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Troop Money Earning


Car wash at local school. Yes. No. 7/25/09. Girl Scouts-Great Rivers Council Inc. Oh No! ... A car wash is an appropriate money earning activity for girls. 7/25/09 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Troop Money Earning

Troop Money Earning
To advance the screen, simply move your mouse to
the arrow in the bottom right corner and click.
This symbol will take you to support
material and the evaluation.
This course shares the fundamentals of troop
money earning. Participants will evaluate the
skills of the girls, decide on the skills that
they want to heighten with troop money-earning
activities and determine the interests of the
Objectives of Workshop
  • Understand why and when to do a troop money
    earning activity.
  • Know various girl/adult planning activities that
    encourages girls to share their thoughts.
  • Understand the progression of steps leading to
    and following a money earning activity.
  • Examine current troop skills and plan activities
    to build future skills.

Who Wants to Raise a Million Dollars?
Read through the following reasons why girls
should do money earning. Do they all support the
Girl Scout Program?
?To have fun ?To earn individual money ?To
meet new people ?To build skills
?To build confidence ?To have more
opportunities ?To support the Goals for Girls
Which one did not support the Girl Scout program?
Click the question mark below to find out.
Money is never the property of individual girls
or adults.See Safety-Wise Standard 29
To earn individual money!
When should girls do money earning? Click on the
question mark next to the box that you think is
the correct answer
Before discussing and choosing yearly activities
and creating a budget.
After discussing and choosing yearly activities
and creating a budget.
  • Sorry, incorrect answer. Girls should
    participate in money earning as part of the
    girl/adult planning process. It is most
    effective for girls to plan their troop
    activities and create a budget to meet those
    goals. Money earning activities should support
    the overall goals of the troop.

  • Congratulations! You are correct. Troop money
    earning is a part of the girl/adult planning
    process. It is most effective when girls plan
    their troop year and create a budget to meet
    their goals.

Skills of Girls
  • The girls in your troop have a lot of skills that
    can be utilized when it comes time for troop
    money earning. On the next page you will find a
    list of skills and traits your girls may have.
    Examine the list. Can you identify three skills
    that you recognize in your girls?

Skills Traits
Budgeting Enthusiasm Creativity Courage Assertiven
ess Goal Setting Decision Making Self-Confidence R
esearching Public Relations
Relating to Others Responsibility Saving
money Understanding Money Terms Evaluating Making
a Plan Punctuality Record Keeping Pride
Responsibility Honesty Time Management
Were you able to find at least three traits on
that list? If yes, then your girls are unique
and are ready to start money-earning activities.
  • Now you need to decide what skills you would like
    to build through troop money-earning. Think
    about your girls, what skills they have and what
    you would like them to learn. Jot down the
    skills you would like them to learn.
  • Why is the skill you identified important to
    build with the girls in your troop?

  • Before you attempt a troop money earning activity
    with your girls, you need to remember the idea of
  • Progression is defined as a forward motion or
    advancement to a
  • higher goal.

How Do You Eat An Elephant?
One bite at a time!
Progression is like eating an elephant. You
cannot expect to sit down and complete the
planning for a complex activity in one troop
meeting. Different skills are built in different
ways. One step at a time.
  • Keep the following in mind as you help the girls
    progress in their money management and earning
  • Keep the end result in mind. Focus on what the
    girls will develop by participating in troop
    money earning.
  • Ask yourself the following questions
  • What are the parts of this money earning
  • Do we know how to do it?
  • What do the girls need to learn to be
  • How can I help them learn these skills?
  • Develop a plan to implement the project.
  • Remember that any money earning project should
    support the goals of the troop and should only be
    done when the troop needs more money to do their
    desired activities.

Deciding on a Money Earning Project
  • Once you have
  • Examined the girls skills
  • Decided on the skills you would like them to
  • Determined the goals of the troop
  • and
  • Recognized the need to earn money to support
    troop activities
  • You are ready to decide on a money earning

Deciding on a Money Earning Project
  • Here are some ideas on how to get the girls to
    open up and talk about their ideas. Click on the
    i and learn more about the idea that will get
    girls talking and sharing ideas.

Mad Scientist
Group Posters
Bag of Possibilities
  • Have the girls develop a list of questions and
    interview each other. The questions can include
    favorite things to do, dreams of places they
    would like to go, goals, things they like to
    make, etc Take notes on the results and see if
    any program or money earning ideas come out of
    their interviews.

Group Posters
  • Have the girls get into small groups and tell
    them they have ten minutes to come up with as
    many different activities as possible for money
    earning or brainstorm as many ideas of things
    they could make and sell. They should draw
    pictures, write words, etc on their posters and
    share them with the rest of the troop.

Bag of Possibilities
  • Take a grocery bag and fill it with ten different
    items. Allow the girls to work in small groups
    and brainstorm anything they could possibly make
    based on the items in the bag. Some ideas may
    lead to great crafts or items that can be sold.

