targeted blood pH.
  • d Effects measurement a- - Kirlian photo(can
    instantly indicate biohealing effectiveness)(Chr
    DrossinakisKorotkov, Ant Antonov). b-
    Biophotons(Van Wijk), c- Sense data a few
    Telekinetic person as well as high performance
    martial artist can consistently demonstrate
    electroshock effect, thermal burn effect on
    people(also on electric meter), d-Molecular
    atomic structural change, water structure(Li
    Sheng Ping) and applicable in commercial
    biotech, chemical reactions, industrial process,
    malignant cell change(??? - Feng Lida), Metal
    bars non contact bending(J Hasted), or bar
    placed inside of test tube bent
    psychokinetically has anomalous
    molecule/electrical reaction(JP GirardCharles
    Crussard Sheet metal authority in France, J J
    Trillat President of French Academy of Science
    in 1970s), e-Alter DNA(Gar Yount),
  • f-Subjects brain wave measurement to confirm
    non local signal sending-receiving
    effect(different location)(Liu Guolong), g-
    Induction of magnetic fields over meridian/chakra
    points, Thermal energy measurement for remote qi
    energy projection(infrared temperature
    distribution), Biological magnetic field control
    capability has been tested(I Swann, M ManningB
    Josephson, Geller, Ronnie Marcus), -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Bio Torsion Field? 43 Technology Mainstream
  • -gtgtcont Field generated by thoughts human
    body e Biofield technology mainstream status

    e BioEnergetic Field technology
    mainstream status. Most of Western Europe,
    US/Canada, Australia/NZ, its status is officially
    pseudoscience yet significant activities
    research continue even at part of mainstream
  • Soviet/Russia officially recruited trained
    psychically talented people since 1920s(Interior
    Ministry(????/?????? ????????, ?? ????????, ??
    ?????), Even now Senior officials including
    Internal Affairs, military, and intel, claim all
    key nations(and some large corporate, NGO etc)
    are covertly operating psychic program run by
    mainstream type high level academic in charge(??
    ?????????, ?? ???????, ?? ??????????, ?? ???????,
    ?? ???????, ?? ?????????? ?????, ???? ???????
    ) this includes effects similar to some
    dramatic ones(far beyond confirmed by official
    lab or experimental reports) demonstrated by
    mentalists or martial artists, and program is
    sometimes synergized with electronic based
    torsion field/psychotronic technology for effect
  • In Soviet/Russia before yr 2000 it reached the
    point daily prime time nation wide major TV
    networks remote healing 15mins session(including
    claims of charging water/cream etcfrom both
    healer and audience when placed them in front of
    TV) provided in 1990s with millions claiming
    positive results and request for continuation but
    the Commission for Combating Pseudoscience in
    RAS(p425-429) some of media(backed up by west)
    criticized government for allowing it and
    subsequently banned. --gtgt cont

Bio Torsion Field? 44 Tech Use in Russia, China
  • -gtgtcont Biofield e Biofield technology
    mainstream status Russia/Soviet/CIS Previously
    classified technology including biofield
    reading/affecting became available on market
    during Yeltsin era, and after incumbent president
    came in, many of those programs started to be
    classified and most them at government
    intel/military officially ended before 2006 after
    successful application at Chechenya wars etc
    (??????????? ??????????, ?? ?????, ?? ???)(eg
    ????????????? ???, other psychic/extrasense
    applications), while those who were involved are
    offering services to civilians(?? ??????)
    (, ??????? ???????????). Even very top
    position Gov't/Military people in Russia still
    talk about use of psychics or astrologers at
    interviews (S Shoigu, A Serdyukov).
  • Although Russia generally utilizes psychics far
    more openly at mainstream level, "charismatic
    type" with many followers is often suppressed(GP
    Grabovoiofficially worked for Uzbekistan govnt
    aviation safety, N Levashov)- slightly similar
    way as popular Qigong(not just Falun Gong)
    masters were suppressed, many of them had
    "psychic level" healing ability and were also
    able to teach how do it. BioField tech status is
    generally higher to significant higher in non
    Western ally nations (generally lowest in Nordic
    North America) even amongst advanced nations(eg
    Brazil, India), Eastern Europe(eg Romania,
    Bulgaria), but also Western ally nations with
    quasi or official government status(eg Japan,
    Philippines) Also for biofield related effect
    technology segment with lower social/academic
    status or more "bizarre claims"(also outrageous
    claims p468-473). --gtgt cont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field Used "Copy Paste" 1 How It Works
  • Torsion Field Use of Copying Imprinting

