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Movies Web Designing Company London | How to Promote a Online Movie


Today, before releasing the film the promotion takes place initial on the films official websites, blog, media, news etc… Production firms pay plenty on creating the websites, on-line paid promotions, print advertisements, media promotion, posters which might be in millions. Here are some ways to promote your online films. For more Details visit - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Movies Web Designing Company London | How to Promote a Online Movie

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Movie Promotion
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Search Engine Optimization
  • Define the movie description
  • properly.
  • Use Keywords effectively in the
  • URL, Titles etc.
  • Include effective Keywords
  • related to the movie Meta tags.

Submit URL to Search Engines
  • Check for popular Search Engines
  • Submit the movie URL to top 20
  • Search Engines in your
  • Country/Region
  • Keep updating the site to stay
  • top of the search list

Movie Pages in Social Networking Sites
  • Create Pages relevant to the movie
  • and include lots of information about
  • the movie, the cast, crew, release
  • dates, events, RSVP etc.
  • If the movie deals with an issue,
  • multiple pages could be created in
  • different social networking sites, on
  • the issue as well as the movie.
  • Drive traffic back to official movie
  • site by including links in those movie
  • pages of social networking sites.

Fan Clubs and Sites
  • When the movie is much awaited one,
  • then the fans will themselves build fan
  • sites and clubs. Else, the marketing
  • team can build fan clubs and promote
  • it online.
  • The fan sites and clubs should allow
  • any registered member to add / edit
  • information about the movie.
  • Remember, empowered fans are the
  • best marketers for the movie.
  • One or two moderators or admins
  • could keep a watch, so that the site or
  • club is not spammed or junked

Forum Discussion
  • Initiate discussions in online
  • forums.
  • Ask people to write reviews,
  • comments etc. Track the discussions.
  • Link back to the movie website.
  • Put a countdown to movie release
  • date other related events like
  • music launch, DVD release etc.

News Letters
  • Create Newsletters with loads of
  • information like character
  • background, character arc, behind
  • the scenes, achievements etc.
  • Register with different groups in
  • Yahoo, Google etc. and send the
  • newsletter to all group members.
  • Send newsletters to your friends,
  • relatives and ask them to forward
  • it to their circle of friends. This
  • spreads movie awareness.

Write Interesting Articles
  • Interesting articles could be written
  • about happenings on-shoot, behind
  • the scenes etc.
  • Sometimes, there could be few snaps
  • with amazing celebrity gestures.
  • These could be used to write about
  • the reason for gestures and related
  • happenings.
  • People are always keen to know about
  • these kind of facts. This could lead to
  • lot of discussions based on that snap
  • or article.

Photo Sharing and Free Downloads
  • Upload movie posters, banners,
  • objects used in the movie, characters
  • etc., in photo sharing sites like Picasa,
  • Flickr, Fotocommunity, Imageshack,
  • Photobucket, Istockphoto etc.
  • Apart from photo sharing sites, movie
  • banners, attractive desktop images,
  • wallpapers, screensavers etc. should
  • be made available for free download
  • through various sites and directories.

Share Videos / Trailers
  • Upload Videos / trailers in various
  • video sharing sites like YouTube,
  • Metacafe, Google Video, Vimeo etc.
  • Videos could be behind the scenes,
  • trailers, events etc.

Presence in Blogosphere
  • Create blog pages in leading blog hosts
  • like blogger, wordpress, shoutpost,
  • etribes, weebly etc.
  • Post articles about the cast, crew, story
  • background and any other interesting
  • stuff related to movie. Photos and
  • trailers also could be added.
  • Respond to conversations properly
  • and keep track of the comments. Be
  • open to feedback. Link back to the
  • official movie site.

Tags in Video Sharing Sites
  • Include requisite number of relevant
  • keywords in the Tags, while uploading
  • the video.
  • Effective tags and proper description
  • about the video will push the video to
  • the top of the search list and hence
  • drive lot of traffic to the video.
  • Videos / trailers are one way of creating
  • hype and bringing in exposure to
  • the movie.

POD Casts
  • Interview the ?lm writer, director,
  • producer or key actor/actress and create
  • a good podcast using the interview.
  • Industry experts could also talk about
  • technology used or the social issue that
  • is dealt in the movie, theme music etc.
  • These podcasts could also be sponsored
  • by the brand partners of the movie.

