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Products Solutions
Customers Projects
Velti Overview
Velti is a leading platforms and services
provider enabling mobile marketing, advertising
and content delivery as well as value-added
services for advertising agencies, media groups,
mobile operators and other large enterprises,
such as financial institutions and government
Velti is a leading mobile platforms and services
with international reach
  • Velti has offices in London, New York, Boston,
    Athens and Sofia
  • Operations in 10 countries
  • Over 100 corporate clients worldwide
  • The company employs 200 people, with more than
    110 technology staff

Recent developments
  • Velti and IPG, one of the worlds leading
    organizations of advertising agencies and
    marketing services companies, have recently
    formed Ansible, a dedicated mobile marketing
    company under Interpublics Future Marketing
  • Ansible - headquartered in New York and with
    offices in North America, Europe and Asia - works
    with brands, agencies and content providers and
    offers mobile strategy, creative development and
    campaign management
  • Velti acquired the assets of Digital Rum, a
    leading and award winning UK-based provider
    of mobile promotional solutions that now form the
    basis of Veltis UK sales operations
  • Velti also acquired M-Telecom, the leading
    independent provider of mobile services in
    Bulgaria with a 40 market share
  • Velti opened new offices in New York spearheading
    its activities in the mobile marketing market

Velti has delivered a number of mission-critical
projects for leading clients worldwide
and is allied to major international partners
The company is led by a strong executive team
Executive Directors
Non-Executive Directors
  • Alexandros Moukas
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Co-founder of Velti Previously co-founder and
    Chief Scientist ofof US start-up FCI (sold to SAP
    for 51m)
  • M.Sc. MIT Media Lab Sloan School of Management,
    Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Sc. U. of Edinburgh, Artificial Intelligence
  • Chris Kaskavelis
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Co-founder of Velti Previously at TCA Software
    designing enterprise software systems for Pratt
    Whitney, Analog Devices, General Electric and
    Lucent Technologies
  • Ph.D. Boston U., Supply Chain Management
  • B.Sc. Brown University, Electrical Engineering
  • Menelaos Scouloudis
  • VP of Sales
  • Previously was an Engagement Manager with
    McKinsey Co, Stamford, New York and Athens,
    working primarily with large telecommunications
  • MBA Harvard Business School
  • M.Sc. MIT, Chemical Engineering
  • Pantelis Papageorgiou
  • David Mann
  • Non-Executive Chairman
  • Former CEO of Logica CMG plc
  • Non-Executive Chairman of Charteris plc and
    Flomerics Group plc. Non-Executive Director of
    Aveva Group plc
  • Past President of the British Computer Society
  • Jerry Goldstein
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Former Sanwa International plc, London Deputy
    Chief Executive Board Member
  • Former Citicorp Investment Bank Executive
    Director Board Member
  • Former Kidder, Peabody International Managing
    Director Board Member
  • David Hobley
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Non-Executive Director of Orange SA, Soneacom SA
    and Telit Communications plc
  • 35 years investment banking experience with UBS
    Warburg and Deutsche Bank
  • Nicholas Negroponte
  • Non-Executive Director

Velti is a well capitalized, profitable company
quoted on the London Stock Exchange (AIM)
  • Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
    (AIM) since May 2006
  • Well capitalized and currently experiencing good
    growth in both revenue and profits
  • For its first financial year as a publicly quoted
    company, Velti has reported revenues of 10.8m,
    which represents an increase of 122 over the
    previous year

VELTI in the South East Europe area
  • Velti has recently acquired M-Telecom, the
    leading independent provider of mobile value
    added services in Bulgaria with a 40 market
  • The largest customer of VELTI BG (M-Telecom) is
    MTel, Bulgarias leading mobile network operator.
  • The acquisition of M-Telecom complements Veltis
    existing relationship with Globul, Bulgarias
    second largest mobile network operator.
  • M-Tel and Globul account for approximately 90 of
    the Bulgarian mobile market.
  • VELTI BG currently employs 15 persons and is
    expected to grow to 25 within next year.