    Specific Matter's Own Unique "Spin" Frequency
    can be Copied Pasted on to other matter like
    Magnetization under Torsion Field concept(Info
    Carrier of chemistry-physics in its absence)
  • One method is to place solenoid coil around
    original matter/liquid to digitally record its
    frequency, then give coherent EM field exposure
    of the original frequency by re-emitting it to
    target matter/liquid in order to
    imprint/re-record onto target matter).
  • Instead of Electric(EM) Field, prolonged fixed
    frequency laser can be irradiated for
    re-recording for certain material.
  • Actual effect of above can be imprinting onto
    mediums molecule spin oscillation/molecule
    bonding angle etc to start resonating with
    mediums frequency?
  • Residual or ghost effect(change quality of mass
    by information carriers information). One
    example of this "spin torsion memory" can be
    Aspden effect(Stopped spinning matter after
    continuously spun, can be re-sped up to original
    speed in either direction with far less than
    conventional physics low requires(about 1/10th of
    initially required energy) indication of lag in
    inertia/virtual inertia exists)(this effect is
    not pseudoscientized, still simply ignored and
    practically banned from publishing in mainstream
    journals) --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field Used "Copy Paste" 2 Imprinting
to Water
  • --gtgtcont Torsion Field Use of Copying
    Imprinting Examples

  • ?i-Water Imprinting

    A-Alcohol to get drank with no side
    effects(Kleinert, ?? ????, ?? ??????? ),
    B-Tan lotion as a Drink eg Osmosis Skincare(B
    C-Water based DNA Polymerase Chain
    Reaction- PCR(A Tedeschi),
  • D-Medicine ???????????? ???????,
    Infoceuticals, ??????? (?? ?????????), but also
    useable as undetectable Sports Doping(Palyushev).
    Major effect used as mainstream in some nations
    as Homeopathy(India, Switzerland, France) but
    homeopathic potentization(stronger
    chemical/mineral/essence effect when there is
    none of it in water) is still mostly officially
    treated as placebo
  • It is rarely known usually ignored some of
    homeopathy's peer reviewed journals report(only
    light symptom effect is allowed in mainstream
    medical journal and that is even rareeg EPI3
    Grimaldi-Bensouda, and usually even 90
    satisfaction rate light symptom product report is
    not allowed to publish unless it's about
    debunking eg Oscillococcinum) far beyond
    conventional med effectiveness in serious disease
    including types of advanced pancreatic
    cancer(Aradeep Chatterjee, Pra Banerji), but
    performance can radically differs by each
    practitioner(Raj Sankaran, Abh Patil),
  • Incidentally, Homeopathy is saddled with
    "quadruple insurmountable pseudoscientific
    mechanism" according to mainstream science and in
    short term there is no hope for full western
    acceptance. --gtgtcont