Submit to Directories
  • Submit the podcasts to famous podcast
  • directories like Podcast Directory, iTunes,
  • Odeo, podcast alley, podomatic,
  • podoscope etc.
  • This could increase the exposure and
  • will get more publicity.
  • Podcasts could also be included in official
  • site, blogs, forums etc.

Online Discussions
  • A movie would include lot of research
  • work. Articles could be written on
  • those research and facts and ?gures
  • could be provided.
  • These articles which contains facts
  • ?gures would spark lot of discussions
  • in forums, blogs, social networking
  • sites etc.
  • This will create curiosity and will serve
  • as good word of mouth publicity for the
  • movie.

Share Presentations
  • Presentations about the story, directors,
  • producers, signi?cance of the movie,
  • sensational photographs of the actors /
  • actress which were taken for the movie
  • etc. could be created and shared online.
  • This will spread much faster than the
  • documents and will bring in lot of
  • exposure to the movie. As earlier,
  • the presentations should be available
  • for free download.

  • The movie related information along
  • with background information etc.
  • could be made into one single
  • document or series of documents.
  • These documents could be posted in
  • online document share sites like Scribd,
  •, pdf-search-engine, eBook
  • networking, digital documents etc. It
  • should also be available for download.
  • An overview of complete marketing
  • activities, ?lm shoot, location selection,
  • lyrics of songs etc, could be possible
  • topics to be written on.

  • Create eBooks about the movie, past
  • success and failures of the director,
  • background of the actor / actress,
  • reasons for the actor / actress to be
  • chosen for the movie etc. could be
  • included in the ebook.
  • If the movie is based on a book, then
  • the book could be digitized and could
  • be made available online, after all legal
  • and copyright issues are taken care of.
  • Provide downloadable link across
  • online communities, forums, blogs etc.

Respond to Comments
  • Keep track of all online posts and
  • discussions. Watch it regularly, update it
  • regularly with entertaining and interesting
  • stuff about the movie.
  • Respond to queries of people, re- comment
  • on the comments and make sure the
  • discussions continue in a healthy manner.
  • Make sure that negative comments /
  • feedbacks are dealt with appropriately. Be
  • polite and to the point.

RSS Feeds
  • Create RSS Feeds and make it available
  • through movie websites and other popular
  • movie sites.
  • Update the RSS feeds regularly with
  • relevant information about the movie.
  • Theaters releasing that movie, premier
  • shows, events, celebrity visits etc. could
  • also be given as RSS feeds.

Log In Movie Database
  • Submit the movie and all relevant
  • information to different movie databases
  • like IMDB, bollywood archive.
  • Creating log in the movie database along
  • with release dates and other pertinent
  • information will also create good exposure
  • as people will start discussing about the
  • movie well before the actual marketing
  • starts. This creates a good awareness,
  • which aids the marketing campaign later
  • on.

Social Bookmarking
  • Make sure the movie official site, blogs,
  • forums etc. are all bookmarked socially
  • in sites like, stumble upon,
  • digg etc.
  • If the movie is a much awaited one,
  • then people bookmark it like crazy in
  • these sites. For all other cases, its better
  • to ask the internal marketing team to
  • do this job up until the word starts
  • spreading.

Tweet Regularly
  • Twitter is one effective way of reaching
  • out to audience.
  • Start a twitter account and regularly
  • tweet about the movie like shoot
  • schedules, release dates, interesting
  • incidents etc.
  • Create a short link ( for the movie
  • site and provide it in twitter.
  • If used properly, tweets could become
  • an effective word of mouth publicity for
  • the movie.

Online Contest
  • Create online contests asking simple and
  • relevant questions about the movie,
  • characters, incidents etc. These could be
  • based on the articles written in the blogs,
  • forums etc.
  • Winners could be given tickets,
  • merchandizing items etc. as rewards.
  • The most important thing is that, people
  • should be able to ?nd the answers for
  • these questions. So, it should be short
  • and simple.

Paid Advertisements
  • Apart from all the above mentioned
  • stuff, paid advertisements will prove to
  • be effective when the movie release
  • date is closer.
  • Ads at prominent locations in popular
  • websites will fetch a lot of exposure to
  • the movie.
  • Linking back to the official site, will
  • increase the traffic to the official site and
  • hence more the exposure.

Online Polls
  • Create polls about the movie, about the actor
    and other key cast /
  • crew members and their past achievements.
  • These polls will give interesting data to write
    about. Create articles about
  • these facts and percentages and spread it
    around to get good publicity.
  • If possible, opinion polls, audience liking
    factor and their choice of actors /
  • actress could also be surveyed.

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