Why we consider doing business in FYROM
  • FYROM is currently very attractive for new
    businesses due to taxation issues and fast
    start-up procedures
  • EU programmes will bring considerable funding in
    FYROM within the next 3-4 years. These will
    benefit the companies that are already
    established in the region.
  • Stable environment political and financial
  • Availability of skilled IT professionals with
    business mentality and orientation
  • Very good telecommunications infrastructure (fast
    internet already available)
  • Low start-up and operations cost
  • FYROM could be used as the base to host and
    provide services in other neighboring countries
    (Montenegro, Kossovo, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia,

Products Solutions
Customers Projects
Velti Overview
VELTI services span in 3 major business areas
  • Online and/or mobile customer/citizen service
  • Enterprise portals
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • e-Marketing
  • Online Auctions

e-Government Services
  • Business process automation
  • Document management

Solutions for Financial Services
  • Messaging services
  • Mobile content organization and delivery
  • Content rendering and optimization
  • Wide variety of ASP applications

Mobile Value-Added Services and Content Delivery
More in detail
  • Online and/or mobile customer citizen service
  • Enterprise portals
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • e-Marketing
  • On-line Auctions

e-Government Services
  • Business process automation
  • Document management

Solutions for Financial Services
  • Messaging services
  • Mobile content organization and delivery
  • Content rendering and optimization
  • Wide variety of ASP applications

Mobile Value-Added Services and Content Delivery
Velti offers government agencies a wide variety
of online services that increase citizen
  • The Velti Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is
    a turnkey solution offering a wide variety of
    functionalities for the successful and
    cost-effective citizen relationship management.
    Velti CLM is comprised of 5 independent service
  • Velti Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) a
    cutting-edge solution that integrates an
    organizations knowledge-base and all related
    applications into a single user-customizable
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
    allows organizations and customers to pay bills
    electronically, access and analyze their account
    information and schedule automatic payments
  • E-Marketing provides marketers with a powerful
    tool to reach prospective clients and analyze
    their customers behaviors through the tracking
    of their preferences, purchases and frequency of
  • Velti Insight a powerful business intelligence
    solution that collects, filters and organizes log
    information from different sources, enabling
    decision-makers to address issues and make
    optimal decisions
  • Velti Identity Management a centralized
    access-management system that enables
    organizations to securely and efficiently manage
    user-access across all accounts and resources
    through a single automated process

More in detail
  • Online and/or mobile customer/citizen service
  • Enterprise portals
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • e-Marketing
  • Online Auctions

e-Government Services
  • Business process automation
  • Document management

Solutions for Financial Services
  • Messaging services
  • Mobile content organization and delivery
  • Content rendering and optimization
  • Wide variety of ASP applications

Mobile Value-Added Services and Content Delivery
Through the use of the Velti BPM, Velti enables
business process automation
  • Velti enables government agencies to simplify and
    manage business processes through the use of the
    Velti Business Process Management (BPM) System,
    which allows them to
  • Define people / roles and rules
  • Design and automate processes
  • Monitor results and in turn optimize existing
  • BPM integrates with various external systems and
    databases allowing IT to respond fast and
    accurately to functional changes
  • A typical Business Process Management project can
    be deployed in just 2-3 months from a
    highly-qualified professional team with extensive
    business, consulting and technical experience

The Velti Document Management system enables
electronic document management
  • The Velti Document Management System (DMS) is an
    end-to-end solution that allows organizations to
    efficiently organize, distribute and archive all
    types of documents (text, image, drawings, video,
    sound, etc) in electronic format. DMS
  • Automatically updates and keeps track of all new
    document versions
  • Performs fast and successful document searches
  • Archives and recovers documents from multiple
    storage environments (database, file-system, FTP
  • Assures document confidentiality
  • Connects to all external document processing
  • such as scanners, fax servers, email accounts,
  • Document management automation can
  • be applied in the following areas
  • Procurement
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • DMS can be integrated with various IT systems
  • as well as with the Velti BPM