Torsion Field "Copy Paste" 3 Water only
  • --gtgtcont Torsion Field Use of Copying/Imprinting
    ?i D-Water only medicine Homeopathy's multiple
    Pseudoscientific Mechanism
  • These issues are likely too great to overcome
    short term even ignoring other geopolitically
    negative factors(from mainstream perspective)
    like its peer reviewed top performers' disruptive
    effectiveness in serious chronic disease and low
    cost, low tech unexclusivity(unpatentable),
    fast production great results without side
    effect(no new disease) on vaccine use(another
    very profitable and mainstream admitted military
    intel linked element)
  • 1-Diagnosis of symptom requires not just current
    disease, but "unrelated things" like how patient
    feels about relationships, job, family, diet,
    past trauma, and current emotional state life
    challenges, then decide what remedy combo to use,
    2-Remedy is basically only herbs/mineral/animal
    extraction to works as cure for disease,
    3-Patients take the herb, by a manner of its
    chemical /nutrient /medicine transferred to
    water, but it's done so without any of original
    herb matter/essence in it. 4-In order to produce
    this pseudo-scientific "magic water" with nothing
    else in it, all you need to do is to first shake
    water with herb content, then continue shaking
    diluting with more water till there is no
    original herb content in it, in order to have
    best effects.. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field Copy Paste 4 Imprinting to
Matters etc
  • -gtgtcont. Torsion field quality 7 Copy imprint
    element ?i-Water imprinting E-
  • E- Tertiary replication of frequency from water
    treatment device to less structured water to
    have it become more structured water
    Oscillation memory etched(imprinted) water
    treatment device(2ndary copy) reemits signal to
    affect water(3ertiary copy). This type of
    lattice structure metal or aluminum Water
    treatment device's sinalling capacity is often
    produced by prolonged laser pulse exposure(Kar
    Wagner, U Holst)(Merus ring),
  • ?ii-Matter a-Copy medicinal effect to plain
    powder tablets(Dulnevym), Imprint subtle bio
    signal to toothpaste, cream etc so that they
    re-emit biofield stimulating signal(AfalinaS)
    b-Duplicate surroundings spin oscillation of
    organism thru fluid(Aliyev), c-Enclosed water in
    solid container to trigger whole uniform
    resonance Compensatory Magnetic
    Oscillator(Fillip-Robin), d-Copy or alter
    crystallization of fluid solutes,
    e-Mineral/ceramic/steel carries fertilizer info
    water to multiply it Penergetic(Plocher),
    f-Combustion /electrical efficiency wave emitting
    ability to another matter,
  • ?iii-Others

    a-Haunted site or Psychometry imprint,
    ß-Imprint effect can be pre-conditioned
    /amplified by Schumann resonance in
    background(-7.8hz as base freq., ELF- Extremely
    Low Frequency EM wave),(Montagnier, G
    Vitiello), Also it triggers free energy
    extraction(B Bass, N Wootan), --gtgt continue -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field Copy Paste 5 Schumann Used
  • -gtgtcont Torsion field wave quality 7 Copy
    paste/imprint element ?iii-Others ß-Imprint
    effect Schumann resonance
  • Schumann frequency is quasi Standing Wave
    resonance in a Massive Cavity/waveguide covering
    entire Earth surface upto Ionosphere 80km above
    Considering what small cavity does to
    rocket(p171,172) etc, It should have large
    influence on earth habitats, It is to be
    influenced by planets in solar system
  • This is Russian mainstream level idea, also
    western military/science discussed but media
    usually ridicules optional or covert capability
    of below i particularly ii (Geo-engineering
    application is described at p431,4321A)
  • i-Schumann Resonance Control as huge
    geo-engineering switch (Eastlund, Bill Hayes),
    by EM ELF wave amplified from ionosphere working
    as long wire antenna by projecting ELF
    modulated UHF-EHF pulse wave to it from ground
    (Streltsov, V Sorokin) etc, at SURA, EISCAT,
    NEXRAD, JORN, SBX-1, upgraded HAARP etc, or
    unknown compact facilities/radar
    stations/ships/radio transmitters/unused 15km
    long power lines usually need freq. etc
    adjustments from regular use. Augmentable by
    electro-conductive aerosol spray, or satellite
    reflector. Other methods High altitude nuclear
    EMP, Wave coupling, EM acoustic wave Scalar,
    Laser ), -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Copy Paste 6 Schumann For Other
Torsion Use
  • -gtgtcont. Torsion field wave quality 7 Copy
    paste/imprint element ?iii-Others ß-Imprint
    effect Schumann resonance
  • ii -Directly enhance/alter brain
    bio-functioning of animals/human, Strong phase
    coherence with cerebral activities at 3-30hz
    range(Koenig, Sidrov, Persinger, Robescu, GJF
    MacDonald, R McCraty/ also NASA), hence
    people-influencing type option exists. And this
    option seems to have been exercized by Soviet
    against West in 1970s/80s(Puharich)(p475 phase
    array antenna)

  • Also not Torsion field but similar brain insert
    operated various functions are claimed, Some are
    partially mainstream accepted Brain wave based
    mind reading or via computer only
    communication/computer brain interface(Tos
    Yamazaki, Kai Miller, Al Cowen), Personal
    identification to replace finger print by "brain
    print"?(Sar Laszlo). Simple wearable
    intention(brain wave) reading biofeedback
    device/toy for wide range of applications for
    future(NeuroSkyMattel Mind Flex, Uncle Milton
    Force Trainer, Square Enix, Emotiv). Something
    this obvious is still debunked by core mainstream
    as illusion.
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation(tDCS)
    use for knowledge uploading to brain(Mat
    Phillips), Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs are
    now widely available(Nat Crone) -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Terahertz Wave Copy Paste 1

