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Welcome to Math 112


All students must take at least one more math course beyond this one. ... Course ID: FOLEY59768 ... You'll use the course you created this morning to explore ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Math 112

Course Redesign Workshop Session II MyMathLab
Software Overview (Jeanne Foley)
This work is supported by U.S. Department of
Education FIPSE grant number P116B06011.
1. The Student Perspective
  • In this section, you'll go through the procedures
    students will be required to do on the first day
    of class, including registering as a student and
    installing plug-ins. The sample PowerPoint slides
    for this "first-day" lecture that will be used to
    walk you through this procedure today are in this
    PowerPoint presentation (light green background)
    and are attached at the end of this section of
    your notebook.

Welcome to Math 110!
  • If you pay attention to these slides, they
    contain almost all of the correct answers to the
    25 questions on the syllabus quiz youll be
    taking at the end of class today...

  • Dr. Jeanne Foley
  • Email foleyj_at_uwstout.edu
  • Office 418F Harvey Hall
  • Phone 232-5001
  • (or 232-1757, Math TLC office)

Course Requirements
  • Prerequisite Math Placement Level 1, or passed
    Math 010.
  • Things to bring to class every day
  • Laptop, power cord
  • Note-taking materials
  • Calculator, headphones

Course Credit
  • The 4 credits for this course DO count as
    elective credit towards graduation, but this
    course DOES NOT count towards the 6-credit
    General Education Analytical Skills requirement.
  • All students must take at least one more math
    course beyond this one.

Which course youll take next
  • Depending on your major, your next class will be
  • Math 120 (College Math I)
  • Math 123 (Finite Math) NOTE You must get a B or
    better in Math 110 to go straight to Math 123.
    Otherwise, youll need to take Math 120 first.
  • NOTE If you need to take Math 121, you CANNOT
    skip Math 120. Very rare exceptions may be made
    for students who earn an A in Math 110, then
    re-take the Math Placement Test and score at
    Level 3 or higher.

Important note
  • If your major requires Math 118, you should drop
    this class and add Math 118.
  • Math 110 CANNOT substitute for Math 118 for the
    Gen. Ed. requirement.
  • (See following slide for list of
  • math requirements by major.)

(No Transcript)
  • The last day of free drops (no record on
    transcript) is Friday, February 2.
  • Withdrawals between 2/3 and Monday, April 2, will
    result in a grade of W. This WILL appear on
    your transcript, but wont affect your GPA.
  • By University policy, drops after Wednesday April
    2 will result in a grade of F. This
    WILL affect your GPA, so plan ahead if things are
    looking grim by then!!

Course Grades
  • Quizzes 1 _at_ 5, 6 _at_ 20, 1 _at_ 40 points 165 pts
  • Tests 2 _at_ 90, 1 _at_ 70 250 pts
  • Practice Quizzes and Tests 62 pts
  • Final Exam (comprehensive) 180 pts
  • Practice Final 20 pts
  • Daily Homework Assignments 31 _at_ 8
    points, 3 _at_ 10 pts 278 pts
  • Lecture Attendance (45 _at_ 1 points) 45 pts
    (1 point per class session, excepting
    quiz/test days)
  • TOTAL 1000 pts

Grade Scale
Quizzes, Tests Homework
  • There will be a graded homework assignment for
    each section.
  • There will be a quiz given after each 3-5
  • There will be a test every 1-3 chapters.
  • Links to these assignments can be found in the
    ASSIGNMENTS section of the CourseCompass web page.

Deadlines for Homework
  • Each homework assignment is due at the start of
    class on the class day after the section is
    assigned. All deadlines are given in the syllabus
    and in the on-line assignment list.
  • Plan to work well ahead of the deadline, because
    homework deadlines wont be extended if they are
  • Homework can be turned in early and can be done
    outside of the lab.

Working at home
  • You can do homework from home or on any computer
    with internet access by downloading the necessary
  • Quizzes and tests must be completed in the Math
    TLC, even if you arrange to take them early.
  • Avoid potential problems with missed homework
    deadlines due to internet disruptions by starting
    your work sufficiently early, or by doing your
    work in the Math TLC.

Homework assignments
  • All of the homework assignments for the entire
    semester are already posted in the MyMathLab
    software on-line.
  • On-line help is available within each homework
    module, and you may also get personal help from
    the teaching staff during the 47 weekly open lab
  • You may work ahead of the class schedule if you

Working ahead
  • You may take any quiz or test early (including
    the final exam), provided that you
  • Get 100 correct on all of the homework
    assignments covered in that quiz or test.
  • Score at least 70 on the practice quiz or test.
  • Arrange ahead of time with your instructor to
    take the quiz or test early.
  • Schedule a test/quiz time that is during your
    regular class time or during an open lab session.
  • Take the test or quiz in the Math TLC under the
    supervision of your instructor or a designated

Attendance points
  • Attendance will be taken at every class session,
    and 1 point will be awarded to students who are
    present when roll is taken (except on the 10 quiz
    test days).
  • Points for each weeks attendance will be posted
    weekly to the online gradebook by Monday of the
    following week.
  • Roll may be taken at any time during a given
    class period. Only students present during roll
    call will earn attendance points.

How to get out of coming to class
  • AFTER TEST 1 If you are working ahead of the
    class schedule, and you are achieving 100 scores
    on ALL homework assignments, and you are scoring
    better than 90 on ALL quizzes and tests, you may
    sign a written contract form with your teacher to
    earn your attendance points based on your work
    done outside of class.
  • This is only an option after you take Test 1 and
    only if you FIRST sign the contract with your
    teacher before missing class.
  • These contracts remain valid only as long as you
    meet the 100 HW score for EVERY assignment and
    score at least 90 on EVERY quiz and test.