More in detail
  • Online and/or mobile customer/citizen service
  • Enterprise portals
  • Electronic bill presentment and payment
  • e-Marketing
  • Online Auctions

e-Government Services
  • Business process automation
  • Document management

Solutions for Financial Services
  • Messaging services
  • Mobile content organization and delivery
  • Content rendering and optimization
  • Wide variety of ASP applications

Mobile Value-Added Services and Content Delivery
In the mobile services area Velti serves 3 major
client groups
Mobile Operators
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising
  • Mobile Applications
  • Content Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions
  • On-line Mobile Self-Service Automation
  • Application Service Provider Solutions

Advertising Agencies Enterprises
Media Groups
and provides advanced mobile services that lead
to successful and measurable results
Velti Offering for the Mobile Market
  • Advertising Agencies Enterprises
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising solutions
    enabling the planning, management, and monitoring
    of multiple mobile campaigns
  • Mobile Operators
  • Software provider for value-added services
  • Managed services and operation of portals
    with revenue-share
  • Mobile marketing, advertising and promotion
  • Media Groups
  • Content delivery through the mobile channel
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising
  • Customer base monetization

Veltis Mobile Marketing Platform enables the
execution ofmobile marketing campaigns in three
simple stages
Planning Stage
Execution Stage
The client identifies overall objectives, the
budget, the target segments, the time frame and
the campaign specific activities (marketing
Reporting Stage
For each mobile activity selected, suitable
inventory is reserved, campaign activities are
initiated, and visuals of the final offering are
Advanced reporting features allow the user to
view results and keep track of all running
campaigns, with comprehensive business
intelligence tools and a dashboard that provides
near real-time information
Veltis innovative applications enable the
delivery of a wide variety of campaigns that add
value to the end consumer
Virtual Reality Ad-funded Content
Competitions/ Treasure Hunt
Proximity Marketing
User Generated Content
while its platforms extend mobile marketing to
any delivery channel
Mobile TV
Text/Picture Messaging
Interactive Voice Video Response
Mobile Downloadable Apps
Interactive Screens
Mobile Marketing Platform
Why Mobile Government?
Over 1 billion mobile devices are expected to be
sold within 2007, compared to 200 m. computers
and 200 m. TV sets (1) In 2011 the mobile
subscribers are expected to grow to 3.9 billions
(56 of the universal population) (2) Access
to m-Government services is offered anytime and
to any place Citizens are currently familiarized
with using mobile devices, especially the SMS
services Efficient and effective way of direct
communication with the citizens Government
Institutions are close to the citizen
(1) Oppenheimer, (2) Informa Telecoms and Media,
(3) Teelcom magazine issue 22
m-Government Services Types
User Authentication Services
Mobile Portals
Push - Notifications
SMS services that are activated by the end user.
Subcription to a specific service, newsletter and
notification service. It usually involves sending
an SMS message to a predefined number.
Mobile web sites that are accessible from
mobile devices and offer the capability to the
citizen to be introduced to various content and
to navigate through various areas.
SMS messages that are sent to citizens. Automated
notifications with useful information,
announcements. Invitations to the public to visit
WAP sites, as well as to participate in polls and
Services that provide user authentication by
sending via SMS user identification information
M-Government Services at a glance
Ministry of Public Order
Ministry of Education
Being experienced with managing content for
mobile devices and with message services, VELTI
provides government institutions the suitable
mechanisms for delivering the necessary
information through multiple channels
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Transportation
Media Content Delivery (MCD)
Several Organizations for example Civil Service
Insurance Institutions
Messaging Service Management (MSM)
Local Authorities
We partner with Government Organizations
throughout the process to deliver successful
Planning Phase
Execution Phase
Reporting Phase
Design of Business Plan
Gov. Organization / Velti meeting
Requirements gathering
Velti defines the specifications of the services
Velti implements the services
Velti improves the services if necessary
Velti monitors the efficiency of the services
Cooperation aiming at the optimized
m-Government Immediate results for the citizens
and the public administration
Why partner with Velti
Flexible Technology Platforms Platforms that
adapt to changingmarket dynamics and focus
onfunctionality, ease of use,rapid launch,
scalability, andpowerful BI tools
asdeterminants of quality
Products A broader, moretechnically advanced,
innovative and qualityoriented product
linethan those of our competitors
The Velti Competitive Advantage
Extensive Working Relationships Extensive
working relationships with Operators, Partners
and Content Providers around the globe that
ensure a successful execution of all campaigns
as well as accurate revenue reconciliation for
all forms of charging (e.g. SMS, MMS, and WAP)
Cost Containment Veltis solutions supportany
network architecture, deviceportfolio, or
content strategy
Customers Projects
Products Solutions
Velti Overview
Velti has delivered several projects to leading
companies worldwide (1/5)
  • Vodafone Live!
  • Content Management System
  • Messaging Service Manager
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Q-Telecom
  • On-Deck Portal
  • Management of all value-added services
  • Content aggregation and syndication
  • Personalized promotions and
  • cross-selling
  • Mo Mad (MVNO)
  • Multi-access WAP portal for teenagers emphasizing
    music, games, ringtones, sports and mobile TV
    streaming services
  • Promotion and cross-selling management
  • TIM Plus
  • Multi-access, value-added WAP Portal
  • Content Management and rendering for 2.5G and 3G
  • Managed services of portal content 24x7
  • Orange UK
  • gigsandtours
  • Ticket priority notification purchasing
  • Orange users receive notifications for gigs of
    selected bands and artists
  • Registered users are also provided with
    designated allocation of tickets before tickets
    go on sale to the general public
  • ArmenTel
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile Service Manager
  • Managed services of multilingual portal content
  • Strategy and promotion management