    Although it is EM wave(transversal),
    Terahertz(Thz, T-ray)'s effects resemble Torsion
    wave(longitudinal, non-Hertzian wave)'s in many
    aspects, and sometimes actual distinction might
    be blurred, interchangeable, or irrelevant.
  • Thz(0.1 or 0.3 - 3, 10, or 30Thz) has also been
    called Millimeter wave(mmw)/Extremely High
    Frequency (EHF)(0.03 or 0.1 - 0.3Thz) prior as
    established name. Some speculate name
    fudging-change was used by Western medical group
    backers to appeal to the mass "Thz hasnt been
    used for medical cure(see next page) irrelevant
    for such purpose but only good for scanning use
    for medical industrial purpose Usually Thz
    naming is segregated from Millimeter/EHF,
  • While Torsion wave(spin wave) is western science
    denied, conventionally non-measurable vector-less
    wave created by various methods One way to make
    is fast rotate matter while it has
    electromagnetic pulse(Torsion field), or phase
    conjugated pair of waves(Scalar wave) --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Terahertz Wave Copy Paste
2 Bio Activation
  • --gtgtcont TERAHERTZ WAVES

  • Enhanced Electrical/Combustion/Bio Activity etc
    as Western mainstream ignored mmw effect(also
    happens at FIRFar InfraRed waves) fringe
    Japanese research(even with multinational
    takeoverunder "Japan xxx Trust", Japans
    tradition continues for their mainstream
    conglomerates to have some relationships with
    them as technical sub-contractor to develop
    pseudo-scientific products it is fair scale
    commercialized but usually only domestically,
    exception eg Phiten). This effect is
    mainstream approved in Russia/China/South Korea,

  • Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 1

    A- Wide range of Medical Bio
    benefits(as Millimeter wave/EHF therapy, "Subtle
    energy" in torsion etc deemed some type of
    non-Herzian wave is also in effect), Tissue
    regeneration, DNA matter altering, Mind related
    effect, anomalous Industrial process at specific
    mmw frequency(Epov, Devyatkov, Kirichuk,
    Strelnikova, XW Du, L Jin, Kulipanov,Q Wu, T
    Sugi, Jul Brooks) eg Emerson Effect. Western
    mainstream researches some of it(T Globus,
    Gelmont) but publicly declares minimal bio
    benefit. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Terahertz Wave Copy Paste
3 Electrical, Combustion Enhancement
  • --gtgt cont Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 1 Enhanced
    Electrical/Combustion/Bio Activity etc

    B- Low subtle energy which is
    emitted by all matters, its high activated
    state is associated with increased negative ion
    presence ?i- To activate electron movement or/
    ?ii- To neutralize excess positive ion or
    oxidation state of matter/water, ?iii- Certain
    magnetic field generates FIR/THZ wave.
  • C-Non-linear resonance, D-Bio molecule resonance
    is located in Thz region, i.e. effective bio
    coherence creator indicator(Gurel),
    E-Astronomical distance H2O, N, C etc
  • F-Instantly affect H bonds solutes molecule in
    H2O(Havenith), G-Dielectric
    Relaxation occurs in water with no electric
    field, H-Similarly,
    causes Kerr Franz-Keldysh effects(Novelli)
    -virtual e-field?,
  • I-Useful for metamaterial making,

    J-Quantum hall effect
    relation(Sarfatti, Shimano), -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Terahertz Wave Copy Paste
4 Oscillation Resonance
  • Torsion vs Thz SIMILARITY 2 Idea itself(not
    processing method) of imprinting Thz wave to
    water or silica type matter for wave re-emission
    Similar copy basics might be A- Surveying or
    scanning takes large energy, but just like
    catalysis, self oscillation(weak FIR type minute
    self vibration) takes no external energy, B-
    Needs to adjust imprint carrier frequency to
    matters absorbable resonating level C- Spin
    polarity change,
  • D- Alter lattice structure when resonated by
    prolonged pulse or incoherent/different wave
    exposure, E- Oscillation template effect cause
    new resonance to other matter(Vollmers, M Tanaka,
    Shinou, Shima), sort of like science illegal
    simpler way of Negative Index Metamaterial
    making, F- Some of wave re-emission effect causes
    self micro energy/electricity generation,