Mad Scientist
  • What needs to be invented to make our lives
    easier? This question may lead to some great
    money earning ideas. Have the girls answer this
    question and brainstorm ways to solve this
    problem and create a new invention.

Money-Earning Ideas
  • It is really important that the girls are the
    ones that come up with the money earning ideas.
    Here are some ideas in case your troop needs a
    jump start on ideas
  • Bake Sales
  • Car Wash
  • Pet Care Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Mini-Carnivals
  • Gift Wrapping Services
  • Handmaid mail or flower boxes
  • Selling homemade cards
  • Group babysitting
  • House, attic, garage cleaning
  • Yard work

Things to Consider
  • The following are things to consider when
    brainstorming money earning activities
  • What role will the girls play?
  • What role will the adults need to play?
  • Can the girls do this?
  • Is it age appropriate?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it consistent with the Girl Scout program and
    the Goals for Girls?
  • Are the girls excited?
  • Do the girls know why they are earning money?
  • What is the best time and place to market/sell
    the goods/service?

Oops! The Nos of Troop Money Earning
  • Safety-Wise (pages 74-77) outlines money earning
    activities that should not be done by Girl
    Scouts. They include
  • Games of Chance
  • Direct Solicitation for Cash
  • Endorsement of Commercial Product

There are time periods during the year in which
money earning should not be taking place. Click
the i to find out more.
Successful Troop Money EarningThe following is
a leader/adult checklist for successful troop
money earning
  • Leader has completed the Approval for Additional
    Troop/Group Money Earning Project Form and
    submitted to the service unit manager or Girl
    Scout Center (form in the Adult Resource Manual).
  • The money earning projects support the goals of
    the troop and do not exceed the amount of money
    needed to support troop activities.
  • Permission has been obtained by parents/guardians
    for girl participation.
  • Money earned is the property of the troop and not
    the property of an individual.
  • Money earning projects are reflected in the
    Troop/Group Financial Report (completed by June 1
    every year).

Check Your Understanding
  • The following are some money earning activities.
    Are they appropriate money earning activities for
    Girl Scouts? Click the Yes and No buttons to see
    if you are correct.

Bake sale during the holidays
Selling M Ms
Bingo at the local senior citizen center
Car wash at local school
Oh No! You are incorrect
  • This is an approved activity.

Congratulations! You are correct.
  • This is an approved money earning activity.

Oh no. You are incorrect.
  • Selling M Ms is not an approved activity. It
    would be considered endorsement of a commercial
  • Safety-Wise, Standard 29

Congratulations! You are correct.
  • Selling M Ms is not an approved activity. It
    is considered the sale and endorsement of a
    commercial product.
  • Safety-Wise, Standard 29

Oh No. You are incorrect.
  • Bingo is a game of chance. Games of chance are
    considered inappropriate money earning
  • Safety-Wise, Standard 29

Congratulations! You are correct.
  • Bingo is not an appropriate money earning
    activity. Games of chance are inappropriate
    activities for girls.
  • Safety-Wise, Standard 29

Congratulations! You are correct.
  • A car wash is an appropriate money earning
    activity for girls.

Oh no. You are incorrect.
  • A car wash is an appropriate money earning
    activity for girls.

Troop Money earning projects can take place All
Year Long except while cookie orders are being
taken and while cookie shop sales are taking
place.Exceptions will be made if the money
earning project is small and does not compete
with the cookie sale. For example it could be a
conflict of interest to do a bake sale during the
cookie shop sales, but it would not be a conflict
of interest to make and sale Mothers Day
Review of Troop Money Earning
  • Troop money earning is a part of the girl/adult
    planning process. It should only be done when
    funds are needed to carry out the troop goals and
  • Progression needs to be considered. What skills
    do the girls want and need to learn? How can
    troop money earning be a apart of building skills
    with girls?

Review of Troop Money Earning
  • Involve the girls in deciding what project to
  • The money earned is not the property of any
  • You must follow the Safety-Wise standards when
    implementing a money earning project (pages

Review of Troop Money Earning
  • Girls must have parent/guardian permission to
    participate in money earning activities.
  • There are activities that are inappropriate for
    money earning.
  • There are times of the year when troop money
    earning can and cannot be implemented.

Resources on Troop Money Earning (available at
the Girl Scout Center)
  • Exploring Entrepreneurship Curriculum
  • An Asset Builders Guide to Youth and Money
  • An Income of Her Own Board Game
  • Women Who Dare Exploring Entrepreneurial
  • Production a Box Activity Kit
  • No more Frogs to Kiss 99 Ways to Give Economic
    Power to Girls

Click here for more information on troop money
  • Please click on the button to go to the online
    registration/evaluation form. If you have
    questions about troop money earning, please email
    us at,

Please click here to register and evaluate this
Thank you for completing the Troop Money Earning
Workshop. Good luck in planning and
implementing your money earning workshops with
  • In order to build money management skills, you
    may consider doing a progressive skill building
    activity with your girls.
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