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Through consistent training and a strong mental focus he completed his 8th grade year ... I knew I could count on her to come through for me when a job needed to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • June 8, 2015
  • 630pm
  • Auditorium

Most Dedicated CLUB MEMBER
Most Dedicated Club Member Drama Club
To select 1 student out of 60 members of the Drama Club was no easy task, but neither is standing out amongst that many peers. Our selected recipient has done just that. She has stepped up and gone above and beyond her assignment since the first day of rehearsals. We are amazed by her selfless creative dedication to the club, her responsible and mature attitude and her exemplary organization. Pl_at_y would not have been possible without you. As if being Assistant Director was not a large enough task, you insisted on helping coordinate dances, work the lights, build scenery, and create props - you truly were involved in every aspect of the production. Thank you so much for all you did this year, Congratulations!
Ms. Hammell Ms. Norcia
Jenna Kremp
Most Dedicated Club Member Intergenerational Club
This student has been a loyal member of the Intergenerational Club for three years. During that time she has helped with fundraisers, setting up the library for meetings, and cleaning up afterwards. The senior members will miss her sweet personality and so will I.
Jordan Konopada
Mrs. Essner
Most Dedicated Club Member NJHS
President John Quincy Adams once said "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." This young lady embodies what it is to be a leader. From her outstanding character and academics to her ability to help others, she is a natural leader. Her dedication to all she does is clearly apparent. She is someone who truly epitomizes "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I am truly amazed by all that you do. Congratulations Carpe Diem!
Mrs. Dunne
Sydney Burton
Most Dedicated Club Member Yearbook
These two girls are invaluable members of the Yearbook Club. They are reliable, respectful, dedicated, and took great photos. Thank you for all of your hard work. I couldnt have done the yearbook without you.
Haley Amogretti Natalia Zepeda
Mrs. Wnuk Mrs. DiNicola
Most Dedicated Club Member8th grade Math team
This student has been a member of the 7th 8th grade math team for the past two years.  He has not missed a contest and was the combined top scorer for these two years.  His sense of humor will be greatly missed next year!
Jared Hutson
Mrs. Sammarco Mrs. Bauer
Most Dedicated Club Member Student Council
This student has demonstrated true leadership on the student council this year. He does not seek attention or need to be in the spotlight. But his quiet leadership is to be admired. He is the one member who has dutifully helped plan, attend, and run all of the student council events this year. Thank you for all your hard work!!
Drew Trautweiler
Mrs. Sammarco Miss Johnson
Outstanding performance in Encore
Outstanding Performance in Art
This student is an extremely hard working artist. She takes on each project with enthusiasm and determination. Even when things are very difficult she never complains..she just works through it. She encourages those around her and is well respected by her peers. I am sure she will have a very successful high school experience in Art. Congratulations!
Mackenzie Souchek
Ms. Hammell
Outstanding Performance in Art
It's hard to stand out in a group of talented students, but this year's recipient truly out-did herself. Beyond being an extraordinarily talented artist, this student regularly went above and beyond what was required. She showed constant attentiveness to those around her who required help, stayed after school to ensure her work was completed to perfection, and assisted in a variety of projects beyond the classroom painting faces at the Halloween dance, painting a mural for Lead Seed, and countless hours designing sets for Drama. She exceeds expectations, and impresses me every day. It started as a joke- but really, you are a "favorite" for me! Congratulations!
Kaitlyn Dorosz
Ms. Norcia
Outstanding Performance in Band
This student is a quiet young man who has led by example since 6th grade. He currently plays saxophone, trumpet, and French horn. He is a member of the Brick Marching Band and made All-Shore Intermediate Band. Congrats!"
Vincent Guardino
Mr. Seidelmann
Outstanding Performance in Chorus
"Thank you for lending a paw and your "Wicked" talents to the VMMS chorus. Just remember "Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. You'll make it now" because "actions speak louder than words." Always remember to "step in time" and that "even crazy dreams come true" for the "hairbrush singers and wild magnolias just waiting to bloom."
Madelynn Blunck
Mrs. Murdock
Outstanding Performance in Communications
There are fourteen "must have" traits you need to be a good speaker. Most of them can take years of practice to master. I can honestly say that this student has attained all of these traits at the young age of only thirteen. To name a few he has an outstanding personality, creative mind, great sense of humor, he's not afraid to be vulnerable, and to be quite frank, he has stories to tell. This student is truly ahead of his time.