  • Torsion vs Thz DIFFERENCE "Effect"
    transferring/imprinting methods, or some effect
    characteristics- eg A- Thz doesn't seem to have
    solenoid coil around imprint media, or
    prolonged resonating laser pulse exposure on
    lattice structure method like Torsion, --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Terahertz Wave Copy Paste
5 Torsion Terahertz
  • --gtgtcont Torsion vs Thz DIFFERENCE
  • B- Some T-ray effect quickly fades, or easily
    loses by x-ray/microwave irradiation, D- FIR/Thz
    wave treated silica melts snow faster than
    untreated one - effects lasts for for 2-5yrs.
    Some products demonstrate this every time Can it
    be more aptly explained than by Quantum Melting
    macroscopic effect/"Lindemann ratio gap"?, ie
    macroscopic example of quantum fluctuation/ZPE,(al
    so p22 4-f-1)

  • C- Thz wave is blocked by metal limited
    imprinting ability, but Torsion wave penetrates
    all matter including faraday cage, E- Some bio
    effect of FIR/Thz imprinted device seems much
    stronger than Torsion imprinted matter,
    F- Thz can increase insulation factor reduce
    water condensation on glass(Muneta)
  • G- Characteristic Thz imprinting processes

    water as medium(K Hatanaka, K Masumoto) to copy
    high FIR/Thz emitting mineral/herb to solid
    matter by mixing mineral/herb
    would-be-wave-emitting-device-material in same
    pressurized container with water in it as
    "recording medium --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Thz Wave Copy Paste 6
Difference 2
  • --gtgt cont Torsion vs Thz DIFFERENCE G-
    Characteristic Thz imprinting processes ?i-Use
    water as medium
  • Example of imprinting by placing original essence
    matter new medium to be imprinted in a confined
    space 1-Sub/SuperCritical water type pressured
    and high temperature treatment, 2-Simultaneously
    or immediately followed by exposure to Constant
    Electric field-EM wave(mostly in UV, Microwave,
    FIR, Thz, ELF/ULF range or light frequency- or
    also their short pulse exposure),
    3-Distillation condensation, Accentuated sudden
    change of conditions, 4-Repetition of
    above process over and over. But Torsion/Scalar
    imprinting is more like prolonged exposure of
    essence matter's electric field or resonating
    frequency in EM pulse to new medium.
  • ?ii-But sometimes mere soaking/coating matter
    with "oscillating water" under ambient pressure
    temperature also seems to do the temporary job,
  • ?iii-Can get same effect by simply coating nano
    particles of certain Thz/FIR emitting minerals
    like titanium without above imprinting process,
    done by semi-nano size shot peening to fuse with
    substrate matter(Y Hirata),
    ?iv-Thz methods seem to make matters bioactive
    more effectively than Torsion method when
    imprinting into new medium made of Plastic,
    Fabric, Rubber, Paint, Feather, Micro crystals,
    For details see reportFour level of Low Cost..
    and look up "Phase Catalyst Water" --gtgt cont

Torsion Field vs Far Infra Red Wave Copy-Paste 1
  • TERAHERTZ(vague definition 0.1 or 0.3 - 3,10,
    or 30Thz) vs FAR INFRARED(3-30Thz), vs "CHARGED

  • Thz vs FIR SIMILARITY A-Crossed over frequency,
    B-Partially Mainstream Science illegal medical
    bioactivation effects(substantial enough to
    replace part of mainstream medical with low cost
    if publicly endorsed), C-Self micro electric
    current generation effects(media level

  • Thz vs FIR DIFFERENCEImprinting method FIR(Far
    InfraRed) wave or its bio-mineral info imprinted
    Ceramic, Fibre, or Plastic sometimes differ from
    Thz copying method(, gaiapower jp,, Akatsuka FFC, WorldKlass, Biopower

