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Cross Cultural Awareness Training


Cross Cultural Awareness Training Personal and group training for living and working in Italy Why cultural training? Do you want a better understanding of Italian ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cross Cultural Awareness Training

Cross Cultural Awareness Training
Personal and group training for living and
working in Italy
Why cultural training?
  • Do you want a better understanding of Italian
    culture, the aim being more efficient in your
  • Do you want to avoid or minimize the cultural
    shock that you may experience on first arrival?
  • Do you want to settle into your new
    surroundings with the minimum of fuss?
  • Do you and your family want to begin to
    understand the Italian way of life?
  • Do you have insufficient time to spend doing
    academic courses, but need a little help?
  • Do you want experienced professionals to help
    you understand why Italy works the way it does?

How we can help you (and your family)
  • Helping diplomats and managers understand Italian
    culture in a simple, fast, personalized and
    direct way
  • Using a method of active learning developed
    by ourselves and other Italian professionals

The main topics covered
  • Intercultural communication.
  • Why we work in a diverse way. The different
  • Software of the Mind
  • Working with Italians
  • All you need to know about business
    relationships in Italy
  • Ethnocentrism
  • My way is the best way!. Discovering the
    good and the bad elements in your culture and in
    Italian culture
  • History, arts, business, culture, way of life.
  • How you can learn and enjoy your stay in
    Italy in the best possible way
  • Settling down in Italy with your family
  • helping you and your family adapt to living
    in Italy

Specific topics
  • Core Italian values and their implications for
    business and social life
  • Common misunderstandings with Italians
  • English language as spoken by the Italians
  • How the Italians communicate (verbal and non
    verbal communication)
  • The Italian sense of time
  • The Italian sense of space
  • The power bases in Italy
  • Italian collectivism and individualism
  • Italian creativity and dis-organization
  • Italian political life
  • Italian social etiquette
  • Italian history and arts
  • Italian religion and religious beliefs
  • Italian family, child care and elder people
  • Specific regional culture (e.g. Sicily, Sardinia,
    North Italy, Milan area, etc.)
  • and any other topics chosen by the customer

A method based on dialogue
Not a traditional lesson but an interactive
discussion covering the most important and useful
topics about living and working in Italy
  • Group meetings covering the main topics in
    English and Italian
  • Personal meetings in English and/or Italian about
    all the topics chosen together with the customer
    and or his/her family

A method based onrelationships
Your trainers are partners that share with you a
target to make sure that you understand
everything you need to know
  • The time of meetings are agreed with the
    customer at home, in the office or during a
  • Personal and group sessions enabling you to ask
    your trainer all that you need to know and that
    you could not ask your colleagues

Some tools of the Training
  • Diversophy deck
  • Is an intercultural card game written by Giovanni
    Intilla and John Cowley on a format of the
    Interculturalist George Simons.
  • Role play
  • We learn basically from experience and by
    experience we learn

What we dont do and what we do
  • YES we do group and personal training. Using e.g.
    newspapers to explain Italian political life, or
    cooking together to show the meaning of food in
  • YES we do active learning. Starting with the
    customers own experiences and building on them
    from there. We may, for example, use a film clip
    to illustrate aspects of Italian life and start a
    discussion based on what was observed in it.
  • NO we do not offer academic courses about Italian
    history, art, the economy, etc.
  • NO to long boring, theoretical lessons
    about intercultural communication and

What we are not and what we are
  • YES we are professional partners that can help
    you and your family  facilitate the understanding
    of, and adapting into, the Italian lifestyle and
    culture in a simple and enjoyable way
  • NO we are not typical teachers, counsellors or
    psychologists, but we can recommend someone good
    if you need them!

The trainers
The team is formed by 2 Trainersone from Italy
and one ex-pat. This method has been studied
and tested because it ensures the best results
for the customer.
  • John Cowley
  • Director and founder member of Romenoproblem who
    has experienced all of the difficulties and Cross
    Cultural issues relating to moving to, and doing
    business in, Italy
  • Giovanni Intilla
  • Business Coach, Intercultural specialist, has
    worked as manager of a not for profit
    organization that helps foreigner people to
    settle down and work in Italy. He has seven years
    of experience in solving intercultural issues.

Our Code of Ethics
  • Confidentiality
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Multiculturalism

  • Contact us at 39 339 25 75 486
  • for a first free
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