Class sessions
  • During the first part of each class period,
    LAPTOPS MUST BE CLOSED while the teacher covers
    that days lecture material.
  • At the end of the lecture, laptops may be opened
    and your teacher and a TA will provide individual
    help with homework problems.
  • After lecture, you may leave class early if you
    have your assignment completely finished and 100
    correct, after the teacher or TA checks your
    score on your laptop.

Classroom Etiquette
  • All electronic devices including cell phones,
    PDA's, iPods, and laptops need to be OFF during
    class. When the days lecture is finished your
    instructor will ask you to use your laptop to
    work on the days homework. During these times
    and during tests or quizzes it is not appropriate
    to use your computer for email communications,
    instant messaging, general web surfing or similar
    activities that are not directly related to the
    current lecture.

Make-up Policy
  • Makeup work will be not be allowed on homework
    except in case of verifiable medical emergencies.
    All homework assignments
    are posted on line and are available at any time
    before the given deadline, so plan ahead if you
    will need to miss class for any reason.
  • If a quiz or test is missed due to a serious
    verifiable circumstance, a makeup may be given if
    the excuse is verified. NOTE All excuses must
    be turned in to your instructor within 2 days of
    missed work. Attach your excuse to a petition
    request form, available in the Math TLC or online
    in the Course Documents section of the Math 110
    CourseCompass web site.
  • Students who must miss work or tests due to
    official University business must make
    arrangements for makeup work beforehand, by
    arrangement with your own course instructor.

Math TLC Open Lab Hours
  • In Room 403 (next door to classroom)
  • Monday Thursday 800am 700 pm
  • Friday 1115 am 220 pm
  • (Closed on weekends and during breaks)
  • Additional tutoring help is available to all
    students at these sites and times
  • In the Multicultural Student Services Office
  • (217 Bowman Hall) MTWTH 1010 1115 AM
  • In the Ally Center (lower level of Student
    700-830 PM

Login Information
  • Web site www.coursecompass.com
  • Course ID FOLEY59768
  • Access Code That long series of words under the
    tear-off strip in your packet.
  • User Name and Password Your choice.
  • These items will be emailed to you
    print and keep this email!
  • (Your teacher WILL NOT know them and wont be
    able to access them if you forget/lose them.)
  • Make sure you enter the Menomonie zip code (54751)

Note to Workshop Attendees
  • Refer to the green paper slip for your student
    access code.
  • Register as a student. (Youll be creating a new
    login, separate from the one you created as an
    instructor.) NOTE You can use your same email
    address, but youll need to enter a slightly
    different first name than what you used as an
    instructor, and a different login name.)

(No Transcript)
Once youre registered
  • Go to CourseCompass.com (add to the Favorites
    list in your browser)
  • In the Student Log-in box,
  • enter your Username and Password
  • Click on Math 110 (Intermediate Algebra)

  • Guest Course

Once youre at the course site
  • Click on Assignments button and follow First
    Step instructions about using the Installation
    Wizard to load the MathXL plug-in. (Even if
    youve used this program last semester, youll
    need to install the new version of the Math XL
  • Ask a teacher or TA if you have any difficulty
    getting the plug-in to load.
  • If youll ever be working on a different computer
    at home or elsewhere, you must load the plug-in
    there in the same way as in class.

After youve loaded the plug-ins
  • Click on Assignments button
  • Click on Section 1.1 - Tips for Success in
    Mathematics / Syllabus Quiz
  • Click on Syllabus Quiz and begin taking the
    the Next question button to move to next
    question. Remember to hit Submit button when
    completely finished. DONT hit the backspace

Workshop Attendees
  • Take the syllabus quiz. (Dont worry if you get
    some wrong...)
  • Review the quiz when youre finished so you can
    see what the students will be seeing after they
    take a quiz.
  • Now click on Check My Grades, then Check
    MyMathLab Grades and note that you can also
    review the quiz from that menu.

And finally
  • Check your quiz score, redo quiz if desired.
  • (This is the only quiz youll be able to do over,
  • so take advantage of this to make sure you get
  • Browse through remaining items
  • -Video lecture
  • -Multimedia Textbook
  • -Textbook Exercises
  • Look ahead to tomorrows assignment (at end of
    class period if you have time, or else do at home
    before next class session)

Workshop Attendees
  • Try homework assignment 1.2. Access via
    Assignments button.)

Workshop Attendees
  • Try Practice Quiz 1. (In Assignments, under
    Review for Quiz 1.)
  • Try Quiz 1.
  • Review these using Check My Grades.

2. The Instructor Perspective
  • In this section, you'll get a brief tour of
    features on the control panel of the instructor's
    site. You'll use the same student log-in you
    created in Step 1, but your "status" will be
    changed to "Section Instructor" by the Course

(No Transcript)
TA access and inactive status
Instructor view
Control Panel MyMathLab area
3. The Course Coordinator Perspective
  • In this section, you'll learn how to designate
    your course as a Coordinator Course that can be
    used as a master template for multiple sections
    of the same course, taught by one or more
    teachers. You'll use the course you created this
    morning to explore this feature, so log in under
    your instructor name and open that course now.

Control Panel MyMathLab area
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  • Time
  • for a
  • coffee break!
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