Velti has delivered several projects to leading
companies worldwide (2/5)
  • Phone Bling
  • Mobile Downloads Portal
  • Flexibility in billing and charging schemes
  • SMS charging both mobile-terminating and
    mobile-originating, Paypal, VISA
  • Connectivity and carrier approval from 95 of US
  • Instant white-label site creation for other brands
  • Vodafone
  • Vodafone Online
  • Comprehensive self-service portal including
  • e-billing
  • e-care
  • e-shop
  • Hennessy
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Campaign promoting and supporting independent
  • Micro-site where visitors view biographies,
    download tracks and vote their favorite bands
  • Registrants received text notification regarding
    new bands and music
  • Argos
  • Text Take Home
  • Service allowing customers to quickly find and
    reserve products out of the Argos catalogue
    through their mobile device
  • Users are notified once products become
    available and they can reserve them for up to 3
  • Customers receive a text reservation code which
    they display in the store upon collection
  • BAA
  • Airport Information Breaking News Mobile i-mode
  • i-mode site providing static airport information
    such as directions to the airport, terminal
    information, arrival departure updates, etc
  • Site updated every 10 min
  • Content managed from feed provided by BAA
  • Rate It a loyalty tool for building up
  • mobile communities - Online database of
  • opinions, ratings and reviews
  • User-generated content
  • Users create and manage their own categories or
    vote on existing ones
  • Get rating results via SMS, at sports events,
    movie theaters, bookstores, etc

Velti has delivered several projects to leading
companies worldwide (3/5)
  • Break the Da Vinci Code Vodafone Live!
  • Leveraged the launch of the new movie by engaging
    Vodafone subscribers through quiz games
  • Cross-sell relevant content and promote Vodafone
    Live! portal
  • Football-Mania 2006
  • World Cup SMS Contest for ArmenTel
  • Massively engage wireless subscribers in the
    hottest sports event of the year
  • Associate carrier name with FIFA World Cup,
    through cross-media interaction and prize
  • EKO Gas Company
  • SMS Contest
  • Loyalty, coupon redemption via SMS
  • Over 2m unique codes printed and distributed at
    gas stations
  • Cross-media participation (via SMS and website)
  • Hello! Style Awards 2005 SMS Voting
  • 2-month long playoffs-style awards between female
  • Vote count very close to total readership of
  • Play and Win IT
  • Branded SMS contest for PC World
  • Magazine
  • Developed various point-scheme systems with
    probes (double point offers, bring-a-friend,
    holiday special bonus, double magazine
  • More than 50 prizes awarded to contestants
  • Metro FIFA World Cup 2006
  • SMS Contest for Metro Newspaper
  • Loyalty and point-scheme system
  • Associate biggest free daily newspaper with
    hottest sports event of the year
  • Partnership with Philips, a FIFA World Cup
    Official Sponsor for awarding of prizes

