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Aggressors Invade Nations


Hitler Defies Versailles Treaty ... Hitler claimed Czechs were abusing these Sudeten Germans. In reality, Hitler wanted to annex Czechoslovakia for its natural ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Aggressors Invade Nations

Aggressors Invade Nations
  • Objectives
  • Describe Japans attempts to build an empire.
  • Trace the moves of European Fascists in seeking
    world power.
  • Summarize why British and French appeasement and
    American isolationism failed to stop Fascist

Japan Seeks an Empire
  • Nationalistic military leaders seize control of
    Japans imperial government
  • Believed in national expansion
  • Japan seizes control of Manchuria from China
  • Manchuria was rich in natural resources
  • The League of Nations condemned Japanese
  • In response Japan quits the League

Japanese troops entering Manchuria.
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European Aggressors on the March
  • To avenge Italys previous defeat, Mussolini
    ordered an invasion of Ethiopia in 1935
  • Hoping to keep Peace, Britain did nothing

Hitler Defies Versailles Treaty
  • In 1935, Germany began to rearm in defiance of
    the Versailles Treaty
  • German troops entered the Rhineland
  • Buffer zone between France and Germany
  • Britain and France did nothing
  • Appeasement Giving in to an aggressor to keep
  • Encouraged further aggression by Hitler
  • Axis Powers (1936) Germany, Italy, and Japan

The Tripartite Pact formally aligned Germany and
Italy with the Empire of Japan.
Americans Cling to Isolationism
  • Most Americans were alarmed by international
    conflict but felt they should not get involved
  • Beginning in 1935, Congress passed a series of
    Neutrality Acts Laws designed to keep the US
    out of future wars
  • Acts outlawed arms sales/loans to nations at war
  • Despite Neutrality Acts, Roosevelt found it
    impossible to stay neutral
  • FDR spoke out against isolationism

Cartoon showing how the Neutrality Acts
restricted aid from the US to nations at war.
Germany Unites With Austria
  • Austria was Hitlers first target for national
  • Majority of Austrias population were Germans who
    favored unification with Germany
  • 1938 Germany invades Austria unopposed
  • Britain and France ignored their promise to
    uphold Austrian independence

Austrians celebrate as Germany achieves Anschluss.
Bargaining for the Sudtenland
  • 3 million Germans lived in the western border
    regions of Czechoslovakia called the Sudtenland
  • Hitler claimed Czechs were abusing these Sudeten
  • In reality, Hitler wanted to annex Czechoslovakia
    for its natural resources
  • Munich Agreement (1938) France and Britain
    appease Germany by turning over the Sudtenland
    without conflict
  • Encouraged German aggression
  • German barriers to expansion further deteriorated
    when Hitler and Stalin signed a nonaggression
    pact in 1939

Political cartoon depicting Hitler and Stalins
nonaggression pact in 1939.
I believe it is peace for our time. -
Neville Chamberlain
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