Dustyn Wood
Miss Buell
Outstanding Performance in Computers
It was a pleasure to have you in my computer class. You were respectful, focused on your task, and excelled in all your projects. You were always ready to help other students. I wish you the best in high school. I am sure you will be successful in any endeavor you choose in life.
Sarah Batocabe
Mrs. Berry
Outstanding Performance in Computers
It was a pleasure to have you in my computer class this year. We had a very busy marking period completing projects with new software - you not only exceeded expectations for me you did so with confidence accompanied awesome attitude. Congratulations and much success in your future.
Nidia Sarpong
Mrs. Fallon
Outstanding Performance in Construction Science
This student is an exemplary student who was an asset to her class. The attributes she demonstrated will help her in the future, no matter what career path she chooses. Congratulations! Well deserved.
Rachel Mowder
Mr. Clancy
Outstanding Performance in Consumer Science
It was wonderful having this student in my Sewing class. She was determined to learn and do her best on any project assigned. Not only did she stay on task during class, but went above and beyond, taking projects home and researching how to complete them correctly, on her own!! She was always willing to help her classmates and was an asset to our class!! Congratulations and I wish you much success in your future!!
Kayla Casertano
Mrs. Byrne
Outstanding Performance in EXCEL
This student has been an asset to EXCEL over the past 3 years. She has always strived to do her very best work and has been a leader in class. In addition, she has been a dedicated member of the Academic Bowl team for all 3 years of EXCEL. She has also been our school representative for the past two years at the Spelldown spelling bee competition, and this year she took 2nd place at the Spelldown for all of Monmouth and Ocean County. I can't wait to see all she accomplishes in her future.
Mrs. Reilly
Sydney Burton
Outstanding Performance in Forensic Science
The famous crime author Patricia Cornwell once said "Crime isn't solved by technology, it is solved by people." This young lady showed that she definitely has what it takes to observe even the smallest details, analyze the evidence and solve the crime! I know her determination and skill will result in success in whatever path she chooses. Always remember the Locard Prinicple - Every contact leaves a trace. Your amazing forensic science skills leave some big shoes to fill and will always be remembered. Congratulations and Carpe Diem!
Ihlan Onaga
Mrs. Dunne
Outstanding Performance in World Language French
This student shows an affinity for learning languages. He worked diligently in my class by practicing not only the meanings of the new language but the correct pronunciations as well. Bon travail!!! Bon Chance au lycee!
Roberto Herrera
Mrs. LaFragola
Outstanding Performance in Gym Female / Male
These students gave their all in everything they did in Phys Ed for the past 3 years. They are both wonderful students who treat everyone with respect and dignity. They are both great athletes who are willing to help out in the gym in any way.
Jessica Campana
Nicholas Trufolo
Outstanding Performance in World Language
This student has been a motivated, hard working student since the first day of class. She has shown a great desire not only to learn Spanish, but to succeed, excel, and improve every day. She is not afraid to volunteer, to make and correct mistakes, and THAT is what learning a language is about. Felicitaciones Alyssa!!
Alyssa Bousquet

Senora Howland
Outstanding Performance in S.T.E.M
Steve Jobs once said "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.". This young man is a true innovative leader. His ability to design and create, combined with his natural leadership allow him to work with everyone and help all feel welcome. This truly makes him an exemplary innovator. I know you will be successful on any path you choose. Congratulations Carpe Diem!
Matthew Farnkopf
Mrs. Dunne
Coach Awards
Coachs Award Boys Baseball

This student-athlete displays all the characteristics a coach looks for in a baseball player. In his two years on the VMMS baseball team he consistently produced at the plate and his versatility enabled him to play multiple positions in the field. More importantly, he is a natural leader that pushes his teammates to give maximum effort in all aspects of the game.
Mike Murphy
Mr. Connelly
Coachs Award Girls Basketball
For 3 years, I've had the pleasure of coaching this young lady. From the tiny timid 6th grader she started as, to the tough determined 3-point shooter she's become - it's been an absolute pleasure to watch her growth as an athlete. I knew I could rely on her to step up and take care of all the business of being a team leader. She has an irreplaceable personality and I'll truly miss her antics, her laugh, her ridiculous facial expressions, her confidence in the team - no matter what our record was, she was proud of us. Im so proud of you!