Velti has delivered several projects to leading
companies worldwide (4/5)
  • Status Magazine
  • WAP Site
  • On-deck WAP site for Greeces most popular mens
  • Several thematic content categories, frequently
    updated based on information derived from actual
  • Customized content according to users
  • Q-Telecom
  • Q-Kisses SMS Contest
  • Thematic SMS contest on the occasion of St.
    Valentines day
  • Almost 180,000 messages in a 3-week period with
    a penetration rate of 6,4
  • Daily awarding of prizes and final draw for big
  • ArmenTel
  • Treasure Hunt SMS Contest
  • Biggest and most successful SMS contest ever
    conducted for ArmentTel
  • Penetration rate exceeded 11 of customer base
  • A total of 8,000 prizes were awarded during the
    90-day contest period
  • WAP Site
  • Branded WAP site for Greeces 1 TV guide
  • Easy-to-use WAP site allowing users to browse
    according to their own preferences
  • Variety of thematic categories updated
    constantly with content from actual magazine
  • Athinorama
  • WAP Site
  • Branded WAP site for Athens leading city guide
  • Tailor-made content specifically for mobile use
    several thematic sections and weekly updated
  • Highly-successful presence in all Greek
    carriers portals
  • ArmenTel
  • SMS-based Dating Service
  • Most successful ArmenTel SMS value- added service
  • Photo-dating and detailed user
  • profiling
  • Run promotions to increase usage

Velti has delivered several projects to leading
companies worldwide (5/5)
  • Student Advantage
  • Mobile Solution offering
  • Coupons
  • Vendor searches
  • Membership enrollment and renewal
  • Student Advantage subscription services
  • CBS MaxPreps (ESPN Partner)
  • Complete Mobile Strategy and Content Portal
  • including
  • Downloads sports alerts
  • CoachCaster, Interactive SMS Campaign
  • Filtered user-generated high school content
  • WAP Site, FlashCast Site, MMS, Video
  • OTE
  • Number Portability
  • Automation of processes including
  • Handling in/our port requests
  • Notifications processing
  • Management of Intelligent Network (IN) switching
  • High volume of transactions thousands of number
    portability requests processed
  • SMS Sweepstakes Competition New England Country
    Music Festival for Greater Medias WKLB Country
    99.5 radio station
  • 50,000 in attendance
  • Built e-mail database
  • 1-day implementation
  • Drew participants to join WKLB VIP Club

Velti BG developed the Disney Mobile Content
Portal for M-Tels Vodafone Live!
  • The Disney-branded mobile content is aimed at
    maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing
  • The Disney Portal is promoted by banners and
    tickets at Vodafone Live! s home page
  • M-Tel registered over 1,500 downloads during the
    first 2 weeks of the portals operation and
    expects a 30 increase in 2007

Velti BG developed three mobile Fresh content
and entertainment sites for GloBuls i-mode portal
  • Fresh Tones, Fresh Wallpapers and Fresh Games,
    have already registered 10,000 i-mode subscribers
    since the portals launch 8 months ago.
  • Velti BG launched later on, the 4th Fresh Fun
    content site which includes entertainment
    services such as horoscopes, tests, taro
    readings, etc.
  • Velti BG is scheduled to develop and operate, as
    of June 2007, i-mode sites for Bulgarias most
    popular magazines (Grazia, Maxi, Joy, etc) in
    cooperation with leading local media groups.
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