    A-In Thz,
    Super/SubCritical water treatment is used more
    often, while in FIR, Mixing Baking method
    seemed to be more predominant Original bacteria
    or mineral to be imprinted is baked with ceramic
    at 1000-1300C, so living organism is supposedly
    dead, yet its information, or FIR oscillation
    is imprinted into new medium, new FIR frequency
    generated ion is emitted from copied
    medium/device for 1-5yrs, or max 20yrs,
    B-Thz uses
    mineral nanoparticle fuse method more frequently
    than FIR(material is fused with substrate, not
    surface layered coating). -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion Field vs Far Infra Red Copy-Paste 2
  • --gtgt Thz vs FIR DIFFERENCEImprinting method
  • These overall pseudoscienctized copying methods
    can be interpreted as semi-permanent partial
    shifting of normal mode vibrational frequency of
    one item to another Original essence matter
    newly imprinted medium become partially
    "vibrationally same specie" by copying
    imprinting process? - Does imprint process
    involve alteration of molecule bond length or
    angle that changes frequency absorption? i.e.
    equivalent of Coupled Vibrations effects/Fermi
    Resonance/Electronic effects, and Supercritical
    water method causes Hydrogen bonding change?
  • Minerals used in imprinting or its "frequency
    copy" Guerite, Silica, Maifan, Tourmaline,
    Shungite, Saugin, Tenko-seki, Limonite, Zeolite,
    Magny, Also wide range of herbs are used.

    bioactive/bioenhancing effect itself is actually
    mainstream science accepted and only occasional
    western media labeled pseudoscience( PR firm
    hired to emphasize?) (2.5-30µm FIR range EM wave
    is linked to most non-metal physical matter
    resonance frequency has various unorthodox bio
    effects upon prolonged irradiation, this is
    easily testable by using mainstream IR
    spectroscopy to check wave absorption peak of
    living organism) -gtgt cont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion, Terahertz, Far Infra Red, Photo
Catalytic, MicroPlasma Effects 1 Applications
    DEVICE(all seem to involve microplasma effect
    accompanying UV/EM field/Radical species/charged
    particles), Similar bioenhancing effect is
    measured and commercialized by activation
    mechanics(not imprinting) of being exposed to
    ultrahigh pressured compressed carbon powder
    Ohki Techno Carbon Wave(Tak Ohki), or Burying
    specially processed solid hardwood biochar
    underground or mixed in concrete/building
    material(OrgaHexa), or "negative ion" effect,
    Microplasma/Electrostatic projection(Maruko
    Denshi ????, JemSys jp ???????),

  • When limit the effects to conventional cold
    plasma mechanics(unlike above listed types, not
    usually involving FIR/Thz) based disinfection
    healing wounds, there is a surprising effort to
    approve and even promote this low cost effective
    technology by western mainstream(IonMed BioWeld,
    Adtec SteriPlas). Different appearance effect
    but pseudoscientized Orgonite has same base
  • Also note ?Japan has major fringe level of new
    age type products by using Thz/FIR, ?Bioceramic
    FIR oscillation range is linked to medical use
    Rife devices frequencies(Sh Vissman), ? FIR
    devices can be resonating with bio-organism in
    standing wave form(Tos Komuro). -gtgt cont

Torsion, Terahertz, Far Infra Red, Photo
Catalytic, MicroPlasma Effects 2 Identification
  • MISIDENTIFICATION This presentation might
    misidentify Thz vs FIR vs Torsion etc product
    mechanics due to their similar effects,
    sellers' evasive mechanics explanation

    A) Some devices contain
    all three capacity processed materials,

    B) Frequency crossover
    happens between Thz FIR wave,
  • C) Last page's high electron absorbing carbon
    material combined with electrically active
    minerals(eg Tourmaline), and electron repelling
    metals or electron projecting devices has same
    bioactive effects(MetalMega jp) by causing
    "perpetual electron movement" This mechanics
    also links to "orgonite" for weather
  • D) Photocatalysis also has similar anomalous
    versions (mainstream use but largely confined to
    Japan) mainly Tungsten Trioxide(WO3) or Titanium
    Dioxide(TiO2) with FPB(p184) treated,
    doped-modified etc. --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion, Terahertz, Far Infra Red, Photo
Catalytic, MicroPlasma Effects 3
Commercialization Examples
  • gtgtcont. Thz vs FIR MISIDENTIFICATION