Angelina Hernandez
Ms. Norcia
Coachs Award Boys Basketball
This student athletes hard work and dedication this season was commendable. As the shooting guard on the team, he led our offense. He has a bright future on the court for the Mustangs!
Greg Hanlon
Mr. Rizzitello
Coachs Award Cheerleading
This student-athlete has been an invaluable part of the VMMS cheering squad over the past three years.  She has taken on a leadership role that the rest of the squad tends to follow.  Her sense of humor and dedication did not go unnoticed by anyone who came in contact with her.  She will be greatly missed!
Raina Nolan
Mrs. Bauer Mrs. Sammarco
Coachs Award Girls Cross Country
  This student-athlete was the top runner for the past two seasons. She has great work ethic and I have enjoyed coaching her.
Hailey Dietz
Mrs. Hehn
Coachs Award Boys Cross Country
This student-athlete was a consistent performer throughout the year. He was very hard working and was a very coachable athlete.
Torrey Savoia
Mr. Steinmetz
Coachs Award Girls Field Hockey
As a 3 year member of the VMMS Field Hockey, this student-athlete has consistently demonstrated qualities of character and leadership. With constant effort, cooperation, and sportsmanship she is a leader on the field and in the class room. I am honored to have been her coach while she was a student-athlete at VMMS. I wish her the best of luck in high school and beyond!
Emily Bahrenburg
Mrs. Elmendorf
Coachs Award Girls Soccer
This student-athlete is an outstanding soccer player. She always gives 110, both on and off the field. She was a leader this season and supported her team by offering words of encouragement when her team needed it. She will have an excellent future on the soccer field and in the classroom.
Leah Scarpelli
Miss Brannick
Coachs Award Boys Soccer
This student athlete has phenomenal skills on the field. He is a great team player and his teammates look up to him for leadership and support.
Sean Beelitz
Mr. Rizzitello
Coachs Award Girls Softball
This student-athlete represents VMMS in a very positive manner. She is a dedicated teammate who is hard-working and gives 100 in both practice and games. She strives to get better each day and leads by example. She is an outstanding student-athlete and is an asset to our school community.
Jessica Campana
Mr. Graham
Coachs Award Girls Track Field
This student-athlete has done a great job during her track field season.  She is a natural leader and is looked up to by many.  I wish her the best in high school and in her athletic career!
Raina Nolan
Mrs. Hehn
Coachs Award Boys Track Field
This student-athlete is the leader of the distance team and constantly sets high standards for himself which his teammates follow. He is the team leader in points and consistently leads the team in our meets. I know he has a bright future as a distance runner!
Mike Ingenito
Mr. Coyle
Coachs Award Boys Wrestling
This student-athlete exemplifies the rewards of a solid work-ethic and persistent determination. After wrestling his 6th grade year, he fell in love with the sport and made the commitment to strive to be a Champion. Through consistent training and a strong mental focus he completed his 8th grade year as the Ocean County Champion and a State Place-Winner. He will continue to work hard and find much more success on the high school level.
Ean Mueller
Mr. Connelly
Best all-around in homeroom
Best All-Around Hmrm D1
The best all-around student in homeroom D1 is a
hard-working, dedicated, young lady. She
consistently strives to do her best no matter the
task. She has truly been an asset not just to our
homeroom but to the VMMS community as well! No
doubt her success will follow her wherever she
goes! Congratulations!!
Alexis McKelvey
Mrs. DeRosa
Best All-Around Hmrm D2
The best all around student in homeroom D2 is an
awesome student who has earned the respect of
both her teachers and peers. She is always
willing to go out of her way to help others and
strives to be the best she can be. She is
involved in numerous clubs at VMMS and is always
looking for more to take on. Her contagious
personality and work ethic is admirable and will
continue to bring her great success.
Congratulations on a well deserving award!!
Emily Zawacki
Ms. Savage
Best All-Around Hmrm D3
The best-all around student in homeroom D3 is an
excellent example of student leadership. He is a
member of the student council, and leads by
example in the classroom recently developing a
review game in preparation for an assessment. His
future is a bright one!
Andrew Trautweiler
Mr. Cintron
Best All-Around Hmrm D4
The best-all around in homeroom D4 is a model
student, constantly demonstrating diligence and
kindness in the classroom. Her willingness to
ask questions and her immense degree of effort
will continue to help her gain success in her
bright future! She is also a valuable asset to
various clubs and teams, including her dedication
to VMMS' art program and her previous commitment
to the basketball and soccer teams. We will miss
you and your shining personality!
Brienn Seaman
Miss Arms
Best All-Around Hmrm 100
The best-all around in homeroom 100 is an outstanding student who has earned the respect of both his teachers and his peers. He participates in many activities, including soccer, NJHS, and student council, while achieving High Honor Roll every marking period this year. Congratulations!
Matthew Farnkopf
Mrs. Schaeffer
Best All-Around Hmrm 101
The best-all around student in homeroom 101 is a hardworking student who tries at all he does. Whether it is in the classroom or the soccer field, he is always thoughtful and hardworking. A great characteristic he has is "knowing when to pass the ball" and seek help with something he is struggling with. He approaches life with a great unhurried style and sense of humor and will be a great success both in sporting and the scholastic worlds.
Sean Aubry
Mr. Fallat
Best All-Around Hmrm 102
The best-all around student in homeroom 102 has an easygoing personality and willingness to help others . This attribute has earned him the respect of his fellow class members. He is an active participant in his academic subjects and puts forth a great effort. As our homeroom representative, he routinely attended Student Council meetings and relays information to the class. It has been a pleasure having him as a student this past year. Wishing you much success in high school!
Christopher Lewis
Mrs. Kuster
Best All-Around Hmrm 103
The best-all around student in homeroom 103 is a pleasure to be around both in and out of the classroom. His contagious smile and pleasant personality make him extremely well liked by all. He enjoys participating in both Student Council and Baseball. Both academically and socially, his successes are many and he has an extremely bright future ahead of him. Good luck in high school!
Brian Michigan
Ms. Murray Miss Wagner
Best All-Around Hmrm 104
The best-all around student in homeroom 104 is a well rounded student. He has an amazing quest to learn more, and it is combined with his great attitude, effort, exemplary character and success in all academics. His trivia questions can be challenging to us, but reminds us that as teachers, we can learn so much from our students. Congratulations and much success in your future!
Matthew Pray
Mrs. Lois
Best All-Around Hmrm 105
The best-all around student in homeroom 105 is a bright young man who is well mannered and displays perseverance in all academic areas. His ability to conquer his challenges, is a demonstration of his great character. We wish him success in high school and future endeavors.
Vincent Petagno
Mrs. Paturzo
Best All-Around Hmrm 106
The best all-around student in homeroom 106 is a brilliant student and also a kind, caring young lady.  Next year she will be among the very few chosen to attend the prestigious MATES program.
Kate LaVallee
Mr. Kroon
Best All-Around Hmrm 107
It has been a pleasure having the best-all around student in homeroom 107 in my class this year. She is kind, thoughtful, and a hard worker. Her constant effort and dedication shows me that she will do great things in her future. I wish you nothing, but the best as you continue your path in high school!
Shelby Flohs
Miss Winters
Best All-Around Hmrm 108
The best-all around student in homeroom 108 has been an asset to our class this year. She always works her hardest and is not afraid to participate and ask questions. Not only is she a motivated student, she is also kind and caring. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to be her teacher!
Mildred Barthelemy
Mrs. VanStrien
Best All-Around Hmrm 109
The best-all around student in homeroom 109 is a very conscientious student who always does the right thing. She is a pleasure to have in class.
Kaitlynn Manna
Mr. Coyle
Best All-Around Hmrm 110
The best all around student in homeroom 110 came to school every morning with a question and a smile!! Her outgoing personality made her well liked and respected by her peers as well as teachers. We loved having her in class this year. Congratulations!!
Victoria Bec
Miss Johnson Mr. Caruso
Best All-Around Hmrm 111
The best-all around student in homeroom 111 is the perfect role model for the other students in his class. He always strives to do his best on every assignment. He is helpful, kind and considerate to his fellow classmates.
Nour Mohamed
Mr. Gray
Best All-Around Hmrm 112
The best-all around student in homeroom 112 has been an important part of our homeroom this year.  He always comes in with a smile on his face and tries his best at everything he does. He is always respectful, kind to others and has a contagious sense of humor.  He has been a member of the math team and was a peer tutor this year.  He will be missed next year!
Brandon Shymanski
Mrs. Sammarco Mr. Lazur
Best All-Around Hmrm 113
The best-all around student in homeroom 113 is the type of student all teachers dream to encounter. He gets good grades, constantly applies himself and tries hard to succeed even when he is struggling with a concept. He has a great personality encompassing respect, kindness and a great sense of humor. He always has a smile on his face and his positive outlook and attitude are contagious! He is just a happy kid. He is also a leader in class- he has a positive impact on those around him and encourages his peers to be cooperative, stay on task and be respectful. In my opinion, he is certainly one of the best young men I have encountered this year and is very deserving of recognition.
Daniel Mejia-Garcia
Mrs. OLeary
Best All-Around Mrs. Halperns class
The best-all around student in Mrs. Halpern's homeroom has grown into a wonderful young man. He comes to school eager and willing to work . He loves to smile and laugh and is a joy to have in class. We wish him lots of luck in high school.

Christopher Bannon
Mrs. Halpern
Best All-Around Ms. Kulagas class
This student is very friendly, not only to her classmates, but to all students and staff in the school. She makes sure to say hi to everyone. She loves school and has a lot of pride in VMMS. She is very helpful and is always willing to help her teachers. She is a hard worker and likes to try new things.

Kiersten Fitzgerald
Ms. Kulaga
Best All-Around Mrs. Goldbergs class
The best-all around student in Mrs. Goldberg's homeroom is a wonderful young man who is polite and caring. He comes to school every day and is always willing to work hard and do the best that he can in everything he does. He is a pleasure to know. We wish him the best of everything in all of the years ahead. We will miss him here at VMMS.

James Hillenbrand
Mrs. Goldberg
The Christie Pearce-Rampone Sportsmanship Award
This years female recipient is without a doubt an incredibly well rounded young lady, who exceeds the expectations of sportsmanship. She motivates her teammates, respects officials opponents, and is mature and responsible as an athlete and a student. She plays hard, giving 100 in every practice and game. Shes been consistently working, even in the offseason, to improve herself - dedicating time and commitment to the game. Beyond enhancing her own skills, she willingly steps up to work with younger teammates to help them improve. She is a kind and caring team player, always making sure everyone is included and comfortable. I knew I could count on her to come through for me when a job needed to get done, whether it was behind the scenes or to execute a play - shes incredibly reliable and trustworthy. She plays with integrity and is a model athlete in her attitude and behavior on and off the court. No matter what the outcome of a game may be, she holds her head high and is respectful both in victory and defeat. I am lucky to have had the privilege of coaching her. She has been a dedicated member of the basketball team for 3 years, while maintaining exemplary grades, and incredible classroom conduct. Shes certainly a most worthy recipient of this distinguished award. Congratulations!
Alexis McKelvey
The Christie Pearce-Rampone Sportsmanship Award
When I first met this year's recipient in sixth grade he was a very raw wrestler/athlete...he certainly wasn't the best athlete on the mat or the track....but there was something about him, a fire to be the best. By the time seventh grade rolled around he had worked himself into a solid wrestler and athlete. His work ethic and the way he goes about his business on a daily basis is way beyond his years. This work ethic also translates not only into his athletics, but into his schoolwork, family and social life. His father refers to him as his "right hand man" and I can see why. Finally, in his eighth grade year a truly special athlete had emerged.  An athlete with impeccable manners a smile that is contagious and a true sportsman. This athlete was named team captain of both track and wrestling and was like  having an assistant coach. He would mentor and help any teammate that needed it as his time was their time. It isn't that often that you meet an athlete that puts in all the hard work, is coachable,  and deserves all of the success that comes his way....but he deserves all of the accolades he receives.  It has been my privilege to coach him and the program will miss him when he is gone.
Ean Mueller
The Caring Award
The Caring Award recipient is a caring and kind-hearted student. He has a big habit of looking out for other's happiness and success in school.
Nour Mohamed
Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Miss Brannick, and
Mrs. Civello
Straight As for all Three Years!
Sean Beelitz
Emily Betz
Sydney Burton
Lauren Dilloian
Matthew Farnkopf
Jared Hutson
Alexis McKelvey
Nicolas Reisig
Perfect Attendance for all Three Years!
Sean Bruns

Nour Mohamed

Have a great night!
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