    There are
    No-UV-required(science legal) or even
    No-light-required (part illegal, more of metal
    ion like reaction) "photocatalytic" devices. This
    anomalous photocatalytic matter's function
    area/capability sometimes exceeds individual Thz,
    FIR, Torsion effect when combined (eg Ecoprize
    jp, Seiwa inc Kogyo, Platinum Photon, Fujico
    HardFacing MaSSC, ???????? Photo),
  • E) This is not about identification issue but
    ceramic paint with FIR/Thz natural resonance
    frequency(hollow/vacuum ceramic microsphere based
    etc) appears to match or slightly exceed 150mm
    thick conventional insulation material equivalent
    performance(AZ Technology, Insuladd, Hy-Tech
    Thermal Solutions, Superior Products
    International Super Therm, Miracool jp), or by
    500nm ceramic use(Admatechs - Toyota -
    Adgreencoat ???????????), or ceramic paint that
    might far exceed conventional insulation
    available (Enbio SolarBlack, Magnovent Isolating
    Paint, ATFI Cerablak, GAINA insulating paint,
  • Often they can display surface static control
    self cleaning effect. Effective insulating
    paints are used as std process in electronics,
    space, some industrial purpose while a part of
    same large corporate user groups seem to fund
    pseudoscientization campaign in Anglo America(not
    much in Europe mainstream approved in Japan)
    for residential application(common practise of
    disruptive tech treatment by "trusted" mainstream
    NGO/media/government etc) -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
Torsion, Terahertz, Far Infra Red, Photo
Catalytic, MicroPlasma Effects 4 Applications,
Magic Cards Make up
  • Commercial Thz Tech eg Freshy/SolarSand, Santa
    Mineral, Spinor Stella, Minimal Catalyst MICA,
    Yav-1/???-1, ????? Ecomile Thz, ????? Q-seal

  • A few political leaders, pro athletes etc known
    for above medical tech use
  • Example of Potent Magic Cards/"Energy
    cards"/"Healing pendant" mechanics can be
    Muti-layered ferro/paramagnetic symmetry sheets
    with bioceramic, herbal, cotton, aluminium,
    silica, some plants(eg Rudraksha) etc or its
    oscillation, processed by phase conjugated wave
    for prolonged duration(or EM Thz wave?), to alter
    atom spin structure to create a monopole magnet
    like "vacuum gate", or scalar wave emitter?(Dav
    Wagner?, Tonomura, Koltsov).
  • More conventional wording to explain can be
    layers of different electrical potential
    electroconductive dielectric materials/insulator
    , would generate micro current/micro EM
    field/micro FIR wave irradiation for
    bioenhancement effect(Sat Moteki), but in some
    cases this non-Hertzian wave based "subtle
    energy" effect can be allegedly disproportionally
    large physical scale("overunity" indication of
    information based energy) This idea links to
    "Orgonite" idea with weather effects(p372)
    --gtgtcont -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
    SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick here, or YUMPU
    click here
  • p06 Sscience accepted free Micro Energy
  • p45 Industrial Energy Harvesters Solid State
    Device, HRSG
  • p85 Solar/Wind/Hydro with beyond official
    limit, Biomass/WtE, Methane
  • p125 Biomass, Inventor Tech Ambient
    Electricity/ZPE extraction, HHO gas
  • p164 Inventor Tech Cold Plasma, Compressed Air,
    Aneutronic Fusion, Torsion
  • p209 Torsion field, Scalar energy, Standing wave
  • p242 BioTorsion Field? Remote View, Martial
    Art, Mentalists, Qigong, Hypnosis..
  • p278 "Copy Paste" by Torsion/Scalar,
    Terahertz, FIR waves, Photo Catalysis
  • p304 Highly anomalous ORMUS, another state of
    matter?, LENR-Cold Fusion
  • p342 Official Acceptance of LENR ZPE Resonance
    extraction Ramifications
  • p387 Outrageous Claims(OC) ZPE related effect
    witnesses, Tech influence lobby
  • p426 OC ZPE related Tech lobby, Engineering of
  • p447 OC ElectroMagnetic mind influence,
    MindRitual based technologies
  • p479 OC ZPE related Weapons, Summary
    Conclusions -Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada